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Starting the executable

Unix:    runfgfs
Windows: runfgfs.bat

"runfgfs" is a script which runs the Flight Gear executable with
(hopefully) the correct $FG_ROOT directory specified.

First Flight

By default, the plane should be looking more or less straight down a
runway, and the mouse cursor should be a regular pointer.  The
following steps will help you to get into the air:

- click the right mouse button once, so that a cross cursor
  appears (now, the mouse will act as a control yoke)

- while holding down the left mouse button, push the mouse cursor up
  until the engine is at full power (the throttle indicator is on the
  left side of the HUD), then release the left mouse button

- when the plane is moving fast enough (say, 100 knots for the default 
  Navion), slowly pull the mouse cursor down (with no buttons pressed) 
  to raise the elevators until the plane rolls off the runway and into
  the air

- while holding down the left mouse button, move the mouse cursor down 
  slightly to ease up on the throttle, then release the left mouse

- move the mouse up, down, and sideways as necessary to establish
  level flight -- small movements are best, or you may lose control of
  the plane

- click the right mouse button once more, so that a double-arrow
  cursor appears (now, the mouse will allow you to look around)

- move the mouse around to look out of the plane at different angles

- press the left mouse button once to return the view to front and

- click the right mouse button *twice*, so that the cross cursor
  appears again (you're in yoke mode)

- now that you know how to operate the throttle, ailerons, and
  elevators (as well as how to look around), try to circle around and
  land back on the runway (best of luck)

Mouse controls

It is possible to manipulate the basic flight controls and the view
using only the mouse.  Clicking the right mouse button toggles the
mouse among three different modes:

1. Pointer mode (the default: mouse cursor is a pointer)
2. Yoke mode (mouse cursor is a cross)
3. Look-around mode (mouse pointer is a double arrow)

In yoke mode and look-around mode, the mouse cursor will remain
trapped in the Flight Gear window.

Yoke mode

In yoke mode (mouse cursor as cross), mouse movement adjusts the main
flight controls, depending on which buttons you press.

With no button pressed:
(like a control yoke on an airplane)
- horizontal movement controls the ailerons
- vertical movement controls the elevators

With left button pressed:
- horizontal movement controls the brakes
- vertical movement controls the throttle

With middle button pressed:
- horizontal movement controls the rudder
- vertical movement controls the trim

Look-around mode

In look-around mode (mouse cursor as double arrow), mouse movement
changes the viewing direction: horizontal movement scrolls the view
horizontally, and vertical movement scrolls the view vertically in the
direction of mouse movement.

To return the view to front and center, click the left mouse button

Keyboard controls

It is also possible to fly using the numeric keypad.  There is some
unresolved wierdness with the GLUT libraries and keyboard input, so
for now, the state of the "Num Lock" key is important.

Num Lock Active

    Pg Up/Pg Dn             Throttle
    Left Arrow/Right Arrow  Aileron
    Up Arrow/Down Arrow     Elevator
    Ins/Enter               Rudder
    "5"                     Center aileron/elevator/rudder
    Home/End                Elevator Trim

Num Lock Inactive
    Shift + <Numeric Keypad Key>   Change view

    where key is one of:

    8 = forward
    7 = left/forward
    4 = left
    1 = left/back
    2 = back
    3 = right/back
    6 = right
    9 = right/forward

    Press the "b" key to toggle

    Control + A             Toggle autopilot altitude lock.
    Control + H             Toggle autopilot heading lock.
    Control + S             Toggle autopilot autothrottle.
    Control + T             Toggle autopilot terrain follow.


    ESC                     Quit Flight Gear.

    a                       Increase speedup.
    b                       Toggle brakes.
    h                       Dim HUD.
    i                       Revert to full HUD.
    m                       Increase time warp.
    p                       Toggle pause.
    t                       Increase time warp delta.
    v                       Toggle external view mode.
    x                       Zoom out (narrow field of view).
    z                       Increase visibility.

    Shift + A               Decrease speedup.
    Shift + H               Brighten HUD
    Shift + I               Minimize HUD
    Shift + M               Decrease time warp.
    Shift + P               Toggle 2D panel display.
    Shift + T               Decrease time warp delta.
    Shift + W               Toggle fullscreen/window mode.
    Shift + X               Zoom out (widen field of view).
    Shift + Z               Decrease visibility.

    F2 = Reload tile cache.
    F6 = Toggle autopilot target location.
    F8 = Toggle fog modes (off, fastest, nicest)
    F9 = Toggle textures on/off
    F10 = Toggle menu
    F11 = Set autopilot altitude
    F12 = Set autopilot heading