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June 29, 2001 Update:

This information is very old and incomplete.  If you have interest in
building FlightGear for the Mac, I suggest you contact Darrell
Walisser <> for more information, or post to the mailing list.


Jan 12, 1999.

Here is a quick outline of *one* way you can build FG for MacOS:

1. Install Metrowerks CodeWarrior Pro 3

2. Install the 'Mesa 3D Graphics Library' *** URL

3. Fetch the Flight Gear code. *** URL

4. Fetch the 'MWCWP3 Support'  *** URL

5. Open 'MWCWP3 Support:Simulator:Simulator.mcp' and you are ready to compile.

6.  I appreciate feedback.  Tell me if this works for you !  If it doesn't, tell me 
    what went wrong.  My email is  *** who want do to the first-level support ?