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The tutorial system is a Nasal script that runs tutorials defined by a set
of properties under /sim/tutorial. The tutorials are automatically picked up by
the GUI, and can be found under the Help menu item.

Tutorials are typically tied to specific aircraft and defined in a 
separate XML file as follows:

  <tutorial include="c172-tutorial.xml"></tutorial>

Each tutorial is defined by a "tutorial" leaf under /tutorial, and consists of
the following elements.

name        - The name of the tutorial, used in the GUI
description - A plain-text description of the tutorial, displayed in the GUI.
audio-dir   - (Optional) The directory (relative to FG_ROOT) to pick up any
              wav files used.
timeofday   - (Optional) .Time of day (morning, noon, evening...). Used to 
              set the initial tutorial state.
presets     - (Optional) Properties to be set under /sim/presets, followed
              by a presets-commit command. Used to set the initial tutorial
              state. e.g. airport-id, runway, heading-deg
init        - (Optional) Initial tutorial state properties to set. 
              Consists of one or more set nodes (see below for details).
step        - A tutorial step (see below for details)
endtext     - Text to display at the end of the tutorial
endtext-voice - .wav filename to play at the end of the tutorial
endtext-tts - Text to send to text-to-speech engine at the end of tutorial

The bulk of the tutorial definition consists of step definitions. These are
discreet stages within the tutorial lasting at least 5 seconds. Typically the
consist of an instruction from the FG instructor, some exit criteria used to
check that the user has performed the step correctly and can move to the next
step, and a series of error conditions to check the user isn't deviating.

Each step consists of the following elements:

instruction        - Text to display to the user when they enter the step, and
                     when they have still to fulfill the exit criteria
instruction-tts    - text to send to the text-to-speech (TTS) engine
instruction-voice  - .wav filename to play
set                - (Optional) properties to set when entering the step. May
                     be more than one.
error              - Error conditions, consisting of one or more check nodes
                     with messages (see below)
exit               - Exit criteria, consisting of one or more check nodes
                     without messages.
Set nodes consist of

prop - The property name to set
val  - The value to set.              

For example


Check nodes consist of a property to check, a single operator, and (for error
nodes) a message to display if the check evaluates to true.

prop - The property to check
lt   - the value to check the property is less than
gt   - the value to check the property is greater than
eq   - the value to check the property is equal to.
msg  - (error node only) text message to display
msg-tts - (error node only, optional) message to send to TTS engine
msg-voice - (error node only, optional) .wav filename to play

For example:

   <msg>Apply full throttle for take-off.</msg>