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21 February 2001 - CLO

As of version 0.7.2, FlightGear now requires the SimGear supporting
libraries to be installed before configuring and building FlightGear.
You must also have SimGear installed if you build the TerraGear
scenery creating tools (TerraGear is not required to run the

You can get a copy of SimGear from the simgear web page:

SimGear build notes:

You should be able to just run the standard "./configure; make; make
install" to configure, build, and install SimGear.  By default,
SimGear is installed in /usr/local/lib/libsg*.a and

You may specify an alternate prefix for building and installing
SimGear.  If you do this, you may have to point the FlightGear
configure script to the correct location of SimGear.  For instance, if
you installed SimGear in /usr/site/include and /usr/site/lib, you
could configure FlightGear with "./configure --with-simgear=/usr/site"