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Installing FlightGear on Linux

Binary packages
Several major Linux distributions offer FlightGear binary packages in their
official repositories; this is usually the quickest and easiest way to
install FlightGear, but may not be the latest version.

There are also a number of unofficial repositories offering more frequently
updated binary packages (some including development versions, which have
the very latest features but are also more likely to have major bugs);
see for details.

Compiling from source
See the general instructions (README.cmake in the directory above this).
You will need the -dev version of all the prerequisites,
e.g. libopenscenegraph-dev, libplib-dev.

Graphics drivers
If you experience unusably low frame rates (~1/sec), this may mean that your
graphics drivers do not support 3D acceleration, or that it is not enabled.  
To check for this problem run:
    glxinfo | grep render