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Using Extensions

To use an OpenGL extension in the code is is necessary to include a refference
to the extensions.hxx header file and add the following to the code (as an

/* global variables */
glPointParameterfProc glPointParameterfPtr = 0;
glPointParameterfvProc glPointParameterfvPtr = 0;
bool glPointParameterIsSupported = false;

To be able to use these extensions the functions pointers have to be initialized
by something like the following examplde code:

if (SGIsOpenGLExtensionSupported("GL_EXT_point_parameters") )
  glPointParameterIsSupported = true;
  glPointParameterfPtr =  (glPointParameterfProc)
  glPointParameterfvPtr = (glPointParameterfvProc)

} else if ( SGIsOpenGLExtensionSupported("GL_ARB_point_parameters") ) {
  glPointParameterIsSupported = true;
  glPointParameterfPtr =  (glPointParameterfProc)
  glPointParameterfvPtr = (glPointParameterfvProc)
} else
  glPointParameterIsSupported = false;

If a function is supported the function pointers are now initialized.

When using the functions (note that glPointParameterfvPtr() is used instead of
glPointParameterfvEXT() )it is important to check whether the
glPointParameterIsSupported is set to true:

if ( distance_attenuation && glPointParameterIsSupported )
  // Enable states for drawing points with GL_extension

  float quadratic[3] = {1.0, 0.001, 0.0000001};

  // makes the points fade as they move away
  glPointParameterfvPtr(GL_DISTANCE_ATTENUATION_EXT, quadratic);
  glPointParameterfPtr(GL_POINT_SIZE_MIN_EXT, 1.0);

Adding Extensions

To add an extension to the SimGear extension support code you normally only need
to edit the extensions.hxx header file in the screen directory.

Currently there are two extensions supported:
* glPointParameterf
* glActiveTexture

Adding a new extension involves adding the defines assosiated with the extension
(surrounded by the appropriate extension test):

#ifndef GL_EXT_point_parameters
# define GL_EXT_point_parameters 1
# define GL_POINT_SIZE_MIN_EXT                                  0x8126
# define GL_DISTANCE_ATTENUATION_EXT                            0x8129

This is needed because not all OpenGL implementations define them correctly.
The following step is to add a typedef for the function pointer:

typedef void (APIENTRY * glPointParameterfProc)(GLenum pname, GLfloat param);

The APIENTRY refference is only used by windows machines but is defined empty
for all other platforms and hence needs to be added for cross platfrom