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2014-10-28  Christos Zoulas <>

	*** Released am-utils-6.2					***

	* add ylwrap.amd, sick and tired of patching broken ylwrap.

2014-09-05  Christos Zoulas <>

	* factor out the size check for both readdir methods
	  (raven at

2014-09-03  Christos Zoulas <>

	* configure test for 64 bit xdr function (raven at

2014-09-01  Christos Zoulas <>

	* bug fix from raven at to prevent writing v3 handle
	  to a v2 structure.

2014-07-21  Christos Zoulas <>

	* fix permission problems with access
	* auto_nfs_version = 3 now works for me.

2014-07-20  Christos Zoulas <>

	* refresh some autoconf files
	* force autoconf version since earlier versions don't work
	* changes from raven at to support NFSv3 for automounted
	  toplevel filesystems presented to the list in May. A few bug fixes
	  and integration changes by me. The code now works well enough to
	  mount the filesystem with NFSv3 and automount children but readdir
	  does not work yet (so no listing of automounted filesystems).
	  The new code is not enabled by default. To enable use
		auto_nfs_version = 3
	  in your configuration file.

2014-03-26  Christos Zoulas <>

	From Ian Kent <>

	* use mktemp in scripts/fixrmtab
	* fix documentatio nits
	* [linux] Add ext2, ext3, ext4 specific mount options
	* fix tcpwrappers (hosts.{allow,deny} problems for specific host

2014-03-20  Christos Zoulas <>

	* don't background autofs umount
	* avoid fh NULL dereference on umount
	* handle ENOENT umount return for autofs mounts
	* fix error message in get_nfs_version
	* fix debug log deadlock
	* [linux] retry umount on EBUSY
	* handle failed umount on exit

2014-03-09  Christos Zoulas <>

	* Remove BSD advertising clause.
	* Remove expn program which is not used by anything

2013-12-05  Christos Zoulas <>

	* Change the way we handle multiple lex scanners and yacc parsers
	  in a single program. Our old patch to ylwrap does not work anymore
	  because the bison parsers need shared symbols that start with yy
	  and we can't easily select which ones work. So now we use -P and
	  -p to let lex and yacc do the work for us. This requires a patch
	  to ylwrap, but it is smaller.

2013-12-05  Christos Zoulas <>

	* Change the way we handle multiple lex scanners and yacc parsers
	  in a single program. Our old patch to ylwrap does not work anymore
	  because the bison parsers need shared symbols that start with yy
	  and we can't easily select which ones work. So now we use -P and
	  -p to let lex and yacc do the work for us. This requires a patch
	  to ylwrap, but it is smaller.

2013-05-14  Christos Zoulas <>

	* update to handle new autoconf and regen files

2012-11-23  Christos Zoulas <>

	* recognize mountport=, noacl options
	* simplify the bootstrap process, by forcing
	  all the files to be rebuild with autoreconf -f - i

2012-10-03  Christos Zoulas <>

	* add missing ops_nfs4.c to the

2012-09-14  Christos Zoulas <>

	* add locking option handling for lustre
	* fix noatime, nodiratime, mandlock for linux

2012-07-25  Christos Zoulas <>

	* bug fixes for lustre rhost parsing

2012-06-27  Christos Zoulas <>

	* Disable 1/2-baked sun map support to avoid SIGSEGV

2012-06-16  Christos Zoulas <>

	*** Released am-utils-6.2-rc1					***

	* Fix libtool.m4 to work with later versions of autoconf.
	* In buildall, use eval so that quoted strings work
	* Centralize nfs version checking function, and introduce
	  new configuration variable nfs_vers_ping, which is the
	  max version we ping for. This is not documented yet, because
	  there might be a better way separate the max version we can
	  use vs the max version we ping for.

2012-06-09  Christos Zoulas <>

	* fix issue with parsing nfsv4 security option strings

2012-05-01  Christos Zoulas <>

	* Handle EPERM return from v4 file handles
	  in old linux kernels

2012-03-09  Christos Zoulas <>

	* fix linux autofs detection
	* fix wrong types in new amq mount xdr processing

2012-01-25  Christos Zoulas <>

	* FreeBSD portability fixes

2012-01-23  Christos Zoulas <>

	* Avoid type punned warnings

2011-12-29  Christos Zoulas <>

	* fix bug I introduced in get_nfs_version that caused it to return 0
	* add direct support for ext{2,3,4}

2011-12-15  Christos Zoulas <>

	* Include <linux/fs.h> on linux, to grab extra mount flags
	* Add support for lustre

2011-11-28  Christos Zoulas <>

	* For nfsl mounts, match against either the short local
	  host name or the fqdn name.

2011-10-06  Christos Zoulas <>

	* Add NFSv4 support (loosely based on Ramya's code).
	  Currently if the NFSv4 mount fails with ENOENT we fail
	  back to NFSv3, unless -DNO_FALLBACK.
	* Replace strdup with xstrdup. It is not nice to replace
	  system functions with ones that behave differently.
	* Add various consistency checks (caller function checks
	  variable for NULL, but callee does not).
	* Fix error handling in various paths.
	* Don't check before using XFREE(). free(NULL) works.

2011-09-15  Christos Zoulas <>

	* amq -i addition (prints info about the map files)

2011-09-14  Christos Zoulas <>

	* Solaris OS and compiler fixes from:
		Hofmann, Frank <>
		Sayle, Alex <>
	  - (void)&var generates warnings, removed
	  - __inline is invalid, changed with inline
	  - <sys/socket.h> and other headers have extra dependendcies
2011-08-11  Christos Zoulas <>

	* fix potential buffer overflow in expand_error()
	  (Richard Kettlewell). Does not seem to be exploitable.

	* simplify %option parsing to appease ancient flex.

2011-06-21  Christos Zoulas <>

	* add support for linux autofs version 5 (untested)

2011-06-18  Christos Zoulas <>

	* roll back to an older version of libtool that works

	* newer versions of config.guess and config.sub

	* minor fixes to buildall

2011-05-19  Christos Zoulas <>

	* m4/macros/libtool.m4: for AIX AC_LANG_PROGRAM is incorrectly
	  used and the latest autoconf gives an error. For now just
	  quote it.

	* Fedora Core 15 and RedHat 6 now don't define
	  af_family_t in <linux/socket.h>, but in <bits/sockaddr.h>.
	  Include <sys/socket.h> so that we get <bits/sockaddr.h>
	  indirectly. This caused the <linux/nfs_mount.h> detection
	  test to fail.

2010-11-24  Erez Zadok  <>

	* m4/macros/os_cflags.m4: for linux, define _GNU_SOURCE (to get
	definitions for O_LARGEFILE and more).

2010-11-20  Christos Zoulas <>

	* Update news items, add release readme, mark as rc1

	* Fix addopts code to work with options that are key=value
	  when the built-in hasmntopt() code is not used. The problem
	  was that the code passed "key=" to hasmntopt not "key".

2009-12-10  Christos Zoulas <>

	* Copy all fields of the am_opts structure
	  When we introduced am_loc we also added a function to
	  create a duplicate of an am_opts structure. As it turns
	  out, that only made a partial copy of the struct and some
	  fields (e.g. opt_cache) was left blank in the new structure.
	  Unfortunately any code that was checking the options
	  through the mntfs structure was mislead by the partial
	  copy: caching was disabled completely, for example, and
	  since browsing relies on caching being enabled it wasn't
	  working either.
	  From: Krisztian Kovacs <>

	* Initialize RPC authentication flavor to AUTH_UNIX instead
	  of zero. RHEL 5 uses version 6 of the mount_arg structure
	  that includes the desired RPC authorization flavour.
	  Unfortunately amd initializes that value to zero, meaning
	  AUTH_NULL, resulting in all NFS servers denying operations.
	  From: Krisztian Kovacs <>

	* Make sure to remove nodes in the proper order when going
	  down. Depending on what order the nodes got created it's
	  possible that the parent of a node has a bigger am_mapno
	  (index in exported_ap[]) so that it gets freed before
	  its child while the child's am_parent pointer is still
	  pointing to the already freed block of memory.
	  This change makes sure that umount_exported() cleans up
	  all children of a node first before freeing the node.
	  From: Krisztian Kovacs <>

	* Fix Linux-specific stuff in ops_tmpfs.c
	  AUTOFS_TMPFS_FS_FLAGS is defined only in the Linux-specific
	  conf_linux.c file, so it cannot be built on Solaris.
	  From: Krisztian Kovacs <>

        * Add missing parenthesis to fix defined(XXX
	  From: Krisztian Kovacs <>

	* In the previous commit we've already made a change that
	  makes this code unnecessary since the node is returned
	  even if the backing file server is known to be down.
	  Since the code path is unused it should be removed.
	  From: Krisztian Kovacs <>

	* amfs_generic_lookup_child() tries to find an alternate
	  file server if it detects that the current one is down.
	  However, in the comparison used to decide if a possible
	  mount is the same as the current one it compares the am_loc
	  pointers instead of the actual mntfs pointers. Since
	  amfs_lookup_one_location() creates a brand new am_loc
	  structure for the returned mntfs structure the am_loc
	  pointer will be different even if the mntfs it's pointing
	  to is the same.
	  This tricks amfs_generic_lookup_child() think it has
	  found an alternate file server while it hasn't and thus
	  starts multiple racing mounts for the very same node and
	  From: Krisztian Kovacs <>

	* In the new am_loc scheme mounted mntfs structures still
	  have their mf_fo structure left intact. So when restart
	  creates a fake mntfs for an already mounted filesystem it
	  should not free mf_fo right away.
	  From: Krisztian Kovacs <>

	* Setting the error flag of the mntfs for which the share
	  is already mounted results in the mount point not being
	  removed when it times out. (Amd considers it an error
	  mntfs and thus umount becomse a no-op.)
	  From: Krisztian Kovacs <>

	* Right now AMD sets all timeout values to their defaults
	  even if you explicitly set them to zero. This patch
	  introduces separate flags that store if the respective
	  values have been set and the code path setting default
	  values checks these flags instead of testing the values
	  for zero. [Linux only]
	  From: Krisztian Kovacs <>

	* Fix mntfs related lookup/(un)mount race conditions, by
	  introducing a new structure linking an mntfs to a node.
	  From: Krisztian Kovacs <>

	* We have to free the buffers allocated by the XDR routines when
	  decoding the mount response after copying them to their final place.
	  From: Krisztian Kovacs <>

2009-12-09  Christos Zoulas <>

	* Free continuation in amfs_retry() if we don't call amfs_bgmount()
	  Normally it's amfs_bgmount() which frees the continuation. However, if
	  the mount is already in progress and we're in amfs_retry() for another
	  node we don't try mounting the filesystem once again. Still, we have
	  to free the continuation as we won't get called again and thus would
	  leak the continuation structure and our am_loc references.
	  From: Krisztian Kovacs <>

	* Fix use-after-free and double free of mntfs private data
	  ops_nfs.c(nfs_init) does not clear private data pointer after free().
	  This leads to use-after-free and double free in case mount() fails.
	  (found by valgrind)
	  From: Krisztian Kovacs <>

2009-11-23  Christos Zoulas <>

	* The temporary filename buffer was leaked in lock_mtab().
	  From: Krisztian Kovacs <>

2009-10-27  Christos Zoulas <>

	* Deal with errno.h->sys/errno.h better

2009-10-26  Christos Zoulas <>

	* Fix issue with autoconf 2.63

	* Fix compile warnings for gcc-4.4.x

2009-04-15  Christos Zoulas <>

	* Share the LDAP connection between different maps to save resources
	  on the LDAP server. (Olaf Flebbe <>)

2009-03-20  Christos Zoulas <>

	* Fix largefile re-definitions

	* Fix compilation error caused in previous patch

2009-02-19  Christos Zoulas <>

	* Add a synchronous unmount amq rpc that will wait for the remote
	  filesystem to be unmounted, or return an error. Enabled by amq -uu

2009-01-11  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/ops_udf.c: don't define functions/variables which may not be

	* amd/ops_tmpfs.c (mount_tmpfs): force gcc not to complain about
	unused variables.

	* config.guess.long: properly support Fedora Core.

2009-01-09  Christos Zoulas <>

	* Fix nfs mounts on linux 2.6.26 by explicitly initializing context.

	* Treat an empty sublink as an unset sublink; this allows us to
	  say sublink:=; in a spec to override the default. (This produces
	  Bad selector error, but it works. XXX: We need to decide how to
	  unset a selector. I proposed an unset keyword a while ago).

2009-01-06  Christos Zoulas <>

	* re-renerate all generated files with newer versions of the

	* move INSTALL to to avoid conflicts

	* fix incompatibilities with new m4 and new autoconf.

	* add UDF filesystem support.

	* fix NetBSD nfs file handle detection.
2009-01-02  Christos Zoulas <>

	* add nocasetrans, nojoliet, rrcaseins for cd9660 filesystems

2008-12-03  Christos Zoulas <>

	* allow ldap queries try a comma-separated list of servers given as:

		ldap_hostports = host1:port1,host2,host3:port3

	  original patch from Florian Geyer

2008-09-19  Christos Zoulas <>

	* the auth_create gid on NetBSD is int

	* deal with lossage from flex -P

	* fix missing/incorrect prototypes

2008-09-17  Christos Zoulas <>

	* fix manual page section issues (sorting, non-existant)

	* add missing forward declarations

	* avoid null pointer derefs (coverity)

	* more portable endian detection support

	* implement tmpfs support

	* use sizeof var instead of constant

	* fix yyerror declaration and definition

	* fix yy function renaming, and correct some renaming issues.

	* work around automake < 1.9 issue where ylwrap is not being run
	  for a single yacc or lex file.

	* NetBSD
	  - handle headers that need other headers to compile
	  - add exfs and tmpfs specific glue
	  - add options log, noatime, nocoredump, nodevmtime, softdep,
	    symperm, union
	  - NetBSD's new mount system call needs the size of the opaque
	    filesystem specific structure, but passing 0 for now works.
	    We would need to change a lot more code to pass the size from
	    the fs-specific calls, so for now punt.
	  - recvfrom takes socklen_t * on NetBSD
	  - handle newer NetBSD using statvfs
	  - NetBSD calls its ufs ffs

	* Linux
	  - Most recent kernels have trouble with trying to parse the pid
	    hostname and do locking. What before was a silent failure, now
	    there is a warning printed and the mount is rejected. This is
	    the simplest fix:

2007-04-13  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/sun_map.c (sun_append_str): When translating '&' from Sun
	automounter maps, replace it with "${key}" in the Amd map, not
	with the value of the key at the time.  This way '*' maps work

	* config.guess.long: don't use -q option to grep because some
	systems don't support it.  Bug fix for solaris.

2007-03-11  Christos Zoulas  <>

	* amd/opts.c (expand_op): Don't call xstrlcpy() to truncate a
	string.  It causes spurious xstrlcpy() syslog() errors.  Use
	memcpy() and explicitly terminate the string.

2007-01-20  Erez Zadok  <>

	* updated copyright year to 2007 on all files.

2006-12-27  Erez Zadok  <>

	* minor new port: ia64-hp-hpux11.23

	* m4/macros/check_libwrap_severity.m4 (LIBS): also test if caller
	needs to define rfc931_timeout.

	* amd/sun2amd.c: define rfc931_timeout and allow/deny_severity for

	* amd/amq_svc.c: some versions of libwrap require the caller to
	define rfc931_timeout in addition to allow/deny_severity.

	* amd/amfs_toplvl.c (amfs_toplvl_init): properly detect when
	forced unmount functionality exists for all systems.

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (compute_nfs_args): reset nfs_args_t->pathconf
	only if field exists.

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_hpux11.h: prevent HPUX 11.23 from
	including <tiuser> or <sys/tiuser> (TLI definitions are already
	included from elsewhere).

	* detect nfs_args_t->pathconf field.

2006-11-27  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/ properly publish html files using newer

2006-11-27  Erez Zadok  <ezk@shekel.local>

        * doc/ obfuscate emails in ChangeLog before it is
        published on web site.

	* obfuscate many more emails in the distro, esp. of files which get
        posted on the am-utils web site.

2006-11-26  Erez Zadok  <ezk@shekel.local>

	* minor new port: i386-apple-darwin8.8.1.

        * doc/am-utils.texi: remove obvious URLs used by spammers, and
        replace them with links to the am-utils web site, which uses PNG
        images to obfuscate the actual email/mailman URLs.

2006-10-30  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi (Password maps): minor typo reported by
	Christoph P. Kukulies.

2006-10-26  Erez Zadok  <>

	* minor new port: i386-pc-linux-fc6.

	* m4/macros/linux_headers.m4: handle newer Linux kernels which
	removed UTS_RELEASE from <linux/version.h>.

2006-10-25  Erez Zadok  <>

	* minor new ports: i386-pc-linux-centos4.4 and

	* config.guess.long: recognize CentOS Linux.

2006-06-20  Erez Zadok  <>

	* minor new port: i386-pc-solaris2.11-nexentaos (GNU/OpenSolaris).

	* config.guess.long: recognize NexentaOS (GNU/OpenSolaris)

	* config.guess, config.sub: updates from latest official GNU

2006-05-11  Erez Zadok  <>

	* Minor new ports: i386-unknown-freebsd6.1 (RELEASE),
	powerpc-apple-darwin8.6.0, and i386-unknown-openbsd3.9.

2006-05-10  Erez Zadok  <>

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (compute_nfs_attrcache_flags): fix signedness
	problems on IRIX-6.5.

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v1.c (xdr_umntrequest): fix
	signedness problems on IRIX-6.5.

2006-05-01  Erez Zadok  <>

	* check if libc already includes dbm functionality
	(as in FreeBSD 6), then don't bother to check specific libraries
	such as libdbm, gdbm, etc.

2006-04-21  Erez Zadok  <>

	* detect G/DBM support via gdbm_compat library
	(Debian 3.1).

	* minor new port: powerpc-apple-darwin8.5.0

2006-04-20  Erez Zadok  <>

	* scripts/amd.conf-sample, scripts/amd.conf.5, doc/am-utils.texi,
	NEWS: document new nfs_allow_any_interface parameter.

	* include/am_compat.h (INADDR_LOOPBACK): define INADDR_LOOPBACK if
	not defined, since some systems don't have it.

2006-04-20  Nick Williams <>

	* libamu/wire.c (is_interface_local): new boolena function to
	determine if address represents any of the local interfaces.
	(getwire): more properly check if address equals INADDR_LOOPBACK,
	not if IFF_LOOPBACK is not (the latter isn't as correct).

	* include/am_utils.h: extern for new is_interface_local() function.

	* conf/transp/transp_{sockets,tli}.c: don't define INADDR_LOOPBACK
	here but in am_compat.h

	* amd/nfs_prot_svc.c (nfs_program_2): if
	nfs_allow_any_interface=yes, then allow NFS packets from any local
	interface (not just

	* amd/conf.c (gopt_nfs_allow_any_interface): implement the new
	amd.conf parameter nfs_allow_any_interface.

	* amd/amd.h (CFM_NFS_ANY_INTERFACE): define new global flag when
	al interfaces are acceptable for local NFS packets.

2006-04-18  Christos Zoulas  <>

	* amd/opts.c: Add support for optionally specifying the hostname
	to match against the netgroup in the netgrp and netgrpd selectors.

2006-04-16  Erez Zadok  <>

	* libamu/mtab.c (hasmntval): fix inverted meaning of error from

2006-04-14  Erez Zadok  <>

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (compute_nfs_attrcache_flags): use new
	hasmntvalerr() function to set attribute cache values only if they
	were set (regardless whether they were set to zero or a non-zero
	value).  Before, we were unable to distinguish between an error to
	parse an option, and a user who actually wanted to set an
	attribute-cache value to 0.  This now fixes an important
	performance bug that Amd was turning off the attribute caches even
	for regular (non-automounter) NFS mounts.

	* libamu/mtab.c (hasmntvalerr): new function to set the value of
	an option into an integer, but ONLY if that options was set and
	parsed correctly.  This function returns 1 on error, 0 on success
	(instead of always setting the option value to 0).
	(hasmntval): wrapper function around hasmntvalerr, which maintains
	backwards compatibility (always sets option value to 0, even on
	error to parse the option).

	* amd/nfs_subr.c (fh_to_mp3): use long int printf format for

2006-04-05  Christos Zoulas  <>

	* amd/amfs_generic.c (amfs_lookup_mntfs): fix use-after-free bug

2006-03-27  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi, scripts/{amd.conf.5,amd.conf-sample}:
	document new nfs_retransmit_counter_toplvl and
	nfs_retry_interval_toplvl global amd.conf parameters.

	* amd/conf.c (gopt_nfs_retransmit_counter_toplvl,
	(gopt_nfs_retry_interval_toplvl): parse amd.conf
	nfs_retransmit_counter_toplvl and nfs_retry_interval_toplvl global

	* amd/amfs_toplvl.c (amfs_toplvl_mount): support setting toplvl
	timeo/retrans parameters for Amd's toplvl mounts, separately from
	all other UDP or NFS mounts.

	* amd/amd.h: define a new timeo/retrans parameter for toplvl

2006-03-22  Erez Zadok  <>

	* minor new port: i386-pc-linux-suse10.1 (beta 8).

2006-03-21  Christos Zoulas  <>

	* amd/am_ops.c (merge_opts): Remove useless check found by
	Coverity; xmalloc never returns NULL.

2006-03-21  Erez Zadok  <>

	* minor new ports: i386-pc-linux-fc5.

	* amd/info_ldap.c: as of Linux Fedora Core 5 (which comes with
	openldap-2.3.9), the ldap.h headers deprecate several functions
	used in this file, such as ldap_unbind.  You get compile errors
	about missing extern definitions.  Those externs are still in
	<ldap.h>, but surrounded by an ifdef LDAP_DEPRECATED.  I am
	turning on that ifdef at the top of info_ldap.c, under the
	assumption that the functions may be deprecated, but they still
	work for this (older?) version of the LDAP API.  It gets am-utils
	to compile, but it is not clear if it will work perfectly.

	* libamu/xdr_func.c (xdr_am_mountres3_ok), amq/amq_xdr.c
	(xdr_amq_mount_tree, xdr_amq_mount_tree_p,
	xdr_amq_mount_info_list, xdr_amq_mount_tree_list), amq/amq.c
	(show_mti), amd/amq_subr.c (xdr_amq_setopt, xdr_amq_mount_subtree,
	xdr_amq_mount_tree, xdr_amq_mount_tree_list, xdr_amq_mount_tree),
	libamu/xdr_func.c (xdr_am_mountres3_ok): use casing magic to stop
	GCC-4.1 from complaining about "dereferencing type-punned pointer
	will break strict-aliasing rules" here (but not elsewhere).

2006-03-20  Christos Zoulas  <>

	* libamu/wire.c: avoid potential dereferencing of a NULL pointer

	* hlfsd/homedir.c (delay): remove unnecessary check for NULL
	pointer (Coverity).

	* fsinfo/fsi_analyze.c (analyze_dkmounts, analyze_mounts,
	analyze_mounts): avoid potential dereferencing of a NULL pointer

	* conf/transp/transp_sockets.c (create_amq_service): avoid
	potential dereferencing of a NULL pointer (Coverity).

	* amd/sched.c (sigchld): properly check for the end of the waiting
	process list (Coverity).

	* amd/mapc.c (mapc_create): initialize 'modify' to zero (Coverity).

	* amd/autil.c (amfs_mkcacheref, am_unmounted): avoid potential
	dereferencing of a NULL pointer (Coverity).

	* amd/amfs_generic.c (amfs_lookup_mntfs): free def_opts before
	reusing it (memory leak bug detected by Coverity).
	(amfs_bgmount): avoid potential dereferencing of a NULL pointer

	* amd/am_ops.c (merge_opts): no need to check if newstr is NULL
	(bug detected by Coverity).

2006-03-08  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amd/nfs_subr.c (mp_to_fh): fixed old-style filehandles--the pid
	comparison was failing.

2006-03-08  Erez Zadok  <>

	* properly test for either <gdbm/ndbm.h> or
	<gdbm-ndbm.h> (unfortunately, Autoconf will map both names to the
	same $ac_cv_* variable name).  Some systems support one header or
	another.  Patch inspired by work Debian did.

2006-02-16  Daniel P. Ottavio  <>

	* amd/sum_map_tok.l: Fixed a bug in a regular expression that
	prevented dashes in hostnames.  This was posted in BZ by Thomas
	A. Fine.

	* README.sun2amd: Fixed a typo.  Sentence mentions use of autofs
	type when it should be host type.

2006-01-04  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi (auto_attrcache Parameter): revise discussion
	to mention pros and cons of turning on/off this parameter,
	including impact on Amd's performance, and ways to improve
	performance while minimizing the window of vulnerability in which
	kernel may return the wrong (cached) attributes.

2006-01-02  Erez Zadok  <>

	* updated copyright year to 2006 on all files.

2005-12-20  Erez Zadok  <>

	* include/am_utils.h, conf/transp/transp_tli.c (amu_svc_register,
	register_autofs_service): use a consistent prototype for the
	dispatch function of the autofs service de/registration functions.

2005-12-03  Erez Zadok  <>

	* minor new ports: i386-unknown-netbsdelf2.1,
	i386-unknown-netbsdelf3.0 (RELEASE), and i386-unknown-openbsd3.8.

2005-12-02  Erez Zadok  <>

	* m4/macros/check_field.m4: remove double inclusion of msdosfs
	headers, which are included in mount_header1.h (netbsd 2.1 doesn't
	protect <msdosfs/msdosfsmount.h> which causes compile errors).

2005-11-08  Erez Zadok  <>

	* minor new port: i386-unknown-freebsd6.0 (RELEASE)

2005-10-26  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/amq_subr.c (amqproc_pawd_1_svc): repeatedly resolve path in
	Amd, not in pawd (to avoid repeated network RPCs).

	* amq/pawd.c (transform_dir): move repeated path resolution into Amd.

2005-10-25  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amq/pawd.c (transform_dir): resolve path repeatedly until
	finished.  Bug fix from Jonathan Chen <>.
	Added safety check to prevent infinite loops.

2005-10-19  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi (opts Option): document new pcfs options
	longname, nowin95, shortname, user=N, group=N, mask=N, and

	* amd/ops_pcfs.c (mount_pcfs): process new pcfs options longname,
	nowin95, shortname, user=N, group=N, mask=N, and dirmask=N.

	* include/am_compat.h: provide compatibility mnttab string names,
	if needed, for pcfs mount options longname, nowin95, shortname,
	user=N, group=N, mask=N, and dirmask=N.

	* include/am_utils.h: extern for hasmntstr().

	* libamu/mtab.c (hasmntstr): new function to return the string
	value following a mount option, up to the next comma-delimited

	* check for mnttab and pcfs options longname,
	nowin95, and shortname.

	* (EXTRA_DIST_M4): distribute new macro

	* m4/macros/check_mnt2_pcfs_opt.m4: new macro to check for pcfs
	mnttab and mount options.

2005-10-18  Erez Zadok  <>

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (print_nfs_args): print nfs_args->addr
	correctly, depending if it's a pointer or not.

	* conf/sa_dref/sa_dref_*.h: for each NFS_SA_DREF macro, also
	#define NFS_ARGS_T_ADDR_IS_POINTER if nfs_args->addr is a pointer
	or an embedded structure, so we can tell how to print it.

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (print_nfs_args): print nfs_args->addrlen
	field, if it exists.

	* check for nfs_args->addrlen field.

	* wire-test/wire-test.c (main), libamu/mount_fs.c
	(print_nfs_args), fixmount/fixmount.c (inetresport,
	clnt_create_timeout), amq/pawd.c (transform_dir), amq/amq.c
	(main), amd/srvr_nfs.c (find_nfs_srvr), amd/autil.c
	(amfs_mount): document that as per POSIX, we don't need to set the
	sa_len/sin_len fields in struct sockaddr/sockaddr_in.  The field
	is used only internally in the kernel.  See

	* fixmount/fixmount.c (inetresport): initialize sockaddr_in
	structure before filling in some fields.

2005-10-11  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi (nfs_vers, nfs_proto parameters): clarify and
	correct mistaken description of nfs_proto.

2005-10-10  Erez Zadok  <>

	*** Released am-utils-6.1a1					***

	* README.sun2amd: revised.

2005-10-09  Daniel P. Ottavio  <>

	* amd/info_nis.c (nis_search): Bug fix for bugzilla #428; make
	sure that sun_entry2amd() is not called when yp_match() returns an
	error, this is done by checking that 'res' is 0.  Bug fix (same
	BZ#); free the output allocated by yp_match() instead of freeing
	the return value of sun_entry2amd().

	* amd/sun_map.c (sun_entry2amd): Fix a comment.

	* README.sun2amd: Made a first pass at describing the status of
	the sun2amd feature.
	Moved the date.

2005-10-09  Erez Zadok  <>

	* README.sun2amd: place holder.

	* (EXTRA_DIST): distribute new README.sun2amd file.

2005-10-07  Erez Zadok  <>

	* m4/macros/check_mnttab_type.m4: move the test for MOUNT_* to the
	very end, after the test using getvfsbyname().

	* m4/macros/expand_run_string.m4: if the string value returned is
	empty, consider it invalid.

	* m4/macros/check_varargs_macros.m4: rewrite macro so it'll
	try and compile the varargs test, not just cpp it.  Some systems
	pass the old cpp test, but not when you actually try to compile
	the code (Tru64's cc).

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v1.h: redefine
	autofs_strdup_space_hack as a macro to str3cat(NULL,(s)," ","").
	This works everywhere and we avoid linking problems, inline
	functions, etc.

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v1.c (autofs_mount_fs): remove
	autofs_strdup_space_hack() function altogether.

	* m4/macros/os_cflags.m4: remove hack that hardcodes pte_t=u_int.

	* test for <sys/immu.h> header.
	Test for pte_t, but only on IRIX6 systems.

	* (EXTRA_DIST_M4): distribute new type_pte_t.m4 file.

	* m4/macros/type_pte_t.m4: new test for existence of pte_t
	typedef, needed on some IRIX-6.5/gcc systems.

	* m4/macros/header_templates.m4: add missing templates for

	* amd/info_exec.c (exec_map_open): break assignment from inside
	conditional, to work around an IRIX-6.5 cc bug.

	* amd/ (amd_LDADD, sun2amd_LDADD): put libaminfo.a
	before  Some linkers (e.g., IRIX-6.5) incorrectly
	complain about undefined symbols.

	* fsinfo/fsi_util.c (set_ether_if), amd/map.c (unmount_mp),
	libamu/xutil.c (expand_error), libamu/strutil.c (xsnprintf): avoid
	comparison between signed and unsigned integers.

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v1.h, conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v1.c
	(autofs_strdup_space_hack): move "space_hack" function from static
	inline in header, into the only source file that needs it.  This
	is cleaner and also prevents linking problem with some compilers
	that won't apply CPP macros inside static inline functions (for
	the strl* functions).

	* amq/pawd.c (find_mt, find_mlp): remove obsolete, inefficient
	(transform_dir): call the new, efficient amqproc_pawd_1() routine.

	* amq/amq_clnt.c (amqproc_pawd_1): AMQPROC_PAWD wrapper routine.

	* amq/amq.h (amqproc_pawd_1): extern for amq's AMQPROC_PAWD
	wrapper routine.

	* amd/amq_svc.c (amq_program_1): dispatch point for

	* amd/amq_subr.c (amqproc_pawd_1_svc): moved pawd's path-matching
	functionality into Amd, where it can be done a lot more
	efficiently.  We don't have to construct and ship a whole export
	tree from Amd to pawd.  We just get a variable-length
	xdr_wrapstring for the user's path, iterate over the entire export
	list inside Amd, and return only a matched string if found
	(otherwise we return "" to indicate that there was no match, and
	let pawd printf the same string it sent over).

	* amd/amd.h: extern for amqproc_pawd_1_svc, amd's service routine

2005-10-06  Erez Zadok  <>

	*, m4/macros/libtool.m4: update to libtool-1.5.20.
	Fixes Tru64 bugs when using ksh.

	* amd/amfs_toplvl.c (amfs_toplvl_mount): break complex ifdef macro
	into two sections, to workaround a C99 varargs-macro bug in
	gcc-3.2.2 (RH9).

	* libamu/wire.c (print_wires): convert argument-less xsnprintf to

	* include/am_utils.h: use new HAVE_C99_VARARGS_MACROS or
	HAVE_GCC_VARARGS_MACROS to pass file name and line number to

	* libamu/strutil.c (xsnprintf, xvsnprintf): if debugging is on,
	then also print the source file name and line number that called
	xsnprintf/xvsnprintf with a buffer that wasn't large enough (most
	likely an am-utils bug).

	* (EXTRA_DIST_M4): distribute new
	check_varargs_macros.m4 file.

	* execute new AMU_VARARGS_MACROS test.

	* m4/macros/check_varargs_macros.m4: new test to check what style
	of variable-length argument macros, if any, does the
	compiler/pre-processor supports.

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v2_v3.c (autofs_lookup_2_req)
	conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v1.c (autofs_mount_1_req), amd/opts.c,
	amd/nfs_subr.c (nfsproc_lookup_2_svc), amd/nfs_start.c
	(mount_automounter), amd/get_args.c (get_args), amd/amfs_toplvl.c,
	amd/amfs_auto.c (amfs_auto_mount), amd/amd.h, amd/amd.c (main):
	use sizeof() instead of fixed SIZEOF_* macros.

	* libamu/strutil.c (xstrlcat, xstrlcpy), include/am_utils.h
	(DEBUG): if debugging is on, then also print the source file name
	and line number that called xstrl* with a buffer that wasn't large
	enough (most likely an am-utils bug)

	* include/am_compat.h (INADDR_NONE): define in a common location,
	if OS doesn't have it, use 0xffffffffU which should work with any
	ANSI compiler.

	* fixmount/fixmount.c, libamu/wire.c: remove local definition of

	* amd/amfs_toplvl.c (amfs_toplvl_mount), amd/amfs_auto.c
	(amfs_auto_mount): use common SIZEOF_OPTS in definition and call
	to autofs_get_opts.

	* amd/amd.h (SIZEOF_OPTS): moved #define to common header.

2005-10-06  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* amd/opts.c (expand_op): Need to check BUFSPACE for env for
	vlen+1.  Likewise for cp and strlen(cp)+1.

	* amd/amfs_toplvl.c (amfs_toplvl_mount) [HAVE_FS_AUTOFS]: Pass new
	size argument to autofs_get_opts.

2005-10-05  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amq/pawd.c (transform_dir): was using UDP only.  Now will also
	try TCP if UDP failed.  Destroy client after use to avoid leftover
	TCP sockets in the kernel.

	* libamu/hasmntopt.c (amu_hasmntopt): increase size of MNTMAXSTR
	from 128 to to 256, because some users have really long option
	strings.  Suggestion from

	* amd/opts.c (expand_op): should check BUFSPACE for vlen+1, not
	just vlen.  Bug discovered when started using xstrlcpy().

	* ALL: convert from using strcat to the safer xstrlcat, and from
	strcpy to safer xstrlcpy.

2005-10-04  Erez Zadok  <>

	* hlfsd/hlfsd.h: remove old fatalerror() and ERRM macros.

	* hlfsd/hlfsd.c (fatalerror): new function instead of macro.
	Easier to use xstrlcat in this new function.

	* amd/amd.h, include/am_utils.h, amd/amd.c: moved 'hostd' extern
	from am_utils.h to amd.h, and define its size as a macro that
	could be passed to xstrl*().

	* ALL: convert from using sprintf to the safer xsnprintf.

	* mk-amd-map/ (LDADD): link with libamu to get

	* amd/amd.h, amd/amd.c, include/am_utils.h: moved pid_fsname
	extern from am_utils.h to amd.h, and define its size as a macro
	that could be passed to xsnprintf().

2005-10-02  Erez Zadok  <>

	* libamu/ use strutil.c, not util.c.

	* libamu/strutil.c: rename from util.c to explain better purpose
	of file.  Move xvsnprintf and xsnprintf from xutil.c to this file.

	* libamu/xutil.c: explain purpose of file.  Move mkdirs/rmdirs
	code from old util.c.

2005-10-01  Erez Zadok  <>

	* m4/macros/header_templates.m4: templates for FFS.

	* m4/macros/check_mnttab_type.m4: on BSD44 systems, check for file
	system mount table name via the MOUNT_* mount(2) macros (because
	BSD44 keeps the mount table in the kernel).

	* synchronise order of searching for mnttab entries
	and mount names.  The new order is "ext3 ext2 ffs ufs 4.2 4.3 4.4
	efs xfs jfs ultrix" (which would prefer ffs on BSD44 instead of
	ufs, and ext3 instead of ext2 on Linux).

	* include/am_defs.h: include <sys/statvfs.h> if it exists.

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_netbsd1_4.h: NetBSD 3 has both statfs()
	and statvfs(), but the latter is preferred, so #define to use

	* check for statfs(), statvfs(), and

	* config.guess.long: strip trailing '.' on "netbsdelf3.0."
	(Beta).  Workaround for bug in config.guess.

	* config.{guess,sub}: update to latest versions.

2005-09-30  Christos Zoulas  <>

	* fsinfo/fsi_util.c (set_ether_if): use INADDR_NONE instead of
	hard-coded value of -1.

	* include/amq_defs.h (AMQ_STRLEN): increase default size from 2KB
	to 16KB.  We can afford it these days.

	* libamu/strcasecmp.c (strcasecmp): use unsigned chars in
	tolower() to avoid sign/size promotion bugs.

	* libamu/xutil.c (switch_to_logfile): don't output to LOG_CONS by
	default (it's unfriendly).  If user really wants to, they can set
	it in /etc/syslog.conf.

2005-09-29  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amq/pawd.c (find_mt): if the auto mount type is used, pawd could
	go into an infinite loop since the mt_directory and mt_mountpoint
	fields are the same for auto mounts.  Solution: ignore type auto
	mounts, similar to toplvl.  Bug fix from Jonathan Chen

	* README.attrcache: document test-attrcache script.

	* scripts/ (noinst_SCRIPTS): build test-attrcache

	* build scripts/test-attrcache script and chmod it
	so it can be executed in place.

	* scripts/ script to test the NFS attribute
	cache using Amd.

2005-09-26  Erez Zadok  <>

	* hlfsd/stubs.c (nfsproc_getattr_2_svc, nfsproc_lookup_2_svc,
	nfsproc_readlink_2_svc, nfsproc_readdir_2_svc), hlfsd/hlfsd.c
	(hlfsd_init): use new clocktime() function.

2005-09-18  Erez Zadok  <>

	* README.attrcache: document netbsd's patchs to support noac.

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (compute_nfs_attrcache_flags): cleanup the
	code that sets the ac{reg,dir}{min,max} fields so it also sets the
	appropriate nfs_args->flags such as MNT2_NFS_OPT_ACREGMIN.

	* check for nfs_args fields acregmax and acdirmax.

	* README.attrcache: new file documenting in detail OS bugs
	relating to attribute caching, which can affect Amd's reliability
	under heavy load.
	Update status of freebsd and openbsd.

	* doc/ install README.attrcache file as attrache.txt
	file on am-utils Web site.

	* (EXTRA_DIST): include README.attrcache in distro.

	* BUGS, NEWS, doc/am-utils.texi (auto_attrcache Parameter),
	scripts/amd.conf.5, scripts/amd.conf-sample: document attribute
	cache bugs on some OSs.

2005-09-17  Erez Zadok  <>

	* libamu/xutil.c (clocktime): newly implemented routine.  Uses
	gettimeofday() each time to return a high-resolution clock time,
	and does not "cache" the last time.  Returns time in seconds, just
	like the old implementation.  If passed a non-null argument, will
	fill it in with the current time in seconds+microseconds.

	* libamu/xutil.c: remove actual declaration of clock_valid, and
	another never-used declaration for xclock_valid.

	* include/am_utils.h: remove defunct definition of clocktime()
	macro and clock_valid variable.  Add extern for new definition.

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (mount_fs), hlfsd/homedir.c (homedir,
	hlfsd_diskspace, hlfsd_getpwent, plt_reset, table_add),
	hlfsd/hlfsd.c (main, hlfsd_init, reload, cleanup),
	conf/mtab/mtab_mach3.c (open_locked_mtab), conf/mtab/mtab_file.c
	(open_locked_mtab), amd/nfs_start.c (do_select, run_rpc),
	amd/autil.c (host_normalize): remove defunct clock_valid.

	* amd/nfs_subr.c (nfsproc_getattr_2_svc): Print microseconds for
	node's mtime.
	(fh_to_mp3): use new clocktime() to update mtime and get a better
	time resolution.

	* amd/mapc.c (mapc_reload_map): change prototype from returning
	void to returning an int.  If reloading was needed and succeeded,
	return 1; else return 0.
	(mapc_sync): update mtime of parent node if needed.  This is a
	CRITICAL FIX, to ensure that the kernel flushes its DNLC/dcache
	when we run "amq -f" manually or when a map is reloaded.

	* amd/map.c (new_ttl): update am_ttl and na_atime in one shot.
	(init_map): use new clocktime().
	(unmount_mp): if the OS doesn't support a "symttl" option, then
	update the mtime of the parent node using the clocktime(); but if
	the time hasn't gotten changed because of rapid Amd accesses on
	systems that don't have a micro-second NFS-client resolution, then
	increment mtime by one arbitrarily (this could, on some systems
	and under pathological cases, result in mtime's that are in the

	* amd/autil.c (forcibly_timeout_mp): MAJOR BUG FIX: force mtime
	update of parent dir, to prevent DNLC/dcache from caching the old
	entry, which could result in ESTALE errors, bad symlinks, and
	(am_mounted): record mount time, and update am_stats at the same
	time, using the double-action redone clocktime() routine.
	(am_mounted): update parent's mtime from that of the child.
	(am_unmounted): when unmounting an entry, update mtime of parent

	* amd/amfs_generic.c (amfs_bgmount): now that clocktime() doesn't
	remember it's last non-zero value, save it in a temporary variable
	to avoid a TOCTOU problem (between an "if" and a "dlog").

	* libamu/xutil.c (show_time_host_and_name),
	conf/autofs/autofs_linux.c (autofs_mounted, autofs_timeout_mp),
	amd/srvr_nfs.c (nfs_keepalive_callback, nfs_keepalive_timeout)
	(find_nfs_srvr), amd/rpc_fwd.c (fwd_alloc), amd/nfs_subr.c
	(nfsproc_getattr_2_svc), amd/nfs_start.c (do_select, run_rpc),
	amd/mapc.c (root_init), amd/map.c(map_flush_srvr, timeout_mp),
	amd/info_ndbm.c (ndbm_init), amd/info_ldap.c (amu_ldap_rebind),
	amd/info_file.c (file_open), amd/info_exec.c (fgets_timed,
	exec_search), amd/clock.c (timeout, softclock), amd/autil.c
	(forcibly_timeout_mp), amd/amfs_generic.c (amfs_retry,
	amfs_bgmount, amfs_generic_mount_child), amd/amd.c (main): pass
	NULL to clocktime().

2005-09-15  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/nfs_subr.c (nfsproc_getattr_2_svc): initialize 'retry', just
	in case.
	(fh_to_mp3): increment amd_stats.d_stale counter only if we are
	actually returning ESTALE.

	* amd/info_exec.c (exec_parse_qanswer), amd/info_file.c
	(file_search_or_reload), amd/info_hesiod.c (hesiod_search),
	amd/info_ldap.c (amu_ldap_search), amd/info_ndbm.c (search_ndbm),
	amd/info_nis.c (nis_search), amd/info_nisplus.c (nisplus_search,
	nisplus_search): don't dereference mnt_map->cfm which may be null
	if we're not using an amd.conf file.

2005-09-14  Erez Zadok  <>

	* libamu/xutil.c (unregister_amq): if failed to de-register Amd
	from portmapper, report it under dlog (debugging), not as an
	annoying plog that always shows up.

2005-09-13  Erez Zadok  <>

	* mk-amd-map/mk-amd-map.c (read_file_file), libamu/util.c
	(strsplit), libamu/hasmntopt.c (nextmntopt), amd/sun_map.c
	(sun_entry2amd), amd/sun2amd.c (sun2amd_convert_convert),
	amd/mapc.c (mapc_add_kv), amd/info_file.c (file_search_or_reload),
	amd/info_exec.c (exec_parse_qanswer): cast isspace() and isascii()
	arg to unsigned char, which is safer as per Christos.

	* amd/sun_map.c (sun_entry2amd): isspace takes an int, not a char.

	* keep a dummy unused AM_PROG_LEX, because old
	Automake (1.6.3) looks for it if you refer to LEX in your files.  Silly thing, fixed in newer versions of
	Automake (1.9.2).

2005-09-11  Erez Zadok  <>

	* (EXTRA_DIST_M4): add prog_{lex,yacc}.m4 to distro.

	* use new macros AMU_PROG_YACC and AMU_PROG_LEX.

	* m4/macros/prog_yacc.m4: new macro to check if bison/yacc/byacc
	exist, but exist with an error if none found.

	* m4/macros/prog_lex.m4: new macro to check if f/lex exist, but
	exit with an error if not found (am-utils requires f/lex).

2005-09-07  Erez Zadok  <>

	* minor new port: powerpc-apple-darwin8.2.0.

	* m4/macros/type_auth_create_gidlist.m4: Old macosx used "gid_t"
	but all newer ones (10.4+) use int.

	* m4/macros/type_recvfrom_fromlen.m4: Old macosx used "int" for
	6th arg of recvfrom(), but all newer ones (10.4+) use socklen_t.

	* minor new port: i386-pc-linux-deb3.1.

2005-09-02  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/mount/mount_linux.c: If autoconf didn't find any disk-based
	file system on this system (probably because /proc isn't mounted),
	then provide some default definition for this file to compile.

2005-08-28  Daniel P. Ottavio  <>

	* amd/sun_map.c (sun_entry2amd) : Wipe out any trailing white
	spaces or '\n' before passing strings to the parser.

	* amd/amd.h : oops, reverting bad changes

	* amd/info_file.c : oops, reverting bad changes

	* amd/mapc.c : oops, reverting bad changes

	* amd/sun_map_parse.y : oops, reverting bad changes

2005-08-27  Erez Zadok  <>

	* libamu/xutil.c: amd_program_number is a u_long now.
	(unregister_amq): if pmap_unset failed to de-register Amd from the
	portmapper, print an error message.
	(get_amd_program_number): returns a u_long now.
	(set_amd_program_number): take a u_long now.

	* include/am_utils.h: get_amd_program_number() returns u_long now.
	set_amd_program_number() takes a u_long now.

	* amq/amq.c: amd_program_number is a u_long, not int.

	* amd/nfs_start.c (mount_automounter): when registering Amd with
	the portmapper (for Amq service), don't fail if just one of TCP or
	UDP failed to register, but only if both transports failed.  That
	way Amq can still contact Amd using the transport that did
	register correctly.  However, now, if both transports failed to
	register, then set amd_state to "Done" so it would shutdown

	* conf/transp/transp_{sockets,tli{}.c (amu_svc_register): better

	* libamu/xutil.c: debug_flags should always be initialized to
	D_CONTROL (amq,daemon,fork).
	(debug_option): allow setting initial immutable debug_flags via
	amd.conf; afterward, prevent it (i.e., one tries it via "amq -D").

	* (DISTCLEANFILES): also remove amu_autofs_prot.h,
	config.cache.old, and dbgcf.h on "make distclean".
	(CLEANFILES): remove dbgcf on plain "make clean".

	* amd/ (DISTCLEANFILES): also remove ops_autofs.c on
	"make distclean".

2005-08-27  Daniel P. Ottavio  <>

	* amd/info_file.c (file_search_or_reload): Changed the key
	variable that is passed to the sun_entry2amd.

	* amd/mapc.c (mapc_add_kv): Add support for multiple entries
	packed into one line.  This is a workaround for handling Sun style
	mounts that contains multiple entries on one line: "multi-mount
	entries".  The sun2amd conversion tools will convert such entries
	into type:=auto and pack each of the auto-entries into one line
	separated by '\n'.  The mapc_add_kv function will now recognize
	such entries and add then.

	* amd/sun2amd.c (sun2amd_convert): Add print statement that
	includes the line number during a parser failure.

	* sun_map.c: Fix the AMD_MAP_PREF_KW definition.  Fix spelling.
	(sun_mountpts2amd): removed this function
	(sun_hsfs2amd): added some more comments
	(sun_nfs2amd): moved support for multi-mount entries from this
	function to sun_multi2amd().
	(sun_multi2amd): New function to handle multi-mount entries.  This
	function will convert the Sun version to an Amd type:=auto.  Each
	extra auto entry will be appended to the same line separated by a
	(sun_entry2amd): Fixed a bug if-statement.  This function now
	checks for multi-mount entries.

	* amd/sun_map.h: Add a fstype member to the sun_mountpt struct.

	* amd/sun_map_parse.y: Parser now supports fstype for multi-mount

	* amd/sun_map_tok.l: No longer print the line and column number
	when parsing.  This is because the parser is handed strings not
	files.  Therefore, the line number will always be 1.  It is now up
	to the higher level tools to echo line information during error
	when they feed the parser.

2005-08-24  Erez Zadok  <>

	* wrap all LDAP and HESIOD tests in test whether
	--with-OPT was used.

2005-08-20  Daniel P. Ottavio  <>

	* amd/sun_map.c: Clean up #defines
	(sun_entry2amd) : Verify that the key and entry values passed are
	not NULL.  Free the Sun entry struct when done.

	* amd/sun_map.h: Add some "not implemented yet" comments to the
	map and mmap structures.

	* amd/sun_map_parse.y: Removed automap include functionality, it
	will need to be re-implemented using a pre-processor.
	Clean up function calls.

2005-08-16  Daniel P. Ottavio  <>

	* amd/sun2amd.c (sun2amd_convert): If the input line is too long
	don't return an error just null terminate and continue.  Fix bug:
	the map key was not written.

	* amd/sun_map.c: Add a new Amd device, and cdfs constant.
	(sun_locations2amd): Write the NFS type keyword
	for each host of the mount entry.  Add a space between each mount
	(sun_hsfs2amd): New function to support hsfs to
	(sun_nfs2amd): Don't write the nfs type here.  Fix
	(sun_entry2amd): Change function parameter var for
	clarity.  Add support for hsfs.

	* amd/sun_map_parse.y (sun_map_parse_read): Reset the entry list
	after it has been returned.

2005-08-16  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/get_args.c (get_args): initialize debug_flags if they've
	never been set.

2005-08-15  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/mapc.c (mapc_create): mapc find takes 4th arg, the mount
	point.  Now, we can properly initialize the cfm structure of the
	mnt_map, so we can have access to the flags (e.g., SUN_MAP_SYNTAX)
	inside each info_*.c file.
	(mapc_find): takes 4rd arg (mntpt) and passes it to calls to
	(root_newmap): pass NULL as 4th arg (mntpt).

	* amd/amfs_generic.c (amfs_parse_defaults): remove ugly hack to
	initialize map cfm structure (including flags) so late.

	* amd/autil.c (amfs_mkcacheref): pass mount point as 4th arg to

	* amd/amfs_root.c (amfs_root_mount): pass NULL as new 4th arg to

	* amd/amd.h: extern for mapc_find changed to pass the mount point.

	* libamu/xutil.c: debug_flags should be unsigned.
	(dbg_opt): fix comments for updated debug_flags, add "defaults".
	(debug_option): Don't allow "immutable" (D_IMMUTABLE) flags to be
	changed, because they could mess Amd's state and only make sense
	to be set once when Amd starts.  Currently these immutable flags
	are "daemon," "fork," "amq," and "mtab."  If Amd not compiled with
	debugging, set default "control" options (daemon,fork,amq).
	(unregister_amq): proper use of D_AMQ.

	* include/am_utils.h: define new D_BASIC, D_CONTROL, D_DEFAULT,
	D_IMMUTABLE, and D_MASK.  Updated definitions of D_ALL and D_TEST.
	debug_flags extern should be unsigned.

	* scripts/amd.conf-sample (debug_options): mention new "defaults"

	* scripts/amd.conf.5,doc/am-utils.texi: document new debug option
	"defaults" and properly explain the corrected meanings of
	"daemon," "fork," "amq," and their "no" inversions.  Better
	explain "all" and "test" too.  Correct default debug_mtab file to

	* hlfsd/stubs.c (nfsproc_readlink_2_svc): proper use of D_FORK.

	* hlfsd/homedir.c (homedir): proper use of D_FORK.

	* hlfsd/hlfsd.c (main, hlfsd_init, cleanup): proper use of

	* amd/nfs_start.c (mount_automounter): proper use of D_AMQ.

	* amd/amd.h (DEBUG_MNTTAB_FILE): change default to /tmp/mtab,
	which is more common on more systems (instead of /tmp/mnttab).

	* amd/amd.c (main): properly use D_DAEMON.

2005-08-14  Erez Zadok  <>

	* libamu/xutil.c (xlog_opt): define new pseudo log_option named
	"defaults", which is an alias for "fatal,error,user,warning,info".

	* scripts/amd.conf.5, doc/am-utils.texi, amd/amd.8: document new
	log_option "defaults".

	* amq/amq.8: typo.  Arg name for -D is "debug_options" not

	* libamu/xutil.c: make xlog_level static, and initialize it to
	(cmdoption): take unsigned int as flags argument, and print any
	errors as XLOG_ERROR (which cannot be turned off).
	(switch_option): remove old code which disallowed you from turning
	off flags that were set when Amd started up.  Now, you can turn
	any log option on/off at start time or later on (via amq -x),
	other than the two mandatory options (fatal+error).

	* include/am_utils.h (XLOG_*): remove unused XLOG_DEFSTR.  Define
	XLOG_MASK to mask out unused flag bits.  Define XLOG_DEFAULT to be
	what it was before (fatal + error + user + warning + info), but
	use the new mask.  Remove extern's for xlog_level and
	xlog_level_init.  Change extern for cmdoption() to take an
	unsigned flags argument.

	* doc/am-utils.texi, amq/amq.8, scripts/amd.conf.5, amd/amd.8:
	document mandatory log options
	(fatal+error) which cannot be turned off and are always on by
	default.  They must be on so that Amd can report crucial errors,
	including those related to setting flags on/off.

	* hlfsd/hlfsd.c (main): remove hack to initialize log_options.

	* wire-test/wire-test.c: remove reference to unused xlog_level.

	* amd/mapc.c (mapc_create): 'alloc' flags variable should be

	* amd/get_args.c (get_args): no need for hack using

	* amd/ separate sources common to amd and sun2amd into
	a special, locally-built only, static library called libaminfo.a.

	* libamu/xutil.c (real_plog, xsnprintf): call new xvsnprintf()
	wrapper function.
	(xvsnprintf): new function which already gets a va_list.  This was
	needed to avoid nesting va_list's (which apparently isn't

	* include/am_utils.h: prototype for new xvsnprintf wrapper.

	* sinclude([vers.m4]) version number file.

	* vers.m4: new file to separate version number out of, useful for nightly snapshot script to generate
	nightly version string.

	* (EXTRA_DIST_M4): include vers.m4 in distro.

2005-08-14  Daniel P. Ottavio  <>

	* amd/info_file.c: add key to sun_entry2amd()'s parameters

	* amd/info_hesiod.c: add key to sun_entry2amd()'s parameters

	* amd/info_ldap.c: add key to sun_entry2amd()'s parameters

	* amd/info_ndbm.c: add key to sun_entry2amd()'s parameters

	* amd/info_nis.c: add key to sun_entry2amd()'s parameters

	* amd/info_nisplus.c: add key to sun_entry2amd()'s parameters

	* amd/sun_map.c: New functions to support sun translation to amd.
	The function sun_entry2amd's parameters were expanded to include
	the key value.  sun_entry_2amd() now returns NULL on error.

	* amd/sun_map.h: Expand sun_entry2amd's parameters to include key

	* amd/sun_map_parse.y: Change how file system types are parsed out
	of the list of options for each entry.  The previous way was not
	working properly so now we just look for the 'fstype' keyword in
	each option.  If it exists we copy its key value.
	Added some comments to sun_map_parse_read().

	* amd/amd.h: Added an extern from info_file.c called
	file_read_line().  Previously this function was static but is now
	used in sun2amd.c.

	* amd/info_file.c: Changed the static function read_line() to a
	public function called file_read_line().  This function is now
	used in sun2amd.c

	* amd/sun2amd.8: Filled in the contents of this man page.  This is
	a conversion utility that converts Sun maps to Amd maps.

	* amd/sun2amd.c: Implemented a working version of this utility.

2005-08-11  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/sun_map_parse.y: instead of using a custom FOO_alloc()
	function, use Amd's CALLOC(struct FOO) macro.

	* amd/sun_map.h: remove extern definitions to functions no longer

	* amd/sun_map.c: removed superfluous *_alloc() functions, some of
	which caused conflicts with same-named symbols in the parser
	(since we rename 'yyalloc' to 'sun_map_alloc').

	* keep AC_INIT on same line, for nightly snapshot
	build script.

	* amd/ f/lex libraries are incompatible with multiple
	scanners, so don't link Amd with libl.a/libfl.a.

2005-08-10  Daniel P. Ottavio  <>

	* amd/sun_map_tok.l: Clean up regular expression so HPUX stops

2005-08-09  Daniel P. Ottavio  <>

	* amd/sun_map_parse.y: Moved license below special yacc bracket to
	be portable with HPUX's yacc.  Clean up externs.

	* amd/sun_map_tok.l: Moved license below special lex bracket to be
	portable with HPUX's lex.  Fixed definitions to allow for a
	non-flex lex to parse strings instead of files.  Added some casts
	to strlcpy usage to silence warnings.  Moved the % options because
	HPUX was complaining,

2005-08-08  Daniel P. Ottavio  <>

	* amd/sun_map_tok.l: Applied some definition goop to handle the
	ECHO symbol that lex defines.  This symbol causes problems on
	RedHat-EL-powerPC platforms.  Replaced strncpy with strlcpy.
	Renamed the function sun_map_yyinput to sun_map_input.  This
	function is a utility function that is not generated by lex.
	Therefore, the 'yy' may cause confusion.

2005-08-08  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/sun_map_tok.l: allocate more output slots so lex scanners
	don't run out of memory.

	* amd/sun_map_parse.y: declare extern for sun_map_parse().

	* libamu/xutil.c (xsnprintf): ensure proper comparisons between
	signed and unsigned quantities.

2005-08-06  Erez Zadok  <>

	* libamu/util.c, amd/autil.c (strsplit): moved strsplit() function
	from Amd code to to libamu, so sun2amd could use it.

	* amd/ (sbin_PROGRAMS): build sun2amd binary and man
	(EXTRA_sun2amd_OBJECTS): sun2amd needs to link with all info_*.c files

	* amd/sun2amd.8: placeholder for man page.

	* amd/sun2amd.c: placeholder for C version of translator from Sun
	syntax maps to Amd maps.

	* */*.[0-9]: include file name in nroff source comment.

	* ALL: use '0' properly when assigning or passing it to functions.
	If in the context pointer, use NULL.  If in the context of a
	single char (say within a string), the use '\0'.  This is just to
	make the code clearer.

	* m4/macros/header_templates.m4: template for HAVE_MAP_SUN.

	* amd/mapc.c (maptypes): add placeholder for Sun-syntax map

	* amd/ (EXTRA_amd_SOURCES): compile info_sun.c

	* amd/info_sun.c: placeholder for meta info parser to get info
	from Sun automount-style /etc/auto_master, possibly following
	into multiple info services (via /etc/nsswitch.conf).

	* libamu/xutil.c (xsnprintf): if vsnprintf truncated the output
	string to avoid an overflow, print an error.  Include some code to
	break out any possible infinite loop between plog() and
	(real_plog): now we can use (carefully) xsnprintf() directly.

	* amd/sun_map.[hc]: cleanup and formatting.

	* amd/sun_map_parse.y: to match the literal string "fstype=" use
	double quotes, not single quotes.

	* amd/get_args.c (get_args): call conf_parse() using conf_in.

	* amd/amd.h: use renamed parser symbols (yyparse -> conf_parse;
	yyin -> conf_in).

	* ylwrap: Enhance wrapper to avoid the #define hacks done by Gdb,
	and suggested by the Automake manual.  This enhanced parser will
	prefix each conflicting yacc/lex symbol with a unique name
	produced from INPUT.  For example, if INPUT is foo_parse.y, then
	yyparse() becomes foo_parse().  This requires that both your .l
	and corresponding .y files have the same prefix (e.g., foo_parse.y
	and foo_tok.l).

	* amd/ (BUILT_SOURCES): define which yacc/lex .h/.c
	source files are built automatically, and therefore should not be
	in the distro (IMHO), and should be cleaned upon "make clean".
	(amd_SOURCES): include new sun_map_parse.y and sun_map_tok.l files.

	* ylwrap: new file needed because we have two parsers now.

	* amd/sun_map_{parse.y,tok.l}: cleanup and formatting.

2005-08-06  Daniel P. Ottavio  <>

	* amd/ Added new files sun_map.h, sun_map.c,
	sun_map_parse.y, and sun_map_tok.l.  These files add support for
	parsing Sun style maps.  The yacc/lex files needed custom rules so
	they don't cause symbol conflicts with each other.

	* amd/amd.h: Added "#define INFO_MAX_LINE_LEN" that specifies the
	line limit for info services.

	* amd/info_exec.c: Replaced MAX_LINE_LEN with INFO_MAX_LINE_LEN

	* amd/info_file.c: Replaced MAX_LINE_LEN with INFO_MAX_LINE_LEN,
	added support for parsing Sun style maps.  The support for Sun
	maps is done using the sun_entry2amd() function.  This function is
	called for each entry line that is read only when Sun parsing is
	enabled.  For each entry line that is passed to the function a
	copy of the Amd equivalent is returned.

	* amd/sun_map.h: new header file for Sun style map support

	* amd/sun_map.c: new source file for Sun style map support, clean
	up comments, additional sun2amd conversion routines

	* amd/sun_map_parse.y: new yacc file for parsing Sun style maps,
	fix copyright notice, put filename below license.

	* amd/sun_map_tok.l: new lex file for parsing Sun style maps, fix
	copyright notice, put filename below license.

	* amd/get_args.c: replace usage of strlcat with xstrlcat

	* include/am_utils.h: added 'extern void xstrlcat()'

	* libamu/util.c: Added a xstrlcat() function that wraps the
	syscall strlcat() so that string truncations can be logged.

2005-08-06  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/info_file.c (file_search, file_reload): pass mnt_map to
	(file_search_or_reload): ensure that mnt_map is never NULL.

	* amd/info_nis.c (nis_search): call sun_entry2amd() if

	* amd/info_ldap.c (amu_ldap_search): call sun_entry2amd() if

	* amd/info_hesiod.c (hesiod_search): call sun_entry2amd() if

	* amd/info_ndbm.c (ndbm_search): pass mnt_map to search_ndbm.
	(search_ndbm): call sun_entry2amd() if sun_map_syntax=yes.

	* amd/info_nisplus.c (nisplus_search): call sun_entry2amd() if

	* amd/info_exec.c (exec_search): pass mnt_map to
	(exec_parse_qanswer): call sun_entry2amd() if sun_map_syntax=yes.

	* doc/am-utils.texi (sun_map_syntax Parameter): document new
	common parameter.

	* scripts/amd.conf.5: selectors_in_defaults is a common parameter,
	not just [global].  Use consistent capitalization of Amd/Amq.
	Document new sun_map_syntax parameter.

	* scripts/amd.conf-sample: properly list all of the parameters
	which are common to both the [global] and the per-map sections.
	(sun_map_syntax): example of new parameter.

	* doc/am-utils.texi (Common Parameters): selectors_in_defaults is
	a common parameter, not just [global].

	* scripts/amd.conf-sample (sun_map_syntax): example of new flag.

	* amd/conf.c ({ropt,gopt}_sun_map_syntax): new function to parse
	sun_map_syntax flag (global or per map).

	* amd/amd.h (CFM_SUN_MAP_SYNTAX): new flag for users to say if the
	map uses Sun automounter syntax.

	* cvs-server.txt: update instructions after branching 6.1-stable.

2005-08-02  Erez Zadok  <>

	*** Released am-utils-6.1.1					***

	* libamu/xutil.c (xsnprintf): "unsafe" alternative to vsnprintf is
	vsprintf, not sprintf.

	* conf/umount/umount_osf.c (umount_fs): refer to proper formal
	parameter name.
	(umount2_fs): pass second arg to umount().

	* ALL: remove CVS ID and put actual file name in source.

	* conf/autofs/*.[hc]: proper copyright headers.

	* whitespace reformatting.  Remove remaining '%W%' SCCS IDs.

	* amd/mntfs.c (free_mntfs): don't discard the last reference to an
	mntfs that had been mounted already.  It won't have the
	MFF_RESTARTED flag on, as it gets turned off after the entry is
	mounted, but it will have the MFF_RSTKEEP flag on.

	* amd/autil.c (mf_mounted), amd/restart.c (restart_fake_mntfs):
	show the mntfs's flags.

2005-08-01  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/mtab/mtab_linux.c: removed unused code.  Cleanup.
	(handler): removed this bad signal handler.
	(lock_mtab): Redhat's original code set a signal handler called
	"handler()" for all non-ALRM signals.  The handler called
	unlock_mntlist(), plog'ed the signal name, and then exit(1)!
	Never, ever, exit() from inside a utility function.  This messed
	up Amd's careful signal-handling code, and caused Amd to abort
	uncleanly only any other "innocent" signal
	(even simple SIGUSR1), leaving behind a hung Amd mnt point.  That
	code should have at least restored the signal handlers' states
	upon a successful mtab unlocking.  Anyway, that handler was
	unnecessary, because will call unlock_mntlist() properly anyway on

	* conf/mtab/mtab_{file,isc3,mach3,linux}.c (unlock_mntlist): dlog
	message that we're inside the unlock_mntlist function.

	* amd/amd.c (main): use new setup_sighandler() for Amd's four main
	signals (INT, TERM, HUP, and CHLD).
	(main) Add SIGINT and SIGTERM to masked_sigs, used in
	nfs_start.c:do_select() for setjmp/longjmp code; the MASK was set
	to all four signals if !HAVE_SIGACTION, but only to HUP+CHLD if we
	HAVE_SIGACTION.  So this change makes Amd behave consistently.

	* include/am_utils.h: extern for new setup_sighandler().

	* libamu/xutil.c (setup_sighandler): new utility function to setup
	a single signal-handler regardless of what method is supported by
	this OS.
	(going_down): call unlock_mntlist() when exiting, to ensure that
	Amd will remove any leftover mtab lock files, if any.

	* amd/restart.c (restart_automounter_nodes): cleanup function.

	* minor new port: i386-pc-linuxoldld-deb3.1.

	* include <sys/types.h> before <linux/socket.h> to
	get the definition of size_t on Debian-3.1r0a.

2005-07-29  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/srvr_nfs.c (find_nfs_srvr): don't blindly copy the hostent
	IP address.  First check if it differs from the existing one of
	the fserver, and copy only if it changed.  If it did change, flush
	the fhandle cache to avoid a stale fhandle being reused.  This
	allows Amd to detect IP address changes even for an fserver that
	lost one or more NFS pings, but not enough to be declared totally
	down.  We handle the "totally down" fserver case in

	* amd/ops_nfs.c (nfs_umount), amd/sched.c (sched_task),
	amd/nfs_subr.c (nfs_quick_reply): code clarity.

	* conf/mount/mount_linux.c (linux_nfs_error): dlog mappings of
	errnos to NFS errors.

	* conf/umount/umount_linux.c (umount2_fs): cleanup code.  Trying
	stat() seems doomed to hang at times, so don't try stat at all,
	because umount2() appears to be clever enough to never hang.

2005-07-25  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/amd.h (FSF_FORCE_UNMOUNT): new flag used to indicate that a
	particular fserver may need forced/lazy unmounts when it's mntfs's
	are unmounted.

	* amd/ops_nfs.c (nfs_umount): a simple unmount returned EBUSY, and
	the user specified forced_unmounts=yes in amd.conf, and this
	fserver was flagged with FSF_FORCE_UNMOUNT, and the OS supports
	forced/lazy unmounts, then try forced/lazy unmounts.  This should
	allow a hung mount point to be removed.

	* amd/srvr_nfs.c (find_nfs_srvr): move away IP-address change
	detection code to its own function.
	(check_fs_addr_change): new function to detect if the IP address
	of a downed host has changed, and do various cleanups and fixups
	to try and recover as best from that situation (e.g., flushing
	various caches).  Also set the FSF_FORCE_UNMOUNT flag for the
	fserver in question.
	(flush_srvr_nfs_cache): pass fserver as argument, so we can
	selectively flush the NFS cache for a single fserver (or all of
	them, if you pass NULL).

	* libamu/xutil.c (switch_to_logfile): truncate a regular-file log
	file if user passed non-zero "truncate_log" flag.

	* include/am_utils.h: switch_to_logfile() now takes a 3rd arg.

	* amd/get_args.c (get_args): pass "truncate_log" flag as per
	amd.conf global settings.

	* amd/conf.c (gopt_truncate_log): store global value of
	truncate_log flag.

	* amd/amq_subr.c (amqproc_setopt_1_svc), hlfsd/hlfsd.c (main,
	reload): don't truncate log file when calling switch_to_logfile().

	* amd/amd.h (CFM_TRUNCATE_LOG): new flag.  Fix comment typo.

	* NEWS, doc/am-utils.texi (truncate_log Parameter),
	scripts/amd.conf.5, scripts/amd.conf-sample (log_file): document
	new truncate_log amd.conf parameter.

	* amd/conf.c (gopt_forced_unmounts): check Linux kernel version
	and alert if your version may be too old for MNT_FORCE to work
	(before 2.4.0) or for MNT_DETACH to work (before 2.6.0).
	Otherwise it may be impossible to pin down the exact kernel
	version in which we should enable this feature.

	* conf/umount/umount_linux.c (umount2_fs): if MNT_FORCE returned
	EBUSY, then don't try to stat(2) before MNT_DETACH because it
	could hang.

2005-07-21  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/umount/umount_linux.c (umount_fs): cleanup this function,
	breaking long "if" statements using "goto out".

	* conf/umount/umount_{aix,bsd44,osf,default,linux}.c (umount_fs):
	call new utility function umount2_fs() as needed (EBUSY, EIO, or

	* conf/umount/umount_{aix,bsd44,osf,default,linux}.c (umount2_fs):
	define a new utility function to invoke forcible/lazy unmounts
	without touching any mtab files.  This separate utility function
	is useful because it can be called from elsewhere.

	* amd/amfs_toplvl.c (amfs_toplvl_init): new function, called
	before Amd mounts toplvl mounts, which gives us a hook for cleanup
	of a previously dead Amd.  In our case, if the user asked for
	forced_unmounts, and the OS supports it, then we try forced/lazy
	unmounts on any previous toplvl mounts.  This is useful if a
	previous Amd died and left behind toplvl mount points (this Amd
	will clean them up!).  WARNING: Don't use forced/lazy unmounts if
	you have another valid Amd running, because this code WILL force
	those valid toplvl mount points to be detached as well!

	* amd/amfs_toplvl.c (amfs_toplvl_umount): don't unconditionally
	try forced/lazy unmounts because it will prevent a normal Amd from
	terminating and cleaning up properly (self-deadlocking: detached
	mounts hang the parent Amd on a stat).  Since we already do
	unmounts in the background, then try a safer policy: after trying
	the normal unmounts a few times (5 sec), escalate and try forced
	unmounts a few times (5 more seconds), and if even that failed,
	then try the ultimate -- detached unmounts (which always succeed).
	This allows Amd to first try and shutdown cleanly, and gradually
	try more forcible ways to shutdown.  On Linux, this procedure will
	cleanly shutdown Amd even if there are processes with their CWD on
	Amd's mount points (which normally result in EBUSY).

2005-07-20  Erez Zadok  <>

	* (EXTRA_DIST_CONF): add new umount_aix.c to distro.

	* conf/umount/umount_aix.c: easier if AIX has its own unmount
	helper file.

	* m4/macros/check_umount_style.m4: AIX needs its own unmount style

	* doc/am-utils.texi (forced_unmounts Parameter): @xref -> @pxref.

2005-07-19  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_aix5_2.h: define compatible
	forced-unmount flag.

	* conf/umount/umount_default.c (umount_fs): if regular umount got
	EBUSY, EIO, or ESTALE, then try forced unmount, if supported.  Try
	umount2 (Solaris) or uvmount (AIX).

	* conf/umount/umount_{bsd44,osf}.c (umount_fs): if default
	umount() failed with EIO or ESTALE, also try forced unmount.

2005-07-18  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/autil.c (amfs_mount), amd/amfs_toplvl.c
	(amfs_toplvl_umount): enable forced/lazy unmounts only if user
	asked for it (and dlog it).

	* scripts/amd.conf.5: document new force_unmount global parameter.

	* doc/am-utils.texi (forced_unmounts Parameter): document new
	global parameter.

	* amd/conf.c (gopt_forced_unmounts): process forced_unmounts
	option (default "no").  Exit with an error if user specified the
	option as "yes" but configure couldn't find support for either the

	* scripts/amd.conf-sample (forced_unmounts): example usage of new

	* amd/amd.h (CFM_FORCED_UNMOUNTS): new flag for forced_unmounts

	* m4/macros/header_templates.m4: templates for _DETACH and _FORCE.

	* check for generic u/mount options "detach" and

	* include/am_utils.h (UMOUNT_FS, umount_fs): new prototypes.
	Define AMU_UMOUNT flags for force, detach, and autofs.

	* amd/amfs_toplvl.c (amfs_toplvl_umount): pass _FORCE and _DETACH
	unmount flags unconditionally.  Pass them to UMOUNT_FS().

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_linux.h: define MNT_FORCE and MNT_DETACH
	if needed, because some Linux systems don't define them
	(presumably because it would be too dangerous to expose these
	flags to users).

	* amd/autil.c (amfs_mount): if mount(2) failed with ESTALE or EIO,
	then assume that we're in trouble, possibly because a previous
	mount is hung.  So, first try to force a lazy unmount of the old
	mount.  If the forced unmount worked, then try again to mount the
	desired file system.  If the forced unmount failed, then don't
	retry: just return an error.

	* amd/amfs_generic.c (amfs_generic_umount), amd/amfs_host.c
	(amfs_host_umount), amd/ops_cachefs.c (cachefs_umount),
	amd/ops_cdfs.c (cdfs_umount), amd/ops_efs.c (efs_umount),
	amd/ops_lofs.c (lofs_umount), amd/ops_nfs.c (nfs_umount),
	amd/ops_pcfs.c (pcfs_umount), amd/ops_ufs.c (ufs_umount),
	amd/ops_xfs.c (xfs_umount), conf/umount/umount_bsd44.c
	(umount_fs), conf/umount/umount_default.c (umount_fs),
	conf/umount/umount_linux.c (umount_fs), conf/umount/umount_osf.c
	(umount_fs): compute and use unmount specific flags.

2005-07-16  Erez Zadok  <>

	* better help for users, if nfs_args can't be found.

2005-07-15  Erez Zadok  <>

	* BUGS: more details on AIX's need to install
	before configuring am-utils (else configure cannot find struct
	nfs_args on AIX).

2005-07-10  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/srvr_nfs.c (find_nfs_srvr): flush NFS handle cache if the IP
	address of a down server had changed.

	* amd/info_union.c (union_reload): use safer xsnprintf() routine.

	* amd/srvr_nfs.c (find_nfs_srvr): check to see if the IP address
	of a named but down fserver changed (i.e., the previous IP address
	is no longer responding).  If so, then reset the fserver to the
	new IP address, and set the fserver's flags such that the function
	will fall through to doing the usual NFS version/proto checks and
	pinging.  (This should fix one case of bug #308.)

	* conf/umount/umount_linux.c (umount_fs): warn if plain umount()
	failed, before we try to ignore any errors or try optional
	umount2(), possibly with forced/lazy unmount.
	(umount_fs): dlog when unmount succeeded.

2005-07-08  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/mount/mount_linux.c: add a couple more NFSv2 error codes
	that are compatible with NFSv3.

2005-07-07  Erez Zadok  <>

	* m4/macros/header_templates.m4: extern template for strlcat().

	* amd/get_args.c (get_version_string): use safer strlcat (or
	replacement strlcat).  Use new wrapper xsnprintf() function, which
	will use the safer vsnprintf() if available, else default to plain

	* check for existence of strlcat() and its extern,
	replacing with libamu/strlcat.c as needed.

	* libamu/ (EXTRA_DIST): add strlcat.c to distro.

	* include/am_defs.h: optional strlcat() extern.

	* include/am_utils.h: extern for new xvsnprintf().

	* overdue new major libtool shlib version.
	Check for snprintf function and extern.

2005-07-06  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_aix4_3.h: cleanup struct

	* (EXTRA_DIST_CONF): include mount_aix3.c in

	* conf/mount/mount_aix.c: mount style for aix 5.x and newer.

	* conf/mount/mount_aix3.c: mount styles for aix 3.x/4.x.

	* m4/macros/check_mount_style.m4: split mount styles for
	aix3.x/4.x and the newer (and better) aix 5.x code.

2005-07-05  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amq/pawd.c (getawd): avoid buffer overflow.  Bug fix from Graeme
	Wilford <>.

2005-06-30  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/map.c (get_next_exported_ap): Avoid running off the end of
	the exported_ap[] array.  Patch from  Fixed
	bug #301.

2005-06-25  Erez Zadok  <>

	* (EXTRA_DIST_CONF): distribute new mtab_linux.c.

	* conf/mtab/mtab_linux.c (rewrite_mtab): variable declarations
	must come before C code.

	* conf/mtab/mtab_linux.c: Linux-specific mount table hanlding
	that's safe (uses locks, handles symlinks to /proc/mounts, etc.).
	Patch from Red Hat, which they adapted from mtab_file.c.  Minor
	fixes to this file.

	* m4/macros/check_mnttab_style.m4: Use Linux-specific mount table

2005-06-24  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/mount/mount_aix.c (mount_aix3): minor cleanup of filehandle
	copying code.

2005-06-23  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_hpux.h: add extern for h_errno, which may
	be missing from older hpux10 systems.

	* update bug-reporting address to list as well as the mailing list.

	* (EXTRA_DIST_M4): distribute new type_rpcvers_t.m4

	* conf/transp/transp_tli.c (get_nfs_version): always use
	rpcvers_t, now that it'll be automatically discovered.

	* check for rpcvers_t type.

	* m4/macros/type_rpcvers_t.m4: new macro to check for type of
	rpcvers_t (Some Solaris versions need it).

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_sunos5_8.h: don't define INADDR_NONE
	here, but in the actual source files that may need it.

	* libamu/wire.c (INADDR_NONE): define INADDR_NONE if not defined

	* include/am_defs.h: define extern for sleep(3) if needed.

	* m4/macros/header_templates.m4: template for sleep(3) extern.

	* check for extern for sleep(3), which is missing
	from some old (and buggy) versions of gcc's fixinc'ed headers.

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_aix4_3.h: update definition of struct
	nfs_args from actual system headers.

	* conf/mount/mount_aix.c (mount_aix3): fix name of aix4 "bis"

2005-06-22  Erez Zadok  <>

	* BUGS: update Solaris information about use of f/lex and

2005-06-20  Erez Zadok  <>

	* minor new port: i386-pc-linux-suse9.3.

2005-06-20  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* (linux/nfs_mount.h): Move __KERNEL__ definition up
	so u32 is available for <linux/sunrpc/msg_prot.h>.

2005-06-16  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/mapc.c (maptypes): move MAP_EXEC after MAP_FILE, because
	exec maps will always match when users use amd with command line
	args (not amd.conf).  Using that legacy way, unfortunately, means
	that Amd will use it's hard-coded info-service search path, which
	doesn't work for everyone.  It's much better to use amd.conf and
	specify what you want exactly.

2005-06-15  Erez Zadok  <>

	* minor new port: i386-pc-linux-fc4 (gcc4 catches more bugs).

	* m4/macros/type_recvfrom_fromlen.m4: linux systems use unsigned
	int as the type of recvfrom()'s 6th argument.

	* m4/macros/type_yp_order_outorder.m4: linux systems use unsigned
	int as the type of yp_order()'s 3rd argument.

2005-06-15  Erez Zadok  <>

	* scripts/amd.conf-sample (map_type): typo, said mount_type
	instead of map_type for the 'exec' example.

2005-06-11  Erez Zadok  <>

	*** Released am-utils-6.1					***

2005-06-04  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/ops_nfs.c (mount_nfs_fh): set timeo/retrans mount options
	only if the user specified them in amd.conf or elsewhere.  If they
	were not specified, don't do anything, which would let the OS use
	its own defaults.

	* amd/get_args.c (get_args): negative timeo/retrans are "good" in
	that they represent uninitialized values (meaning to let the OS
	use it's default values).  So only check if user specified a value
	equal to zero (invalid).

	* amd/amd.h: define AMU_TYPE_NONE so we know when users didn't
	specify timeo/retrans at all.

2005-06-03  Erez Zadok  <>

	*** Released am-utils-6.1-rc7					***

	* m4/macros/os_cflags.m4 (CFLAGS): use custom-OS C flags for
	configuring, not just for building.  That way the two phases
	(configure and compile) are in sync.  This fixes getwire() on
	OSF/1 systems.

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_sunos5_8.h: define INADDR_NONE if not
	defined in system headers.

2005-06-01  Erez Zadok  <>

	* libamu/ (EXTRA_DIST): remove alloca.c as it's no
	longer needed.

2005-05-28  Erez Zadok  <>

	* completed set of fixes for irix6.5.

	* Minor new ports alpha-unknown-linux-gentoo1.4.16
	alphaev56-dec-osf4.0f, mips-unknown-linux-gentoo1.4.16, and
	sparc64-unknown-linux-gentoo1.4.16, and mips-sgi-irix6.5.  Test
	those systems with both cc and gcc, where possible.

	* include/am_xdr_func.h: remove trailing comma at end of enum

	* m4/macros/os_cflags.m4: with gcc 3.4.3 on irix-6.5, we get pte_t
	undefined.  So give it a dummy value.

	* libamu/alloca.c: remove file from distro.

	* don't call AC_FUNC_ALLOCA any more.

	* include/am_defs.h: remove header fixups for <alloca.h>, now that
	we don't need it.

	* amd/amq_svc.c (amqsvc_is_client_allowed): rewrite function to
	avoid only use of alloca() in am-utils, and to use strdup
	explicitly.  This way we can avoid using alloca, a feature that's
	not portable on various systems.

	* amq/amq.c: remove unused lint/rcsid cruft.

2005-05-27  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/checkmount/checkmount_osf.c (fixmount_check_mount): add
	extra parentheses around assignments in "if" expressions (gcc

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_osf4.h: add missing extern definitions
	for plock, hstrerror, getmntinfo, alloca, xdr_exportnode, and

	* check for <linux/socket.h>, which, if found,
	appears to be preferable to <sys/socket.h>.  Use it to find
	<linux/nfs_mount.h>.  On some Linux systems
	(Gentoo), both exist but only one must be included, or else you
	get redefined structure errors.

	* libamu/wire.c (is_network_member): check if masknum is
	INADDR_NONE, not "< 0" because it's an unsigned quantity.

	* libamu/util.c (xstrlcpy): remove useless test for size_t < 0,
	because it's an unsigned quantity.

2005-05-26  Erez Zadok  <>

	*** Released am-utils-6.1-rc6					***

2005-05-25  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_aix5_2.h: AIX 5.3 complains about
	missing definition of struct thread_credentials in <sys/vfs.h>
	but trying to bring that definition in drags a whole lot of other
	messy stuff.  So just provide a dummy definition for this

2005-05-24  Erez Zadok  <>

	* (EXTRA_DIST_M4): distribute m4/macros/libtool.m4.

	* m4/macros/header_templates.m4: template for HAVE_EXTERN_MNTCTL.

	* m4/macros/check_extern.m4: include <sys/vmount.h> on AIX
	systems, so we can find extern definition for mntctl().

	* conf/mtab/mtab_aix.c, conf/checkmount/checkmount_aix.c: only
	define an extern for mntctl() if needed.

	* amd/ops_nfs.c (prime_nfs_fhandle_cache): never, ever, use C++
	style comments in C code.  Some C compilers don't accept it.

	* amd/info_ldap.c (amu_ldap_init, get_ldap_timestamp): force cast
	of "time_t *ts" to u_long, to avoid complaints on AIX 5.2 with

	* amd/get_args.c: rename symbol conf_file to amu_conf_file to
	avoid conflict with libldap.a from openldap-2.0.21 on AIX 5.2.
	Oh, when will people who develop libraries learn to always prefix
	their exported symbols with a library-specific name?

	* check for mntctl() extern on AIX systems.

	* update from latest libtool-1.5.18, so we can properly
	build on AIX 5.2/5.3 with cc and with gcc.

	* m4/macros/libtool.m4: update from latest libtool-1.5.18.  This
	time, and from now on, we must include libtool.m4 from the libtool
	distribution itself.  That way we ensure that we use an
	that matches the appropriate libtool M4 macros.  This makes
	am-utils no longer dependent on having libtool installed on a
	given system on which you run bootstrap.

2005-05-23  Erez Zadok  <>

	* minor new port: i386-pc-linux-deb3.0.

2005-05-22  Erez Zadok  <>

	* minor new ports: i386-unknown-netbsdelf2.0.2 and

2005-05-20  Erez Zadok  <>

	* minor new ports: i386-pc-linux-gentoo1.4.16 and

	* include/{mount_headers2.h, am_defs.h}: safer setup before
	inclusion of <linux/nfs_mount.h>, which is broken on several

	* test for <linux/nfs2.h>.  Separate special test
	for <linux/nfs_mount.h> because we need to define __KERNEL__ for
	that test, as well as optionally define struct nfs2_fh for some
	systems (gentoo with 2.4 kernel, yellowdog 2.3, and others).

	* config.guess.long: support Gentoo and Yellow Dog Linux distros.

2005-05-18  Erez Zadok  <>

	* minor new ports: i386-pc-linux-suse9.2 and

	* amd/nfs_subr.c: use NFS_FHSIZE, not FHSIZE.

2005-05-17  Erez Zadok  <>

	*** Released am-utils-6.1-rc5					***

	* amd/info_ldap.c (amu_ldap_init): change plog to dlog, to avoid
	sending annoying warning for a minor issue.

2005-05-17  Ion Badulescu <>

	* amd/nfs_subr.c: check for NULL pointer before dereferencing it.

2005-05-16  Erez Zadok  <>

	* minor new ports: powerpc-apple-darwin7.9.0.

	* m4/macros/host_macros.m4: if a NetBSD system, remove 'elf' part
	from OS name because it's no longer relevant.  Also, don't include
	the major OS version number in the OS name because that's also
	unnecessary (and users can always use $osver in maps).

	* amd/nfs_subr.c: use [1] for out-of-band pointer at the end of
	struct am_fh, because it's the most portable method.  Bug fix
	suggestion from Dan Riley <dsr at>.  Better
	fix from Ion Badulescu: use [FHSIZE-sizeof(u_int)] which is the
	actual size we use.

	* amd/amfs_generic.c (amfs_lookup_mntfs): reset currently used
	def_opts to options given in -opts, appended with the /default
	options.  Bug fix suggestion from Dan Riley <dsr at>.

2005-05-13  Erez Zadok  <>

	*** Released am-utils-6.1-rc4					***

2005-05-11  Daniel P. Ottavio  <>

	* amd/amd.c (main) : fixed memory leak detected by valgrind

	* amd/info_ldap.c (amu_ldap_init) : fixed memory leak detected by

2005-05-11  Erez Zadok  <>

	* m4/macros/{check_checkmount_style.m4, check_mnttab_style.m4,
	check_nfs_fh_dref.m4, check_nfs_prot_headers.m4,
	check_nfs_sa_dref.m4, check_umount_style.m4, os_cflags.m4}: check
	for "macosx" as valid OS string, so we compile properly on Darwin

	*** Released am-utils-6.1-rc3					***

	* rerun bootstrap to get a working configure script that actually
	checks for limits.h and dependent linux autofs/nfs headers.

	* remove redundant check for limits.h.

2005-05-09  Erez Zadok  <>

	*** Released am-utils-6.1-rc2					***

2005-05-08  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/amfs_generic.c (amfs_lookup_mntfs): removed redundant use of
	old_def_opts variable.

2005-05-08  Daniel P. Ottavio  <>

	* amd/amfs_generic.c (amfs_lookup_mntfs) : Make sure when a map
	entry has a single dash '-', that the default options are reset.
	This functionality was somehow lost from earlier releases and
	reported by Dan Riley <>.

2005-05-05  Erez Zadok  <>

	* config.guess.long: detect SuSE Enterprise Server and call it
	"sles" not "suse".

2005-05-02  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi (amd): document proper use of
	/etc/hosts.allow.  Don't spawn a new Amd process because Amd will
	get confused if someone else waitpid's on its children (which
	often do important un/mount work).  Issue reported by Francis
	Montagnac <Francis.Montagnac at>.

	* minor new ports: powerpc64-unknown-linux-rhel4, and

2005-05-01  Daniel P. Ottavio  <>

	* amd/amfs_host.c (amfs_host_umount): We do not want to pass
	ENOENT as an error because if the directory does not exists our
	work is done anyway.

	* conf/umount/umount_linux.c (umount_fs): If we are successful or
	there was an ENOENT, remove the mount entry from the mtab file.

2005-05-01  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amd/nfs_subr.c: am_fh definition moved here from amd.h;
	restructured to better reflect its duality (old/new filehandles)
	(fh_to_mp3): fhh_gen is always used, even for new style f/h
	(mp_to_fh): ditto

	* amd/amd.h: moved am_fh definition to nfs_subr.c (which is the
	only place where it's used)

2005-04-30  Erez Zadok  <>

	* m4/macros/host_macros.m4: use sw_vers on Apple machines to find
	out more appropriate OS name (macosx) and OS version (10.3.x) than
	uname(3) reports.

2005-04-29  Erez Zadok  <>

	* config.guess, config.sub, doc/texinfo.tex: updates from latest
	official GNU distributions.

	* m4/macros/host_macros.m4: for macosx, change architecture value
	from "Power Macintosh" to "powerpc".

	* libamu/util.c (xstrlcpy): format 'len' parameter as u_long, not
	int (it's a size_t).

2005-04-16  Erez Zadok  <>

	* scripts/amd.conf.5, doc/am-utils.texi (normalize_slashes
	Parameter), scripts/amd.conf-sample: document new
	normalize_slashes global configuration parameter.

	* amd/opts.c (deslashify, normalize_slash): don't touch trailing
	slashes, even if multiples of them, if user said
	normalize_slashes=no in amd.conf.

	* amd/conf.c (gopt_normalize_slashes): new function to record if
	to normalize slashes or not.

	* amd/amd.h (CFM_NORMALIZE_SLASHES): new flag to decide if to
	normalize double-slashes or not ("yes" by default).

	* amd/autil.c (am_mounted): pass TRUE when calling mf_mounted.
	This is the parent mntfs which does the mf->mf_fo
	(am_opts type), and we're passing TRUE here to tell mf_mounted to
	actually free the am_opts.

	* amd/autil.c (mf_mounted): Be careful when calling free_ops and
	XFREE here.  Some pseudo file systems like nfsx call this
	function, even though it would be called by the lower-level amd
	file system functions.  nfsx needs to call this function because
	of the other actions it takes.  So we pass a boolean from the
	caller (yes, not so clean workaround) to determine if we should
	free or not.  If we're not freeing (often because we're called
	from a callback function), then just to be sure, we'll zero out
	the am_opts structure and set the pointer to NULL.  The parent
	mntfs node owns this memory and is going to free it with a call to

	* amd/amd.h: pass flag to mf_mounted, to free or not to free the

	* amd/amfs_nfsx.c (amfs_nfsx_cont): call mf_mounted with FALSE to
	tell it not to free the am_opts, to avoid double free.

	* include/am_defs.h: include limits.h if found.

	* check for limits.h.  Check for certain Linux
	headers such as auto_fs.h after checking for limits.h, and include
	the latter if it exists, because some Linux headers depend on
	limits.h.  This prevents warnings during configure time.

2005-04-12  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/amfs_toplvl.c (amfs_toplvl_mount): do NOT set retrans/timeo
	values from default global UDP settings, because it can cause
	unexpected timeouts in Amd on slow systems.  The default that each
	OS provides for these toplvl NFS mounts should be OK, or else you
	can use the map_options entry.

2005-04-09  Daniel P. Ottavio  <>

	* amd/nfs_subr.c (mp_to_fh): Replace xstrlcpy with memcpy because the
	source buffer is treated more as a filehandle than a string.

	* amd/nfs_subr.c (fh_to_mp3): Replace xstrlcpy with memcpy because the
	source buffer is treated more as a filehandle than a string.

	* amd/opts.c (free_op): No longer need to assign pointer to NULL
	after XFREE.

	* amd/opts.c (expand_op): Revert back to using strncpy() instead
	of xstrlcpy.  The code is correct and relies on the semantics of

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (compute_nfs_args): Leave XXX warning that use
	of xstrlcpy in NFS_HN_DREF may corrupt a struct nfs_args, or
	truncate our concocted "hostname:/path" string prematurely if the
	nap->hostname field is ever less than 64 bytes long

	* libamu/util.c (xstrlcpy): Return immediately if len is 0 to
	avoid unnecessary work.  Log an error and return if len is less
	than 0.

2005-04-07  Erez Zadok  <>

	* include/am_utils.h (XFREE): XFREE() should nullify the pointer
	even when compiling without debugging.  It's safer this way.

	* libamu/xutil.c (am_set_hostname),
	hlfsd/stubs.c (nfsproc_lookup_2_svc),
	fsinfo/fsinfo.c (fsi_get_args),
	fixmount/fixmount.c (is_same_host, remove_mount, main),
	conf/mtab/mtab_isc3.c (mnt_dup, mtab_of),
	conf/mount/mount_svr4.c (mount_svr4),
	conf/mount/mount_linux.c (setup_loop_device),
	conf/hn_dref/hn_dref_linux.h (NFS_HN_DREF),
	conf/hn_dref/hn_dref_isc3.h (NFS_HN_DREF),
	amd/opts.c (expand_op),
	amd/ops_nfs.c (mount_nfs_fh),
	amd/nfs_subr.c (fh_to_mp3, mp_to_fh),
	amd/amfs_host.c (amfs_host_mount),
	amd/am_ops.c (merge_opts):
	use the new xstrlcpy instead of strncpy.

	* conf/checkmount/checkmount_{default,svr4}.c
	(fixmount_check_mount): document why NOT to use xstrlcpy.

	* libamu/xutil.c: am_hostname need not be MAXHOSTNAMELEN+1 any

	* libamu/xutil.c (real_plog): use strlcpy (not xstrlcpy to avoid
	recursion, since xstrlcpy may use plog).

	* libamu/util.c (xstrlcpy): truncating a string is serious.  Use

2005-04-06  Erez Zadok  <>

	* include/am_utils.h: external definition for new xstrlcpy

	* libamu/util.c (xstrlcpy): new function.  Similar to strncpy, but
	uses strlcpy to guarantee that the resulting string is null
	terminated, and also warn if the resulting string was truncated.

	* libamu/xutil.c (get_server_pid): move this function from util.c
	which is for general-purpose utilities.

	* m4/macros/header_templates.m4: template for HAVE_EXTERN_STRLCPY.

	* include/am_defs.h: provide extern definition for strlcpy, if

	* libamu/ (EXTRA_DIST): include strlcpy.c in distro.

	* search for strlcpy and its extern.

	* amq/pawd.c (find_mt): It only handles *some* filesystem types,
	so it breaks on direct xfs mounts for example.  The fix (from
	Christos Zoulas) is simple: We need to exclude toplvl to avoid
	infinite recursion, but all other fs's are game.

2005-03-31  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/nfs_subr.c (fh_to_mp3): strncpy may not null terminate if
	copying exactly len bytes, so add null just to be safe.

2005-03-30  Daniel P. Ottavio  <>

	* amd/nfs_subr.c (fh_to_mp3): Increased the n of strncpy()
	to make sure it null terminates.

2005-03-29  Daniel P. Ottavio  <>

	* amd/nfs_subr.c (fh_to_mp3): Fix memset bug. In this case
	the memset can be removed because strncpy() should padd the
	buffer with NULLs anyway.

2005-03-21  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* include/am_defs.h: Clarify comment.

2005-03-21  Erez Zadok  <>

	* include/am_defs.h: undefine "GROUP" so Solaris 10 with gcc-2.96
	won't complain about a conflict for this definition between
	<rpcsvc/nis.h> and <sys/acl.h>.

2005-03-20  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/readdir.c (amfs_readdir_browsable): use %p, not %lx.

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (print_nfs_args): print pointer with %p, not

2005-03-18  Erez Zadok  <>

	*** Released am-utils-6.1-rc1					***

2005-03-18  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/transp/transp_tli.c (get_nfs_version): use proper type for
	versout on Solaris (rpcvcers_t).

	* amd/mapc.c (mapc_showtypes): if last map type to print, don't
	append newline or comma to it.

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (print_nfs_args): cast struct netbuf pointer
	to %lx because on Solaris 10 sparc gcc-3.4.3 complains about
	casting it to an int (size is different).

	*, NEWS: prepare for 6.1-rc1 release.

2005-03-17  Erez Zadok  <>

	* scripts/, ldap.schema: fixes by Adam Morley
	<adam-at-gmi-dot-com> to synchronize what amd2ldif does vs. what
	the ldap.schema expects.

	* amd/map.c (exported_ap_free): We're using a free-list data
	structure and re-using malloc'ed objects.  So, to be safe, memset
	entire structure when it's freed, not just the pointer.
	(umount_exported): bug fix to on-exit code.  Don't run
	am_unmounted() unless unmount_mp() didn't run, since the latter
	already calls am_unmounted().  This way we avoid a double-free

2005-03-15  Erez Zadok  <>

	* tasks: updates.  Executable maps is supported.  NFSv4 and
	FreeBSD autofs isn't.

	* (EXTRA_DIST): include FAQ in distro.

	* doc/ (alldocs): install README.lda and README.osx.

	* FAQ: new file, better late than never.

2005-03-14  Erez Zadok  <>

	* scripts/ patch to add the amdMapName attribute to
	the amdMapTimestamp object when amd2ldif converts it.  This is
	necessary if you are using type:=auto mounts and want those
	mountmaps looked up through LDAP.  Patch from Jim Zajkowski

2005-03-12  Erez Zadok  <>

	* minor new ports: i386-pc-linux-rhel4.

	* minor new ports: powerpc-apple-darwin7.8.0.

2005-03-10  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/ops_nfs.c (prime_nfs_fhandle_cache): rearrange code so it's

	* upgrade from libtool-1.5.6.

	* m4/macros/check_{fs_mntent,mnttab_type,mount_type}.m4: check for
	Linux 2.6 kernel modules, which have a .ko extension, not .o.  Now
	we can properly detect which file systems exist on Linux 2.6 based
	systems (SLES9, RHEL4, Fedora, etc.).

2005-03-09  Erez Zadok  <>

	* m4/macros/host_macros.m4: find out what's the OS software
	distribution name, if any.

	* m4/macros/header_templates.m4: template for DISTRO_NAME.

	* amd/get_args.c (get_version_string): print again full_os, os,
	osver, and vendor (bug fix).
	(get_version_string): print distribution name, if known (e.g.,
	rh9, suse8, etc.).

	* amd/mapc.c (mapc_showtypes): wrap around list of supported map.

2005-03-08  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/map.c (umount_exported): when unmounting file systems on
	exit (when amd.conf global unmount_on_exit=yes), use unmount_mp()
	instead of unmount_node() because the latter always unmounts in
	the foreground, whereas the former unmounts in the bg/fg as
	needed.  Unmounting always in the foreground has two problems: (1)
	if the unmount hangs, amd hangs, and (2) for type:=program, the
	unmount script is execve'd(!) thus replacing the main amd process,
	which never gets to finish up, leaving the amd mount points hung.

	* NEWS: mention new feature of executable maps.

	* AUTHORS: Acknowledge Erik Kline.

	* scripts/amd.conf.5: document executable maps and
	exec_map_timeout parameter.

	* scripts/amd.conf-sample: examples of an executable map and

	* m4/macros/header_templates.m4: template for HAVE_MAP_EXEC.

	* doc/am-utils.texi: document Executable maps and exec_map_timeout

	* amd/conf.c (gopt_exec_map_timeout): function to parse
	exec_map_timeout [global] parameter.

	* amd/amd.h (AMFS_EXEC_MAP_TIMEOUT): define default executable map
	timeout to 10 seconds, and a global placeholder for the
	configurable value.

	* amd/amd.c (init_global_options): initialize default executable
	map timeout.

	* amd/ (EXTRA_amd_SOURCES): include info_exec.c in

	* enable executable maps.

	* amd/mapc.c: define executable map functions and behavior.

	* amd/info_exec.c: executable map implementation from Erik Kline
	<ekline at ekline dot com>, modified, cleaned-up, and fixed.

2005-03-07  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/info_file.c (file_init_or_mtime): consolidate identical
	file_init and file_mtime into one function.

2005-03-05  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi (Program Filesystem): if umount/unmount are
	not specified, Amd uses "umount ${fs}" by default.

	* amd/amfs_program.c (amfs_program_match): if neither unmount nor
	umount parameters are specified, use the default userland umount
	program with "umount ${fs}".  This way type:=program doesn't have
	to specify the umount program for basic unmounting actions.
	(amfs_program_init): save unmount program string in mf_private
	only if it's NULL, not based on mf_refc.

	* auto-detect name of userland unmount program.

	* (UNMOUNT_PROGRAM): macro for default userland
	unmount program.

	* amd/ops_cachefs.c (cachefs_init): save unmount program string in
	mf_private only if it's NULL, not based on mf_refc.

	* don't "discover" inheritance file system any more,
	since we don't have the .c file for it.

	* amd/get_args.c (get_version_string): hack to still show that we
	support the inherit file system in output of amd -v.

2005-03-05  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amd/amfs_inherit.c: removed, dead code

	* amd/,
	m4/macros/header_templates.m4: removed references to amfs_inherit.c

2005-03-05  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/autil.c (am_mounted): completely rewrite the unmount
	no/timeout code to (1) make more sense for odd conditions, and (2)
	allow utimeout=N mount options to override FS_NOTIMEOUT default
	flags for disk-based file systems such as ufs, pcfs, cdfs, etc.

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (mount_fs): use safer XFREE() not free().

	* conf/umount/umount_linux.c (umount_fs): strtok is destructive,
	so use strdup'ed string.

	* conf/mount/mount_linux.c (parse_opts): strtok is destructive, so
	use strdup'ed string.

2005-03-04  Erez Zadok  <>

	* scripts/amd.conf.5, doc/am-utils.texi (cache_duration
	Parameter): clarify actual behavior: this Parameter affects
	initial mount timeout as well as the linear backoff what happens
	the initial failed EBUSY unmount.

	* doc/am-utils.texi (opts Option): better explanation of
	utimeout=N mount pseudo-option.

	* amd/amd.h (AM_TTL, AM_TTL_W): better comments, minor cleanup.

2005-03-02  Daniel P. Ottavio  <>

	* AUTHORS: add Dan Ottavio.

	* scripts/amd.conf.5: document new debug_mtab_file option.

	* scripts/amd.conf-sample (debug_mtab_file): show example.

	* doc/am-utils.texi (debug_mtab_file Parameter): document new

	* conf/mtab/mtab_{file,mach3}.c (open_locked_mtab): if mtab file
	doesn't exist by the time Amd tries to exist, return a 0 rather
	than hang indefinitely.

	* amd/conf.c (gopt_debug_mtab_file): new function to parse
	debug_mtab_file option.

	* amd/amd.h: placeholder for debug_mtab_file string.
	Define default debug_mtab_file to "/tmp/mtab".

	* NEWS: document new debug_mtab_file option.

2005-03-02  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/transp/transp_{sockets,tli}.c (amu_get_myaddress): when
	users want Amd's NFS service to bind to some arbitrary "localhost"
	address, show which address was actually resolved and bound to.

2005-03-01  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/srvr_nfs.c (start_nfs_pings): move code from elsewhere
	(update_nfs_pingval) that initializes the pinger, as well as turns
	it on/off as needed, and handles changing its value.  This is to
	avoid races and other infinite-loop conditions that could result
	in ping storms.

	* amd/srvr_amfs_auto.c (amfs_generic_find_srvr): when creating a
	new file server structure, default the ping value to AM_PINGER
	(30sec) and set the FSF_PING_UNINIT flag.

	* amd/amd.h (FSF_PING_UNINIT): new flag to tell whether the NFS
	pinger had been initialized for a given file server.

	* scripts/ (stop): no need to check if
	/var/lock/subsys/amd file exists if you do an rm -f afterward.
	Ensure that proper return value is returned from script.

	* NEWS, doc/am-utils.texi (opts Option): update meaning of ping=N
	so that if N=-1, pings are off; if N=0, pings are set to the
	default value (currently 30 seconds).

2005-02-28  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/nfs_prot_svc.c (nfs_program_2): on TLI system, try to call
	__rpc_get_local_uid to verify if the RPC call through the
	local host interface came from UID 0.

	* look for internal libnsl function
	__rpc_get_local_uid (seems to be available on all known TLI
	systems, Solaris and HP-UX 11).

	* conf/transp/transp_tli.c (amu_svc_getcaller): unnecessary
	function for TLI systems (and it violated a array's bounds,
	discovered with
	(bind_resv_port, bind_resv_port_only_udp, get_autofs_address):
	just to be on the safe side, set struct t_bind's qlen field to non
	zero (64 by default).  This value cannot be zero for TCP
	connections, and it's unclear if it's good to have it zero for UDP
	connections, so setting it to 64 is safer.

2005-02-27  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi (opts Option, Keep-alives): update text on
	ping option.

	* amd/srvr_nfs.c (update_nfs_pingval): new function to update NFS
	server ping values, turn them off, or re-enable them.
	(find_nfs_srvr): call update_nfs_pingval() as needed.

	* hlfsd/hlfsd.c (reaper, cleanup): don't use exit(3) in a signal
	handler, but use _exit(2) instead.

	* amd/amd.c (parent_exit): This signal handler is called during
	Amd initialization.  The parent forks a child to do all the hard
	automounting work, and waits for a SIGQUIT signal from the child.
	When the parent gets the signal it's supposed to call this handler
	and exit(3), thus completing the daemonizing process.  Alas, on
	some systems, especially Linux 2.4/2.6 with Glibc, exit(3) doesn't
	always terminate the parent process.  Worse, the parent process
	now refuses to accept any more SIGQUIT signals -- they are
	blocked.  What's really annoying is that this doesn't happen all
	the time, suggesting a race condition somewhere.
	(This happens even if I change the logic to use another signal.)
	I traced this to something which exit(3) does in addition to
	exiting the process, probably some atexit() stuff or other
	side-effects related to signal handling.  Either way, since at
	this stage the parent process just needs to terminate, I'm simply
	calling _exit(2).  Note also that the OpenGroup doesn't list
	exit(3) as a recommended "Base Interface" but they do list
	_exit(2) as one.  This fix seems to work reliably all the time.

	* scripts/ change default to recognize that amd is
	down more quickly (check every 3 seconds instead of 5).

2005-02-26  Erez Zadok  <>

	* libamu/xutil.c (amu_release_controlling_tty): warn if closing
	stdin/stdout/stderr failed.  No need for tempfd.

	* scripts/ctl-{amd,hlfsd}.in: before running any real program in
	these shell scripts, chdir to "/" to avoid possible hangs with
	existing NFS mounts.  This was causing ctl-amd's forked
	grand-child amd process to hang if restartable_mounts=no.  Go

2005-02-25  Erez Zadok  <>

	* minor new port ia64-unknown-linux-rhel4

	* fsinfo/fsi_util.c (set_ether_if): avoid u_long casting to -1
	(RHEL4 gcc 3.4.3 ia64 compiler complains).

2005-02-24  Erez Zadok  <>

	* minor new port i386-unknown-freebsd6.0 (6.0-CURRENT-SNAP001).

2005-02-23  Erez Zadok  <>

	* minor new port: i386-pc-linux-rhel3.

	* INSTALL: major update of the compatibility list.

	* m4/macros/os_cflags.m4: set AMU_CFLAGS not AM_CFLAGS.

2005-02-22  Erez Zadok  <>

	* scripts/amd.conf.5, doc/am-utils.texi (preferred_amq_port):
	document new preferred_amq_port [global] option.

	* scripts/amd.conf-sample (preferred_amq_port): example.

	* include/am_utils.h: add preferred_amq_port to prototype.

	* conf/transp/transp_tli.c (bind_preferred_amq_port): new function
	to bind the Amq RPC service for UDP and TCP to a preferred port
	(or to any port if preferred_amq_port==0).
	(create_amq_service): decide if to bind to RPC_ANYFD, or to a
	requested port.

	* conf/transp/transp_sockets.c (create_amq_service): if
	preferred_amq_port is greater than 0, then bind to that port for
	both UDP and TCP.  If preferred_amq_port==0, then bind to any

	* amd/nfs_start.c (mount_automounter): pass global
	preferred_amq_port value to create_amq_service().

	* amd/conf.c (gopt_preferred_amq_port): new function to parse
	amd.conf value for preferred_amq_port.

	* amd/amd.h: placeholder for preferred_amq_port.

2005-02-21  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/transp/transp_tli.c (bind_resv_port_only_udp): rename old
	bindnfs_port to a more proper name.  This function binds the NFS
	service to a specified port, and only for UDP.

	* conf/transp/transp_tli.c: cleanup some code, rename some
	functions, in preparation for RPC amq port specification code.

2005-02-19  Erez Zadok  <>

	* */ don't redefine CFLAGS or LDFLAGS; they are
	reserved for users to pass them on the command line.  Instead, use
	autoconf's internal AM_CFLAGS and AM_LDFLAGS.

	* depcomp, install-sh, missing, mkinstalldirs: update from latest
	versions of Automake 1.9.2.

	* m4/macros/*.m4: properly quote AC_DEFUN'ed macro name, and fix
	regexp/patsubst M4 commands.  Newer versions of autoconf (e.g.,
	v2.59) complain about those.

2005-02-17  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/opts.c (f_xhost): if we don't have hstrerror, just print the
	value of h_errno.

	* include -lresolv if it defines the hstrerror()
	function and not already available in existing libraries.

	* minor new port: powerpc-apple-darwin7.7.0.

	* amd/nfs_subr.c (mp_to_fh): pathlen should be u_int because it is
	later compared against an unsigned quantity (complaint from gcc
	3.3 on SuSE 8.2)

	* include/am_utils.h: remove unnecessary (and conflicting) extern
	for bind_resv_port2(), which is declared as static in

	* doc/am-utils.texi, scripts/amd.conf.5, scripts/amd.conf-sample,
	NEWS: document four new amd.conf options: nfs_retry_interval_udp,
	nfs_retransmit_counter_udp nfs_retry_interval_tcp, and

	* amd/ops_nfs.c (mount_nfs_fh): set timeo/retrans values based on
	wether nfs_proto was "udp" or "tcp".

	* amd/amfs_toplvl.c (amfs_toplvl_mount): set retrans/timeo values
	from default UDP settings (because toplvl mounts are UDP for now).

	* amd/get_args.c (get_args): use parameters to -t option to set
	both UDP and TCP timeo/retrans values.

	* amd/conf.c: (gopt_nfs_retransmit_counter_udp,
	(gopt_nfs_retransmit_counter_tcp, gopt_nfs_retry_interval_udp
	(gopt_nfs_retry_interval_tcp): new functions to parse UDP and TCP
	retrans/timeo parameters separately.
	(gopt_nfs_retry_interval, gopt_nfs_retransmit_counter): if
	specified, use it to set defaults for both UDP and TCP.

	* amd/amd.c (init_global_options): initialize default values of
	both UDP and TCP retrans/timeo values to -1.

	* amd/amd.h (AMU_TYPE_{TCP,UDP,MAX}): define separate retrans and
	timeo values, one for udp mounts and another for tcp mounts.

2005-02-16  Erez Zadok  <>

	* README.osx: new file with some instructions for Mac OS-X users,
	courtesy Kevin Layer.

	* amd/get_args.c (get_args): move call to switch_to_logfile()
	after processing -v, so we don't print "no logfile defined; using
	stderr" when we're about to print version info and exit anyway.

	* minor new port: powerpc-ibm-aix5.3.0.0.

	* hlfsd/hlfsd.c (main): rewrite code to avoid negative array

	* conf/checkmount/checkmount_aix.c: remove extern definition for
	mntctl(), since AIX 5.3 has it in <sys/vmount.h>.

	* amd/info_union.c (union_reload): rewrite code to avoid negative
	array references.

	* amd/opts.c (split_opts, expand_op): rewrite code to avoid
	negative array references.

	* conf/mtab/mtab_aix.c: remove extern definition for mntctl(),
	since AIX 5.3 has it in <sys/vmount.h>.

	* libamu/xutil.c (real_plog): rewrite code to avoid negative array

	* libamu/wire.c (is_network_member): rearrange code slightly to
	avoid negative array references (AIX 5.3 xlC 7.0 compiler
	complains about it).

2005-01-26  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi (xhost Selector Function): document new
	selector function.

	* amd/opts.c (f_xhost): new function for use when matching the
	"host" selector for the current host's name.  This function will
	now match the primary host name as well as all known aliases
	(CNAMES) that gethostbyname() returns.  This function now supports
	a new function selector called xhost(ARG); the old host==ARG
	selector is unharmed.

2005-01-17  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* NEWS: document the ability to restart old mount points

	* amd/map.c (mount_auto_node): force the fileid of the
	root to be 1, so that it won't change between restarts; use the
	root filesystem's own methods instead of hard-coding the use of
	the default methods

	* conf/transp/transp_tli.c (create_nfs_service): better cleanup on
	error conditions.
	(bind_resv_port2): allow the caller to request a certain port.

	* conf/transp/transp_sockets.c (bind_resv_port): allow the caller
	to request a certain port.
	(create_nfs_service): better cleanup on error conditions.

	* amd/restart.c (restart_automounter_nodes): new function, takes
	care of restarting automounter NFS mount points (autofs will come
	(restart): skip all automounter mount points.

	* amd/nfs_subr.c (fh_to_mp3, mp_to_fh): new filehandle
	implementation: if the path to the node is shorter than sizeof(fh)
	chars (currently 32 chars for a NFSv2 fh), simply store it inside
	the fh. For longer paths, keep the old implementation.

	* amd/nfs_start.c (mount_automounter): reorder things so that
	restarting the toplvl filesystems occurs before anything else (so
	that we can grab all the ports we need before we accidentally use
	them for something else).

	* amd/mntfs.c (locate_mntfs): remove dead code; add special
	handling of restarted toplvl filesystems.

	* amd/mapc.c (root_keyiter): fix up a comment.

	* amd/map.c (path_to_exported_ap): new function, searches for and
	returns a node by the path to it.
	(get_root_nfs_fh): remove unnecessary fiddling with the root fh.

	* config.guess.long: support Red Hat Enterprise Linux

2005-01-17  Erez Zadok  <>

	* libamu/util.c (rmdirs): prevent amd from logging 'Read-only
	filesystem' errors when the mount point has an ancestor (i.e. '/')
	that is mounted read-only.  Patch from David Rage <>.

2005-01-17  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* conf/umount/umount_linux.c (umount_fs): Linux doesn't need the
	autofs space hack

	* conf/umount/umount_default.c (umount_fs): there is no need for
	HAVE_LOOP_DEV, now that Linux has its own dedicated umount_linux.c

2005-01-17  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi (Automatic Unmounting): document new umount2()
	behavior on Linux.

	* conf/umount/umount_linux.c (umount_fs): new file.  On Linux, if
	umount(2) failed with EIO or ESTALE, try umount2(2) with
	MNT_FORCE+MNT_DETACH.  Based on patch from Christos Zoulas

	* m4/macros/check_umount_style.m4: pick new linux umount style.

	* (EXTRA_DIST_CONF): distribute new umount_linux.c

2005-01-16  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_aix{4_2,4_3,5_1,5_2}.h,
	m4/macros/struct_nfs_args.m4: minor cleanups for quicker execution
	of "nfs_args" test.

2005-01-13  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/get_args.c (show_usage): separate function to print usage
	(get_args) Call show_usage() from get_args when needed, then exit.

	* amd/get_args.c (get_version_string): print also domain, host,
	and hostd.
	(get_args): print version string at the very end, after all other
	values had been initialized.  Patch from Christos Zoulas

	* conf/transp/transp_sockets.c (check_pmap_up, get_nfs_version),
	conf/transp/transp_tli.c (check_pmap_up): correct an inconsistency
	in timeouts in the RPC code between socket and TLI
	implementations.  The clntudp_create timeout has a different
	meaning than the clnt_call timeout.  Set the timeout of the create
	to 2 seconds which means retry if no answer in two seconds, and
	the timeout call to 6 seconds, which will give us consistently 2
	to 3 pings.  This is useful on occasional network UDP loss where a
	single packet loss would wrongfully mark a server down.  (The TLI
	code is the one that had the problem occurs.)  Patch from Christos
	Zoulas <>.

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (compute_nfs_attrcache_flags): make sure code
	compiles even for systems that don't have the nfs_args
	ac{reg,dir}{min,max} fields.

	* amd/amfs_toplvl.c (set_auto_attrcache_timeout): just to be safe,
	add "noac" if amd.conf option auto_attrcache was set to 0.  This
	should hopefully make the compute_nfs_attrcache_flags patch even

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (compute_nfs_attrcache_flags): separate
	function to compute attribute-cache values.  This function now
	computes attribute-cache flags for BOTH Amd's automount points
	(NFS) as well as any normal NFS mount that Amd performs.
	(compute_nfs_args, compute_automounter_nfs_args): call
	compute_nfs_attrcache_flags to figure out attribute-cache related
	flags.  Patch from Christos Zoulas <>.

	* scripts/amd.conf-sample: show examples of new global options
	domain_strip and auto_attrcache.

	* scripts/amd.conf.5: document new global options domain_strip and
	auto_attrcache.  Add warning to auto_attrcache use in case of

	* doc/am-utils.texi: minor cleanups and document new global
	options domain_strip and auto_attrcache.  Add warning to
	auto_attrcache use in case of ESTALE.

	* amd/conf.c (gopt_auto_attrcache): parse new global amd.conf
	option auto_attrcache.
	(gopt_domain_strip): parse new global amd.conf option
	domain_strip.  Part of a patch from Christos Zoulas

	* amd/autil.c (host_normalize): don't call domain_strip()
	unconditionally, but depend on the new global amd.conf flag

	* amd/amfs_toplvl.c (set_auto_attrcache_timeout): new function to
	set attribute cache timeout value given other configured global
	(amfs_toplvl_mount): set automount point attribute cache option
	value to "noac" if attrcache=0, else set it to whatever
	set_auto_attrcache_timeout() returns.

	* amd/amd.h (CFM_DOMAIN_STRIP, CFM_DEFAULT_FLAGS): flag to decide
	if to strip the domain from the host name or not, default options
	set to strip the domain.
	Store global value of automount attribute cache timeout value.

	* amd/amd.c (init_global_options): add flag to record automount
	point attribute cache value.

	* amd/amd.c (do_memory_locking): new function to encapsulate all
	of the memory-locking functionality, which was in main() before.
	Also added a call to madvise(), just in case.
	(main): call do_memory_locking() to pin process memory if amd.conf
	asked for it, but do so after the main Amd process daemonizes,
	because mlock/mlockall is not inherited by fork() by default.
	Slightly restructured patch from Jonathan Chen

	* check for madvise(2).

	* config.guess, config.sub: updates for latest official GNU

	* m4/GNUmakefile: update paths to "make update"

2005-01-12  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_hpux11.h: define an nfs_fh3 structure
	that's compatible for HPUX11 as well as NFSv3.

	* include/am_defs.h: On AIX 5.2, both <resolv.h> and
	<arpa/nameser_compat.h> define MAXDNAME, if compiling with gcc
	-D_USE_IRS (so that we get extern definitions for hstrerror() and
	others).  So undef MAXDNAME before it gets redefined.

	* include/am_defs.h: Solaris 10 (build 72) defines GROUP_OBJ in
	<sys/acl.h>, which is included in many other header files.
	<rpcsvc/nis.h> uses GROUP_OBJ inside enum zotypes.  So if you're
	unlucky enough to include both headers, you get a compile error
	because the two symbols conflict.  Temp hack: undefine acl.h's
	GROUP_OBJ before including nis.h, because we don't need acl.h for

	* m4/macros/os_cflags.m4: turn -D_USE_IRS for AIX5+ so that
	certain extern definitions of resolver functions become available.

	* amd/opts.c (expand_op): use #define for expand_error string
	because some compilers complain about the use of static const
	char[] inside a varargs function.

	* minor new port i386-unknown-netbsdelf1.6.2.

	* new port i386-unknown-netbsdelf2.0.

	* minor port i386-unknown-freebsd5.3.

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (compute_nfs_args): don't compare
	nap->maxgrouplist against NULL but against 0 directly, because on
	FreeBSD 4.3, NULL is defined is (void *)0 and gcc 3.4 complains
	about a type mismatch.

	* minor port i386-pc-linux-fc3 (Fedora Core 3).

2005-01-11  Erez Zadok  <>

	* hlfsd/hlfsd.c (main): use sigsuspend() over sigpause(), because
	FC3 doesn't have proper extern definition for the defunct

	* look for sigsuspend().

2005-01-01  Erez Zadok  <>

	* updated copyright year to 2005 on all files.

2004-11-29  Erez Zadok  <>

	* scripts/amd.conf.5: Small fixes to typos in man page, from
	Thomas Klausner <>.

2004-10-22  Erez Zadok  <>

	* ldap.schema: add this file to distribution.

2004-09-15  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi: fix old URLs.

2004-09-01  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/mtab/mtab_aix.c (read_mtab): avoid a race condition between
	multiple calls to mntctl().  Patch suggested by Michael van Elst

2004-08-07  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi (Program Filesystem): document how to get
	double slashes in Amd maps.

	* amd/opts.c (normalize_slash): support escaped slashes, needed
	for SMB mounts.  Use '\\\/\\\/' in a string to get a double slash.

2004-08-06  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/amfs_program.c (amfs_program_match): bug fix.  Complain if
	both opt_unmount and opt_umount are missing, not when just one of
	them is missing.

2004-08-03  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amq/pawd.c (find_mt): recognize "linkx" type mounts.  Patch from
	Hauke Fath <hauke@Espresso.Rhein-Neckar.DE>.  Support "nfsx" while
	we're at it.

	* doc/am-utils.texi: mention bugzilla.  Fix broken URL HREF's.

2004-08-02  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amq/pawd.c (find_mt): recognize "host" type mounts.  Patch from
	Dan Nelson <>.

2004-07-30  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi, NEWS: minor typos fixed.

2004-07-30  Erez Zadok  <>

	* include/am_xdr_func.h: cannot have field-less structure; put a
	dummy field in.

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v2_v3.c (xdr_autofs_rddirargs): cast
	2nd arg of xdr_u_int to a u_int*, not int*.
	(autofs_mount_2_req): don't use C++ // comments.

2004-07-30  Erez Zadok  <>

	* m4/macros/{try_compile_anyfs,check_field}.m4: include
	<fs/msdosfs/msdosfsmount.h> if it exists.  Part of a set of
	FreeBSD 5 patches from Martin Blapp <>.

	* include/am_defs.h: include <fs/msdosfs/msdosfsmount.h> if it

	* amd/ops_pcfs.c (mount_pcfs): set pcfs_args_t.dirmask field to
	0777 by default.

	* check for pcfs_args_t.dirmask field.  Check for
	existence of <fs/msdosfs/msdosfsmount.h>, new on FreeBSD 5.

2004-07-29  Erez Zadok  <>

	* minor new port: i386-pc-linux-fc2 (Fedora Core 2).

	* amd/info_ldap.c (amu_ldap_rebind): don't use ldap_enable_cache()
	unless the function exists in libldap and the extern is in
	<ldap.h>.  Recently, openldap removed the extern from ldap.h, but
	left the function in libldap, for binary compatibility; however
	ldap_enable_cache and related functions have been deprecated (and
	no longer listed in the header files), and therefore should be

	* m4/macros/check_extern_ldap.m4: new macro to check for
	LDAP-specific externs.  This is separate from check_extern.m4 so
	as to avoid breaking the general-purpose macro with LDAP-specific

	* m4/macros/header_templates.m4: extern template for new

	* call new check_extern_ldap.m4 macro.

	* (EXTRA_DIST_M4): distribute new check_extern_ldap.m4

	* config.guess.long: distinguish between redhat and fedora-core

2004-07-23  Erez Zadok  <>

	* Minor new port i386-pc-linux-suse8.2: minor new port to SuSE
	8.2.  This systems' latest GCC (gcc version 3.3 20030226
	prerelease) correctly caught a lot of possibly bad comparisons
	between signed and unsigned quantities.

	* hlfsd/homedir.c (table_add, plt_search): changed first arg of
	both functions to u_int.

	* hlfsd/hlfsd.h, hlfsd/hlfsd.c: change 'cache_interval' to u_int.
	Changed proto for plt_search arg to u_int.

	* amq/amq.c (show_mi, main): change 'i' to u_int.

	* amq/pawd.c (find_mlp): change 'i' to u_int.

	* amd/srvr_nfs.c (find_nfs_srvr): change proto_nfs_version to

	* amd/amd.h: change prototype of vreaddir and amfs_error_readdir
	to use u_int count parameter.

	* amd/ops_TEMPLATE.c (foofs_readdir), amd/amfs_error.c
	(amfs_error_readdir): change 'count' parameter in proto to u_int.

	* amd/amd.h: change proto of amfs_generic_readdir() to use u_int
	count parameter.

	* amd/readdir.c (make_entry_chain): preflen should be u_int.
	(amfs_readdir_browsable): change 'count' to u_int.
	(amfs_generic_readdir): change 'count' to u_int.

	* amd/amd.h: amu_global_options's portmap_program field should be
	u_long, not int (to match RPC conventions).  Change am_fh's
	fhh_gen field to u_int, to match am_gen field in struct am_node.

	* amd/conf.c (gopt_portmap_program): use atol() instead of atoi()
	to avoid size differences.

	* conf/mount/mount_linux.c (find_unused_loop_device): cast to int
	to avoid comparison between chars and integers.

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (get_hex_string): change 'i' to u_int to avoid
	comparisons between signed and unsigned integers.

2004-07-13  Erez Zadok  <>

	* minor new port: i386-pc-linux-suse9.1.

	* include/am_defs.h: don't use __kernel_dev_t for dev_t on Linux,
	because SuSE wants __kernel_old_dev_t.  Instead, just define it
	directly to what they both use: an unsigned short.

2004-05-27  Erez Zadok  <>

	* minor new port: i386-unknown-freebsd4.10

2004-04-29  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amd/amfs_generic.c (amfs_lookup_one_mntfs): fix the creation of
	mountpoints for autofs-based sublinks the right way

2004-04-28  Ion Badulescu  <>

	Fixes for various memory management problems discovered by
	Rainer's purify run:

	* conf/transp/transp_tli.c (check_pmap_up): zero out struct
	timeval before using;
	(get_nfs_version): ditto

	* amd/map.c (umount_exported): make sure we don't try to free the
	same am_node multiple times, by setting its corresponding
	exported_ap slot to null

	* amd/get_args.c (get_version_string): a static pointer is pretty
	pointless, make it automatic

	* amd/conf.c (gopt_debug_options): remove unnecessary strdup();
	(gopt_log_options): ditto
	(gopt_print_version): free version string after using it

	* amd/autil.c (mf_mounted): free mntfs->mf_fo instead of leaking

	* amd/amfs_generic.c (amfs_lookup_one_mntfs): use the CALLOC macro
	(amfs_lookup_mntfs): free def_opts on return

	* amd/amd.c (daemon_mode): zero out struct sigaction before using
	(main): ditto

2004-04-27  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amd/amfs_generic.c (amfs_lookup_one_mntfs): force FS_MKMNT on
	the real mount of an autofs-based sublink

2004-04-25  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amd/map.c (free_map_if_success): avoid dereferencing a pointer
	to potentially freed memory

2004-02-26  Erez Zadok  <>

	* minor new port: i386-unknown-freebsd5.2.1.

2004-01-30  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* scripts/ don't run hlfsd with -D fork

2004-01-25  Erez Zadok  <>

	* minor new port: sparc64-unknown-linux-deb3.0

	* config.guess.long: recoognize Debian Linux.

2004-01-22  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/transp/transp_tli.c (amu_get_myaddress): use
	htonl(INADDR_LOOPBACK) and define INADDR_LOOPBACK if not already

2004-01-21  Erez Zadok  <>

	* wire-test/wire-test.c, hlfsd/hlfsd.c (main): pass NULL as second
	parameter to amu_get_myaddress().

	* conf/transp/transp_tli.c (amu_get_myaddress): resolve value of
	localhost_address amd.conf parameter, if defined (else default to
	Removed htonl() around socket address copying (I think it was
	wrong) since plog("My IP address is...") in amd.c was printing
	addresses wrong on Solaris x86..

	* conf/transp/transp_sockets.c (amu_get_myaddress): comment out
	old DEBUG code that warns if isn't the same as what
	get_myaddress() reports.  Add code to resolve value of
	localhost_address amd.conf parameter, if defined (else default to

	* amd/conf.c (gopt_localhost_address): new function to parse
	amd.conf parameter localhost_address.

	* amd/amd.h: global field to store amd.conf localhost_address

	* amd/amd.c (main): call amu_get_myaddress with global option,
	which could have been set in amd.conf.

	* NEWS, doc/am-utils.texi, scripts/amd.conf-sample,
	scripts/amd.conf.5: document new option localhost_address.

2004-01-20  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amd/conf.c (gopt_nfs_allow_insecure_port): support function for
	the new "nfs_allow_insecure_port" amd.conf directive

	* amd/nfs_prot_svc.c (nfs_program_2): complain about the insecure
	port and drop the request only if the "nfs_allow_insecure_port"
	option is not set in amd.conf

	* doc/am-utils.texi (Global Parameters): documented the new
	amd.conf directive "nfs_allow_insecure_port"

	* scripts/amd.conf.5 (nfs_allow_insecure_port): ditto

	* scripts/amd.conf-sample (nfs_allow_insecure_port): added the
	"nfs_allow_insecure_port" directive

2004-01-20  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi: amd-workers is defunct.

2004-01-19  Erez Zadok  <>

	* cvs-server.txt: updated instructions

2004-01-18  Erez Zadok  <>

	* minor new port: i386-unknown-freebsd5.2.

2004-01-05  Erez Zadok  <>

	* MIRRORS.{txt,html}: verify each mirror site, update to new
	locations (if found), and remove stale mirrors URLs.

	* updated copyright year to 2004 on all files.

2004-01-03  Erez Zadok  <>

	* MIRRORS.txt: track status.

	* (install-snapshot): new directory to install
	snapshots (now that am-utils home page is moved).

2004-01-02  Erez Zadok  <>

	* INSTALL, README.autofs: remove forced text-mode.

	* doc/am-utils.texi: fix Amd book URL.

	* (EXTRA_DIST): include new mirror files in tarball.

	doc/am-utils.texi: revisions to use newer URLs for Web site, FTP,
	and mailing lists.

	* MIRRORS.{html,txt}: updates.

	* doc/ install mirror lists officially.

2004-01-01  Erez Zadok  <>

	* tasks: things to do after migrating ftp/Web sites.

2003-12-09  Erez Zadok  <>

	* fsinfo/fsinfo.8: fixed typo (unbalanced []) in man page.  Bug
	report from Eric S. Raymond <>.

2003-11-18  Erez Zadok  <>

	* (EXTRA_DIST_M4): exclude removed file
	m4/macros/struct_nfs_fh3.m4 from distro.

2003-10-24  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* libamu/xdr_func.c (xdr_am_nfs_fh3): Use AM_FHSIZE3 instead of
	FHSIZE3 (may be undefined).

2003-10-24  Ion Badulescu  <>

	Compile fix for Solaris7 with LDAP:

	* include/am_defs.h: moved the ldap headers before am_nfs_prot.h
	to facilitate using ldap types in it

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_sunos5_7.h: add a couple of ldap
	definitions that Sun left out of their headers

2003-10-24  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_*.h: remove all NFSv3-related
	definitions, they are now defined globally

	* libamu/xdr_func.c: unconditionally define all xdr functions
	needed for NFSv3, but with an am_ prefix to prevent namespace

	* amd/amfs_host.c, amd/ops_nfs.c, amd/srvr_nfs.c,
	libamu/mount_fs.c: added the am_ prefix to all
	structures and functions having to do with NFSv3 to prevent
	namespace collisions

	* include/am_utils.h: moved definition of am_nfs_handle to ...

	* include/am_xdr_func.h: ... here. Also define AM_FHSIZE3,
	am_nfs_fh3, AM_NFSPROC3_LOOKUP, am_nfsstat3, am_fhandle3,
	am_mountstat3, am_mountres3_ok, am_mountres3, am_filename3,
	am_diropargs3, am_LOOKUP3args, am_LOOKUP3resok, am_LOOKUP3resfail,
	am_LOOKUP3res here; remove cross-platform compile helper macros

	* include/am_defs.h: include am_xdr_func.h before am_utils.h to
	provide definitions for NFS filehandles

	* amd/amd.h: removed declaration for xdr_mountres3

	* doc/am-utils.text: minor warning fix

	* BUGS: document the autoconf warnings when trying to compile
	system header files in isolation

2003-10-23  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* m4/macros/struct_nfs_fh3.m4: removed, not needed

	* check if struct mounta has the optptr field;
	removed all NFSv3-related checks, we implement everything
	internally now

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v2_v3.c (autofs_mount_2_free): don't
	touch mnt->optptr unless HAVE_MOUNTA_OPTPTR is defined

2003-10-22  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* m4/macros/struct_nfs_fh3.m4: removed, not used anymore

	* libamu/xdr_func.c (xdr_am_nfs_fh3): update xdr_am_nfs_fh3

	* don't check for xdr_nfs_fh3 and struct nfs_fh3, we
	always use our own

2003-10-22  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* BUGS: document the limitations of bind mounts on Linux

2003-10-21  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* buildall: added support for -i (make install)

2003-10-16  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* NEWS: New minor port i386-pc-solaris2.10 (Solaris 10).
	* INSTALL: Mention its test status.

2003-10-16  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/ops_nfs.c (nfs_init): declare as static to match forward
	definition at top of file.

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_{hpux11, netbsd1_4,openbsd,aix5_2}.h:
	added missing definitions for LOOKUP3res, diropargs3, etc.

2003-10-15  Erez Zadok  <>

	* libamu/xdr_func.c (xdr_LOOKUP3res, xdr_am_nfs_fh3),
	libamu/mount_fs.c (compute_nfs_args), amd/ops_nfs.c
	(got_nfs_fh_mount, got_nfs_fh_webnfs, prime_nfs_fhandle_cache,
	webnfs_lookup), amd/amfs_host.c (fetch_fhandle): Attempt to
	cleanup some inconsistencies with how we treat NFSv3 file handles.
	Whenever we need to get data out of a filehandle given to us, we
	assume that it uses the OS's native fhandle structure
	(often struct nfs_fh3).  When we store the fhandle data for our
	own use, however, we store it in one of two ways.  The first, is
	that we use the system's default nfs_fh3 structure; the second is
	that we define out own struct am_nfs_fh3 in nfs_prot.h (and go
	through an elaborate autoconf song-and-dance to "discover" it as a
	native fh3 handle structure).  It appears that we do the latter,
	instead of using the system's default fhandle structure, simply to
	avoid extra malloc's and free's, because whereas nfsv2's fhandle
	structure is a simple 32-byte buffer, nfsv3's fhandle structures
	often just define a "char *" for the fhandle data, and the caller
	must malloc/free the space inside as needed.  Our code was never
	written with constructor/destructor callbacks for these nfsv3
	filehandles.  Moreover, we carefully wrote our own am_nfs_fh3
	structure so IT JUST SO HAPPENS to align with most (hopefully all)
	of the fhandle structures for v3: first four bytes are the length
	fields and the next four bytes are the fhandle data.  Sigh.
	Having this inconsistent use of v3 filehandles can be a real bear,
	because we simply cannot avoid using the system's default fhandle
	structure indirectly, through things like diropargs3 in
	xdr_diropargs3(), which has inside of it a reference to the
	system's default nfs_fh3 structure.  ANYWAY, the current fix I've
	come up with is to generalize the way we dereference field names
	within the nfs_fh3 structure (whether ours or the system's) and
	the same for the system's LOOKUP3res structure.  I'm not pleased
	with this fix; I'd rather we don't use our own am_nfs_fh3
	structure at all.

	* libamu/xdr_func.c (xdr_am_nfs_fh3): always define this
	function if we have NFS3, because we often use our own,
	incompatible am_nfs_fh3 structure.

	* include/am_xdr_func.h: We cannot use the native system's
	xdr_nfs_fh3 because we are defining our own incompatible
	am_hfs_fh3 structure for some systems.

	* include/am_xdr_func.h: Define default values for field names of
	struct nfs_fh3 and LOOKUP3res.

	* doc/am-utils.texi (debug_options Parameter): minor typo fixed.

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_freebsd3.h: FreeBSD uses different fields
	names for struct nfs_fh3 and LOOKUP3res, so override the default
	names here.

	* AMU_CHECK_FS_MNTENT(nfs3) test before
	AMU_STRUCT_NFS_FH3, because the latter depends on the former.

	* amd/ops_nfs.c (prime_nfs_fhandle_cache): add {} to disambiguate
	and clarify if-the-else clauses.

2003-10-13  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amd/get_args.c (get_version_string): change "Built by" to
	"Configured by", and add a new "Built by" line using the variables

	* m4/update_build_version (vers): add BUILD_USER, BUILD_HOST, and
	BUILD_DATE to build_version.h

	* amd/mntfs.c (locate_mntfs): fix restarted filesystems: mf_fo
	must be initialized even for them, otherwise we lose opt_sublink
	(and perhaps other options as well). Report from Rainer Orth.

	* amd/amfs_generic.c (amfs_bgmount): The fix for the mf_fo NULL
	pointer dereferencing was a bit too aggressive and could end up
	not processing the sublink option if the filesystem was already

2003-10-11  Ion Badulescu  <>

	Fix restarted filesystem by disabling the amfs_inherit filesystem
	and moving the restarting logic into the generic code. The old
	code is still there, will be removed sometime in the near future.

	* amd/mntfs.c (locate_mntfs): disable amfs_inherit and simply
	return the pointer to the restarted filesystem
	(free_mntfs): check for the MFF_RESTART flag instead of the
	amfs_inherit ops

	* amd/autil.c (mf_mounted): remove the MFF_RESTART flag once the
	filesystem is in use

	* amd/amfs_nfsx.c (amfs_nfsx_init): only call fs_init() if the
	filesystem is not being restarted
	(amfs_nfsx_remount): if the filesystem is already mounted,
	short-circuit the code and just continue

	* amd/amfs_generic.c (amfs_bgmount): only call fs_init() if the
	filesystem is not being restarted; remove hack that was used to
	work around an amfs_inherit problem

2003-10-09  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	Use WebNFS to obtain file handles for mount(2).

	* NEWS: Document WebNFS support.

	* Check for public mount option.
	* include/am_compat.h (MNTTAB_OPT_PUBLIC): Define if missing.
	* doc/am-utils.texi (opts Option): Renamed webnfs to public,
	update description.

	* amd/amd.h (FSF_WEBNFS): New mntfs flag.
	* include/am_utils.h (RPC_XID_WEBNFS): New XID type.

	* amd/amfs_host.c (amfs_host_mount, amfs_host_umounted): Reject
	WebNFS mount/umount attempts.
	* amd/ops_nfs.c (got_nfs_fh_mount): Renamed from got_nfs_fh.
	(got_nfs_fh_webnfs): New function.
	(flush_nfs_fhandle_cache): Don't invalidate port for WebNFS servers.
	(prime_nfs_fhandle_cache): Likewise.
	Remove unconditional return of public file handle for WebNFS, but
	get NFS file handles via mountd or WebNFS instead.
	(webnfs_lookup): New function.
	(nfs_umounted): Don't inform mountd if MFF_WEBNFS.
	* amd/rpc_fwd.c (fwd_packet, fwd_reply): Send/receive WebNFS
	* amd/srvr_nfs.c (recompute_portmap): Don't contact portmap for
	WebNFS servers.
	Mention host in info message.
	(find_nfs_srvr): Handle public mount option.
	Prefer NFSv3/tcp if the client supports it.
	Allow port mount option to override default or result from portmap

	* libamu/xdr_func.c (xdr_diropargs3, xdr_filename3,
	xdr_LOOKUP3args, xdr_LOOKUP3res, xdr_LOOKUP3resfail,
	xdr_LOOKUP3resok, xdr_nfs_fh3, xdr_nfsstat3): New functions.
	* include/am_xdr_func.h: Declare them.
	* Check for them.
	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_linux.h: Provide missing NFSv3
	definitions and types.

2003-10-09  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	Support IRIX 6 private mount option.

	* (AC_CHECK_MNTTAB_OPTS): Check for private option
	name string.
	(AC_CHECK_MNT2_NFS_OPTS): Check for private NFS mount option (IRIX 6).
	* aux/macros/header_templates.m4 (MNTTAB_OPT_PRIVATE,
	MNT2_NFS_OPT_PRIVATE): Provide templates.
	* include/am_compat.h (MNTTAB_OPT_PRIVATE): Define if missing.
	* doc/am-utils.texi (opts Option): Document it.

2003-10-09  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* doc/am-utils.texi (opts Option): Fix Tru64 UNIX name in proplist
	mount option.

2003-10-09  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (compute_nfs_args) [HAVE_NFS_ARGS_T_FH_LEN]:
	Don't reference removed fh3.

2003-10-09  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* NEWS: New minor port sparc-sun-solaris2.10 (Solaris 10).

	* INSTALL: Mention test status of various ports.
	Describe IRIX 6 autofs status.

2003-10-09  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* NEWS: updated

	* amd/amfs_generic.c (amfs_bgmount): don't use mf_fo until after
	we've done all the tests and we know we have a valid and mountable
	mntfs. Otherwise we could end up dereferencing null pointers.

	* amd/amd.h: fixed a copy&paste comment bug

	* amd/am_ops.c (ops_match): minor code cleanup

	* doc/am-utils.texi: fixed various typos; added warning about the
	racy nature of nfsx; removed duplicated listing of debug options;
	added paragraph about signals supported by hlfsd; removed the long
	list of (maybe) supported platforms since it duplicates the list

2003-10-02  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	Simplify FD_SET etc. use.

	* include/am_defs.h (FD_SET, FD_ISSET, FD_CLR, FD_ZERO): Provide
	if missing.
	(rpc_pending_now, run_rpc): Use them.
	* Check for fds_bits field in fd_set.
	* amd/nfs_start.c (run_rpc): Use it.

2003-10-02  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	Improve RPC XID handling.

	* amd/rpc_fwd.c (fwd_packet, fwd_reply): Always log xid.
	Convert xid to/from host/network byte order.

2003-10-02  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	Use NFS V2/V3 file handles instead of mount results.

	* include/am_utils.h (am_nfs_fhandle): Use NFS V2/V3 file handles
	only, not MOUNTPROC_MNT results.
	* amd/amfs_host.c (fetch_fhandle): Use local variables to store
	* amd/autil.c (amfs_mount): Use new am_nfs_fhandle_t.
	* amd/ops_nfs.c (struct fh_cache): New member fh_status.
	(got_nfs_fh): Use local variables to store MOUNTPROC_MNT results.
	Store MOUNTPROC_MNT errors in fh_status.
	(prime_nfs_fhandle_cache): Get fh_error from fh_status.
	* hlfsd/hlfsd.c (main): Use new am_nfs_fhandle_t.
	* libamu/mount_fs.c (compute_nfs_args): Copy NFS V2/V3 file
	handles straight from new am_nfs_fhandle_t.

2003-10-02  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* amd/clock.c (CID_ALLOC): Remove unused argument.
	(timeout): Likewise.

	* amd/ops_nfs.c (FHID_ALLOC): Remove unused argument.
	(prime_nfs_fhandle_cache): Likewise.
	(call_mountd): Use UDPMSGSIZE instead of magic constant.

	* amd/rpc_fwd.c (XID_ALLOC): Remove unused argument.
	(fwd_packet): Likewise.
	Handle TLOOK error from t_rcvudata().

2003-09-30  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* NEWS: updated

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (mount_fs): don't try to recreate the mount
	point if the mount fails with ENOENT: in the best case we would be
	papering over a bug, and in the worst case we could cause a
	deadlock (with autofs). If there are races, they need to be
	exposed and fixed properly.

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v1.h,
	  conf/autofs/autofs_linux.h: (AUTOFS_NFSX_FS_FLAGS): autofs
	semantics don't allow us to mount nfsx directly onto an autofs
	mountpoint, so disallow it

	* amd/amfs_nfsx.c (amfs_nfsx_match): more restrictive sanity check
	to avoid trying to memmove(foo, bar, (unsigned)-1) due to invalid
	map entries...
	(amfs_nfsx_cont): amfs_retry does most of the cleanup work for us
	in the upper layer, so don't do anything else beside wakeup() on
	(amfs_nfsx_remount): only create the mountpoints as we need them,
	avoids creating them on the wrong filesystem in the case of
	hierarchical mounts; fix crash-generating typo (m should really be
	mf and I swear I hate single-character variable names)

	* amd/amfs_generic.c (amfs_cont): one more dlog
	(amfs_bgmount): amazingly enough, even foreground mounts can be
	backgrounded (in the case of nfsx), so account for this
	possibility and permit retries

	* m4/macros/check_autofs_style.m4 (AMU_AUTOFS_PROT_HEADER): define
	and AC_SUBST it as ${top_builddir}/amu_autofs_prot.h

	* amd/ ($(amd_OBJECTS) $(EXTRA_amd_OBJECTS)): depend on

2003-09-29  Erez Zadok  <>

	* minor new port mipsel-unknown-linux-rhPS2 (Linux on Sony
	PlayStation 2)

	* amd/srvr_nfs.c (find_nfs_srvr): don't run code that expects
	"char protocols[]" unless MNTTAB_OPT_PROTO is defined.

2003-09-26  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	Consolidate alloca support.

	* amd/amq_svc.c: Move alloca support ...
	* include/am_defs.h: ... here.
	* amd/conf_parse.y: Remove alloca support.
	* fsinfo/fsi_gram.y: Likewise.

2003-09-25  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	Handle Solaris 10.
	* m4/macros/check_nfs_prot_headers.m4
	(AMU_CHECK_NFS_PROT_HEADERS): Don't use wildcards for
	sunos5.[0-3], solaris 2.[0-3], there were no micro releases.
	Explicitly match sunos5*, solaris2* for Solaris 8 and beyond.

	* m4/macros/os_cflags.m4 (AMU_OS_CFLAGS): Dont use wildcards for
	solaris2.[0-5], sunos5.[0-5], but explicitly handle Solaris 2.5
	micro releases to cope with Solaris 2.5.1.
	Explicitly match solaris2*, sunos5*.

2003-09-25  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* amd/amq_svc.c: Provide alloca prerequisites.

	* conf/transp/transp_tli.c (register_autofs_service): Fix typo.

2003-09-23  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* minor new port: x86_64-unknown-linux-rh2.9.5AS. (Red Hat
	Enterprise Linux 3.0 beta running on a 64-bit AMD64 platform)

2003-09-22  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v1.c (autofs_mount_fs): compile fix

2003-09-19  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amd/amfs_nfsl.c (amfs_nfsl_match): checking opt_fs is not always
	enough, we should lstat() the sublink if it's defined.
	(amfs_nfsl_ffserver): ditto
	(ALL): Removed some obsolete comments. The nfsl code is now little
	more than a very straight-forward switch between link and nfs.

	* amd/amfs_link.c (amfs_link_match): more up-to-date explanation
	for the prepend-the-dot hack for type link; also, the sublink is
	already normalized and absolute, so take advantage of that

	* amd/amfs_generic.c (amfs_lookup_one_mntfs): the sublink is
	already normalized and absolute, so take advantage of that

	* amd/am_ops.c (ops_match): normalize the sublink here, early into
	the matching process

	* amd/autil.c (am_mounted): be consistent and accept both
	"nounmount" and "noumount" as pseudo mount options (same as
	"unmount" and "umount" nearby)

	* amd/ (build_version.h): fixed dependencies (depends
	on amd_OBJECTS, not OBJECTS -- which doesn't even exist)

2003-09-19  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/amq_subr.c (amqproc_export_1_svc): force double casting to
	avoid gcc-3.3 complaints on Solaris 9 about "dereferencing
	type-punned pointer will break strict-aliasing rules".

2003-09-16  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* Released beta version 6.1b4

2003-09-15  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi (opts Option): removed documentation for old
	ignore_portmapper mount option, documented the new webnfs option

	* NEWS: webnfs support

	* amd/srvr_nfs.c (find_nfs_srvr): set MFF_WEBNFS if the "webnfs"
	(former "ignore_portmapper") mount option is present

	* amd/ops_nfs.c (prime_nfs_fhandle_cache): generate a public
	filehandle (all zeros) if MFF_WEBNFS is set
	(nfs_umounted): don't talk to mountd if MFF_WEBNFS is set

	* amd/amd.h (MFF_WEBNFS): new flag, obvious meaning

2003-09-13  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amd/srvr_nfs.c: renamed np_xid to global_xid; sanitized the
	NPXID_ALLOC macro and renamed it to XID_ALLOC; renamed start_ping
	to create_ping_payload; renamed nfs_pinged to
	nfs_keepalive_callback; renamed nfs_timed_out to
	nfs_keepalive_timeout; renamed nfs_srvr_port to get_mountd_port;
	made ping_buf and ping_len arrays with one element for each
	supported nfs version

	* amd/amd.h: renamed nfs_srvr_port() to get_mountd_port()

	* amd/amfs_host.c (amfs_host_init): ditto

	* amd/ops_nfs.c (call_mountd): ditto

2003-09-03  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* BUGS: Mention fix for broken Solaris 8 <rpcsvc/autofs_prot.h>

2003-08-31  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/autil.c (strealloc): don't call malloc_verify() unless it

	* move "OPTION PROCESSING" section (opt_debug etc.)
	after we figure out PROG_CC and other compiler features, because
	some of the option processing macros need a compiler to function.

	* libamu/xutil.c: don't define variables that won't be used unless
	mallinfo() and malloc_verify() exist.
	(real_plog): don't call checkup_mem unless
	mallocinfo() and malloc_verify() exist.
	(checkup_mem): don't define this function unless mallocinfo() and
	malloc_verify() exist.

	* m4/macros/opt_debug.m4: check for functions malloc_verify and
	mallinfo in general libraries and then in libmapmalloc and
	libmalloc.  These seem to have disappeared in FreeBSD 5.x.

	* libamu/xutil.c (dxfree): print pointer using %p

2003-08-29  Erez Zadok  <>

	* start 6.1b4-pre officially (belated)

	* minor new port: i686-apple-darwin6.6

2003-08-27  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v1.c: convert relative targets to
	absolute paths when using lofs mounts

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v2_v3.c: ditto

	* conf/autofs/autofs_linux.c: ditto

2003-08-27  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* README.autofs: added a paragraph about the resource consumption
	of auto maps over autofs

	* amd/amfs_generic.c (amfs_lookup_one_mntfs): moved the setting of
	the MFF_IS_AUTOFS flag from init_mntfs() to
	amfs_lookup_one_mntfs(), where it belongs

	* amd/mntfs.c (init_mntfs): ditto

2003-08-27  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amd/ops_nfs.c (got_nfs_fh): make the error EACCES if we are
	denied a filehandle by the server (used to be EIO)

2003-08-27  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_bsdi3.h: support na_uid and na_gid.

2003-08-27  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* conf/autofs/autofs_linux.c (autofs_mount_succeeded): force
	daemon-initiated timeouts on autofs filesystems, since apparently
	they appear as "always busy" to the kernel-based expiration routine

2003-08-26  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* NEWS: updated

	* conf/autofs/autofs_linux.h (AUTOFS_LINK_FS_FLAGS): remove

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v1.h (AUTOFS_LINK_FS_FLAGS): remove

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v2_v3.h (AUTOFS_LINK_FS_FLAGS): remove

	* amd/amfs_generic.c (amfs_lookup_one_mntfs): don't modify the
	original opt_fs, instead store the new mount point for autofs in a
	temporary variable and pass it around. Fixes a problem with the
	link side of nfsl.

2003-08-25  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* NEWS: updated

	* amd/ops_nfs.c (prime_nfs_fhandle_cache): use get_mntfs_wchan to
	initialize the fh_wchan member of the cache entry
	(prime_nfs_fhandle_cache): use get_mntfs_wchan for the wchan_t
	argument of call_mountd()

	* amd/map.c (free_map_if_success): use get_mntfs_wchan for the
	wchan_t argument of wakeup()

	* amd/amfs_nfsx.c (amfs_nfsx_cont): use get_mntfs_wchan for the
	wchan_t argument of wakeup_task() and wakeup()

	* amd/amfs_host.c (amfs_host_init): use get_mntfs_wchan for the
	wchan_t argument of nfs_srvr_port()

	* amd/amfs_generic.c (ALL): use get_mntfs_wchan for the wchan_t
	argument of sched_task() and wakeup()
	(amfs_retry): minor cleanup
	(amfs_bgmount): call nfs_quick_reply on failure

	* amd/sched.c (get_mntfs_wchan): new function which calls the
	member function get_wchan if defined, otherwise returns the mntfs
	pointer itself

	* amd/amfs_inherit.c (amfs_inherit_get_wchan): new function,
	calls get_mntfs_wchan() on the inherited filesystem

	* amd/amfs_*.c, amd/ops_*.c: initialize the new get_wchan member
	of the ops to 0

	* amd/amd.h: new function type vget_wchan
	(struct mntfs): new member get_wchan which returns the waiting
	channel associated with the mntfs (normally itself)

2003-08-22  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* conf/mount/mount_linux.c (parse_opts): minor cleanup

	* conf/autofs/autofs_linux.c (autofs_handle_fdset): added missing
	break in case autofs_ptype_expire_multi

2003-08-22  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v1.h: undefine autofs support if
	autofs_args_t cannot be determined (hopefully fixes a reported
	IRIX 6.5.4 problem).

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v1.c: wrap entire file in #ifdef
	HAVE_FS_AUTOFS / #endif (see above)

	* conf/autofs/autofs_linux.h: undefine autofs support if the
	necessary header files are not found (fixes a reported RedHat 6.2
	Sparc problem).

	* conf/autofs/autofs_linux.c: wrap entire file in #ifdef
	HAVE_FS_AUTOFS / #endif (see above)

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (compute_nfs_args): only use MNT2_NFS_OPT_SOFT
	if autoconf detected it (fixes a reported RedHat 6.2 Alpha problem).

	* amd/map.c (unmount_mp, unmount_exported): move the code that
	changes the fattr from NFLNK to NFDIR from unmount_mp to
	unmount_exported, it was causing troubles (ESTALE) after failed
	unmounts. This is still very very unclean, but it's the same as the
	old 6.0 code.

2003-08-22  Nick Williams <>

	* amd/info_ldap.c (amu_ldap_init): don't try to pass a null
	pointer as a string to plog, Solaris (and other OS's) don't like
	it and will dump core.

2003-08-13  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amd/amd.h: introduced two new types, wchan_t and opaque_t, as
	aliases of voidp. This makes reading the code easier on the eyes. :)

	* ALL: replace various instances of voidp with wchan_t and
	opaque_t, as appropriate

2003-08-13  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* NEWS, bumped version up to 6.1b4-pre

2003-08-13  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* Released beta version 6.1b3

2003-08-13  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* conf/autofs/autofs_linux.c (autofs_mount_fs): HACK: always use
	symlinks for host mounts; assorted fixes for the symlink mode

2003-08-05  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* conf/umount/umount_default.c (umount_fs): enable space hack
	handling for autofs v1

	* amd/map.c (get_first_exported_ap, get_next_exported_ap): new
	functions that facilitate iterating through the list of

	* amd/amfs_union.c (amfs_union_mounted): use get_first_exported_ap
	and get_next_exported_ap

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v2_v3.c (autofs_unmount_2_req): ditto

2003-08-04  Erez Zadok  <>

	* check if system stores mount tables in files
	(usually in /etc), and configure couldn't find a definition for
	either struct mntent or struct mnttab.  If so, abort configure
	because this could be a new/misconfigured system, or a bug in

2003-08-04  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v2_v3.c (autofs_umount_fs): fix
	compile warning

2003-08-04  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* conf/autofs/autofs_linux.c (autofs_mount_fs): don't call
	ops->mount_fs() for an already mounted filesystem
	(autofs_umount_fs): only call ops->umount_fs() if we're holding
	the last reference to the filesystem

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v1.c (autofs_mount_fs): ditto
	(autofs_umount_fs): ditto

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v2_v3.c (autofs_mount_fs): ditto
	(autofs_umount_fs): ditto

	* amd/amfs_generic.c (amfs_lookup_mntfs): remove the shortcut for
	already-mounted filesystems
	(amfs_cont): only release the autofs_fh if the filesystem is not
	mounted; add another comment about the NFS_SCALEDOWN hack
	(amfs_bgmount): if the mntfs is already mounted, skip just the
	filesystem initialization, but do call mount_node()

	* amd/map.c (mount_node): always call autofs_mount_fs(), but only
	call ops->mount_fs() if the mntfs is not yet mounted
	(unmount_node): always call autofs_umount_fs(), but only call
	ops->umount_fs() if the refcount on the mntfs equals 1.

2003-08-02  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_openbsd.h: include <ufs/ufs/ufsmount.h>
	here with the proper workarounds for openbsd3.3 (define MAXQUOTAS,
	define dummy struct netexport, and include <ufs/ufs/extattr.h>
	wrapped in _KERNEL).

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_freebsd3.h: include <ufs/ufs/ufsmount.h>
	here with the proper workarounds for freebsd5.1 (define dummy
	struct ufs_extattr_per_mount).

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_bsdi2.h: include <ufs/ufs/ufsmount.h>
	here with the proper workarounds for bsdi2 (define MAXQUOTAS and
	dummy struct netexport).

	* include/mount_headers1.h: do not include <ufs/ufs/ufsmount.h>
	here, b/c every *BSD system has some sort of problem in including
	this header file, which includes ugly workarounds.  Inclusion of
	this header was already moved out of am_defs.h (used to compile
	amd), but we forgot to move it out of mount_headers1.h (used to
	configure).  The specific inclusion of ufsmount.h is now in the OS
	specific nfs_prot.h file.

	* if configure could not find any definition for
	"struct nfs_args", abort configure with an explanatory message.
	There's no point in continuing, as this could be a system bug,
	buggy am-utils, or a new system to which am-utils wasn't ported to

	* minor new port: i386-pc-solaris2.9

2003-08-01  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi (NFS-Link Filesystem): make the documentation
	match the code (as well as basic logic operations: the negation of
	'a or b' is 'not a and not b', not 'not a or not b')

2003-08-01  Erez Zadok  <>

	* minor new port: i386-unknown-openbsd3.3.

	* m4/macros/check_libwrap_severity.m4: new macro to check if
	libwrap includes the integer variables deny_severity and
	allow_severity, since some libwrap implementations do and others
	don't.  The test tries to compile and run a simple empty main()
	program, then the same program while defining these two variables:
	comparing the results of the two tests, we can tell whether we

	* (EXTRA_DIST_M4): distribute new macro

	* m4/macros/header_templates.m4: template for HAVE_LIBWRAP (which
	we must define explicitly since we've overridden the
	action-if-found in AC_CHECK_LIB(wrap).  Also template for

	* amd/amq_svc.c: if libwrap does not include the severity
	variables, then define and initialize them here.

	* amd/ (LIBS): explicitly include @WRAPLIB@ only for
	Amd binary.  Other am-utils binaries don't need -lwrap.

	* if libwrap is found, only define it in @WRAPLIB@,
	so we don't automatically link every am-utils binary with -lwrap.
	Run test for existence of severity variables in libwrap.

2003-07-31  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_openbsd.h: define struct fattr fields uid
	and gid.

	* move check for AC_CHECK_LIB(libwrap) as far down
	as possible because on modern tcpwrapper systems such as openbsd,
	the caller must provide two symbols: deny_severity and
	allow_severity, which determine the logging level of rejected and
	requested requests, respectively.  If this check happens too
	early, then $LIBS includes -lwrap, which causes many subsequent
	tests that need to run a compiled program to fail with missing

	* m4/macros/header_templates.m4: fix typo in template for

	* check for <ufs/ufs/extattr.h> (OpenBSD 3.3)

	* minor new port: i386-unknown-netbsdelf1.6.1.

	* save state before system-specific tests are run.

	* m4/macros/check_gnu_getopt.m4: do NOT abort ./configure just
	because the compiled test program failed to run.

2003-08-01  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* NEWS, README.autofs: updated

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (mount_fs): added support for the space hack

	* doc/am-utils.texi: mention than UFS/XFS/EFS/CacheFS filesystems
	are not expired by default; correct and expand the section
	describing the program filesystem

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v2_v3.h (AUTOFS_*_FS_FLAGS): add
	FS_ON_AUTOFS for supported filesystems

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v2_v3.c (autofs_mount_fs): call
	(autofs_umount_fs): call mf->umount_fs()

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v1.h (autofs_strdup_space_hack): add
	prototype for malloc()
	(AUTOFS_*_FS_FLAGS): lose the FS_MKMNT flags, add FS_ON_AUTOFS for
	supported filesystems

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v1.c (autofs_mount_fs): add support
	for the space hack; call mf->mount_fs()
	(autofs_umount_fs): add support for the space hack; call
	(autofs_mount_succeeded): add support for the space hack

	* conf/autofs/autofs_linux.h: lose the FS_MKMNT flags, add
	FS_ON_AUTOFS for supported filesystems

	* conf/autofs/autofs_linux.c (AUTOFS_MAX_VERSION): define to
	AUTOFS_MAX_PROTO_VERSION instead of hardcoding to 4
	(autofs_mounted): host mounts are now supported on all autofs
	versions, remove the hack to turn it off on v3
	(autofs_mount_fs): call mf->mount_fs(), create/remove mountpoints
	as needed
	(autofs_umount_fs): call mf->umount_fs(), remove mountpoints on
	(ALL): use '#if AUTOFS_MAX_VERSION >= 4' instead of
	'#ifdef autofs_ptype_expire_multi'

	* amd/map.c (mount_node): autofs_mount_fs() now calls
	mf->mount_fs() internally
	(unmount_node): autofs_umount_fs() now calls mf->umount_fs()

	* amd/autil.c (am_mounted): minor cleanup

	* amd/amfs_program.c (amfs_program_ops): added FS_MKMNT to

	* amd/amfs_generic.c (amfs_lookup_one_mntfs): use the FS_ON_AUTOFS
	flag instead of hardcoding filesystem types
	(amfs_bgmount): better mount_type logging

	* amd/amd.h (FS_ON_AUTOFS): new flag which tells the code that
	this filesystem can be mounted directly onto an autofs mountpoint

2003-07-31  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amd/amfs_nfsl.c (amfs_nfsl_umount): fix copy&paste error (was
	calling amfs_link_ops.umount_fs() for NFS filesystems)
	(amfs_nfsl_umounted): remove rmdirs() hack, it is now handled
	properly elsewhere
	(amfs_nfsl_ffserver): remove FS_MKMNT from mf_fsflags if we're
	using link (not NFS)

2003-07-31  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* README.autofs: Correct IRIX spelling.
	AutoFS support exists only on IRIX 6.
	Update IRIX 6 status.

	Allow AutoFS V1 support to compile on IRIX 6.
	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v1.c (autofs_mount_1_req): Add
	SVCXPRT * arg.
	Remove superfluous \n from dlog messages.
	(autofs_unmount_1_req): Likewise.
	Switch to get_exported_ap.
	(autofs_program_1): Invoke handlers with additional transp arg.
	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v1.h: Use autofs_args_t to define
	autofs_fh_t, struct auto_args doesn't exist on IRIX 6.

	* conf/mount/mount_irix6.c (mount_irix) [HAVE_FS_AUTOFS]: Support
	AutoFS mounts.
	[HAVE_FS_LOFS]: Likewise for lofs mounts.

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_irix6.h (AUTOFS_CONFTYPE): Define.
	Don't disable AutoFS support any more.

	* conf/transp/transp_sockets.c [HAVE_FS_AUTOFS && AUTOFS_PROG]
	(register_autofs_service): Define autofs_xprt.

	* m4/macros/check_autofs_style.m4 (AMU_CHECK_AUTOFS_STYLE): Update
	Solaris 8+ comment to mention AutoFS V4.
	(irix6*): Enable AutoFS V1 support on IRIX 6.

2003-07-30  Erez Zadok  <>

	* NEWS, doc/am-utils.texi, scripts/amd.conf.5: revised explanation
	of autofs_use_lofs.

2003-07-30  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* amd/ops_efs.c (efs_mount): Replace on_autofs arg with
	(efs_umount): Likewise.

2003-07-30  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/umount/umount_bsd44.c (umount_fs): convert to new way of
	unmounting which takes autofs into account.

2003-07-30  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* ALL: renamed MFF_AUTOFS to MFF_IS_AUTOFS; removed mf_real_mount
	hack; pass a new on_autofs argument to mount/umount function,
	based on the MFF_ON_AUTOFS mntfs flag

	* NEWS, README.autofs: updated

	* scripts/amd.conf.5: document new option autofs_use_lofs

	* scripts/amd.conf-sample (autofs_use_lofs): document new option

	* m4/macros/check_autofs_style.m4 (am_utils_link_files): symlink
	the autofs header as amu_autofs_prot.h instead of slurping it into

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (mount_fs): removed old stub, renamed
	mount_fs2 to mount_fs, added new argument on_autofs

	* doc/am-utils.texi (Direct Automount Filesystem): document
	problems with nfs direct mounts on modern kernels, document good
	autofs support for direct mounts on Solaris
	(autofs_use_lofs Parameter): document this new option
	(browsable_dirs Parameter): note that mount storms are avoided
	when using autofs

	* conf/umount/umount_bsd44.c (umount_fs): removed old stub,
	renamed umount_fs2 to umount_fs

	* conf/umount/umount_osf.c (umount_fs): removed old stub,
	renamed umount_fs2 to umount_fs, added new argument on_autofs

	* conf/umount/umount_default.c (umount_fs): ditto as above; return
	an error on ENOENT instead of faking success

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v2_v3.c (autofs_lookup_2_req): much
	simplified, now only consults the map for existance of the key and
	returns success if key is found
	(autofs_mount_2_req): request symlinks if CFM_AUTOFS_USE_LOFS is
	not on;
	(autofs_mount_2_free): implemented
	(autofs_unmount_2_req): use get_exported_ap() instead of
	referencing export_ap directly
	(autofs_mount_succeeded): remove code for replying to lookup
	requests, now only mount requests can end up here
	(autofs_mount_failed): ditto

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v1.h (AUTOFS_HOST_FS_FLAGS): removed

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v2_v3.h (AUTOFS_HOST_FS_FLAGS): removed

	* conf/autofs/autofs_linux.c (autofs_bind_umount): new function,
	factored out of autofs_umount_fs()
	(autofs_mount_fs): renamed from autofs_link_mount() and expanded
	to deal with filesystems mounted indirectly (via lofs/bind
	mounts) on autofs and to observe the new CFM_AUTOFS_USE_LOFS flag
	(autofs_umount_fs): ditto, from autofs_link_umount()

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v1.c (autofs_mount_fs): ditto
	* (autofs_umount_fs): ditto

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v2_v3.c (autofs_mount_fs): ditto
	* (autofs_umount_fs): ditto

	* amd/opts.c: made fs_static static

	* amd/ops_nfs.c: made nfs_init, nfs_match, nfs_mount, nfs_umount
	and nfs_umounted static
	(mount_nfs_fh): removed unnecessary arguments

	* amd/ops_cachefs.c (cachefs_ops): use amfs_generic_find_srvr for
	the ffserver method, because using NULL causes problems

	* amd/ops_cdfs.c (cdfs_ops): ditto

	* amd/ops_efs.c (efs_ops): ditto

	* amd/ops_lofs.c (lofs_ops): ditto

	* amd/ops_pcfs.c (pcfs_ops): ditto

	* amd/ops_ufs.c (ufs_ops): ditto

	* amd/ops_xfs.c (xfs_ops): ditto

	* amd/nfs_subr.c (fh_to_mp3, fh_to_mp, mp_to_fh): moved here from

	* amd/nfs_start.c: use get_exported_ap() instead of referencing
	exported_ap directly

	* amd/mntfs.c (locate_mntfs): new function, factored out of
	(locate_mntfs): special-case FS_DIRECT filesystems: for direct
	mounts we will have two filesystems mounted on the same m/p
	(realloc_mntfs): removed the old EZK hack for failovers

	* amd/map.c (get_exported_ap): new function that returns an
	exported_ap member by its index
	made static
	(fh_to_mp3, fh_to_mp, mp_to_fh): moved to nfs_subr.c
	(get_root_ap): removed unused second argument
	(unmount_mp): moved the mk_fattr(NFDIR) here from umount_exported
	to catch more cases
	(mount_node): call autofs_mount_fs after ops->mount_fs for autofs
	(unmount_node): call autofs_umount_fs before ops->umount_fs for
	autofs nodes

	* amd/conf.c: new global option "autofs_use_lofs", takes yes/no

	* amd/autil.c (amfs_mount): take an extra argument (mf)
	(amfs_mount): call autofs_compute_mount_flags() for mounts
	directly on autofs m/p
	(am_unmounted): document and avoid the race between am_umounted()
	at shutdown time and amfs_cont()

	* amd/amfs_union.c (amfs_union_mounted): use get_exported_ap()
	instead of referencing internal map variables directly

	* amd/amq_subr.c (amqproc_export_1_svc): ditto

	* amd/amfs_toplvl.c (amfs_toplvl_ops): removed FS_AUTOFS from
	(amfs_toplvl_mount): pass extra argument (mf) to amfs_mount()
	(amfs_toplvl_umount): refuse to attempt the unmount if the
	mountpoint is not a directory

	* amd/amfs_nfsx.c (amfs_nfsx_init): propagate the MFF_ON_AUTOFS
	flag into the nfs f/s at the bottom of the stack

	* amd/amfs_nfsl.c: call nfs and link member functions through
	their respective am_ops structures, not directly

	* amd/amfs_linkx.c (amfs_linkx_umount): new static stub

	* amd/amfs_link.c: made amfs_link_mount() and amfs_link_umount()
	static functions
	(amfs_link_mount): removed call to autofs_link_mount()
	(amfs_link_umount): removed call to autofs_link_umount()

	* amd/amfs_host.c (amfs_host_ops): removed FS_AUTOFS from
	(do_mount): removed superfluous function arguments

	* amd/amfs_direct.c (amfs_direct_ops): removed FS_AUTOFS from

	* amd/amfs_auto.c (amfs_auto_ops): removed FS_AUTOFS from
	(amfs_auto_mount): pass extra argument (mf) to amfs_mount

	* amd/amd.h (CFM_AUTOFS_USE_LOFS): new flag, tells amd whether to
	use lofs-mounts or symlinks when mounting on autofs
	(VLOOK_LOOKUP): new flag, will merely check if a key exists
	(MFF_IS_AUTOFS): renamed from MFF_AUTOFS
	(MFF_ON_AUTOFS): new flag, tells amd if a f/s is mounted directly
	on an autofs m/p, or indirectly via a lofs mount/symlink
	(fh_to_mp2): macro expanded throughout the code and removed
	(mntfs): removed mf_real_mount hack
	(autofs_mount_fs): renamed from autofs_link_mount
	(autofs_umount_fs): renamed from autofs_link_umount
	(mount_lofs): exposed
	various other cleanups, functions/variables made static and removed

	* removed @am_utils_autofs_style@, it is now
	included directly as amu_autofs_prot.h

2003-07-24  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi, scripts/amd.conf.5: document that
	use_tcpwrappers is "yes" by default.

	* amd/amd.c (init_global_options): set default global options.

	* amd/amd.h (CFM_DEFAULT_FLAGS): define default options which
	are always on (plock and use_tcpwrappers).

	* scripts/amd.conf-sample: reorganize values per option so default
	one is listed first.

2003-07-23  Erez Zadok  <>

	* tasks: trim old stuff.  Discuss new parser.

	* amd/conf.c (set_conf_kv): initialize the very first map in conf
	file from global defaults.  Bug fix which was introduced after
	conf.c code restructuring.

2003-07-18  Erez Zadok  <>

	* m4/macros/header_templates.m4: template for

	* include/am_defs.h: define extern for hosts_ctl() if needed.

	* (AMU_CHECK_EXTERNS): check for extern definition
	for libwrap's hosts_ctl() (FreeBSD 5.0 doesn't have it).

	* m4/macros/check_extern.m4: include tcpd.h if it and libwrap exist.

2003-07-18  Erez Zadok  <>

	* hlfsd/hlfsd.h: redundant extern for mboxfile removed.

	* amd/amq_svc.c (amq_program_1): only check for tcpwrappers if
	amd.conf global option use_tcpwrappers=yes.

	* scripts/amd.conf.5, scripts/amd.conf-sample (use_tcpwrappers),
	doc/am-utils.texi (use_tcpwrappers Parameter): document new
	amd.conf global option.

	* amd/conf.c (gopt_use_tcpwrappers): define a new amd.conf global
	option called use_tcpwrappers ("no" by default).

	* amd/amq_svc.c (amqsvc_is_client_allowed): include tcpd/libwrap
	code only if both libwrap and tcpd.h exist.
	(amq_program_1): log warning when an Amq service client is denied,
	and a debug message when a client is allowed.

	* amd/amd.h (CFM_USE_TCPWRAPPERS): define [global] amd.conf flag.
	(AMD_SERVICE_NAME): define AMD_SERVICE_NAME for tcpd/libwrap.

	* include/am_defs.h: include tcpd.h if available and libwrap

	* check for tcpd.h.

2003-07-18  Erez Zadok  <>

	* scripts/expn.1, amd/amd.8 amq/amq.8, fixmount/fixmount.8,
	hlfsd/hlfsd.8, scripts/expn.1: remove ".PD 0" nroff command
	because it removes useful spaces in between paragraphs.  Based on
	smaller patch from Philippe Troin <>.

2003-07-17  Philippe Troin  <>

	* amq/amq.8: Document the libwrap/amd behavior.

	* amd/amq_svc.c (libwrap_check_client): New function to validate
	an amq connection with libwrap.
	(amq_program_1): Call libwrap_check_client() and close the
	connection if libwrap does not allow it.

	* Check for the tcp wrappers library.

2003-07-17  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/amq_subr.c (amqproc_mnttree_1_svc, amqproc_stats_1_svc,
	amqproc_getmntfs_1_svc, xdr_amq_mount_tree), hlfsd/hlfsd.c
	(hlfsd_init): cast pointers to void* before casting them to
	another type, to avoid gcc-3.3 -Wall warnings.

	* fsinfo/*.[hc]: rename fsinfo function log() to fsi_log(), to
	avoid conflict with builtin function in gcc-3.3.

2003-07-17  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* scripts/amd.conf-sample: Remove obsolete comment.

2003-07-16  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/info_file.c (read_line): check for errors from fgets().
	Although rare, they can occur upon disk or network failures.
	Patch from Nick Williams <>.

2003-07-16  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* BUGS (Solaris 8): Update patch revisions, mention old autofs
	patches, fix filenames and rpcgen command.

2003-07-15  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi (map_defaults Parameter): document new
	map_defaults option.

	* scripts/amd.conf.5: document new map_defaults option.

	* scripts/amd.conf-sample (map_type): show examples of new
	map_defaults option.

	* amd/mapc.c (mapc_create): initialize mnt_map->cfm field to NULL.

	* amd/get_args.c (get_args): call process_all_regular_maps().

	* amd/conf.c: keep head and tail of cfm list.
	(init_cf_map): reworked reset_cf_map.  This one doesn't reset a
	globaly reused cfm, but rather just inherits [global] options.
	(set_conf_kv): just store global/map options without actually
	creating any mnt_map's.  Essentially, we now parse the whole
	amd.conf file, and then try to process the maps one at a time.
	(process_one_regular_map): new function to process one map, just
	renamed from process_regular_map.
	(process_all_regular_maps): new exported function to process all
	maps.  No need for hacky process_last_map().
	(find_cf_map): new exported function to return a cf_map_t given a
	map's mount point (e.g., /home or /net).

	* amd/amfs_generic.c (amfs_parse_defaults): find if amd.conf
	specificed a map_defaults for a given map.  If so, use that
	instead of the /defaults that came from the map itself.  Also
	restructure code a bit so it's not one huge long "if" statement.

	HACK ALERT: there's no easy way to find out what the map mount
	point is at this point, so I am forced to initialize the
	mnt_map->cfm field here for the first time, upon the very first
	search for a /defaults entry in this map.  This initialization is
	much better done in mapc_create(), but it's impossible to do that
	there with the current code structure.

	* amd/amd.h: struct cf_map becomes linked list.  struct mnt_map
	includes pointer to cf_map_t, amd.conf defaults and options for a
	given map. extern cleanups.

2003-07-15  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/info_hesiod.c (hesiod_search): It's not possible to have a
	key such as ".access" in a hesiod map as that would imply a null
	node in the DNS tree.  So a lookup for such a key must clearly
	fail.  With the current info_hesiod.c it does (after calling
	hes{,iod}_resolve) but returns an error that confuses some
	programs - eg. apache.  This patch shortcuts the process and just
	returns ENOENT for any key starting with ".".  Patch submitted by
	by Mark Davies <>.

	* include/am_utils.h (CALLOC): redefine macro to use xzalloc, not
	fsinfo's own xcalloc.

	* fsinfo/fsi_util.c (xcalloc): remove redundant function.

2003-07-14  Erez Zadok  <>

	* include/am_compat.h (MNTTAB_OPT_XLATECOOKIE): The NetBSD
	xlatecookie NFS option doesn't work as MNTTAB_OPT_XLATECOOKIE is
	never defined.  Define it as needed.  Patch from Mark Davies

2003-07-14  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* BUGS (Note): document the Solaris 8 bug (the upgrade to autofs
	v4 without updating all the header files)

2003-07-13  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* NEWS, tasks: updated

	* amd/amfs_generic.c (free_continuation): free _all_ mntfs's in
	the am_mfarray, unconditionally
	(amfs_bgmount): call free_mntfs when we're done with a mntfs, call
	dup_mntfs when starting processing of a new one; make sure we
	always go through 'goto failed' for a failed mntfs; use the error
	code returned by autofs_get_fh()

	* conf/autofs/autofs_linux.c (autofs_get_fh): return proper error
	codes in case of problems

2003-07-13  Erez Zadok  <>

	* BUGS: Document buggy behavior of Solaris /usr/ccs/bin/lex.  In
	short, use flex.

2003-07-13  Erez Zadok  <>

	* fsinfo/fsi_lex.l, amd/conf_tok.l: allocate more output slots so
	lex scanners don't run out of mem.

2003-07-13  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amd/amfs_generic.c (amfs_lookup_mntfs): ditto as below for the
	special provision

	* amd/mntfs.c (find_mntfs): compare the filesystem type
	(i.e. mf_ops) in addition to mf_info; the special provision
	mentioned below is really for any filesystem already mounted on
	our mount point, not just for inherited filesystems

2003-07-13  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/ (install-html): build per-chapter HTML manual,
	as well as manual in one big HTML file.

	* doc/am-utils.texi: Minor corrections.  Ack Ion's autofs work.
	Ack maintainers.  New section on How to get additionl info,
	including the Amd book.  Correct stale URLs and Emails.

	* amd/amd.8, amq/amq.8, amq/pawd.1, fixmount/fixmount.8,
	fsinfo/fsinfo.8, hlfsd/hlfsd.8, mk-amd-map/mk-amd-map.8,
	scripts/amd.conf.5, scripts/automount2amd.8,
	wire-test/wire-test.8: include references to info pages, proper
	authors, am-utils Web page, and amd book.

2003-07-13  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amd/mntfs.c (find_mntfs): re-add the check for mf_info, but with
	a special provision for inherited filesystems. This unbreaks the
	handling of parallel mounts

	* amd/amfs_generic.c (amfs_lookup_mntfs): for restarted
	filesystems, there can be no alternative mntfs to try to mount

2003-07-13  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/amd.8: reference am-utils info page in amd man page, as per
	Thomas Klausner <>.

	* fsinfo/fsinfo.h, fsinfo/fsinfo.c (fsi_get_args): don't use
	yywrap() if it doesn't exist.

	* amd/conf_parse.y, amd/conf_tok.l, fsinfo/fsi_gram.y,
	fsinfo/fsi_lex.l: fixes to support old flex 2.5.4, as well as the
	newer flex 2.5.31 (beta development).  These include resolving
	conflicts with yylineno, unput() vs. nounput(), etc.

2003-07-13  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amd/amfs_generic.c (amfs_cont): check for (am_error > 0) before
	calling assign_error_mntfs()
	(amfs_generic_mount_child): ditto

	* amd/autil.c (assign_error_mntfs): move the check for
	(am_error > 0) up into the caller, it's less confusing that way

	* tasks: some updates

	* conf/transp/transp_tli.c (check_pmap_up): new function which
	detects if the remote portmapper is functional
	(amu_clnt_create_best_version): removed
	(get_nfs_version): use a much simplified version of the old
	amu_clnt_create_best_version(), based on clnt_create_vers() and
	its _timed() counterpart

	* conf/transp/transp_sockets.c (check_pmap_up): new function which
	detects if the remote portmapper is functional
	(pmap_ping): deleted
	(get_nfs_version): removed calls to pmap_ping, already done by

	* amd/srvr_nfs.c: call check_pmap_up() before continuing with

	* amd/amfs_generic.c: updated a couple of log messages

	* detect clnt_create_vers and clnt_create_vers_timed;
	changed LIBTOOL versioning to 3:0:0

2003-07-12  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* conf/autofs/autofs_linux.h (AUTOFS_HOST_FS_FLAGS): removed
	FS_AUTOFS because the host mount cannot be a top level mount
	(AUTOFS_DIRECT_FS_FLAGS): removed FS_AUTOFS because Linux autofs
	doesn't support direct mounts

2003-07-12  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/conf_parse.y, amd/conf_tok.l: pretty comments on # cpp

2003-07-10  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* include/am_utils.h (dlog): improved version for gcc, using
	vararg macros

	* amd/rpc_fwd.c (fwd_packet): unused variable when compiling
	without debugging

2003-07-10  Erez Zadok  <>

	* include/am_utils.h (dlog): change the #define of non-debugging
	dlog to "nothing" so that all that'll be left behind is a list of
	args in parenthesis (arg,arg,...).  GCC and other native C
	compilers seem OK with it, even if it doesn't optimize away the
	whole debugging line.

	* was from libtool 1.4.2.  updated to libtool 1.4.3,
	the latest on RH9 systems (but is not the latest libtool
	available).  Stay with stable version in preparation for 6.1

	* config.{guess,sub}, doc/texinfo.tex: update to latest off of

2003-07-09  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/amfs_inherit.c (amfs_inherit_inherit): don't use // C++
	style comments: breaks non-C++ compilers (like AIX xlC 6)

2003-07-02  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi (opts Option): document ignore_portmapper option

	* conf/transp/transp_sockets.c (get_nfs_version): better
	protocol/version cycling while probing remote server; better log

	* amd/srvr_nfs.c (start_ping): improved log message
	(find_nfs_srvr): always use requested nfs_version/nfs_proto; make
	sure we have a valid NFS port; start the server as "valid, down" if
	the remote portmapper tells us the NFS service is not running;
	implement the "ignore_portmapper" pseudo-mount option

	* amd/rpc_fwd.c (fwd_packet): better debug messages

	* amd/ops_nfs.c (got_nfs_fh): log a messages if a root fh is
	denied; call wakeup even if mountd call fails

	* amd/amq_subr.c (xdr_amq_mount_info_qelem): use FSRV_ISUP/ISDOWN
	instead of checking the flags directly
	* amd/srvr_amfs_auto.c (free_srvr): ditto

	* amd/amfs_generic.c (amfs_bgmount): refined some error/debug

	* amd/amd.h (FSRV_ERROR): new macro
	(FSRV_ISDOWN, FSRV_ISUP): a server that doesn't exist (i.e. it's a
	local filesystem) is always up

2003-06-30  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/autil.c (am_mounted): set AMF_NOTIMEOUT if either unmount or
	umount options are present.

	* doc/am-utils.texi (Program Filesystem): document alias options
	to unmount:=, umount:=.

	* amd/opts.c (expansions): initialize opt_umount.
	(to_free): initialize opt_umount.

	* amd/amfs_program.c (amfs_program_match): ensure that only one of
	umount:= or unmount:= options are specified, but that at least one
	of them is listed.

	* amd/amd.h: support unmount:=XXX as well as umount:=XXX (too
	annoying in type:program, when one forgets the 'n' in "unmount").
	They are two separate fields, so we can catch mistakes when
	someone tries to define both options.

	* doc/am-utils.texi (Program Filesystem): explain that both mount
	and unmount options must be specified.  Correct example to show

2003-06-25  Erez Zadok  <>

	* XXX: beginning of new amd.conf option map_defaults: will parse
	the option and set remember it in the right places.  Need to
	document this and actually hook it up with the rest of the code.
	Any volunteers? :-)

	* scripts/amd.conf-sample (map_defaults): example of map_defaults
	amd.conf option.

	* amd/conf.c (reset_cf_map): initialize global and per-mount
	(gopt_map_defaults): parse global map_defaults.
	(process_regular_option,ropt_map_defaults): parse per-map
	map_defaults amd.conf option.

	* amd/amd.h: a place to store global and per-mount map_defaults.

	* BUGS: more notes about AIX 5.2 problems and how to overcome

2003-06-10  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/ force version.texi to be rebuilt regardless of
	maintainer mode.  Silly Automake will not build version.texi if
	maintainer mode is off (this is hardcoded into the automake perl
	script!).  According to the Automake maintainers, users should
	always build in CVS trees with maintainer-mode on; but what if I
	don't want to?!  I don't want to distribute Makefiles with
	maintained rules in them to users.  The Automake maintainers also
	say that "make dist" will rebuild version.texi no matter what.  I
	find that not to be the case.  It failed to run a "make" before
	"make dist" because version.texi doesn't exist!  Chicken and Egg
	situation.  So, until Automake deals with version.texi in a more
	flexible and friendly manner, I adapted a rule to build
	version.texi and inserted it in this

2003-06-09  Erez Zadok  <>

	* mk-amd-map/mk-amd-map.c (main): open temp db file using O_EXCL,
	next best thing to using mkstemp().  Patch from Hendrik Scholz

2003-05-08  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (compute_automounter_mount_flags): use
	MNT2_GEN_OPT_AUTOMNTFS if available; minor cleanup

	* m4/macros/header_templates.m4: added template for

2003-05-01  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amd/ops_xfs.c (mount_xfs): compile fix (s/genflags/flags/)

2003-04-23  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/transp/transp_sockets.c (create_amq_service): minor cpp
	directive indentation and commenting.

2003-04-22  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* conf/transp/transp_sockets.c (create_amq_service): Ugly *BSD fix
	for an RPC library DoS issue (original patch from Martin Blapp,
	massaged into something more digestable by me)

2003-04-14  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v2_v3.c: removed autofs_free_data(),
	left over from the recent cleanup

2003-04-13  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/ (DVIPS): use proper options for dvips.

	* doc/am-utils.texi (opts Option): document new 'unmount' option,
	and better explain the 'nounmount' option.  Also some misc options
	for better generation of html manual.

	* doc/ (install-html): support newer texi2html 4.0
	options, as older options were renamed or changed behavior.

	* amd/autil.c (am_mounted): support new 'unmount' option, to allow
	all file system mounts to timeout and thus expire.  This option is
	useful for removable local media such as CD-ROMs, USB drives,
	etc. so they can expire when not in use, and get unmounted (such
	drives can get work out when they keep spinning).  Patch from
	Christos Zoulas <> (originally from Koji

2003-04-10  Erez Zadok  <>

	* use AM_MAINTAINER_MODE, so maintainer-only rules
	do not get added to Makefiles by default (they are confusing to
	users who don't have autotools installed).

2003-04-09  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amd/mntfs.c (find_mntfs): revert the "change of philosophy" (see
	the 2001-05-23 entry) back to the 6.0 code

2003-04-04  Erez Zadok  <>

	* libamu/xutil.c (switch_to_logfile): don't try to print logfile
	if it is null (strlen core dump on solaris).  Bug report from John
	P. Rouillard <>.

2003-03-31  Erez Zadok  <>

	* fsinfo/fsinfo.8: typo co-ordinate -> coordinate.  Typo report
	from Perry E. Metzger" <>.

2003-03-25  Erez Zadok  <>

	* include/am_defs.h: Don't include malloc.h if stdlib.h exists,
	because modern systems (e.g., BSD) complain if you use malloc.h
	instead of stdlib.h.  Let's hope there are no systems out
	there that need both.

2003-03-20  Erez Zadok  <>

	* minor new port: sparc64-unknown-linux-suse7.3.

2003-03-20  Erez Zadok  <>

	* minor new port: i386-unknown-freebsd5.0.

	* detect nfsclient/nfsargs.h.

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_freebsd3.h: include
	<nfsclient/nfsargs.h>, needed in FreeBSD 5.0.

2003-03-15  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/amd.8, amd/amd.8, fixmount/fixmount.8, hlfsd/hlfsd.8,
	scripts/amd.conf.5, scripts/expn.1: minor spell checking and
	extraneous space elimination.

2003-03-07  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* conf/autofs/autofs_linux.c (autofs_get_fh): don't leak file
	descriptors if limit exceeded
	(autofs_mounted): call autofs_get_mp(); init am_autofs_ttl
	(autofs_release_fh): release pending_mounts and pending_umounts
	(autofs_timeout_mp): update am_autofs_ttl instead of am_ttl

	* amd/mntfs.c (init_mntfs): delete initialization of removed
	(uninit_mntfs): delete call to autofs_release_fh()

	* amd/map.c (init_map): init autofs_fh to 0, delete initialization
	of removed autofs_data
	(free_map): release autofs_fh after unmounting map; delete call to
	(umount_exported): call autofs_release_mp() prior to unmounting
	autofs f/s
	(unmount_mp): ditto
	(free_map_if_success): call autofs_get_mp() if unmounting fails
	(timeout_mp): use the dedicated am_autofs_ttl timeout for f/s-wide
	timeouts instead of the per-mountpoint am_ttl

	* amd/autil.c (am_unmounted): release autofs_fh after unmounting
	autofs f/s

	* amd/amfs_generic.c (amfs_cont): release autofs_fh if mounting
	autofs f/s fails;
	(amfs_bgmount): ditto

	* amd/amd.h: moved autofs_fh from mntfs to am_node, since it's
	more related to the mount point than to the f/s mounted;
	added am_autofs_ttl to am_node, for running expirations on entire

	* conf/autofs/autofs_*: autofs_get_fh() returns int instead of
	autofs_fh_t *; autofs_release_fh() now takes an am_node * parameter
	instead of autofs_fh_t *, in an effort to not deal with
	autofs-specific data structures outside autofs code;
	new methods autofs_get_mp() and autofs_release_mp(), which
	acquire/release autofs resources to allow clean unmount attempts;
	nuke autofs_data_t, never used

	* amd/amd.h: prototypes for new and changed autofs functions

2003-03-07  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amd/nfs_subr.c (do_readlink): eliminate third argument, never used
	(nfsproc_getattr_2_svc): reorganize the code a bit

	* amd/map.c (mk_fattr): take a nfsfattr * argument instead of an
	am_node * argument

	* amd/amd.h: changed prototype for mk_fattr()

	* amd/autil.c (am_unmounted): when remounting, use the parent
	node's lookup_child() and mount_child() operations, not the
	generic ones

	* amd/amfs_generic.c (amfs_cont): minor code optimization

2003-03-06  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amd/amfs_auto.c: lots of renames and code moving:
	amfs_auto_match() -> amfs_generic_match(), moved to generic;
	amfs_auto_mkcacheref() -> amfs_mkcacheref(), moved to autil.c;
	amfs_auto_mounted() -> amfs_generic_mounted(), moved to generic;
	amfs_auto_umount() -> amfs_generic_umount(), moved to generic;
	free_continuation(): moved to generic, made static;
	assign_error_mntfs(): moved to autil.c;
	amfs_auto_cont() -> amfs_cont(), moved to generic, made static;
	amfs_auto_retry() -> amfs_retry(), moved to generic, made static;
	try_mount() + mount_node() -> mount_node(), moved to map.c
	amfs_auto_bgmount() -> amfs_bgmount(), moved to generic;
	amfs_parse_defaults(): moved to generic;
	amfs_auto_lookup_node() -> amfs_lookup_node(), moved to generic;
	amfs_auto_lookup_one_mntfs() -> amfs_lookup_one_mntfs(), in generic;
	amfs_auto_lookup_mntfs() -> amfs_lookup_mntfs(), moved to generic;
	amfs_auto_mount_child() -> amfs_generic_mount_child(), in generic;
	amfs_auto_lookup_child() -> amfs_generic_lookup_child(), in generic;
	next_nonerror_node(): moved to autil.c;
	amfs_auto_readdir() -> amfs_generic_readdir(), moved to readdir;
	amfs_auto_readdir_browsable() -> amfs_readdir_browsable(), in readdir;

	* amd/amfs_toplvl.c: mount_amfs_toplvl() renamed to amfs_mount()
	and moved to autil.c

	* amd/readdir.c, amd/amfs_generic.c: new files with stuff ripped
	out of amd/amfs_auto.c

	* amd/amd.h: struct continuation moved to generic.c; prototypes
	for the renamed functions; NumChild renamed to NumChildren

	* amd/map.c: collaped unmount_node_wrap() and unmount_node() into
	the latter

	* amd/mapc.c: key_already_in_chain(): moved to readdir.c;
	make_entry_chain(): moved to readdir.c;

	* amd/srvr_amfs_auto.c: find_amfs_auto_srvr() renamed to

	* amd/amfs_*.c: adjustments for the renames above

	* amd/ops_*.c: low-level filesystems don't need a find_server()

	* amd/ added amfs_generic.c and readdir.c

	* doc/am-utils.texi: minor clarification for auto maps

2003-03-06  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amd/amd.h: moved lots and lots of amd-only stuff here, from
	include/am_utils.h; changed task_fun, cb_fun and fwd_fun typedefs
	to be function typedefs, not pointer to function typedefs

	* include/am_utils.h: see above

	* amd/ops_nfs.c, amd/rpc_fwd.c, amd/sched.c: adjustments for
	function typedef changes

2003-03-05  Erez Zadok  <>

	* BUGS: record IBM's patch number for the AIX 5.2 NFS over IPv6

2003-02-02  Erez Zadok  <>

	* NEWS: minor new port: ia64-unknown-linux-rh2.1AS

2003-01-31  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* m4/macros/os_cflags.m4: rhapsody and darwin are the same

	* amd/autil.c (mount_node): vastly simplified, just a wrapper now

	* amd/amfs_inherit.c (amfs_inherit_mount): remove the am_mounted()
	hack, we now do it properly in the generic code

	* amd/amfs_auto.c (amfs_auto_bgmount): get the autofs_fh _before_
	forking the child; set and reset MFF_MOUNTING here, not in
	mount_node(), because the latter might be running in child
	context; call am_mounted() after a successful foreground mount

2003-01-29  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* new flag --with[out]-ndbm; don't pull in libldap
	if building --without-ldap; look for the gdbm/ndbm.h header; make
	explicit the dependency between the ndbm headers and libraries;
	define NEW_DBM_H as the ndbm header that should be used

	* include/am_defs.h: simply include NEW_DBM_H for ndbm stuff,
	instead of trying to second-guess configure

	* m4/macros/header_templates.m4: new template for NEW_DBM_H

	* m4/macros/check_map_funcs.m4:
	(ac_upcase_map_name): use the third argument correctly

	* working version from libtool-1.4.2-7

	* buildall: print the entire configure command, including extra
	arguments; pass each of the extra arguments separately, not
	commingled into one

2003-01-28  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* include/am_utils.h (DEBUG_MNTTAB): define outside of #ifdef
	DEBUG; it is not used without DEBUG, but it is referenced at
	compile time. Bug report from John Kilburg <>.
	(D_ALL): don't include D_XDRTRACE, too verbose and normally

2003-01-28  Erez Zadok  <>

	*, config.guess, config.sub, doc/texinfo.tex: updates
	from latest official GNU versions.

2003-01-25  Erez Zadok  <>

	* BUGS (Note): document AIX-5.1 NFS-client side bug (hangs in

2003-01-25  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* Released beta version 6.1b2

2003-01-24  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amd/autil.c (am_unmounted): reset MFF_MKMNT from mf_flags when
	calling rmdirs() on mountpoint

	* amd/amfs_auto.c (amfs_auto_bgmount): ditto

	* amd/amfs_nfsl.c (amfs_nfsl_umounted): ditto

	* doc/am-utils.texi (opts Option): "sftlookup" -> "softlookup"

	* NEWS: "sftlookup" -> "softlookup"

	* amd/ops_nfs.c (nfs_mount): "sftlookup" -> "softlookup", also
	check for "nosoftlookup" in combination with "soft"

2003-01-23  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* m4/macros/check_nfs_fh_dref.m4: darwin/rhapsody is another
	freebsd22 derivative

	* NEWS: updated for Darwin changes

	* .cvsignore: added A.i386-apple-darwin6.0

	* m4/macros/os_cflags.m4: add -D_P1003_1B_VISIBLE to cflags for

2003-01-23  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/mount/mount_aix.c (mount_aix3): clean back this file from
	all the debugging cruft that is no longer needed (and really was
	never needed in the first place).

2003-01-10  Erez Zadok  <>

	* scripts/test-amd.{misc,conf}: simple amd.conf and amd.misc
	(map) files for testing basic amd functionality such as whether it
	can mount its own mount NFS points.

2002-12-28  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amd/srvr_nfs.c (start_nfs_pings): don't set FSF_PINGING if
	pings are disabled

	* libamu/xdr_func.c (xdr_ftype): use a local enum_t variable
	instead of casting the pointer to (enum_t *)
	(xdr_mountstat3): ditto
	(xdr_nfsstat): ditto

	* libamu/misc_rpc.c (make_rpc_packet): fix make_rpc_packet() on
	64-bit big-endian platforms, bug report from Bill Fenner

	* increase library patchlevel

	* libamu/xutil.c (amu_release_controlling_tty): close and reopen
	file descriptors 0,1,2 before calling setsid()

2002-12-27  Erez Zadok  <>

	* updated copyright year to 2003 on all files

2002-12-10  Erez Zadok  <ezk@localhost.localdomain>

	* rename "aux/" subdir into "m4/" so as to avoid problems with
	MS-DOS systems (where "AUX" is a reserved name).  This required
	fixing numerous files.

2002-12-10  Erez Zadok  <>

	* don't check for bad hasmntopt() function if
	hasmntopt() doesn't exist on the system, because we will replace
	it with our own version anyway.

	* conf/transp/transp_sockets.c (amu_get_myaddress): use "%lx" in
	dlog because htonl() returns a u_long.

2002-12-10  Erez Zadok  <ezk@localhost.localdomain>

	* include/am_defs.h: use system's hasmntopt() only if it is found
	and it is not buggy.

	* libamu/hasmntopt.c (nextmntopt): isspace() takes an int, not a

	* amd/am_ops.c, amd/amfs_auto.c, amd/autil.c, amd/nfs_subr.c,
	amd/ops_cdfs.c, amd/ops_nfs.c, amd/srvr_nfs.c, libamu/hasmntopt.c,
	libamu/mount_fs.c, libamu/mtab.c: rename all uses of hasmntopt()
	to amu_hasmntopt().  Don't use hasmntopt() directly any more!

	* aux/macros/func_bad_hasmntopt.m4: new M4 macro to test for a bad
	hasmntopt() function, which incorrectly finds the option "soft" in
	a string "hard,softlookup,ro".

	* libamu/hasmntopt.c (hasmntopt): use 'const' on two args to
	hasmntopt(), to match what most systems use.

	* aux/macros/header_templates.m4: template for HAVE_BAD_HASMNTOPT.

	* invoke test for bad hasmntopt()

	* NEWS: minor new port, i386-pc-linux-rh8.0.
	Mention autofs-v4 on solaris9 works.

	* bootstrap: remove any autom4te-*.cache directories, now that
	autoconf uses a version number for them.

2002-12-09  Ion Badulescu  <>

	Patches from Christos Zoulas:

	-1- am_utils.h: add full prototypes
	-2- amfs_auto.c make functions static and add prototypes
	-3- map.c: kill double free
	-5- transp_sockets.c: add full prototypes

2002-12-09  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* NEWS: updated

	* doc/am-utils.texi (opts Option): document sftlookup

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v2_v3.c: compile fixes

2002-11-22  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/info_ldap.c (amu_ldap_rebind): gopt.ldap_cache_seconds is
	%ld not %d.

2002-11-21  Erez Zadok  <>

	* {amd,fsinfo}/ remove special rules for processing
	yacc/lex files, now that autoconf/automake properly handle them
	better (esp. now that bison 1.75 behaves differently than older
	bison versions).

2002-11-21  Erez Zadok  <>

	* config.guess.long: updated script so it will properly find the
	version number of the new Itanium 2 machines running "Red Hat
	Linux Advanced Workstation release 2.1AW (Derry)".  The script now
	will report ia64-unknown-linux-rh2.1AW.

2002-11-20  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amfs_auto_bgmount(): almost complete rewrite

	* fixed amfs_inherit to do the right thing and not dereference
	freed mntfs'es

	* #if 0'ed bogus code in fh_to_mp3() -- it is now done properly in

	* release the autofs_fh only in one place

	* remove the mountpoint only if mf_refc == 1

	* print the mntfs type in free_mntfs()

	* new pseudo-mount option 'sftlookup' which causes lookups to
	mounted shares from downed servers to return EIO; the default
	depends on whether the mount is 'hard' or 'soft'

	* improved querying of supported NFS versions on the server --
	don't even try if it's known to be down

	* solaris autofs mount code moved to transp_{sockets,tli}.c

	* incipient (non-functional) AIX autofs support

2002-11-11  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi (Keep-alives): removed outdated info about not
	maintaining the state of TCP NFS servers

2002-11-04  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* include/am_utils.h: prototype for ops_search()

	* amd/am_ops.c (ops_search): new function for searching the right
	set of ops for a given filesystem type

	* amd/restart.c (restart): cleanup and split into two functions in
	preparation for handling the restart of amd's own mount points
	(restart_fake_mntfs): new function, factored out from restart()

2002-11-04  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amd/ops_cdfs.c (mount_cdfs): remove special code for loop device
	(cdfs_umount): ditto

	* conf/mount/mount_linux.c (mount_linux): factor it out to
	mount_linux_nfs() and mount_linux_nonfs()
	(mount_linux_nonfs): generalize loop device support to all
	filesystems (not just cdfs); make it automatic for anything that's
	a regular file
	(parse_opts): deprecate the explicit "loop" mount option
	(do_mount_linux): minor cleanup

	* conf/umount/umount_default.c (umount_fs2): release loop device
	on umount()

2002-11-03  Erez Zadok  <ezk@cnm20>

	* include/am_defs.h: moved #include of net/if.h above net/route.h,
	because on AIX 5.2 if.h is needed for route.h (let's hope it
	doesn't break things on other systems).

	* include/am_defs.h: AIX 5.2 needs struct sigevent from signal.h
	to be defined, but I don't want to move the inclusion of signal.h
	this early into this file.  Luckily, amd doesn't need the size of
	this structure in any other structure that it uses.  So we
	sidestep it for now.

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_aix5_2.h: AIX 5.2 wants 'struct pathcnf',
	but I couldn't find its definition anywhere.  Luckily, amd doesn't
	need the size of this structure in any other structure that it
	uses.  So we sidestep it for now.

2002-11-02  Erez Zadok  <>

	* config.guess, config.sub, doc/texinfo.tex: updates from
	the latest GNU distributions (2002-09-05).

2002-10-30  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_aix5_2.h: add more definitions from
	mount.h for NFSOPT_* and NFSMNT_*.
	Don't use typedefs that aren't found in system header files.

2002-10-30  Erez Zadok  <>

	* (EXTRA_DIST_CONF): distribute nfs_prot_aix5_2.h.

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_aix5_2.h: new file.

	* aux/macros/struct_nfs_args.m4 (ac_cv_have_struct_nfs_args): look
	for "struct aux52_nfs_args".

	* aux/macros/check_nfs_prot_headers.m4: define new header file for
	AIX 5.2.

2002-10-21  Erez Zadok  <>

	* scripts/amd.conf.5 (ldap_proto_version): document in amd.conf
	man page.

	* scripts/amd.conf-sample (ldap_proto_version): show example of use

	* doc/am-utils.texi (ldap_proto_version Parameter): document new
	amd.conf option.

	* amd/conf.c (gopt_ldap_proto_version): new conf function to
	support ldap_proto_version amd.conf parameter.

	* amd/amd.h: field to hold LDAP protocol version.

	* amd/amd.c (init_global_options): set default for
	ldap_proto_version.  ldap_proto_version patch from George Ross
	<> and Tim Colles <>.

	* amd/info_ldap.c (amu_ldap_unbind): ignore SIGPIPE errors while
	unbinding from an LDAP server that may have been restarted.  Fix
	from George Ross <>.

2002-09-17  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* remove all autoconf stuff added for sys_nerr

	* amq/amq.c, libamu/xutil.c, hlfsd/hlfsd.c: always use strerror

	* libamu/strerror.c: more explicit text for unknown errno's

2002-10-01  Erez Zadok  <>

	* include/am_defs.h: define "extern int sys_err" if needed.

	* aux/macros/header_templates.m4: template for

	* hlfsd/hlfsd.h, libamu/xutil.c (expand_error), amq/amq.c
	(show_mi): remove "extern int sys_err"

	* execute test for "extern int sys_err"

	* (EXTRA_DIST_AUX): distribute new extern_sys_err.m4 file.

	* aux/macros/extern_sys_nerr.m4: new test to check for existence
	of "extern int sys_nerr" definition in system headers.

2002-09-17  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* libamu/xutil.c (dbg_opt): bring comments in line with the code

	* hlfsd/hlfsd.c (main): use amuDebug() instead of touching
	debug_flags directly

	* amd/amd.c (main): don't init debug_flags, leave it as zero (no
	debugging by default)

2002-09-11  Ion Badulescu  <>

	Debug code sanitization:

	- amuDebug() becomes an expression, and explicit if() statements
	are added around it throughout the code
	- amuDebugNo() goes away (ugh!)
	- D_AMQ, D_DAEMON and D_FORK reverse their meaning
	- D_ALL contains only options that don't affect amd's functionality

2002-09-04  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amd/amfs_auto.c (free_continuation): avoid double-free'ing the
	mntfs if there was an error/timeout

2002-09-04  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amd/amfs_auto.c (amfs_auto_lookup_mntfs): use ereturn() instead
	of "return NULL" to signal an error to the upper layers
	(amfs_auto_mount): use strdup so the string can be free'd later on
	[Debian bug report from Matt Chapman <>]

2002-09-03  Ion Badulescu  <>

	Patches from George Ross <>:

	* amd/amfs_auto.c (assign_error_mntfs): do not discard old mntfs,
	it will be done in free_continuation(); assorted debugging messages

	* amd/srvr_nfs.c (nfs_timed_out): allocate a new XID on server
	timeout to avoid problems with late ping replies

	* amd/mntfs.c (free_mntfs): sanity check for mf_refc; assorted
	debugging messages

	* amd/map.c (unmount_node): more verbose debug message

2002-07-29  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amd/amfs_auto.c (amfs_auto_lookup_mntfs): prevent deferencing
	de-allocated memory in str3cat
	(amfs_auto_lookup_mntfs): check for buffer overflow

2002-07-11  Erez Zadok  <>

	* scripts/expn.{1,in}: fixed typos as reported by Thomas Klausner

2002-06-26  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/ (install-html): don't use locally hacked
	texi2html features.

	* conf/transp/transp_sockets.c (amu_get_myaddress): Most modern
	systems should use as the localhost address over which
	you can do NFS mounts.  In the past we found that some NFS clients
	may not allow mounts from localhost.  So we used get_myaddress()
	and that seemed to work.  Alas, on some other systems,
	get_myaddress() may return one of the interface addresses at
	random, and thus use a less efficient IP address than
	The solution is to hard-code, but still check if
	get_myaddress() returns a different value and warn about it.

	* doc/am-utils.texi: don't use ':' in @cindex entries.

2002-06-25  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* Released beta version 6.1b1

2002-06-24  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* aux/macros/struct_nfs_args.m4: added test for aix51_nfs_args

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_aix5_1.h: rename aix42_nfs_args to
	aix51_nfs_args, rename unknown fields to u<number>, add the
	unknown new field into the middle of the old 4.2 structure

2002-06-24  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* include/am_compat.h: better test for struct netconfig

	* aux/macros/check_nfs_prot_headers.m4: added new header for aix5.1+

	* buildall: fix 'buildall -b' on hpux9 and aix5.1

2002-06-24  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* INSTALL: updated

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v1.c (autofs_link_mount): compile fix
	(autofs_link_umount): ditto

	* amd/mntfs.c (init_mntfs): don't use autofs if !amd_use_autofs

2002-06-23  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* conf/autofs/autofs_linux.c: compile fixes for autofs v3

2002-06-23  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v2_v3.c (autofs_mounted): no
	expirations needed;
	(autofs_timeout_mp): likewise

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v1.c (autofs_mounted): no expirations
	(autofs_timeout_mp): likewise

	* conf/autofs/autofs_linux.c (autofs_mounted): set the first
	expiration interval

	* amd/autil.c (am_mounted): call autofs_mounted here, instead of
	in mf_mounted()

	* amd/amd.h (NEVER): moved here from map.c
	(autofs_mounted): change argument from mntfs* to am_node*

2002-06-23  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* conf/autofs/autofs_linux.c (autofs_mounted): set the kernel
	timeout on the autofs mountpoint to cache_duration (gopt.am_timeo)
	(autofs_timeout_mp): don't update the ttl if we're going down

	* amd/map.c (timeout_mp): don't call autofs_timeout_mp unless the
	timeout on that particular am_node has expired

	* conf/autofs/autofs_linux.c (autofs_timeout_mp): really update
	the ttl, as per the comment (compilers are not very good at
	translating comments into code...)

	* amd/amfs_auto.c (amfs_auto_lookup_one_mntfs): strdup am_path
	instead of opt_rfs into opt_fs for autofs, thus avoiding conflicts
	between link mounts pointing to the same target

2002-06-23  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* conf/autofs/autofs_linux.c (send_fail, send_ready): new helper
	functions for sending messages back to the kernel
	(autofs_expire_one): initial implementation of the kernel-based
	expiration handler
	(autofs_handle_expire): call autofs_expire_one()
	(autofs_handle_expire_multi): ditto
	(autofs_umount_succeeded): search pending_umounts, send message
	back to the kernel
	(autofs_umount_failed): ditto
	(autofs_mount_succeeded): tell amd core not to expire autofs entries
	(autofs_timeout_mp): expiration function for autofs filesystems
	(autofs_timeout_mp_task): helper function for autofs_timeout_mp

	* conf/autofs/autofs_linux.h: new struct autofs_pending_umount for
	keeping tracking of pending umounts
	(autofs_fh_t) rename pending to pending_mounts, add pending_umounts

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v1.c (autofs_timeout_mp): stub

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v2_v3.c (autofs_timeout_mp): stub

	* amd/map.c (timeout_mp): call autofs_timeout_mp() for autofs

	* amd/autil.c (mf_mounted): move here the call autofs_mounted()
	from amfs_auto_mounted().

2002-06-22  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/nfs_start.c (mount_automounter): Security fix.  if user sets
	-D noamq, don't even create listening socket.  Suggestion by Ed
	Ravin <>.

2002-06-22  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* hlfsd/homedir.c (homedir): use setgid() instead of setegid()

	* ALL: #ifdef cleanups, unify some TLI/socket function prototypes

2002-06-22  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_netbsd1_4.h: minor port to support
	na_gid and na_uid.  NetBSD patch from Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino

	* doc/am-utils.texi (Option): document xlatecookie mount option.

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (compute_nfs_args): support "xlatecookie"
	NFS mount option.  Patch from Matthias Scheler <>
	for NetBSD.

2002-06-22  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v1.h: add FS_MBACKGROUND to

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v1.c: convert link mounts to lofs
	mounts in autofs_link_mount/umount

2002-06-22  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* check for devid inside struct umntrequest

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v2_v3.c (xdr_umntrequest): handle the
	new umntrequest structure in v4.
	(autofs_unmount_2_req): ditto

	* README.autofs: updated for Solaris 2.5/2.5.1

2002-06-22  Erez Zadok  <>

	* only define LDAP/Hesiod if both the headers and
	the libraries exist, and the user didn't explicitly disable those

2002-06-22 Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi: fix typos.  Can't use ":" in @cindex entries.

2002-06-22  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi, scripts/amd.conf.5, scripts/amd.conf-sample,
	amd/amd.8, amd/get_args.c (get_args): document amd -A option.

	* amd/get_args.c (get_args): support "amd -A arg" option to
	override the system's detected architecture.  Patch from George
	Ross <>.

	* amd/info_ldap.c (amu_ldap_rebind): don't use ldap_enable_cache()
	if the system doesn't have it.

	* detect existence of ldap_enable_cache function,
	because it doesn't exist on Solaris 9's latest ldap libraries.

	* amd/info_ldap.c: LDAP patches from George Ross
	<>.  Rework of old code, support for wildcards in
	LDAP queries, and an FD leak fix.

2002-06-22  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* buildall: use ksh for configure on aix5.1; pass the extra
	arguments after "--" to configure, not to make

	* added nfs_prot_aix4_3.h to EXTRA_DIST_CONF

	* conf/mount/mount_aix.c (mount_aix3): if the NFSv3 mount fails
	with EINVAL and we have MOUNT_TYPE_NFS3_BIS defined, retry the
	mount with the alternative nfs3_args structure

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_aix4_3.h: added alternative nfs3_args
	structure, similar to that in aix5.1, for a hack that tries to
	compensate for IBM's brain fart

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_aix5_1.h: new nfs_prot header for aix5.1+

	* aux/macros/check_nfs_prot_headers.m4: added new header for aix5.1+

	* BUGS: update for direct mounts on Linux; document the brokenness
	of /bin/sh on AIX 5.1 and HP-UX 9

	* NEWS: aix5.1 port, aix4.3 workaround

2002-06-22 Erez Zadok <>

	* use libtool 1.4d, needed support for newer AIX.

2002-06-21  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* aux/macros/check_autofs_style.m4: enable autofs_v2_v3 for
	all solaris2.6+, not just for 2.[6-8]

	* conf/autofs/autofs_default.h: disable autofs if configure
	detects it

2002-06-21  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/macros/with_addon.m4: correct M4 quoting.

	* aux/macros/cache_check_dynamic.m4: correct M4 quoting.

	* bootstrap: show version of autotools being used.  Helps
	maintainer debugging.

	* new proper syntax for libtool and
	ansi2knr-filtering rules, required by autoconf 1.53 and higher.

2002-06-21  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/GNUmakefile: new search paths for "update" target.

	* config.guess, config.sub, doc/texinfo.tex, ltmain: updates from
	the latest GNU distributions.

2002-06-11  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amd/amfs_auto.c (amfs_auto_lookup_child): split part of this
	function into the new amfs_auto_lookup_one_child function; return
	null if all ivecs failed to match

2002-05-30  Erez Zadok  <>

	* config.guess.long: support SuSE version names in long
	config.guess format.

2002-05-01  Erez Zadok  <>

	* scripts/ (vrfy_user): unlink temp files if too

2002-04-07  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* hlfsd/hlfsd.c (main): compile fix for --enable-debug=no

2002-03-29  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* README.autofs: solaris 2.5/2.5.1 info, other minor changes

	* doc/am-utils.texi (History): document solaris 2.5+ support

	* include/am_utils.h: new member in struct mntfs: mfs_real_mount;
	autofs_fs_flags becomes conditional of HAVE_AUTOFS_FS; new
	prototype for umount_fs2(); extra argument for UMOUNT_FS()

	* hlfsd/hlfsd.c: use the new mount_fs2() and UMOUNT_FS()

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (mount_fs): wrapper around the new mount_fs2()
	function; swap mntdir and real_mntdir as necessary for solaris 2.5
	autofs support

	* conf/umount/umount_default.c (umount_fs2): swap mntdir and
	real_mntdir as necessary for solaris 2.5 autofs support

	* conf/umount/umount_*.c (umount_fs): wrapper around the new
	umount_fs2() function
	(umount_fs2): new function which takes the real mountpoint as an
	extra argument

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_sunos5_5.h: allow autofs support to be
	compiled in

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v1.h (autofs_strdup_space_hack): new
	function that appends a space at the end of a string (the famous
	"Autofs Space Protocol")

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v1.c: almost complete reimplementation

	* conf/autofs/autofs_*.h (AUTOFS_*_FS_FLAGS): add
	system-specific definitions for these macros

	* conf/autofs/autofs_linux.c (create_autofs_service): remove hacks
	which are now handled properly by more generic code
	(autofs_link_umount): complain if umount_fs() fails, rmdir the
	mountpoint on success
	(autofs_umount_succeeded): remove the rmdirs() code, now handled
	by generic code
	(autofs_mount_succeeded): ditto

	* amd/nfs_start.c (checkup): implement it as an emtpy stub if
	DEBUG is not defined
	(run_rpc): call autofs_add_fdset() after umount_exported() to
	avoid passing invalid file descriptors to select(); use plog()
	instead of perror()

	* amd/mntfs.c (init_mntfs): initialize mf_real_mount from mp
	(uninit_mntfs): free mf_real_mount

	* amd/autil.c (am_unmounted): don't remove the mount point if a
	remount is pending, also don't make the removal conditional on not
	being an autofs mount point

	* amd/amfs_nfsx.c (amfs_nfsx_remount): call mkdirs() on
	mf->mf_real_mount instead of mf->mf_mount

	* amd/amfs_nfsl.c, amd/amfs_nfsx.c: (amfs_nfsl_umounted): call
	rmdirs() on mf->mf_real_mount instead of mf->mf_mount

	* amd/amfs_host.c (make_mntpt): change the third argument to be
	the mountpoint, not the entire mntfs structure
	(do_mount): takes real_mntdir as an extra argument

	* amd/amfs_auto.c (amfs_auto_bgmount): move the creation of the
	mountpoint here from try_mount(), otherwise the change to mf_flags
	is lost for background mounts; remove the mountpoint if we created
	it and the mount fails
	(amfs_auto_lookup_mntfs): re-initialize mf->mf_real_mount using
	autofs_strdup_space_hack() if NEED_AUTOFS_SPACE_HACK is defined

	* amfs_*.c, ops_*.c: initialize autofs_fs_flags using the
	AUTOFS_*_FS_FLAGS macro defined in the system-specific autofs
	header; UMOUNT_FS() takes mf->mf_real_mount as an extra argument;
	mount_fs() becomes mount_fs2() and takes mf->mf_real_mount as an
	extra argument

	* amd/amd.h, amd/ops_nfs.c, amd/amfs_host.c: mount_nfs_fh takes
	the real mountpoint as an additional argument

2002-03-28  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/ops_cdfs.c (mount_cdfs): correctly interpret error return
	values back from mount_fs().  Return correct error number from
	this function.

	* conf/mount/mount_linux.c (do_mount_linux): cleanup loop mount
	cruft from this function, moved elsewhere.
	(mount_linux): prepare for loop-device mounts of ISO images.

2002-03-28  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* libamu/ (EXTRA_DIST): added strerror.c

	* libamu/strerror.c: strerror() implementation for systems lacking it

	* doc/am-utils.texi (History): rewrote the history :) about autofs

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v2_v3.c: updated copyright;
	(autofs_unmount_2_req): minor cleanup
	(create_autofs_service): print log message
	(destroy_autofs_service): ditto

	* conf/autofs/autofs_linux.c: updated copyright

	* amd/nfs_start.c (mount_automounter): move the debug message into

	* amd/amd.c (main): call destroy_autofs_service() before
	going_down(), not after

	* added strerror to AC_CHECK_FUNCS(); disable ldap
	if the ldap headers are not found

2002-03-28  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/info_ldap.c: patch from "Sebastien Bahloul"
	<> to fix a simple initialization bug
	and change "HE" to HE_ENT so as to compile on HPUX.

2002-02-26  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_freebsd3.h (na_uid): freebsd4.5 uses nfs
	atttributes field named "uid".  So #define na_uid to it.

2002-02-12  Erez Zadok  <>

	* scripts/ don't verify user if -noverify option
	was turned on.  fix comment typo.

2002-02-11  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/ (TESTS): enable one test script,

	* amd/ re-commit simple test script.

2002-02-11  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* Released snapshot 6.1a5

	* NEWS: Solaris autofs readdir() support, Linux autofs sublink fix

	* README: require newer auto-tools, update mailing list address

	* README.autofs: major update

	* version changed to 6.1a5

2002-02-11  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* conf/autofs/autofs_linux.c (autofs_link_mount): don't do a
	stat() on the am_link if called from the parent amd, to prevent

	* amd/autil.c (am_unmounted): call amfs_link_ops.umount_fs if the
	fstype is not link but we have a sublink (Linux autofs needs this)
	(am_mounted): call amfs_link_ops.mount_fs if the fstype is not
	link but we have a sublink (Linux autofs needs this)

	* amd/amfs_auto.c (amfs_auto_bgmount): print the real mountpoint,
	not the amd entry point

2002-02-09  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v2_v3.c (amd_rddirres): new custom
	structure for returning the results from readdir_2()
	(xdr_amd_putrddirres): renamed from xdr_autofs_putrddirres,
	changed to process our internal format (which is essentially the
	NFS readdir format)
	(xdr_autofs_getrddirres): not needed, deleted
	(xdr_amd_rddirres): renamed from xdr_autofs_rddirres, other
	changes to handle amd_rddirres instead of autofs_rddirres
	(autofs_lookup_2_req): return AUTOFS_NONE instead of
	AUTOFS_MOUNT_RQ, to prevent mount storms during ls -F
	(autofs_readdir_2_req): implemented
	(autofs_readdir_2_free): not needed, deleted
	(autofs_program_2): changes from autofs_rddirres to amd_rddirres
	(autofs_get_fh): changed initialization of the fh->map member, it
	now gets the mountpoint path because it makes it easier to
	implement readdir
	(autofs_release_fh): put #ifdef HAVE_AUTOFS_ARGS_T_ADDR around
	code touching fh->addr
	(destroy_autofs_service): new function, deregister the autofs
	service with the portmapper on exit

	* conf/autofs/autofs_linux.c (autofs_handle_missing): update
	(destroy_autofs_service): new stub

	* amd/mapc.c (mapc_find): fixed indentation

	* amd/map.c (find_ap_recursive): renamed from find_ap2(), made

	* amd/amd.h: removed prototype for find_ap2(), added prototype for

	* amd/amd.c (main): call destroy_autofs_service() before going

2002-02-07  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/macros/check_field.m4: need also a new version of

2002-02-06  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/macros/check_field.m4: include a fixed version of
	AC_CHECK_MEMBER.  g/cc will fail to check a member if the .member
	is itself a data structure, because you cannot compare, in C, a
	data structure against NULL; you can compare a native data type
	(int, char) or a pointer.  Solution: do what I did in my original
	member checking macro: try to take the address of the member.  You
	can always take the address of anything.

2002-01-31  Erez Zadok  <ezk@localhost.localdomain>

	* remove old '%W%' SCCS IDs from all sources.

2002-01-21  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* conf/mount/mount_linux.c (mount_linux): fix breakage introduced
	by the loop device mount support. Linux mount takes a real string
	as the last argument, unless the mount type is NFS, NCP, or SMB.

2002-01-20  Erez Zadok  <ezk@localhost.localdomain>

	* hlfsd/hlfsd.h (HLFSD_VERSION): up version of hlfsd to 1.2,
	because we made some important changes.

2002-01-20  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* include/am_utils.h (D_ALL): do not include D_MTAB and D_HRTIME
	by default

	* NEWS: document latest changes

	* amd/map.c (unmount_mp): same fix as for hlfsd, update the
	seconds field in mtime because Linux ignores the useconds field

	* hlfsd/homedir.c: made some global vars static
	(plt_init): remove all trailing '/' chars from root's home;
	use root's home, not the username (silly bugfix)

2002-01-20  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* hlfsd/homedir.c (homedir): don't special case uid 0 as having /
	as home; instead use the root account's home
	(plt_init): properly initialize root_home from the root account's
	home directory, or as "" if root doesn't exist
	(plt_reset): free root_home

2002-01-20  Erez Zadok  <ezk@localhost.localdomain>

	* hlfsd/stubs.c (nfsproc_{lookup,getattr}_2_svc): non-SYMTTL code.
	Increment seconds, not microseconds (which are ignored by NFS).
	Set symlink owner to euid.

	* hlfsd/homedir.c (homedir): pass gid to this function, so we can
	also change the effective GID of the process writing to the user's
	home dir, as well as the group of the hlfsd symlink.
	(homedir): run setegid in the right places.

2002-01-15  Erez Zadok  <>

	* scripts/ refer to @sbindir@ not

	* scripts/ctl-{amd,hlfsd}.in: refer to @sysconfdir@ not
	${prefix}/etc.  Bug report from "A Braunsdorf"

2002-01-13  Erez Zadok  <ezk@localhost.localdomain>

	* only check for clock_gettime if --enable-debug was

	* aux/macros/opt_debug.m4: define a cache variable to record value
	of debug option used.

	* libamu/xutil.c (show_time_host_and_name): do not use
	clock_gettime unless debugging was compiled in.  This way, if
	debugging is not compiled, we don't bother linking with librt,
	libpthread, and a whole lot of other libraries that aren't that
	necessary (esp. on Linux).

2002-01-12  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi (opts Option): document loop option.

	* include/am_utils.h: each mounted file system (mntfs) should
	optionally store the loop device used in the field mf_loopdev.

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_linux.h: define HAVE_LOOP_DEVICE and some
	loop function extern definitions.  For now this code is here
	because we only support loop devices on Linux.

	* conf/mount/mount_linux.c: recognize "loop" as a valid iso9660
	mount option.
	(parse_opts): when skipping over unknown mount options, skip over
	"loop" (since it was given in amd map entry), but not over
	loop=/dev/loopX, because the latter will go into /etc/mtab.
	(do_mount_linux): override actual cdfs mounted  device name
	because with loop devices you don't mount the .iso file directly,
	but the /dev/loopX device that was setup for it.
	(show_loop, is_loop_device, find_unused_loop_device,
	setup_loop_device, delete_loop_device): support code for loop

	* amd/ops_cdfs.c (mount_cdfs): pass loop device name to function.
	setup loop device before isofs mount, if "loop" option was given,
	before actual mount(2).
	(cdfs_mount): pass loopdev name to mount_cdfs().
	(cdfs_umount): delete/unset loop device after a successful
	unmount, if a loop device was used.

	* amd/mntfs.c (init_mntfs): initialize mf_loopdev to NULL.

	* include/am_compat.h: If loop device (header file) exists, define
	mount table option MNTTTAB_OPT_LOOP.

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_linux.h: hack: define HAVE_LOOP_DEVICE
	here until we have a better way to detect /dev/loop devices.

	* include/am_defs.h: include <linux/loop.h> if it exists.  Define
	LARGEFILE support macros, possibly needed for loop devices.
	Redefine dev_t apropriately for loop devices.

	* check for <linux/loop.h>.

2002-01-10  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* conf/mount/mount_linux.c (mount_linux): tcp _must_ have a timeo
	parameter 2 orders of magnitude larger than udp (patch from Trond

2002-01-09  Erez Zadok  <ezk@localhost.localdomain>

	* aux/macros/linux_headers.m4: properly [quote] a long string in
	m4 and use AC_MSG_WARN.

	* ALL: put /* comments */ on #else/#endif lines everywhere.

	*, aux/macros/with_addon.m4: due to limitation of
	AC_HELP_STRING, pass 2nd arg to AMU_WITH_ADDON, listing name of
	package for help string.

	* doc/am-utils.texi (FSinfo): fixed various texinfo errors in the
	FSinfo section of the manual.
	(map_reload_interval Parameter): document new amd.conf global

	* scripts/amd.conf.5 document new global option
	map_reload_interval.  Sort entries for nfs_vers and nfs_proto

	* amd/nfs_start.c (do_select): increment do_mapc_reload's value by
	global map_reload_interval value, not by fixed ONE_HOUR.

	* amd/amd.c (main): increment do_mapc_reload's value by global
	map_reload_interval value, not by fixed ONE_HOUR.

	* scripts/amd.conf-sample (map_reload_interval): usage example

	* amd/amd.c (init_global_options): initialize map_reload_interval
	to 3600 seconds.

	* amd/conf.c (gopt_map_reload_interval): support a new global
	amd.conf option map_reload_interval, to determine how often (in
	seconds) Amd should check if the map source has changed and then
	reload it it.  This value was hard-coded to one hour, now it's the
	default if not otherwise specified.

	* doc/am-utils.texi (plock Parameter): document plock=yes option
	as using mlockall(2) if found.

	* scripts/amd.conf.5: document -S option as using mlockall(2) if

	* include/am_defs.h: include <sys/mman.h> if it exists.

	* check for mlockall() function.  Check for

	* amd/amd.c (main): support mlockall() on systems that have it and
	don't have plock(3) for plock=yes.  On systems that have both,
	will try plock() first and then mlockall(), until one of them (if
	any) succeeds.

2002-01-09  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/macros/opt_debug.m4, opt_cppflags.m4, opt_amu_cflags.m4,
	with_addon.m4 (ac_upcase): fix help string formatting using

	* amd/ simple test script for "make check".  Runs "amd

	* amd/ (TESTS): add one simple test script, running
	"amd -v" and checking its return value.  More tests can be added.

	* aux/macros/linux_headers.m4: use AC_MSG_WARN directly.

	* aux/macros/*.m4: avoid the cumbersome "changequote" M4 command.
	Instead, list bracketed regexp patterns in [[double brackets]].

	* aux/macros/header_templates.m4: remove all unnecessary
	HAVE_FIELD_* definitions, now that we're using autoconf's new

	* aux/macros/field_mntent_t_mnt_time_string.m4: don't call

	* use new syntax for AMU_CHECK_FIELD

	* aux/macros/check_field.m4: use new and simpler macro
	AC_CHECK_MEMBERS.  Change all sources to use HAVE_aggregate.member
	instead of HAVE_FIELD_aggregate.member.

	* aux/amdgrep: simple utility script to egrep the am-utils sources
	for any pattern.

	* aux/macros/{check_mnttab_style.m4, check_mount_style.m4,
	check_umount_style.m4, check_network_transport_type.m4}: use newer
	AC_LIBOBJ macros instead of modifying $LIBOBJS directly

	* aux/macros/func_bad_memcmp.m4: redefine to use native
	AC_FUNC_MEMCMP, and then define HAVE_BAD_MEMCMP as needed.

	* fsinfo/fsi_gram.y, amd/conf_parse.y: indent #pragma command so
	pre-ANSI C compilers will ignore it.

	* conf/autofs/autofs_linux.c (autofs_link_mount): call s/getpgrp()
	correctly depending on whether it takes a void or a 0.

	* check if s/getpgrp() takes void or a 0.

2002-01-08  Erez Zadok  <>

	* use the newer AC_CONFIG_LINKS instead of

	* aux/macros/check_autofs_style.m4, check_checkmount_style.m4,
	check_mnttab_style.m4, check_mount_style.m4,
	check_network_transport_type.m4, check_umount_style.m4,
	check_nfs_prot_headers.m4: removed backward compatible code for

2002-01-07  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/ define @SET_MAKE@ for AC_PROG_MAKE_SET macro, since
	this Makefile could explicitly chdir to other directories and run
	make there.
	(install-ps): use ${MAKE} with ${MFLAGS}.

	* (EXTRA_DIST_AUX): distribute new package_*.m4 files.
	Define @SET_MAKE@ for AC_PROG_MAKE_SET macro, since this Makefile
	could explicitly chdir to other directories and run make there.
	(install-snapshot): use ${MAKE} ${MFLAGS}, not hardcoded "make".

	* call AC_PROG_MAKE_SET to check if make program
	defines $MAKE variable.

	* amd/get_args.c (get_version_string): use new PACKAGE_* macros
	and also report the bug-reporting address.

	* aux/macros/package_{name,version}.m4, header_templates.m4: using

	* aux/macros/name_bugreport.m4: simple macro to print out the
	bug-reporting address which was configured in AC_INIT.

	* bootstrap: remove new autoconf messages about misuse of
	m4_patsubst and m4_regexp (internal GNU M4 macros).

	* remove old comment above AC_OUTPUT.
	Use AC_CONFIG_FILES and AC_OUTPUT separately.
	Use new style for AC_INIT, listing package name, version, and
	bug-reporting address.
	Call new AMU_PACKAGE_* macros.

	* updated copyright year to 2002 on all files

	* using newly renamed am-utils macros (AMU_*)

	* aux/macros/*.m4: renamed ALL am-utils specific macros so they
	start with AMU_*, not AC_*.  That way it is easier to distinguish
	between macros that come with am-utils and those that are part of
	Autoconf or Automake.  It helps to identify those am-utils macros
	that can be removed once there is generic support for them in a
	future version of Autoconf.

	* bootstrap: run automake --copy
	remove autom4te.cache dir before rerunning autoconf

2001-12-13  Erez Zadok  <>

	* scripts/amd.conf.5: correct title to section 5, not 8.  Correct
	reversed meaning of nfs_proto and nfs_vers parameters.  Typos
	reported by Peter Breitenlohner <>.

2001-12-02  Erez Zadok  <>

	* scripts/ run "test" or "[" in front of -x/-f

	* scripts/ run "test" or "[" in front of -x/-f

2001-12-02  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* hlfsd/homedir.c (plt_print): fix typo (s/plot/plog/) in
	non-mkstemp code

	* scripts/ touch/remove /var/lock/subsys/amd to make RH

	* scripts/ ditto (for hlfsd)

	* conf/mtab/mtab_file.c (rewrite_mtab): fchmod(644) the file we
	get from mkstemp(), otherwise samba becomes very unhappy (sigsegv)

	* conf/mtab/mtab_mach3.c (rewrite_mtab): ditto

2001-11-29  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* tasks: updated

	* NEWS: document the fixed autofs fd leak

	* amq/amq.8: better document the -f option

2001-11-29  Erez Zadok  <>

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (mnt_flags): same this as for nolock option
	handling, do for maxgrps.

2001-11-29  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* conf/autofs/autofs_linux.c (hash_init): determine the max number
	of fd's at runtime, use it to dynamically scale the hash and list
	(autofs_get_fh): sanity check, don't allow a pipe() fd greater
	than autofs_max_fds
	(autofs_release_fh): close our end of the pipe here (no clue why
	or when it got commented out)
	(autofs_mounted): set kernelfd to -1 after closing it

2001-11-28  Philippe Troin  <>

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (mnt_flags): Drop nolock from generic mount
	(compute_nfs_args): Added nolock handling.
	Adapted from an original patch from Avery Pennarun <>.

2001-11-27  Erez Zadok  <>

	* ported to ia64-hp-hpux11.20 using HP's ANSI/C compiler.
	Couldn't use bison/flex because of 32-bit vs. 64-bit binaries
	issues.  Had to use HP's own yacc/lex.

2001-11-26  Erez Zadok  <>

	* */ don't use $(OBJECTS) directly because it is no
	longer automatically defined now that Automake has automatic
	dependency tracking (which I turn off).  Instead, hard-code
	minimal dependencies on am-utils' header files to depend on
	PROG_OBJECTS (where PROG is the program name being built).  This
	was discovered by using HP's non-GNU make program.

	* amd/nfs_start.c (checkup): cast getpagesize() return val to
	long, to avoid conflicts in division of a long by an int (on
	hpux11i, with their ANSI/C compiler).

 	* INSTALL, doc/am-utils.texi: port updates

	* minor new ports: ia64-hp-hpux11.20, i386-unknown-freebsd5.0,
	i386-unknown-freebsd4.4, i386-pc-linux-rh7.2,

	* include/am_defs.h: actually declare extern definition for
	xdr_callmsg() if it doesn't already exist.

	* aux/macros/header_templates.m4: declare template for

	* check for extern definition for xdr_callmsg()
	because hpux11 has that function but a bad <rpc/xdr.h> header file
	that doesn't define it in the right place.

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (print_nfs_args): cast ->rdev to u_long b/c
	on hpux11 its type is dev_t.

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_hpux11.h: don't support autofs on hpux11

2001-11-16  Erez Zadok  <>

	* buildall (Usage): separate $cnf_flags and $extra_cnf_flags due
	to /bin/sh limitations.

	* bootstrap (cmd): turn back on --ignore-deps (this Automake may
	have problems)

	* libamu/xutil.c: remove __attribute__ format_arg statement for
	expand_error() because this function, although taking a
	printf-like string, does not use it in a printf function; it only
	expands a non-printf amd-special syntax %m.

2001-11-14  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_linux.h: define KERNEL_VERSION macro
	before using it because older Linux systems don't define this
	(e.g., Red Hat 4.2)

2001-11-13  Erez Zadok  <>

	* convert to using autoconfig 2.52.  Use new macros.
	AC_MSG_NOTICE for messages; AH_TOP and AH_BOTTOM to top and bottom
	parts of autogenerated; increase autoconf
	pre-requisite to version 2.50; use AC_DISABLE_SHARED not

	* aux/macros/cache_check_dynamic.m4: finally I can use the new
	$ECHO_N syntax in macros instead of $ac_n, since I'm using a new
	autoconf.  Isn't it nice to be such forward looking and having
	placed a comment "XXX: use the next line for autoconf-2.14 and
	newer"... :-)

	* aux/macros/save_state.m4: highlight message with ***'s

	* aux/macros/host_macros.m4: use proper M4 quoting ([], not "")

	* config.{guess,sub}: upated from latest prep ftp distributions

	* depcomp, missing, mkinstalldirs: upated from latest Automake 1.5

	* updated from latest Libtool 1.4.2

	* bootstrap: finally, new autoconf doesn't print silly "AC_TRY_RUN
	called without default to allow cross compiling" warnings.  And,
	it only took like 3+ years to fix this.  But, now it has anoter,
	albeit less annoying warning (which the manual says to ignore):
	"AC_PROG_LEX invoked multiple times".
	When autoheader is run, don't treat the "all clear" message
	" is update" as an error.

	* ltconfig: removed. not needed with latest version of libtool

	* aux/macros/header_templates.m4: replaces acconfig.h and defines
	all CPP macros we use in this package, including their
	accompanying C /* comments */.

	* acconfig.h: removed. replaced by new autoconf system to generate
	header templates using AH_TEMPLATE macros and such.

	* aux/macros/msg.m4: removed.  Replaced with new macro

	* (EXTRA_DIST_AUX): remove aux/macros/msg.m4.  Add

	* early, in host_macros.m4, I'm renaming silly linux
	$host_os names such as linux-gnu and lignux to plain "linux".
	Alas, RMS finally had his way and libtool will NOT recognize
	"linux" as a valid system, only "linux-gnu".  Sigh.  Rich, I know
	you're responsible to Linux's fame.  Kudos to you and your
	cohorts.  But please don't force the rest of us to use those ugly
	or long names.  Solution: temporarily name $host_os to "linux-gnu"
	before calling the AC_PROG_LIBTOOL macro, then name it back to
	"linux".  (That way I don't have to maintain my own version of

	* buildall: force running configure -C (to create and use a local
	config.cache file).  New default behavior for autoconf is NOT to
	use cache files.  Yeah, that's gonna fly real well with am-utils,
	with its 700+ automatic tests.

	* conf/mtab/mtab_mach3.c (rewrite_mtab): use mkstemp instead of
	mktemp, if the former is available.

	* conf/mtab/mtab_file.c (rewrite_mtab): use mkstemp instead of
	mktemp, if the former is available.

	* mk-amd-map/mk-amd-map.c (main): use mkstemp instead of mktemp,
	if the former is available.

	* aux/macros/check_nfs_socket_connection.m4: AC_DEFINE calls must
	be on a separate line, as per new Autoconf manual, to avoid some
	Bourne Shell syntactical bizarreness.

2001-11-13  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/amfs_auto.c (amfs_auto_readdir_browsable): cast to u_long,
	for IA64 Linux.

2001-11-12  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* libamu/mtab.c (hasmntval): strtol can return a non-NULL pointer
	pointing to '\0' on success, so we need to allow for it. This
	fixes the problem with rejecting numerical mount options if they
	are the last option in the string.

	* increased library patchlevel

	* NEWS: document the parsing bug

2001-10-29  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* bumped version up to 6.1a5-pre

	* NEWS: fixed speeling mistaike

2001-10-29  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* released snapshot am-utils-6.1a4

2001-10-26  Ion Badulescu  <>

	These changes fix autofs support for sublinks. While it is not
	perfect by any means and is hardly better than non-autofs, at
	least it works.

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v2_v3.c (autofs_lookup_2_req): don't
	reply if the mount is in progress
	(autofs_mount_succeeded): handle both delayed lookups and mounts
	(autofs_mount_failed): ditto

	* amd/amfs_auto.c (amfs_auto_lookup_mntfs): don't dispose of the
	original opt_fs if we have a sublink

2001-10-23  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amd/amfs_auto.c (amfs_auto_lookup_mntfs): fixed silly typo (mf
	instead of new_mf) which was causing null pointer error when
	sublinks were being used

2001-10-22  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* README.autofs: updated

	* NEWS: updated

	* INSTALL: updated

	* AUTHORS: added myself

	* doc/am-utils.texi: updated

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v2_v3.c (xdr_autofs_rddirargs): use
	xdr_u_int() and cast things to (int) to appease Solaris 2.7 compile
	(autofs_readdir_2_req): cast req->rda_offset to (int), same as

2001-10-22  Ion Badulescu  <>

	Autofs direct mounts have been verified to work on Solaris2.[67].

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v2_v3.c (autofs_lookup_2_req):
	retrieve the uid and gid from the lookup request
	(autofs_mount_2_req): skip the first char in the name (it's a
	leading '/') if this is a direct mount

	* amd/amfs_direct.c (amfs_direct_ops): use amfs_auto_lookup_child
	and amfs_auto_mount_child for amfs_direct's methods

	* amd/amfs_auto.c (amfs_auto_lookup_child): don't leak an am_node
	if the mntfs lookup fails

2001-10-21  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* include/am_utils.h (AMF_REMOUNT): new flag, marks the node as
	pending a remount
	(mntfs): new member mf_fsflags, holds a copy of the filesystem's
	(am_ops): new member autofs_fs_flags, holds the filesystem's flags
	when mounted onto an autofs node; fs_flags renamed to nfs_fs_flags

	* conf/autofs/autofs_linux.c (create_autofs_service): turn on
	FS_MKMNT for amfs_auto and FS_MBACKGROUND for amfs_link
	(autofs_umount_succeeded): don't rmdir the mountpoint if a remount
	is needed [lest the access that triggered the remount will fail]

	* amd/mntfs.c (init_mntfs): copy the filesystem's nfs_fs_flags
	into mf_fsflags on initialization

	* amd/autil.c (am_unmounted): start the remounting right away if
	the node is marked as needing a remount [fixes the Linux autofs
	deadlock when mount/unmount collide]

	* amd/amfs_auto.c (amfs_auto_lookup_node): mark the node as
	needing a remount if a mount request comes in while we're
	unmounting it
	(amfs_auto_lookup_mntfs): copy the filesystem's autofs_fs_flags
	into mf_fsflags if this is an autofs node

	* amd/amfs_*.c, amd/ops_*.c: added initialization for the new
	autofs_fs_flags member of am_ops

2001-10-20  Ion Badulescu  <>

	With these changes, Solaris 2.[67] autofs support is finally

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v2_v3.c (autofs_readdir_2_req): stub
	(autofs_readdir_2_free, xdr_autofs_rddirargs, xdr_autofs_putrddirres,
	xdr_autofs_getrddirres, xdr_autofs_rddirres): new functions
	(autofs_lookup_2_req): do an actual lookup here, and tell the
	kernel to create a symlink if necessary
	(autofs_mount_2_req): no need to am_autofs_data
	(autofs_program_2): enable AUTOFS_READDIR
	(autofs_link_mount): no code needed here
	(autofs_link_umount): return success
	(autofs_mount_succeeded): lstat real mount points; don't mark
	symlinks as NOTIMEOUT

	* amd/mntfs.c (init_mntfs): mf_dev and mf_rdev don't exist anymore

	* amd/map.c (init_map): init am_dev and am_rdev to -1
	(free_map): free am_mfarray and all mntfs's listed

	* amd/autil.c (mf_mounted): move the lstat of the node to the
	autofs-specific code

	* amd/amfs_link.c (amfs_link_ops): don't background symlink creation

2001-10-18  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* aux/macros/os_cflags.m4 (irix6*): Enforce N32 ABI/mips3 ISA with cc.
	* BUGS: Explain this.

2001-10-02  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi (redhat-ctl-amd): document new script.

	* scripts/ build redhat-ctl-amd but do not install it.

	* scripts/ new script, useful to correctly
	control Amd on Red Hat Linux systems.  Script adapted from ctl-amd
	and Red Hat's own rc.d script.

2001-10-02  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_osf5.h: Renamed from nfs_prot_osf5_1.h.
	(MNT2_NFS_OPT_AUTO): Disable.
	* (EXTRA_DIST_CONF): Reflect new name.
	* aux/macros/check_nfs_prot_headers.m4: Use this file for all
	Tru64 UNIX V5 and up releases.

2001-09-24  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* include/mount_headers1.h (MFS): define as 1 instead of nothing,
	to fix compile problems on OS X (patch from Ahmon Dancy)

	* aux/macros/try_compile_anyfs.m4 (MFS): ditto

2001-08-13  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi (in_network Selector Variable): document
	expanded syntax

	* libamu/wire.c (is_network_member): support for network/netmask
	as well as network/bits syntax in in_network()

2001-08-11  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amq/amq.c (show_mti): print full four digits for year, and print
	it in MM/DD/YYYY format, not in YY/MM/DD format.

2001-08-11  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v2_v3.c (autofs_lookup_2_req):
	initial attempt to do something useful -- but commented out for now
	(autofs_link_mount): create an action structure with a link
	request and pass it up
	(autofs_mount_2_req): pass the link request to the kernel
	(autofs_free_data): new helper function

	* conf/autofs/autofs_linux.h: added definition for autofs_data_t

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v2_v3.h: ditto

	* amd/map.c (init_map): initialize am_autofs_data
	(free_map): call the autofs cleanup function if necessary

	* include/am_utils.h (am_node): added private data and cleanup
	function for autofs

	* tasks: removed some obsolete entries

2001-08-11  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/map.c (free_map_if_success): run autofs_umount_failed() only
	if this mount node is of type autofs.

2001-08-11  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amd/amd.h: removed mf_array from struct continuation (moved into

	* include/am_utils.h: removed VLOOK_LOOKUP; renamed vlookuppn to
	vlookup_child; added vmount_child; added mount_child to the fs_ops
	API; added prototypes for amfs_auto_mount_child and

	* amd/map.c (init_map): initialize am_mfarray to 0

	* amd/amfs_*, amd/ops_*: new API function mount_child, old API
	function lookuppn renamed to lookup_child

	* amd/amfs_auto.c: renamed amfs_auto_lookuppn1 to
	amfs_auto_lookup_node; renamed amfs_auto_lookuppn2 to
	amfs_auto_lookup_mntfs; renamed amfs_auto_lookuppn3 to
	amfs_auto_mount_child; moved the freeing of the error mntfs in the
	newly allocated am_node from lookup_mntfs to mount_child; make
	sure lookup_child returns a negative error if the node needs to be
	mounted; removed the call to lookuppn3 from lookup_child

	* amd/amfs_error.c: added stub implementations of
	amfs_error_lookup_child and amfs_error_mount_child

	* amd/amfs_direct.c, amd/amfs_union.c, amd/map.c, amd/nfs_subr.c,
	conf/autofs/autofs_linux.c, conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v2_v3.c:
	call both lookup_child and mount_child, instead of the old
	lookuppn API method

2001-07-19  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/get_args.c (get_args): a better way to handle GNU and
	non-GNU getopts without strdup-ing the getopt string.

2001-07-04  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/info_ldap.c (amu_ldap_rebind): The first time you called
	amu_ldap_init, aldh->ldap is not set.  So when amu_ldap_rebind is
	called, this function is absolutely sure to return 0.  Then
	amu_ldap_init return 0 without having opened any LDAP connection.
	This is not the correct behavior.
	(get_ldap_timestamp, amu_ldap_search): error to free an object
	("entry") that is automatically freed by the library.  Patch from
	Sebastien Bahloul <>.

2001-07-19  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* AUTHORS (variables): added Philippe Troin

	* (EXTRA_DIST): added bootstrap

	* include/am_compat.h (xfs_args_t): define as u_int if the
	filesystem is supported but we can't autodetect the type for
	xfs_args_t. This allows Linux to mount xfs filesystems.

2001-07-12  Philippe Troin  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi: Added @dircategory Administration.

2001-07-12  Philippe Troin  <>

	* aux/macros/with_addon.m4: Created. Wrapper around AC_ARG_WITH
	with only the `yes' and `no' as possible answers.

	* Added support for disabling LDAP and HESIOD even
	if the supporting libraries are found.

	* (EXTRA_DIST_AUX): Added with_addon.m4 macro file.

2001-07-12  Philippe Troin  <>

	* include/am_compat.h: Removed forced definition of MNTTAB_OPT_DEV
	if MNT2_GEN_OPT_NODEV was found. Actually, the dev= (SVR4) options
	and the linux nodev options are different beasts.

	* conf/mount/mount_linux.c (opt_map): Removed the MNTTAB_OPT_DEV
	entry (not really necessary on linux).

2001-07-12  Philippe Troin  <>

	* amd/get_args.c (get_args): Prepend "+" to the getopt string if
	HAVE_GNU_GETOPT to avoid getting all options (even the ones after
	the first non-option argument) slurped in by GNU getopt.

	* aux/macros/check_gnu_getopt.m4: Created. Defines HAVE_GNU_GETOPT
	if GNU/glibc getopt implementation is detected.

	* Added call to AC_CHECK_GNU_GETOPT.

	* acconfig.h: Document HAVE_GNU_GETOPT.

	* (EXTRA_DIST_AUX): Added check_gnu_getopt.m4 macro file.

2001-06-25  Erez Zadok  <>

	*, NEWS, README.y2k, ChangeLog: make sure all
	am-utils URL references use, not the columbia

2001-06-08  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/transp/transp_sockets.c (create_nfs_service): cast to
	u_long to ensure clean compile on freebsd5 and bsdi2.

2001-05-23  Ion Badulescu  <>


	It works for me on Linux (both autofs and nfs mounts), for nfs and
	link, but I won't make any guarantees outside those.

	* amd/mntfs.c (find_mntfs): reuse the mntfs only if both the mount
	point and the device/fileserver are the same. This is an important
	change of philosophy, watch out for memory leaks!

	* amd/map.c (get_ap_child): helper function for
	amfs_auto_lookuppn, creates a new am_node for key fname, inits it,
	and inserts it into all necessary structures

	* amd/amfs_auto.c (free_continuation): free unused mntfs's; don't
	free any of the removed fields
	(amfs_auto_lookuppn, amfs_auto_bgmount): split lookuppn into three
	subfunctions, including some code stolen from bgmount; lookuppn
	now generates an array of possible mntfs to try mounting, and
	bgmount will actually try to mount each of them.
	(amfs_auto_lookuppn[123]): the three new subfunctions for lookuppn
	(amfs_parse_defaults): new helper function for lookuppn

2001-05-19  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/mount/mount_linux.c: typo: added comma after '0' element.

2001-05-19  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* conf/autofs/autofs_linux.c (AUTOFS_MAX_VERSION): allow using
	autofs-v4 again
	(autofs_get_opts): don't pass pgrp, the kernel will get it
	automatically anyway, not to mention that we were passing bogus
	data if amd was not daemonized.

	* conf/mount/mount_linux.c (linux_nfs_error): don't special case
	the 0 result, just put it into the translation list

2001-05-19  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* conf/mount/mount_linux.c (linux_nfs_error): don't report success
	(0) as error (NE_IO)!

2001-05-18  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amd/amfs_host.c (amfs_host_mount): don't fail the mount if at
	least one share is already mounted

2001-05-17  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* libamu/util.c (str3cat): updated comment

	* include/am_utils.h: added VLOOK_LOOKUP and FS_DIRECT

	* conf/autofs/autofs_linux.c (autofs_get_fh): removed obsolete comment
	(autofs_mounted): disable autofs support for host f/s if version < 4
	(create_autofs_service): turn on FS_MKMNT on auto f/s if using autofs
	(autofs_umount_succeeded): use rmdirs instead of rmdir
	(autofs_mount_failed): ditto

	* amd/opts.c (expand_op): align the debugging messages

	* amd/map.c (mount_auto_node): use am_node *mp instead of casting
	the void *arg; update the comment

	* amd/autil.c (am_mounted): check the FS_DIRECT flag instead of
	comparing to &amfs_direct_ops
	(mount_node): ifs_mount doesn't exist, make note of it in the

	* amd/amfs_direct.c (amfs_direct_ops): added FS_DIRECT to fs_flags

	* amd/amfs_auto.c (amfs_auto_mount): removed the autofs hack to
	create the mountpoint directory for auto f/s; it is now handled in
	(amfs_auto_bgmount): renamed the mpe parameter to mp_error;
	renamed dont_retry to retry and reverted its meaning as well;
	moved the mp variable up one scope and made use of it throughout
	the function;
	(amfs_auto_readdir): whitespace
	(amfs_auto_readdir_browsable): whitespace, also some debugging

	* amd/am_ops.c (vops): updated a comment

	* .cvsignore: added A.i386-pc-linux-rh7.[01]

2001-05-01  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* conf/mount/mount_linux.c: fixed stupid error in the linux
	nfs_errormap[], which was mapping ENOENT to success!!!

2001-04-28  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* BUGS: added info about the direct mount problems on Linux and
	about the kernel patches on

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v2_v3.c (autofs_unmount_2_req):
	removed obsolete comment

	* amd/autil.c (forcibly_timeout_mp): always log a message when the
	forced unmount request is ignored
	(mf_mounted): don't lstat unless this is an autofs mount point,
	lest we deadlock

	* amd/amfs_auto.c (amfs_auto_bgmount): don't gratuitously add
	MFF_MKMNT to the flags, it causes deadlocks later on when

2001-04-14  Erez Zadok  <>

	* COPYING: update copyright year

	* amd/amfs_auto.c, amd/amfs_host.c, amd/amfs_nfsx.c,
	amd/amfs_toplvl.c, amd/amfs_union.c, amd/conf.c, amd/info_nis.c,
	amd/info_nisplus.c, amd/mapc.c, amd/nfs_subr.c, amd/ops_nfs.c,
	amd/rpc_fwd.c, amd/srvr_amfs_auto.c, amd/srvr_nfs.c,
	conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v1.c, conf/mtab/mtab_file.c,
	conf/mtab/mtab_isc3.c, conf/mtab/mtab_svr4.c,
	conf/transp/transp_sockets.c, conf/transp/transp_tli.c,
	libamu/mount_fs.c, libamu/mtab.c: rewritten various dlog/plog
	messages for clarity, to avoid duplication, to better recognize
	what the message means and where it ran, and to fix typos.

	* amd/nfs_subr.c (nfsproc_lookup_2_svc): moved trace message of
	function's name to the beginning of the function, before any other
	messages are logged.

2001-04-14  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* conf/mount/mount_linux.c (do_mount_linux): removed plog() of
	binary data

2001-04-05  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* include/am_defs.h: define NFSCLIENT, NFS, PCFS, LOFS, RFS,
	MSDOSFS, MFS and CD9660 to 1, so that both #if FOO and #ifdef FOO
	work (needed for MacOS X); removed duplicate definition of NFS.

2001-03-29  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amd/amd.h, amd/amfs_auto.c, amd/conf.c,
	scripts/amd.conf-sample, scripts/amd.conf.5:
	renamed selectors_on_default to selectors_in_defaults,
	kept the former as a deprecated option;
	renamed gopt_selectors_on_default() to gopt_selectors_in_defaults()

2001-03-19  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amd/amfs_toplvl.c, amd/amfs_auto.c, amd/srvr_nfs.c,
	include/am_utils.h: compile fixes for --enable-debug=no

2001-03-15  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* NEWS: updated

	* README.autofs: updated

	* conf/mount/mount_linux.c (linux_version_code): export the fn

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_linux.h: ditto

	* conf/autofs/autofs_linux.c (create_autofs_service): verify the
	kernel version here, and turn off bind_works if the kernel is
	older than 2.4.0.
	(autofs_link_mount): don't touch bind_works here, it's useless
	b/c we're in a child process; remove the mountpoint directory if
	the bind mount fails

	* amd/opts.c (eval_fs_opts): changed some annoying debugging plogs
	into dlogs

	* conf/autofs/autofs_linux.c (autofs_link_mount): zero out the
	mntent struct before initializing it

2001-03-14  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* conf/mount/mount_linux.c (parse_opts): added support for lofs
	(mount_linux): support lofs through bind mounts and/or FiST lofs

	* scripts/ search for /var/spool/mail in addition to
	/var/mail and /usr/spool/mail

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_linux.h (MS_BIND): add define for it, if
	kernel is newer than 2.4.0
	(MNTTYPE_LOFS): ditto

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris_v2_v3.c (autofs_link_umount): new stub
	(autofs_lookup_failed): removed stub

	* conf/autofs/autofs_linux.c (autofs_lookup_failed): moved up in
	the file, made static;
	(autofs_link_mount): activate MNT2_GEN_OPT_BIND code; use stat()
	and friends to determine if bind mounts can be used and to trigger
	further cascading mounts; return proper error codes
	(autofs_link_umount): distinguish between symlinks and bind mounts
	and handle both correctly
	(autofs_umount_succeeded): remove call to autofs_link_umount()

	* amd/map.c (umount_exported): try to unmount all mount points on
	an autofs filesystem; this isn't really needed and will be removed
	when we start handling restarting autofs mounts

	* amd/amfs_link.c (amfs_link_[u]mount): call autofs_link_[u]mount,
	if necessary

	* amd/amfs_auto.c (amfs_auto_bgmount): fixed a bug that was
	causing the wrong mntfs to be selected when using autofs; removed
	call to autofs_link_mount() (moved where it belongs, in

	* amd/amfs_link.c: added FS_MBACKGROUND to fs flags -- cleaner
	solution is needed, because background mounting is only necessary
	for linux autofs + bind mounts

	* amd/amd.h: removed prototype for autofs_lookup_failed (internal
	static function for linux autofs); added prototype for

	* bump up library patchlevel

2001-02-28  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* aux/macros/check_mount_trap.m4,
	Fixed newer freebsd's fh type, expanded more aix3, osf2, hpux9 to
	aix[1-3], osf[1-3] and hpux[6-9].

2001-02-28  Erez Zadok  <>

	* check_mount_style.m4, check_mount_trap.m4,
	check_network_transport_type.m4, check_nfs_fh_dref.m4,
	check_nfs_prot_headers.m4, check_nfs_sa_dref.m4,
	check_nfs_socket_connection.m4, os_cflags.m4,
	type_yp_order_outorder.m4: small fixes to Ion's cleanup, and more
	cleanup (use [[0-1]] instead of M4 changequote commands).

	* removed unused conf/trap/trap_hpux11.h

2001-02-27  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* aux/macros/check_network_transport_type.m4,
	Reworked the scripts, so that a new _unknown_ version of a known OS
	will use the option for the newest _known_ version of that OS. For
	example, when freebsd6 comes out, it will use the stuff for
	freebsd5, not the stuff for freebsd2. This makes configure more
	likely to succeed on new systems/versions.

	* (EXTRA_DIST_AUX): added check_autofs_style.m4 (grr)

2001-02-24  Erez Zadok  <>

	* (install-snapshot): use a different symlink target
	for the experimental snapshots.

2001-02-23  Erez Zadok  <>

	* (EXTRA_DIST_CONF): include nfs_prot_darwin.h in

2001-02-22  Erez Zadok  <>

	* released snapshot am-utils-6.1a3

	* amd/ (EXTRA_amd_SOURCES): don't forget to distribute

2001-02-21  Erez Zadok  <>

	* libamu/mtab.c: added the functions hasmnteq and haseq to
	ease checks for non-numeric values in opt=value strings.
	Recoded hasmntval to qualify input as numeric, allow hex and
	octal strings on rhs of =, and log when the value is missing
	or invalid.

	* conf/mount/mount_linux.c: revised mount_linux to use new
	hasmnteq function to extract type of non-nfs mounts, and added
	a log message to catch possible failure of strdup.

	* amd/am_ops.c: revised merge_ops to use new haseq function

	* amd/srvr_nfs.c: revised find_nfs_srvr to use hasmnteq to
	discover protocol setting.

	* include/am_utils.h: added function prototypes for hasmnteq
	and haseq

2001-02-19  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* include/mount_headers2.h (_LINUX_NFS3_H): define it, to avoid
	pulling in unwanted declarations from 2.2.19pre and 2.4.1ac

	* include/am_defs.h (_LINUX_NFS3_H): ditto

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_linux.h: whitespace, comments

2001-02-19  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/macros/check_fs_mntent.m4 (ac_safe): remove debugging "echo"

2001-02-18  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/macros/mount_headers.m4, include/mount_headers[12].h: split
	mount_headers.h in two because one relative header (nfs_prot.h)
	file cannot be included inside another from the start directory of
	the first (it's relative to the directory of the first).

2001-02-09  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* AUTHORS: added Ahmon Dancy <>

	* (all): added Darwin/Rhapsody/Apple OS X support from Ahmon Dancy

	* aux/macros/mount_headers.m4: moved all the C code into a
	separate file, include/mount_headers.h; the effect is that
	configure goes down in size by a factor of 2.5!

	* include/mount_headers.h: new file, with C code from

2001-02-01  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* conf/mount/mount_linux.c: made linux_nfs_error() more robust.

2001-02-01  Erez Zadok  <>

	* released snapshot am-utils-6.1a2

	* updated and ltconfig from latest stable version of

2001-02-01  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_linux.h (nfs_error): moved the definition
	of nfs_error here, from mount_linux.c, so that it can actually be

	* conf/mount/mount_linux.c: added unused errno 41 to the
	nfs_errormap array, lest the following errno's get shifted up by

Sat Jan 13 00:04:38 2001  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* amd/amd.h (autofs_lookuppn): Fixup whitespace.
	* amd/amfs_auto.c (amfs_auto_bgmount): Likewise.
	* amd/amfs_error.c: (amfs_error_match): Likewise.
	* amd/amfs_host.c (fetch_fhandle): Fixup whitespace.  Remove
	unnecessary temporary variable.
	* amd/info_file.c (read_line): Likewise.
	(search_or_reload_file): Likewise.
	* amd/info_ldap.c (get_ldap_timestamp): Likewise.
	* amd/map.c (get_root_ap): Likewise.
	* amd/nfs_prot_svc.c: Likewise.
	* amd/ops_TEMPLATE.c (foofs_match, foofs_lookuppn,
	foofs_readlink, foofs_ffserver): Likewise.
	* amd/ops_autofs.c (autofs_bgmount): Likewise.
	* amd/ops_lofs.c (lofs_match): Likewise.
	* amd/ops_nfs.c (got_nfs_fh): Fixup whitespace.
	* amd/ops_xfs.c (xfs_match): Likewise.
	* amd/srvr_amfs_auto.c (srvrlog): Line break.
	* amd/srvr_nfs.c (got_portmap, call_portmap, nfs_pinged,
	nfs_srvr_port): Fixup whitespace.
	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_bsdi2.h: Likewise.
	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_hpux.h: Likewise.
	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_hpux11.h: Likewise.
	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_irix5.h: Likewise.
	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_irix6.h: Likewise.
	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_nextstep.h: Likewise.
	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_osf2.h: Likewise.
	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_osf4.h: Likewise.
	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_osf5_1.h: Likewise.
	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_sunos3.h: Likewise.
	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_sunos4.h: Likewise.
	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_ultrix.h: Likewise.
	* conf/transp/transp_tli.c (get_mount_client): Likewise.
	* hlfsd/nfs_prot_svc.c: Likewise.
	* include/am_defs.h (sys_errlist): Likewise.
	* include/am_utils.h (am_get_progname, am_get_hostname,
	amq_program_1): Likewise.
	(nfsxprt): Moved declaration.

Fri Jan 12 23:31:45 2001  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	Removed support for amq -M.

	* acconfig.h (ENABLE_AMQ_MOUNT): Removed.
	* aux/macros/opt_amq_mount.m4: Removed.
	* (EXTRA_DIST_AUX): Don't distribute
	* (AC_OPT_AMQ_MOUNT): Removed invocation.

	* amd/amq_subr.c (ok_security, amqproc_mount_1_svc): Removed.
	* amd/amq_svc.c (amq_program_1): Removed amq -M support.
	* amq/amq.c (mount_map): Removed.
	(main): Removed -M option handling.
	Removed transport-type specific CLIENT creation.
	(get_secure_amd_client, amq_bind_resv_port, privsock): Removed.

	* amq/amq.8: Removed -M documentation.
	* doc/am-utils.texi (Top-level Filesystem): Removed amq -M
	reference, but retain comment on mount -t amd.
	(Controlling Amd): Likewise.

	* tasks: Removed this task.

Fri Jan 12 23:18:26 2001  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* conf/autofs/autofs_*.c: Bump copyright year to 2001.
	* hlfsd/hlfsd.h (HLFSD_VERSION): Likewise.

	* aux/macros/check_autofs_style.m4: Renamed solaris[12] styles to
	solaris_v1, solaris_v2_v3 to reflect that these are AutoFS
	protocol version numbers, not solaris versions.
	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris[12].[ch]: Renamed to
	autofs_solaris_{v1, 2_v3}.[ch] to reflect this.
	* (EXTRA_DIST_CONF): Likewise.

	* aux/macros/check_autofs_style.m4: Use solaris2 style for both
	versions 2 and 3 of the AutoFS protocol.

	with Solaris 8 mntfs).

	* conf/autofs/autofs_solaris2.c (xdr_postumntreq, xdr_postumntres,
	xdr_postmountreq, xdr_postmountres, autofs_postunmount_2_req,
	autofs_postmount_2_req ): Don't define for version 3.
	(autofs_program_2): Don't handle AUTOFS_POSTUNMOUNT,

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_sunos5_8.h: Enable AutoFS support.

	* aux/macros/check_autofs_style.m4: Use empty autofs_default.[ch]
	files on systems without existing autofs port.
	* conf/autofs/autofs_default.[ch]: New files, empty.
	* (EXTRA_DIST_CONF): Distribute them.
	* INSTALL: With this change, Solaris 8 and Tru64 5.1 compile and

2001-01-12  Erez Zadok  <>

	* (EXTRA_DIST): distribute new LDAP files.

	* README.ldap, ldap-id.txt, LDAP status information,
	proposed Schema, and internet draft.

Fri Jan 12 22:27:07 2001  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* Support Tru64 UNIX V5.1:

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_osf5_1.h: New file.

	* (EXTRA_DIST_CONF): Distribute it.

	* aux/macros/check_nfs_prot_headers.m4: Tru64 UNIX V5.1 has
	AutoFS, need to disable it until a port exists.

	* INSTALL, doc/am-utils.texi (Supported Platforms): Mention new
	minor port.

2001-01-09  Erez Zadok  <>

	* ALL: bump copyright year to 2001.

2001-01-05  Erez Zadok  <>

	* acconfig.h: correct comments for NODEV/NONDEV mount options

Fri Jan  5 05:12:02 2001  Erez Zadok  <>

	* libamu/xdr_func.c: removed ugly casts to "groups*", now that
	irix6's nfs_prot.h is fixed.

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_irix6.h: copied relevant parts of
	<rpcsvc/mount.h> here so we don't have to include this header.

2001-01-04  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_irix6.h: redefine "groups" typedef to
	struct groups, not the pointer to this struct.

	* include/am_xdr_func.h: prototype should take "groups *" as 2nd

	* libamu/xdr_func.c (xdr_groupnode, xdr_exportnode): change
	casting of second arg of xdr_groups to "groups *".  It's only
	needed for irix6, due to problems with xdr_groups on that platform.
	(xdr_groups): prototype should take "groups *" as 2nd arg.

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_aix*.h: correct xdr_groups extern
	definition.  Report from Ahmon Dancy <>.

2000-12-06  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* include/am_defs.h: force non-inclusion of <linux/fs.h> via

	* conf/autofs/autofs_linux.c (autofs_mounted): rename
	previous commit)

	* fixed libtool version

2000-12-02  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi (opts Option): document lock/nolock

2000-12-02  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* conf/autofs/autofs_linux.h: added struct autofs_pending_mount;
	modified autofs_fh_t to have a linked list of autofs_pending_mount;
	added some support for autofs4

	* conf/autofs/autofs_linux.c: use a linked list for pending
	request, to allow for handling multiple simultaneous request;
	incipient non-functional support for autofs4; incipient
	non-functional support for bind-mounting

	* amd/amd.c (main): print a warning if PROCLOCK is requested but
	the O/S doesn't support it

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (mnt_flags): allow the use of the "nolock"

	* include/am_defs.h: don't include <linux/fs.h> on a glibc2
	system; include <linux/auto_fs4.h> if it exists, instead of

	* include/am_compat.h: define the "nolock" mnttab option if the
	NONLM NFS mount option is defined

	* acconfig.h: added MNT2_NFS_OPT_NONLM, MNT2_GEN_OPT_BIND

	* added detection of the NONLM Linux NFS mount
	option; added a clarification for the library versioning rules and
	increased the minor level; added detection of <linux/auto_fs4.h>
	and the MS_BIND generic mount option

2000-11-29  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* Enabled Solaris 2.7 autofs support (tested, works)

	* Updated NEWS, README.autofs

	* Updated Makefile's, make dist is now fixed

	* Fixed potential memory leak in map.c

	* Fixed autofs style detection for solaris 2.[67]

	* Added a few casts in autofs_solaris2.c, needed on Solaris 2.7

2000-11-28  Ion Badulescu  <>

	More Solaris 2.[67] work in progress:

	* changed the API for the mount/umount methods: fmount/fumount are
	gone, and mount/umount now take two arguments (am_node and mntfs)

	* changed the semantics of the MFF_AUTOFS flag: MFF_AUTOFS now
	means the mntfs is a filesystem of type autofs, and AMF_AUTOFS
	means the am_node is a node on a filesystem of type autofs.

	* renamed nfs_program_2_transp to current_transp so it can be used
	with autofs

	* renamed quick_reply() to nfs_quick_reply()

	* added two more autofs methods: autofs_umount_failed() and
	autofs_compute_mount_flags() -- it turns out that on sol2.6 the
	autofs mounts MUST be overlay'ed

	* moved the autofs_mount_succeeded() into am_mounted()

	* made amd *not* timeout autofs mounts -- the kernel will do it
	for us

	* store dev and rdev of a mounted filesystem in the mntfs
	structure, to help autofs

	* moved the rmdirs() call from uninit_mntfs() to am_umounted(), to
	prevent deadlocking with autofs

	* amd/ shuffled things around to make
	update_build_version be the last thing that runs

2000-11-27  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* split amd/ops_autofs.c into conf/autofs/autofs_<system>.c files
	and made configure create a symlink to the appropriate one

	* moved the xdr autofs functions from libamu/xdr_func.c into the
	system-specific conf/autofs/autofs*.c

	* added some more experimental code to the sol2.6 autofs support,
	but it's by no means functional

2000-11-27  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* libamu/wire.c (getwire_lookup): truncate the hostname to

2000-11-26  Erez Zadok  <>

	* include/am_utils.h (MAXHOSTNAMELEN): if not defined, set this to
	256 bytes, not 64.   Suggestion form Kris Kennaway

2000-11-26  Erez Zadok  <>

	* (AC_CHECK_MNT2_NFS_OPTS): check for NFS mount
	options kerb, rdirplus, readdirsize, and xlatecookie

	* acconfig.h: recognize NFS mount options rdirplus, readdirsize,
	and xlatecookie (NetBSD-1.5K)

2000-11-24  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/srvr_nfs.c: comment on NFS proto search order.

	* libamu/xutil.c (real_plog): don't try to write the last byte of
	the fmt buf.  security suggtion from NetBSD: Thomas Klausner

2000-11-22  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amd/amfs_auto.c (amfs_auto_bgmount): removed the initialization of
	fattr.na_fileid, it is now done in map.c when the map is initialized

	* amd/map.c (init_map): initialize fattr.na_fileid to am_gen, not
	to 0, to avoid cache aliasing problems on Linux (and to follow the
	NFS spec!)

2000-11-22  Thomas Klausner <>

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (mount_fs): avoid using extra limited-size buf

	* libamu/xutil.c, fsinfo/fsinfo.h, include/am_utils.h: use
	__attribute__, __format__, and __printf__ for GCC string auditing.

	* wire-test/wire-test.8: this is not a section 8L man page.

	* libamu/xutil.c (expand_error): don't use sys_nerr on systems
	that support strerror().
	(dplog): fmt is const
	(plog): fmt is const
	(real_plog): fmt is const.  use new expand_error function with its
	new return value. be more careful about running off the end of
	char[] fixed size buffers.

	* libamu/wire.c (getwire): fix alignment error on alpha using an
	extra automatic storage variable ifrpool.

	* hlfsd/hlfsd.c (fatal): use proper printf style to plog.

	* fsinfo/fsinfo.c (find_username): getlogin() returns a const.

	* fsinfo/fsi_util.c (error, lerror, lwarning, fatal, log): use

	* fsinfo/fsi_lex.l (yyerror): use vfprintf.

	* fixmount/fixmount.8: this is not a section 8L man page.

	* doc/am-utils.texi (Hesiod maps): fixed typo.

	* amd/sched.c (do_task_notify): typo in comment.

	* amd/opts.c (expand_op): expand_error[] is a const char *.

	* amd/amd.c (main): use proper printf style to plog.

2000-11-22  Erez Zadok  <>

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (mnt_flags, compute_nfs_args): recognize
	proplist mnttab flag.  Bug fix from Wolfram Klaus

2000-11-19  Erez Zadok  <>

	* updated config.guess, config.sub, and doc/texinfo.tex from

	* (update): proper updating of config.* and texinfo
	from mirrors.

	* aux/macros/check_nfs_prot_headers.m4: newer netbsd systems
	reports their system name as "netbsdelf" in config.guess.

2000-11-13  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi (opts Option): document new mount option

	* include/am_compat.h: define amd mount option "proplist" if the
	system doesn't recognize it, but the NFS bit flag exists.

	*, acconfig.h: recognize/support "proplist" NFS mount
	option in Amd, useful under DU-4.0 to process ACLs over NFS

2000-11-10  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* conf/mount/mount_linux.c (mount_linux): removed unnecessary
	rsize/wsize defaults -- performance killers on 2.2.18+ and 2.4.0+

2000-10-16  Erez Zadok  <>

	* scripts/ accept "cdrom" and "floppy" as arguments.

2000-11-05  Ion Badulescu  <>

	Too many changes to list them here. Here's a high level

	* Forward-ported the Linux fixes from 6.0.5pre

	* Got rid of a mountain of #ifdef DEBUG, replaced with smart
	header-file #ifdef's

	* and, the grand finale: initial Solaris 2.6 autofs
	support. Compiles, mounts, gets requests; all the
	infrastructure is in place to actually implement the calls. Linux
	autofs might be a bit broken, but only compile-time so it'll be
	easy to fix.

2000-11-01  Erez Zadok  <>

	* MIRRORS (Note): added a mirror at

2000-10-11  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amq/amq.8: synchronize Amq's options with reality

	* amq/amq.c (main): synchronize Amq's usage() string with reality

2000-10-10  Erez Zadok  <>

	* scripts/ add targets condrestart (redhat) and

2000-10-04  Erez Zadok  <>

	* scripts/ (vrfy_user): ensure that MAILDIR is

2000-09-18  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/opts.c (backslash): Bell char (ASCII 007) should be \g, not

2000-09-17  Erez Zadok  <>

	* include/am_utils.h: removed unused field opt_autopref

	* amd/opts.c: removed unused variable $autopref

2000-09-05  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/mtab/mtab_svr4.c (lockfile): function not needed unless
	MOUNT_TABLE_ON_FILE is defined.
	mtlckname static var is onlyneeded if MOUNT_TABLE_ON_FILE.
	(update_mnttab_fields): only needed if MOUNT_TABLE_ON_FILE.

2000-09-03  Erez Zadok  <>

	* buildall (Usage): typo in usage string

2000-08-25  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/mount/mount_linux.c (mount_linux): MNT2_NFS_OPT_VER3 may
	is no defined on older Linux systems (kernel 2.0.36)

2000-08-19  Erez Zadok  <>

	* scripts/amd.conf.5: correct swapped descriptions for ldap_base
	and ldap_hostports.

	* doc/am-utils.texi: correct swapped descriptions for ldap_base
	and ldap_hostports.

	* scripts/amd.conf-sample: swap examples for ldap_base and

2000-08-13  Erez Zadok  <>

	* scripts/amd.conf-sample: -O is CLI equivalent to "os"
	amd.conf parameter

2000-07-30  Erez Zadok  <>

	* scripts/amd.conf-sample (nfs_retransmit_counter): correct
	meaning and use of parameter

2000-07-23  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi: updated URLs to

2000-07-04  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi (Supported Platforms): document osf4.0f

2000-06-19  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi (dollar Selector Variable): document

	* amd/opts.c: special new variable ${dollar} which expands into a
	literal '$' sign.  Otherwise there is no way to include a literal
	dollar symbol in an amd map.

2000-06-11  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amd/opts.c (eval_selectors): don't deref opt after it's been

2000-06-11  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/opts.c: move mount_type expansion until later in the list,
	so common variable are "hit" first.

2000-06-11  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amd/opts.c (split_opts, eval_selectors): split old function
	eval_opts into two, one that only splits non-selectors and
	assigns the values to fs_static, and one that only evaluates
	selectors; also simplified the rather obfuscated logic inside
	these functions
	(expand_op): made it take a char * instead of a structure from
	which it was using only one field (a char *). Also now returns a
	char * instead of modifying said structure in place
	(expand_opts): deal with the change above
	(expand_selectors): renamed from expand_key
	(expand_options): new function, expands non-selectors; it's the
	complement of expand_selectors, both of which are just wrappers
	around expand_op()
	(eval_fs_opts): use the new split_opts, eval_selectors to allow
	using options (like ${rhost}) in selectors

2000-06-11  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* config.guess.long: munge config.guess' output so that intel
	linux appears as i386-pc-linux

Fri Jun  9 16:06:56 2000  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_bsdi2.h: getifaddrs() on bsdi2 is broken.
	Don't use it.

2000-06-09  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* amd/mapc.c (maptypes): Change default allocation mode to
	MAPC_INC where reload support is missing to avoid warning in

2000-06-09  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_sunos5_5.h: turn off autofs support for
	solaris 2.5 until a full port can be done.

2000-06-07  Erez Zadok  <>

	*, aux/GNUmakefile: fix maintainer rules to update
	config.* and texinfo.tex files.

	* amd/nfs_subr.c (nfsproc_getattr_2_svc): Don't conditionalize the
	mtime update of the symlinks on the SYMTTL option, but rather
	delay unmount of what was looked up using am_timeo_w.  Patch from
	Nick Williams <>.  As Nick says "Basically:
	during unmount, increment the parent dir's mtime (fixes
	people doing amq -u). During stat, increase the TTL (to fix bad-luck
	timeouts), but leave the mtime alone."

	(nfsproc_lookup_2_svc, nfsproc_readlink_2_svc, unlink_or_rmdir,
	nfsproc_readdir_2_svc): correctly update d_drops stats for amq -s.
	Patch from Nick Williams <>.

	* amd/map.c (unmount_mp): update mtime of amd symlink to further
	reduce the chances of race conditions between unmounting and
	looking up an entry again.  Patch from Nick Williams

	* README: updated instructions

	* bootstrap: remove log file before existing

2000-06-06  Erez Zadok  <>

	* no longer using aux/ subdir. don't force autoconf
	2.14. comment out (but leave explanation) everything that's needed
	for autoconf 2.14, so for now it works with autoconf-2.13, but the
	code is ready for 2.14 when it is released.  Similar changes to
	make code work with automake-1.4, until the next release comes

	* libamu/ include definitions that are required in
	automake 1.4, but won't be necessary when the next release of
	automake comes out (see XXX comments).

	* cache_check_dynamic.m4, check_checkmount_style.m4,
	check_mnttab_style.m4, check_mount_style.m4,
	check_network_transport_type.m4, check_nfs_prot_headers.m4,
	check_umount_style.m4: use symlink creation code that works for
	both autoconf 2.13 and 2.14 (when the latter comes out).

	* bootstrap: new script for maintainers to run to update autoconf,
	automake, and libtool related files.  Has the same effect as
	"buildall -K".

	* removed dependencies on CVS versions of autoconf, automake, and
	libtool, especially the modified automake I had.  This is so that
	maintainers could built the auto* files out of the latest released
	GNU autoconf, automake, and libtool.  However, without my nice
	patches to automake, many files that used to live in the aux/
	subdir now were moved to the top level source directory: acconfig.h,
	acinclude.m4, aclocal.m4,, config.guess,
	config.guess.long,, config.sub,, depcomp,
	install-sh, ltconfig,, missing, and mkinstalldirs.  Also
	texinfo.tex and mdate-sh moved from aux/ dir to doc/ dir.

2000-06-05  Erez Zadok  <>

	* cvs-server.txt: instructions for maintainers to access the CVS
	server for am-utils.

2000-06-03  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amd/restart.c (restart): grr.. passing around initialized
	structures is *really* bad habit. memset(mo, 0) so at least we can
	test for NULL pointers...

2000-06-02  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/am_ops.c (ops_match): changed XLOG_USER messages about
	merging addopts options to the more appropriate XLOG_INFO.  Patch
	submitted by Tom Schmidt <>.

	* config.{guess,sub}: make sure chmod'ed a+rx.  Updated from
	latest GNU copies.

2000-05-30  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* aux/ bump up the version to 6.1a2

2000-05-29  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* released snapshot am-utils-6.1a1

2000-05-29  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amd/ops_autofs.c (autofs_mounted): retrieve the autofs protocol
	version and store it in the fh
	(autofs_get_opts): support protocol version 4

	* amd/mntfs.c (uninit_mntfs): clear the autofs fh pointer after
	releasing it

	* conf/transp/transp_sockets.c (amu_svc_getcaller): cast result of
	svc_getcaller() to sockaddr_in, to appease glibc 2.2

	* amd/amfs_auto.c (amfs_auto_bgmount): if the filesystem wants
	autofs handling and the parent is already handled by autofs,
	handle this filesystem as well
	(amfs_auto_mount): create the mountpoint for an autofs mount
	(amfs_auto_umount): do a real UMOUNT_FS() call for autofs mounts

	* include/am_utils.h (FS_AUTOFS): new flag signalling that the
	filesystem wants autofs handling; toplvl, auto, host and direct
	have this flag, at least for now

2000-05-28  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi (Network Filesystem Group): minor typos

2000-05-28  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amd/autil.c (am_unmounted): check mp->am_parent before dereferencing

	* amd/srvr_nfs.c (find_nfs_srvr): if NFS_SCALEDOWN, force
	version=2 and proto=udp and try again

	* amd/ops_nfs.c (prime_nfs_fhandle_cache): take an explicit mntfs
	instead of a voidp; handle the NFS_SCALEDOWN case by removing the
	cached server entry and re-querying the server

	* amd/amfs_toplvl.c (amfs_toplvl_mount): removed ugly if
	statement, assign mnttype from the fs-specific mf_ops->fs_type

	* amd/amfs_nfsx.c (amfs_nfsx_init): call fs_init() only if it's
	(amfs_nfsx_remount): removed superfluous check for fmount_fs -- it
	always exists
	(amfs_nfsx_umount): removed the hacked am_node -- umounted() now
	takes an mntfs; call umounted() only if it's defined

	* amd/amfs_auto.c: removed amfs_auto_umounted and moved its
	functionality into am_umounted().
	(amfs_auto_cont): Linux hack: if we got an EINVAL, mark the mntfs
	as needing an "NFS scaledown" and retry the operation

	* amd/amfs_*.c: changed all fmount/fumount functions to
	mount/umount and made them take an am_node instead of an
	mntfs. This is a first step towards an amfs/ops API separation.

	* amd/{amfs,ops}_*.c: changed the umounted() function to take an
	mntfs instead of an am_node

2000-05-28  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amd/amfs_toplvl.c (mount_amfs_toplvl): init error to 0 to shut
	up gcc

	* aux/macros/check_hide_mount_type.m4: revert to the 6.0 version
	which always defines HIDE_MOUNT_TYPE

	* amd/ops_autofs.c (autofs_mounted): remove MFF_AUTOFS
	initialization -- now done in init_mntfs()

	* amd/mntfs.c (init_mntfs): init mf_flags to MFF_AUTOFS if we are
	mounting an autofs-style map

	* amd/*.c: use the MFF_AUTOFS flag instead of doing a costly STREQ

	* amd/amfs_toplvl.c (mount_amfs_toplvl): MTYPE_TYPE is not
	necessarily a string type, so handle the nfs/autofs separation

	* amd/amfs_auto.c (amfs_auto_bgmount): removed initialization of
	opt_mount_type (now done in ops_match())

	* amd/am_ops.c (ops_match): need to initialize opt_mount_type if
	it's not initialized yet

2000-05-27  Erez Zadok  <>

	* libamu/wire.c (getwire_lookup): handle calling irs_gen_acc with
	one or two arguments (bsdi3 vs. bsdi4)

2000-05-27  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* libamu/xutil.c (amu_release_controlling_tty): removed an unused
	variable from the previous patch

2000-05-26  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* aux/macros/check_autofs_style.m4: fixed substitution for default

	* libamu/xutil.c (amu_release_controlling_tty): close standard
	file descriptors, re-open them as /dev/null

	* include/am_defs.h: don't try to include both <ndbm.h> and
	<db1/ndbm.h>, it really doesn't work

2000-05-16  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* hlfsd/stubs.c (nfsproc_lookup_2_svc): added code to update mtime
	on lookup if MNT2_NFS_OPT_SYMTTL is not defined (copied from
	getattr).  This fixes the problem introduced by the Linux nfsv3

2000-05-12  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* (EXTRA_DIST_CONF): added conf/autofs/autofs_linux.h

2000-05-10  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amd/ops_autofs.c (autofs_handle_fdset): call
	autofs_lookup_failed instead of autofs_mount_failed, if the name
	is not in the map
	(autofs_umount_{succeeded,failed}): pass the actual mount point,
	not its parent, as it's needed for clean-up;

	* amd/autil.c (am_unmounted): notify autofs that the umount

	* amd/amfs_link.c (amfs_link_[u]mount): autofs link notification
	moved elsewhere

2000-05-09  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amd/amfs_auto.c (amfs_auto_bgmount): initialize opt_mount_type
	if necessary;
	(amfs_auto_mounted): test if opt_mount_type is NULL first
	(amfs_auto_mount): revert earlier change

	* amd/ops_autofs.c (autofs_mount_failed): remove autofs directory
	if mount failed

2000-05-09  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amd/ops_autofs.c (autofs_link_mount): use am_link as target

	* amd/map.c (unmount_mp): release file handle for autofs f/s about
	to be unmounted; this leak was preventing the unmount altogether

	* amd/amfs_auto.c (amfs_auto_umount): removed autofs-specific
	code, was broken
	(amfs_auto_bgmount): nfs mounts + sublinks is a valid combination,
	handle it

2000-05-07  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* Merged changes from stable branch

2000-04-30  Erez Zadok  <>

	* include/am_defs.h, aux/macros/mount_headers.m4,
	aux/macros/try_compile_anyfs.m4: include linux/kdev_t.h and
	linux/list.h before including linux/fs.h, and define __KERNEL__
	for those two headers.  All of this to get a couple of definitions
	that are needed in the new struct vfsmount.

	* aux/ look for <linux/kdev_t.h> and <linux/list.h>.

	* include/am_defs.h, aux/macros/mount_headers.m4: avoid conflicts
	between linux/in.h. and netinet/in.h (linux-2.3.99-pre6), by
	defining _LINUX_IN_H so it doesn't get included.

2000-04-03  Erez Zadok  <>

	* minor new ports: i686-pc-linux-gnu-rh6.2,
	i386-unknown-freebsdelf3.4, i586-pc-linux-gnu-rh6.2.

2000-04-03  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/acconfig.h: move all #undef macros above @TOP@, so they can
	be recognized by pickier autoconf.

2000-04-03  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/macros/cache_check_dynamic.m4 (ac_tmp): use correct echo -n
	or \c.

2000-03-25  Erez Zadok  <>

	* include/am_defs.h: ditto

	* aux/macros/{mount_headers,try_compile_anyfs}.m4: force
	non-inclusion of <linux/string.h>.  Breaks build on newer 2.3

2000-02-26  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi (Amq -w option): document new amq -w option.

	* amq/amq.8: document new amq -w option.

	* amq/amq.c: disable last remains of insecure amq -M code.
	(main): add amq -H option to show usage.
	(main): new amq -w option, translates getpwd() into an amd path.

2000-02-25  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* libamu/util.c (get_server_pid): new function

	* hlfsd/hlfsd.c (main): make use of HIDE_MOUNT_TYPE

	* conf/transp/transp_sockets.c: removed create_autofs_service

	* conf/mount/mount_linux.c: added autofs mount options; split
	mount_linux into two functions, itself and do_mount_linux

	* aux/macros/check_hide_mount_type.m4: better failover

	* aux/ changed version to 6.1a1; added

	* aux/ added @am_utils_autofs_style@

	* amd/opts.c: added "mount_type" option

	* amd/ops_autofs.c: ifdef-ed out solaris code; moved all autofs
	variables in here; split create_autofs_service into sun and linux
	specific functions

	* amd/nfs_start.c: removed autofs-specific variables

	* amd/map.c (get_root_nfs_fh): renamed root_fh to get_root_nfs_fh
	(get_root_ap): renamed root_ap to get_root_ap

	* amd/amfs_toplvl.c (amfs_toplvl_ops): replaced
	amfs_toplvl_mounted with amfs_auto_mounted
	(mount_amfs_toplvl): moved code around, added autofs handling
	(amfs_toplvl_mounted): removed

	* amd/amfs_nfsl.c (amfs_nfsl_ops): removed amfs_auto_fu?mount,
	replaced with amfs_nfsl_u?mount

	* amd/amfs_linkx.c (amfs_linkx_ops): removed amfs_auto_fumount,
	replaced with amfs_link_umount

	* amd/amfs_link.c (amfs_link_ops): removed amfs_auto_fu?mount,
	replaced with amfs_link_u?mount

	* amd/amfs_direct.c (amfs_direct_ops): changed "mounted" function
	from amfs_toplvl_mounted to amfs_auto_mounted

	* all: added autofs hooks throughout the code

	* amd/am_ops.c (vops): autofs_ops doesn't belong in here, removed

	* README.autofs: linux status update

2000-02-24  Erez Zadok  <>

	* minor new port: alphaev6-dec-osf5.0

	* doc/am-utils.texi (Supported Platforms): hpux-11 supports NFSv3,
	but only for UDP.

	* released snapshot am-utils-6.0.4s3

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_hpux11.h: support NFSv3 in hpux-11.  Note
	that hpux-11 NFSv3 supports UDP only, and trying TCP locks up the
	kernel!  Must set nfs_proto=udp in amd.conf [global].

	* aux/config.guess.long: set and export PATH separately.  DU5
	/bin/sh doesn't like setting it on the command line in a
	back-tick'ed `script`.

2000-02-24  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* removed struct_nfs_mount_data.m4

	* aux/macros/struct_nfs_mount_data.m4: deleted

	* aux/acconfig.h: removed definition for HAVE_NFS_MOUNT_DATA

	* aux/ removed check for struct nfs_mount_data

2000-02-24  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* amd/amfs_auto.c (amfs_auto_bgmount): changed log message to
	avoid having 'failed' in a message not indicating a failure
	(amfs_auto_lookuppn): ditto

	* amd/ops_autofs.c (autofs_bgmount): ditto
	(autofs_lookuppn): ditto

2000-02-24  Erez Zadok  <>

	* added .cvsignore files into the CVS repository.

	* remove files which can be regenerated: .in, configure, some
	files in aux/, and more.

2000-02-20  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi (nfs_vers/nfs_proto): description of two
	parameters was reversed.  Reported by Paul Jenner

2000-02-16  Erez Zadok  <>

	* released snapshot am-utils-6.0.4s2

	* amd/mntfs.c (realloc_mntfs): don't fallback on certain ops such
	as inherit, error, and toplvl (failover code).

	* amd/conf.c (gopt_nfs_vers, gopt_nfs_proto): two new (documented)
	global options in amd.conf: one to set the NFS version globally
	(i.e., nfs_vers=2), and one to set the NFS protocol globally
	(i.e., nfs_proto=udp).

	* amd/mntfs.c (realloc_mntfs): attempt to fix the failover code,
	so when a matching mount entry failed, try the next one.

2000-02-15  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/amfs_auto.c: a new debug option "readdir" to trace the
	progress of the browsable_dirs code.

	* conf/mount/mount_linux.c (mount_linux): ensure that the new
	linux NFSv3 code works for v2-only machines.

2000-02-14  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/ cleanup unused dnl entries.

	* conf/mount/mount_linux.c (parse_opts): typo: check for string
	equality, not string inequality for pcfs and cdfs.

	* aux/acconfig.h: look for MNT2_NFS_OPT_INTR as well.

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (compute_mount_flags): check for INTR and
	NOINTR options as well (intr was never passed to linux mount

2000-02-10  Erez Zadok  <>

	* released snapshot am-utils-6.0.4s1

	* aux/GNUmakefile: buildall -k (for maintainers) temporarily now
	ignores autoconf warnings: "The macro `AC_OUTPUT_COMMANDS' is
	obsolete".  It is harmless but annoying, and will be fixed when
	autoconf and automake in their respective CVS trees are working
	and in sync again.

	* scripts/amd.conf.5: document -D hrtime,xdrtrace

	* all man pages: update copyright to 2000.

	* doc/am-utils.texi: update copyright to 2000.

Wed Feb  9 14:22:31 2000  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* include/am_utils.h (D_XDRTRACE): Define.
	(D_TEST): Disable here.

	* libamu/xutil.c (dbg_opt): Handle it.

	* doc/am-utils.texi (-D-Option): Document it.

	* libamu/xdr_func.c: Use it instead of D_TRACE.

	* include/am_utils.h (D_HRTIME): Define.

	* doc/am-utils.texi (-D-Option): Document it.

	* libamu/xutil.c (show_time_host_and_name): Print high-resolution
	timestamp if available and activated.

	* aux/ (clock_gettime): Check for it in -lrt and

	* hlfsd/hlfsd.c (mnttab_file_name): Initialize to MNTTAB_FILE_NAME
	if defined, even for some systems with in kernel mount tables.

2000-02-08  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* aux/macros/mount_headers.m4: remove #if 0 around linux/nfs.h to
	allow compiles against libc5

	* aux/macros/check_mnttab_type.m4: avoid detecting nfs3 under
	linux when the kernel doesn't support it

	* include/am_compat.h: add workaround for linux efs

2000-02-08  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/ test for ANSI C compiler (before AC_C_CONST).
	Comment out unused AC_STRUCT_ST_RDEV (which is obsolete anyway).

2000-02-07  Ion Badulescu  <>

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (compute_nfs_args): turn on VER3 option for
	nfs (linux NFSv3).

	* include/am_defs.h: avoid reinclusion of some header files under

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_linux.h: support NFSv3.

	* conf/mount/mount_linux.c (mount_linux): support nfs mount
	 (implementation) version 4 for NFSv3.

	* aux/macros/try_compile_nfs.m4: use AC_MOUNT_HEADERS.

	* aux/macros/mount_headers.m4: don't include <linux/fs.h> (may
	need to fix the code on other linux machines).

	* aux/macros/check_mnttab_type.m4 (ac_safe): ditto.

	* aux/macros/check_fs_mntent.m4 (ac_safe): check for nfs3 option
	under linux (depends on ac_cv variable, is that a good idea?)

	* added NFSv3 support for linux

	* aux/{,acconfig.h}: new option ver3

	* aux/macros/mount_headers.m4: commented out inclusion of
	linux/fs.h, it's not needed on rh61 (and actually generates
	conflicts), we should see if it's still needed on libc5 systems

	* aux/macros/try_compile_nfs.m4: use AC_MOUNT_HEADERS rather than
	try to have its own (out of date) list of headers and ifdef's and

2000-02-07  Erez Zadok  <>

	*** Released am-utils-6.0.3					***

2000-02-06  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/mount/mount_default.c: dummy empty file to work around a
	limitation of automake (it looks for LIBBOBJS in aclocal.m4 and
	processes them even if they are optional, enclosed in if/else).

2000-01-29  Erez Zadok  <>

	* released snapshot am-utils-6.0.3s5

2000-01-25  Erez Zadok  <>

	* update to use latest version of autoconf, automake, and libtool.

	* aux/GNUmakefile (depcomp): "make update" should also update the
	depcomp script.

	* (EXTRA_DIST_AUX): include depcomp in distribution.

	* aux/ use renamed AC_CHECK_AMU_FS.

	* aux/macros/check_amu_fs.m4: renamed macro name and file name to
	say AMU_FS, not AM_FS.

	* aux/acconfig.h: renamed HAVE_AM_FS_* to HAVE_AMU_FS_* because
	latest version of autoconf doesn't handle it (bug in 2.14a)

	* aux/ require version 2.14 of autoconf.

	* amd/mapc.c (mapc_reload_map): more fixes from Nick Williams.

	* doc/am-utils.texi (Automount Filesystem): document type:=auto
	map browsability option.

	* amd/mapc.c (make_entry_chain): patch from Steven Danz
	<> to allow browsable auto maps.

2000-01-24  Erez Zadok  <>

	* released snapshot am-utils-6.0.3s4

	* amd/mapc.c (mapc_reload_map): fixes to sync maps even if they
	are set to mapcache:=sync.  Fix from Nick Williams

2000-01-20  Erez Zadok  <>

	* released snapshot am-utils-6.0.3s3

	* minor port to i386-unknown-netbsd1.4.1

	* amd/nfs_subr.c (nfsproc_getattr_2_svc): patch from Nick Williams
	<> to fix (or reduce the incidence of) stale
	file handles when doing rapid mounts and umounts in succession
	such as "ls /vol/foo ; amq -u /vol/foo ; ls /vol/foo"

2000-01-18  Erez Zadok  <>

	* minor port to i386-pc-bsdi4.1.

2000-01-13  Erez Zadok  <>

	* libamu/wire.c (getwire_lookup): pass NULL as conf_file (2nd)
	argument to irs_gen_acc(), which was changed in bsdi 4.1.

2000-01-12  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/get_args.c (get_args): don't use MNTTAB_FILE_NAME for
	systems with in-kernel mount tables unless this macro is defined
	(Solaris 8).

2000-01-01  Erez Zadok  <>

	* ALL: bump copyright year to 2000.

1999-12-16  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/mount/mount_svr4.c (mount_svr4): optionstr exists on
	solaris 7, but should not be used unless MAX_MNTOPT_STR also
	exists (solaris 8).

	* doc/am-utils.texi (opts Option): document new mount option:

Fri Dec 10 01:31:53 1999  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* conf/trap/trap_svr4.h (MOUNT_TRAP): Pass mount option string to
	(mount_svr4): Adapt prototype.
	* conf/mount/mount_svr4.c (mount_svr4): Pass them to kernel so
	they are evaluated and show up in Solaris 8 in-kernel mnttab.

	* aux/ Check for new Solaris 8 MS_OPTIONSTR mount(2)
	* aux/acconfig.h (MNT2_GEN_OPT_OPTIONSTR): Provide template.

1999-12-10  Erez Zadok  <>

	* released snapshot am-utils-6.0.3s2

1999-12-09  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi (opts Option): document noexec and nomnttab
	(new to Solaris 8).

	* (EXTRA_DIST_CONF): include nfs_prot_sunos5_8.h in

	* applied fixes from Rainer Orth for Solaris 8.

	* libamu/wire.c (getwire): increment the cp pointer in the loop
	body, because the ioctl() inside the "for" loop will overwrite the
	ifr structure, thus not detecting all of the interfaces.  Bug
	reported and fixed by Amitha Perera <>.

Thu Dec  9 19:09:38 1999  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* conf/mtab/mtab_svr4.c (unlockmnttab, lockmnttab): No-ops if

	* amd/get_args.c (get_args): Initialize mnttab_file_name even for
	in-kernel mount table.  conf/mtab/mtab_svr4.c (read_mtab) depends
	on a non-NULL value.

	* amd/info_ldap.c (get_ldap_timestamp): Don't peek into opaque
	LDAP structure to get error code, but use it directly.
	(amu_ldap_search): Likewise.

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_sunos5_7.h: Rip superfluous and wrong
	ldap support.
	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_sunos5_8.h: Likewise.

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_sunos5_8.h: New file, doesn't typedef
	nfsstat, already in <nfs/nfs.h>.
	* aux/macros/check_nfs_prot_headers.m4: Use it for all Solaris
	versions beyond 7.
	Allow for micro versions of SunOS 5.[67].

	* aux/ Check for new Solaris 8 Beta Refresh
	MS_NOMNTTAB mount(2) option.
	* aux/macros/check_mnttab_location.m4: Use it to test for
	mntfs-based in-kernel mnttab.

	* aux/macros/os_cflags.m4: Treat Solaris 8 and higher like 2.6/7.

	* aux/macros/check_fs_headers.m4: Revert test for duplicate
	* aux/macros/check_fs_mntent.m4: Likewise

	* aux/macros/HEADER: Fixed typo.

	* include/am_defs.h: Likewise.

1999-12-01  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/macros/*.m4: prepare for hpux-12 (assume same as hpux-11)

1999-11-16  Erez Zadok  <>

	* BUGS: document glibc-2.1 nis file descriptor leak in yp_bind.

	* amd/info_ldap.c (string2he): updated function which does not
	corrupt strings when called more than once.  Patch from

1999-11-15  Erez Zadok  <>

	* MIRRORS (Asia): two new mirrors in Japan.

1999-11-10  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi: document new variables for ${uid} and ${gid}.

	* amd/nfs_subr.c (nfsproc_lookup_2_svc): find the uid/gid of the
	last lookup from the RPC credentials.

	* aux/ upped version-info to 4:0:2 because I've added
	a new interface to libamu.

	* libamu/misc_rpc.c (getcreds): moved function from hlfsd to here,
	so it can be used by amd.

	* amd/opts.c: new variables ${uid} and ${gid}.

1999-10-15  Erez Zadok  <>

	* scripts/ add "status" command that tells you if amd
	is running on not (same output as RedHat scripts).
	Added start_msg and stop_msg targets as they are used on HPUX.
	reported by Jon Peatfield <>.

1999-10-13  Erez Zadok  <>

	* released snapshot am-utils-6.0.3s1

1999-10-12  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/amd.c (main): On AIX you must lower the stack size using
	ulimit() before calling plock.  Otherwise plock will reserve a lot
	of memory space based on your maximum stack size limit.  Since it
	is not easily possible to tell what should the limit be, I print a
	warning before calling plock(). See the manual pages for
	ulimit(1,3,4) on your AIX system.

	* include/am_defs.h: define default extern for vsnprintf()

	* aux/ check for extern definition for vsnprintf()

1999-10-08  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/amfs_auto.c (amfs_auto_bgmount): patch from Nick Williams
	<>.  SYMPTOMS: 'occasionally' sublinks do not point to
	the correct location, but to the top level of the mountpoint and
	an (error-hook) is seen being mounted in the log file. This causes
	things to Go Wrong(TM).
	CAUSE: When evaluating two locations which are requested
	'practically simultaneously', and the two locations resolve to the
	same NFS mountpoint (but different sublinks), the later request
	will be "deferred" and retried after wakeup when the first mount
	succeeds. To do this, it rewinds the options location string to
	re-evaluate the location when the mount is retried. However, it
	shouldn't rewind the options for two reasons: (a) the semantics of
	the map language say you shouldn't and (b) the NFS mount reference
	is not reset at the same time, meaning that on the retry it will
	have an options structure out-of-sync with the mount
	structure. The "shortcut" code when retrying the mount sees the
	mount structure is already filled in and does not fully evaluate
	the options structure.... so if the first location is not the one
	which ties in with the mountpoint (see ordering in the
	recreate-by), you're now well messed up.

	* BUGS: mention aix4.3 plock() bug (memory usage blows up and
	plock fails)

1999-10-07  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/GNUmakefile: certain files should be copied if they are
	newer, not also if they are bigger: install-sh, ltconfig,, mdate-sh, missing, mkinstalldirs, and texinfo.tex.

	* minor new port: i586-pc-linux-gnu-rh6.1 (RedHat Linux 6.1)

1999-10-05  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/macros/check_nfs_prot_headers.m4: prepare for OSF-5.

	* aux/macros/check_nfs_fh_dref.m4: prepare for Tru64, aka OSF-5.

1999-09-30  Erez Zadok  <>

	*** Released am-utils-6.0.2					***

1999-09-27  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/mount/mount_linux.c (mount_linux): print the updated mount

	* doc/am-utils.texi: document $full_os and $vendor.

	* scripts/amd.conf-sample: examples of $full_os and $vendor.

	* scripts/amd.conf.5: document $full_os and $vendor.

	* amd/conf.c: add support for $full_os and $vendor.

1999-09-26  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi (netgrp Selector Function): don't give
	examples with old single '=' assignment variable.  Use foo:=bar.

	* amd/amfs_auto.c (amfs_auto_bgmount): corectly indent long
	comment describing this complex function.

	* doc/ (alldocs): do install-ps last (because distiller
	is slow) and install-html next to last (because texi2html is also

	* amd/amd.8: Major fixes to the description of the option -t

	* doc/am-utils.texi: better description of "trace" debug option.
	amd -H (not -v) shows log_options and debug_options.  Major fixes
	to the description of amd -t timeout.retransmit, and the amd.conf
	parameters nfs_retransmit_counter and nfs_retry_interval.

	* scripts/amd.conf.5: better description of "trace" debug option.
	amd -H (not -v) shows log_options and debug_options.  Major fixes
	to the description of the parameters nfs_retransmit_counter and

1999-09-25  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi (Automount Filesystem): cache:= is not a mount
	option, but a mount map option.

	* libamu/xutil.c (switch_to_logfile): log the name of the log file
	we switched into, after the log file had been [re]opened.

1999-09-24  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/mapc.c (mapc_reload_map): count and show the number of times
	a map was reloaded.  Only reload a map if its modify-time was
	updated.  But amq -f forced a reload no matter what.

	* amd/amd.h: new flag to struct mnt_map to count number of times a
	map was reloaded.

	* amd/mapc.c (mapc_reload_map): attempt to reload the map without
	losing current data by reloading into a temp copy, and switching
	the hashes round only if the reload was successful.  Patch from Jon
	Peatfield <>.
	(mapc_sync): mapc_reload_map() always succeeds.

1999-09-22  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/info_ldap.c (amu_ldap_rebind): don't busy-loop trying to
	rebind to an LDAP server forever.  Try up to 10 times.

	* fsinfo/fsi_lex.l (yyerror): rework code that will never happen

	* released snapshot am-utils-6.0.2s2

	* aux/ bumped library version-info to 3:2:1, since
	some libamu code got changed.

	* libamu/xutil.c (real_plog): use vsnprintf, not vsprintf, which
	is better and more secure.  Fix from "David O'Brien"

	* aux/ check for vsnprintf.

1999-09-21  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/macros/linux_headers.m4: use AC_MSG_ERROR.

	* aux/macros/opt_{cppflags,ldflags,libs,amu_cflags}.m4: the ARG is
	not optional.  Make sure ARG is supplied else flag an error.

1999-09-18  Erez Zadok  <>

	* minor port i386-unknown-freebsdelf3.3

	* released snapshot am-utils-6.0.2s1

1999-09-17  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/ (AC_CHECK_FUNCS): check for getitimer().

	* include/am_defs.h: extern definition for getitimer().

	* aux/ use AC_CHECK_EXTERNS.  Look for getitimer()

	* aux/macros/check_extern.m4: define a simple AC_CHECK_EXTERNS
	that calls AC_CHECK_EXTERN in a loop.  This saves repeated code in

	* aux/macros/type_auth_create_gidlist.m4: AIX 4.x systems use
	'int' as the 5th arg to authunix_create().

	* aux/macros/type_recvfrom_fromlen.m4: all AIX 4.x systems use a
	size_t for the 6th arg of recvfrom().

	* aux/macros/os_cflags.m4: define _XOPEN_EXTENDED_SOURCE for
	aix4.x systems.

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (print_nfs_args): cast some values to int, to
	avoid gcc -Wall errors.

	* scripts/ use sockaddr_in(), not pack() to correctly fill
	in a struct sockaddr_in.  On Solaris x86 hosts, using pack()
	results in byte-misaligned values.   Bug fix from Jeffrey C Honig

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (compute_automounter_mount_flags): turn on
	automntfs (ignore on bsdi-4.1) flag.
	(compute_automounter_nfs_args): ditto.

	* aux/acconfig.h: add new flag for automntfs (ignore)

	* aux/ check for new automntfs flag (bsdi-4.1).

1999-09-14  Erez Zadok  <>

	* MIRRORS: added new site in Germany.  Updated status of
	and, who may no longer be mirroring am-utils.

1999-09-08  Erez Zadok  <>

	*** Released am-utils-6.0.1					***

1999-09-08  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/macros/mount_headers.m4: bsdi-2.1 needs MAXQUOTAS and struct
	netexport defined.

	* aux/macros/try_compile_anyfs.m4: bsdi-2.1 needs MAXQUOTAS and
	struct netexport defined.

1999-09-07  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/macros/check_field.m4 (ac_upcase_var_name): include
	<ifaddrs.h> so we can detect fields within struct ifaddrs.

	* libamu/wire.c (getwire): bsdi-2.1 uses a second arg to
	getifaddrs() and struct ifaddrs has no ifa_next field.

	* aux/ check if 'struct ifaddrs' has a field

	* include/amq_defs.h (AMQ_STRLEN): double size of amq string
	length to 2048 bytes.

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_netbsd1_4.h: include several more nfs
	header files and ufs/ufs/ufsmount.h.  Bug reported by <Christos

	* aux/macros/try_compile_anyfs.m4: include <ufs/ufs/ufsmount.h>.
	Bug reported by <Christos Zoulas>

	* aux/macros/mount_headers.m4: include <ufs/ufs/ufsmount.h>

1999-09-06  Erez Zadok  <>

	* libamu/xutil.c (expand_error): use strerror if available instead
	of sys_errlist.  Bug reported by <Christos Zoulas>

	* hlfsd/hlfsd.c (fatal): use strerror if available instead of

	* amq/amq.c (show_mi): use strerror if available instead of

	* aux/macros/check_nfs_prot_headers.m4: make sure netbsd1.4
	nfs_prot header is used for any future (1.5 etc.) netbsd systems.

	* amq/pawd.c (find_mt): check for type nfsl as well.  Fix from
	"Andrew J. Korty" <>

1999-08-29  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi (Supported Platforms): updates for redhat

	* INSTALL: updates for redhat systems.

	* libamu/wire.c (getwire_lookup): spell "succeeded" correctly

1999-08-28  Erez Zadok  <>

	* scripts/ sleep 1 second between killing amd and
	restarting it, because amq may respond that amd is down, where in
	fact it is still trying to unmount itself after unmapping itself
	from the portmapper.

	* aux/config.guess.long: new script to print long version of
	config.guess output.

	* buildall (host_alias): use long version of config.guess.

1999-08-27  Erez Zadok  <>

	* scripts/ctl-{amd,hlfsd}.in: update RH tags for start/stop

1999-08-24  Erez Zadok  <>

	* released snapshot am-utils-6.0.1s11

	* libamu/xutil.c (expand_error): make sure expanding the string
	with textual version of errno doesn't overrun the 1024 bytes
	(real_plog): null terminate msg, just in case.

	* amq/amq.c (main): don't getopt -M option and don't process it
	unless ENABLE_AMQ_MOUNT is on.

	* amd/amq_svc.c (amq_program_1): all code that relates to amq -M
	is conditional on #ifdef ENABLE_AMQ_MOUNT.

	* amd/amq_subr.c: remove amqproc_mount_1_svc() function invoked
	when amq -M code is disabled.  Not taking any chances.

1999-08-23  Erez Zadok  <>

	* released snapshot am-utils-6.0.1s10

Sun Aug 22 16:18:59 1999  Erez Zadok  <>

	* libamu/wire.c (getwire_lookup): if getnetbyaddr failed (e.g., on, try to shift the network out of zeros (e.g.,
	128.59.16) and try again.  Irix 6.4 requires short network

1999-08-22  Erez Zadok  <>

	* libamu/wire.c (getwire_lookup): correctly compute subnet using

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (compute_automounter_nfs_args): require that
	Amd's own NFS mounts use reserved ports (if possible).  IP packet
	security fix from Jeffrey C Honig <jch@BSDI.COM>.

	* conf/transp/transp_tli.c (create_autofs_service): use correct
	autofs_port.  IP packet security fix from Jeffrey C Honig

	* conf/transp/transp_sockets.c (bindnfs_port): remove unnecessary
	function.  IP packet security fix from Jeffrey C Honig
	(create_nfs_service): use bind_resv_port() directly.  ensure that
	privileged ports are used.  IP packet security fix from Jeffrey C
	Honig <jch@BSDI.COM>.

	* amd/nfs_prot_svc.c (nfs_program_2): verify that requests come
	from reserved ports and from a local IP address.  IP packet
	security fix from Jeffrey C Honig <jch@BSDI.COM>.

	* amd/amq_subr.c (ok_security): use IPPORT_RESERVED, instead of
	hard-coded 1024.  IP packet security fix from Jeffrey C Honig
	(amqproc_mount_1_svc): provide information on the caller making an
	amq -M request.  IP packet security fix from Jeffrey C Honig

	* amd/map.c (free_map_if_success): If the program doing an unmount
	of a program filesystem fails, amd tries to interpret the return
	code as an errno.  Fix from Jeffrey C Honig <jch@BSDI.COM>.

	* amd/info_nis.c (determine_nis_domain): don't always print
	warning about NIS domain name not being set, even if NIS is not in

1999-08-21  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/info_ldap.c (get_ldap_timestamp): initialize variable err.
	(amu_ldap_search): initialize variable err.

1999-08-16  Erez Zadok  <>

	* libamu/wire.c: written using getifaddrs() for BSD systems,
	contributed by BSDI, Jeffrey C Honig <jch@BSDI.COM>).

1999-08-15  Erez Zadok  <>

	* include/am_utils.h (SALLOC): a simple macro to allocate N bytes.

	* aux/ check for irs.h and ifaddrs.h.
	Increase --version-info to 3:1:1 since we've changed the
	source code for the library.
	Check for getifaddrs() function.

1999-08-14  Erez Zadok  <>

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (print_nfs_args): print fields namlen and
	bsize if they exist.

	* conf/mount/mount_linux.c (mount_linux): set nfs_args_t->namlen
	and ->bsize fields correctly, if those fields exist.  This is a
	bug in that amd neglected to set these fields, but told the
	kernel it is mounting the nfs_args_t structure using mount version
	3 (which requires both bsize and namlen fields).

	* aux/ test for two new nfs_args_t fields (used on
	newer linux with mount versions 2 and 3): bsize and namlen.

	* doc/am-utils.texi (netgrpd Selector Function): document new
	selector function.

	* amd/opts.c (f_netgrpd): new amd map function netgrpd(ARG) to
	test if the current host (fully-qualified name) is in the ARG host
	netgroup.  The netgrp() function uses the short form of a host
	name.  Patch from Christophe Kalt <>.

	* doc/am-utils.texi (automount2amd): document new script.

	* scripts/ create, install, and distribute
	automount2amd perl script and its man page.

	* scripts/automount2amd.8: new man page for automount2amd.

	* scripts/ new file, contributed a in 1993 by
	Mike Walker <>.  Fixed to use addopts for
	any automount map options specified.

1999-08-09  Erez Zadok  <>

	* released snapshot am-utils-6.0.1s9

1999-08-09  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/amfs_auto.c (DOT_DOT_COOKIE): set the NFS cookie of '..' to
	(amfs_auto_readdir): use DOT_DOT_COOKIE instead of (u_int)~0.
	(amfs_auto_readdir_browsable): use DOT_DOT_COOKIE instead of

	* amd/mapc.c (make_entry_chain): NFS cookies should be
	monotonically increasing, because Linux 2.3 expects that, even
	though it is not in the spec (RFC-1094) for NFS V2.

1999-08-06  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/macros/check_lib_funcs.m4: removed unused macro.

	* aux/macros/linux_headers.m4: new macro to ensure that linux
	kernel headers match running kernel version.

	* aux/acconfig.h: define HOST_HEADER_VERSION so we can check if
	amd is configured on linux hosts that run one kernel but have
	headers for a different version.

	* amd/info_nis.c (nis_isup, nis_search, nis_init): fixes for the
	logic which uses nis_isup and has_yp_order.  Make sure it is used
	correctly , esp. for NIS+ in NIS-compatibility mode.  Bug fix from
	Peter Breitenlohner <>.

	* include/am_defs.h: fix conflicts on linux 2.2 systems with older
	libc5.  Bug fix from Peter Breitenlohner <>.

	* scripts/ use sockaddr_in(), not pack() to
	correctly fill in a struct sockaddr_in.  On Solaris x86 hosts,
	using pack() results in byte-misaligned values.

1999-08-02  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/mtab/mtab_aix.c (mnt_dup): add support for nfs3
	mounting, as per Dale Talcott <>.  Also use
	better macros for case statement.

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_sunos5_7.h: don't include ldap structures
	unless ldap is actually available.

	* use updated config.guess and config.sub.  Use newer automake
	that fixes problems with distributing optional libamu files
	(clnt_sperrno.c, hasmntopt.c, strcasecmp.c, strdup.c, strstr.c,
	and ualarm.c)

1999-07-19  Erez Zadok  <>

	* minor port i386-unknown-openbsd2.5

1999-07-17  Erez Zadok  <>

	* minor ports to freebsdelf 3.[0-2] and 4.0 completed

	* aux/macros/check_nfs_prot_headers.m4: support freebsdelf

	* aux/macros/check_nfs_socket_connection.m4: support freebsdelf

1999-06-24  Erez Zadok  <>

	* released snapshot am-utils-6.0.1s8

1999-06-23  Erez Zadok  <>

	* include/am_defs.h: avoid various header conflicts on
	RedHat/Linux 6.0 and kernels 2.2.10 or newer.

	* aux/ look for <db1/ndbm.h> (RedHat/Linux 6.0 and
	kernel 2.2.10)

	* amd/amfs_program.c (amfs_program_exec): make sure logfp is
	initialized dynamically to stderr if needed.

	* libamu/xutil.c (dplog): make sure logfp is initialized
	dynamically to stderr if needed.
	(plog): ditto.

	* amd/amfs_program.c (amfs_program_exec): set logfp to stderr if
	not initialized.

	* libamu/xutil.c: don't initialize logfp statically to stderr,
	because on RedHat/Linux 6.0 (kernel 2.2.10) stderr can no longer
	be manipulated like a variable.

	* include/am_defs.h: avoid more conflicts between <linux/fs.h> and
	<sys/mount.h> on 2.2 linux kernels.
	include <db1/ndbm.h> as needed (RedHat/Linux 6.0)

1999-04-20  Erez Zadok  <>

	* all use AMU_NFS_PROT_HEADER (not *_HEADERS)

	* aux/macros/check_nfs_prot_headers.m4 (AMU_NFS_PROT_HEADER):
	renamed AC_SUBST name from *_HEADERS to *_HEADER so that automake
	won't attempt to add it to the header files to distribute.

1999-04-19  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/GNUmakefile: invoke aclocal with new --altdir flag.

1999-04-16  Erez Zadok  <>

	* minor new port: i386-unknown-netbsd1.4 (ALPHA)

	* aux/macros/check_field.m4: no need to include <cdfs/cdfsmount.h>
	and <isofs/cd9660/cd9660_mount.h> because they are also included
	from MOUNT_HEADERS.  Causes multiple inclusion of unprotected
	headers on netbsd-1.4_ALPHA.

1999-04-15  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/macros/extern_sys_errlist.m4 (pattern): netbsd-1.4_ALPHA's
	sys_errlist extern doesn't end with [].

	* aux/macros/check_nfs_prot_headers.m4: netbsd 1.4 support.

1999-04-11  Erez Zadok  <>

	* newer automake wants texinfo.tex to be in aux/ not doc/

1999-03-30  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/conf_parse.y: alloca support.

	* fsinfo/fsi_gram.y: alloca support.

	* libamu/ (libamu_la_LIBADD): compile alloca.o if

	* aux/ test for alloca support.  Needed because bison
	generates parsers that use alloca, and hpux9 does have alloca and
	its /bin/cc doesn't support it builtin (the way gcc does).

	* libamu/alloca.c: new file, needed on hpux9 with /bin/cc.  Taken
	verbatim from bison-1.25.

	* include/am_defs.h: fixed typo #errir -> #error

	* released snapshot am-utils-6.0.1s7

	* README.y2k: more information about am-utils' compatibility, from
	Paul Balyoz <>.

	* scripts/ (Splice_in_resent_headers): ensure Y2K
	compliant format.  Patch from Paul Balyoz

	* doc/am-utils.texi (Supported Platforms): hpux10.20 could have
	nfs v.3 support (with some vendor patches), but it is turned off.

	* aux/macros/os_cflags.m4: use ansi compiler options on hpux.

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_hpux.h: Turn off NFS V.3 support to avoid
	confusing am-utils.  10.20 with some patches has incomplete
	support.  Patch from Jon Peatfield

1999-03-24  Erez Zadok  <>

	* minor port i386-pc-bsdi4.0.1

1999-03-20  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi (Supported Platforms): add forgotten listing
	for powerpc-linux.

1999-03-18  Erez Zadok  <>

	* scripts/amd.conf.5: fix typo.  From Jeffrey C Honig

	* doc/am-utils.texi: document iso9660 options norrip, gens, and
	(opts Option): documented dumbtimr and noauto options.  From
	Jeffrey C Honig <jch@BSDI.COM>.

	* include/am_compat.h: define default strings for options norrip,
	gens, and extatt.

	* amd/ops_cdfs.c (mount_cdfs): support options norrip, gens, and

	* aux/macros/mount_headers.m4: also include
	<isofs/cd9660/cd9660_mount.h> as needed.

	* aux/ check for isofs mount options for bsdi4:
	norrip, gens, and extatt.  Reported by Jeffrey C Honig

	* aux/macros/check_mnt2_cdfs_opt.m4: check for ISOFSMNT_* flags

1999-03-17  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_freebsd3.h: ditto.

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_bsdi3.h: include <ufs/ufs/ufsmount.h>,
	for bsdi4, as per Jeffrey C Honig <jch@BSDI.COM>.

1999-03-15  Erez Zadok  <>

	* get latest copies of config.guess, config.sub, ltconfig, and from libtool-1.2f.

	* all don't use continuation lines (using \) for
	short lists of files.

	* libamu/ (DISTCLEANFILES): make distclean should
	remove mountutil.c, mtabutil.c, transputil.c, and umount_fs.c.
	Reported by Jeffrey C Honig <jch@BSDI.COM>.

	* fixmount/ (DISTCLEANFILES): make distclean should
	remove checkmount.c.  Reported by Jeffrey C Honig <jch@BSDI.COM>.

	* (DISTCLEANFILES): make distclean should remove
	amu_nfs_prot.h, config.cache.old, and dbgcf.h.  Reported by
	Jeffrey C Honig <jch@BSDI.COM>.

1999-03-13  Erez Zadok  <>

	* released snapshot am-utils-6.0.1s6

1999-03-12  Erez Zadok  <>

	* INSTALL: document freebsdelf.

	* doc/am-utils.texi (Supported Platforms): document freebsdelf.

1999-03-08  Erez Zadok  <>

	* minor new ports: i386-unknown-freebsdelf3.1 and

	* aux/macros/check_nfs_prot_headers.m4: freebsd4 support.

	* aux/macros/check_nfs_socket_connection.m4: freebsd4 support.

	* aux/macros/check_nfs_fh_dref.m4: freebsd4 support.

	* amd/opts.c (eval_opts): changed log level of "executing
	negated..." message from USER to INFO, as per Guntram Wolski

1999-02-17  Erez Zadok  <>

	* */ (LDADD): force linking against an installed

	* doc/am-utils.texi (addopts Option): document remopts interaction
	with addopts.

	* amd/am_ops.c (ops_match): if addopts are specified, apply them
	to the value of remopts as well as opts.

	* amd/ops_nfs.c (mount_nfs_fh): tell users when remopts are used.

1999-02-05  Erez Zadok  <>

	* released snapshot am-utils-6.0.1s5

	* conf/mount/mount_linux.c (mount_linux): set default nfs_args
	options for ac{reg,dir}{min,man} as per the mount-2.8a package,
	but only if noac option was not used.

1999-02-05  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/mount/mount_linux.c (mount_linux): print nfs_args again
	since it was updated.
	(mount_linux): use 4KB for NFS rsize/wsize on 2.1.0 linux kernels
	and newer.  Bug was found by Neil Conway

1999-02-04  Erez Zadok  <>

	* released snapshot am-utils-6.0.1s4

1999-02-03  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amq/amq.c (main): don't list -M as a valid amq option unless
	configure'd with --enable-amq-mount.

Wed Feb  3 18:11:18 1999  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* amd/nfs_start.c (amd_use_autofs): Define.
	(mount_automounter): Create autofs service listener only if
	necessary to avoid unnecessary clashes with e.g. automountd.

	* amd/amd.h (amd_use_autofs): Declare.

	* amd/conf.c (gopt_mount_type): Set amd_use_autofs.
	(ropt_mount_type): Likewise.

1999-02-02  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/macros/check_mnt2_nfs_opt.m4:: ditto

	* aux/macros/check_mnt2_cdfs_opt.m4: ditto

	* aux/macros/check_mnt2_gen_opt.m4: ditto

	* aux/macros/check_mnttab_opt.m4: new macro in this file to loop
	over AC_CHECK_MNTTAB_OPT.  Reduces size of configure script a lot.

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_netbsd1_3.h: include nfs/rpcv2.h,
	nfs/nfs.h and nfs/nfsmount.h if they exist.  Patch from (Christos Zoulas).

	* amd/info_hesiod.c: some forward declarations.  Patch from (Christos Zoulas).

1999-01-28  Erez Zadok  <>

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (compute_nfs_args): don't turn on/off noconn
	option if it was already in that state.  Patch from David
	Wolfskill <>.

1999-01-20  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/ automake nowadays supports LTLIBOBJS (but not
	LTALLOCA yet).  Substitute value of LIBTOOL_DEPS for libtool
	rebuild make rules.

	* new rules to remake libtool (maintainers only)

	* amd/amfs_toplvl.c (mount_amfs_toplvl): print generic mount flags
	if -D trace was used.

1999-01-18  Erez Zadok  <>

	* buildall: all if statements should have an else clause because
	of Ultrix's /bin/sh.

1999-01-15  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amq/amq.c: removed dummy variables.

	* amq/pawd.c: removed dummy variable.s

	* fixmount/fixmount.c (usage): removed dummy variables.

	* fsinfo/fsinfo.c: removed dummy variables.

	* hlfsd/hlfsd.c: removed dummy variables.

	* wire-test/wire-test.c: removed dummy variables.

	* mk-amd-map/mk-amd-map.c: removed dummy variables.

	* doc/texinfo.tex: updates from GNU mirror.

	* aux/GNUmakefile (../doc/texinfo.tex): new rule to update
	doc/texinfo.tex from GNU mirror.

	* released snapshot am-utils-6.0.1s3

	* (install-snapshot): better snapshot and new
	install-snapshot and test-snapshot rules (maintainer).

	* amd/info_ldap.c (amu_ldap_init): don't run STREQ if one of the
	args may be NULL.
	Some dlog() entries were not enclosed in #ifdef DEBUG.  Fix from
	Bill Paul <>

1999-01-13  Erez Zadok  <>

	* check for experimental generic 'ignore' mount flag on freebsd3.

	* Update library -version-info to 3:0:1 (will result in 2.1.0 .so
	version, which is backwards compatible with older versions.)  Only
	one new interface was added to libamu.

	* amd/amfs_toplvl.c (mount_amfs_toplvl): add generic mount flags
	that are specific to automounter mounts.

	* aux/ update age and revision since a new
	interface was added to libamu/mount_fs.c

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (compute_automounter_mount_flags): new
	function to compute generic mount flags that are specific to mount
	points only.

	* aux/{,acconfig.h}: add support for generic mount
	entry ignore option.

	* released snapshot am-utils-6.0.1s2

	* amd/info_ldap.c (get_ldap_timestamp): dlog format fixes.

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (print_nfs_args): solaris 2.7 changed format
	of knc_semantics from u_long to u_int.

	* aux/macros/check_mount_style.m4: freebsd3 no longer needs a
	special mount helper.

1999-01-12  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/macros/check_nfs_prot_headers.m4 (AMU_NFS_PROT_HEADERS):
	amu_nfs_conf.h should always be found in $top_builddir.

Tue Jan 12 00:05:42 1999  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_sunos5_7.h (MNTTAB_TYPE_AUTOFS): Undefine
	to avoid wrong reports from show_fstypes.

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_irix5.h (MNTTAB_TYPE_XFS): Likewise.

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_hpux11.h (MNTTAB_TYPE_NFS3): Likewise.

Tue Jan 12 00:05:42 1999  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* BUGS (mips-dec-ultrix4.3): Update Ultrix caveats.

Tue Jan 12 00:05:42 1999  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* hlfsd/homedir.c (delay): Cast child to long, adapt format.
	(hlfsd_getpwent): Likewise for pw_uid.

	* amd/info_nis.c (nis_init): Cast order to unsigned long, adapt

	* conf/transp/transp_tli.c (amu_clnt_create_best_vers): Cast
	tv_sec to int to match format.
	(get_nfs_version): Cast nfs_version, NFS_VERSION to int to match

	* amd/amfs_program.c (amfs_program_exec): Cast ptr difference to
	long, adapt format.

	* include/am_defs.h: Handle __attribute__ if available.  From
	GNU fileutils 4.0 lib/errors.h.

Mon Jan 11 13:46:44 1999  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (print_nfs_args): Cast sizeof() to int to
	match format.

	* hlfsd/stubs.c (nfsproc_getattr_2_svc): Cast uid, gid to long,
	adapt format.
	(nfsproc_lookup_2_svc): Likewise.
	(nfsproc_readlink_2_svc): Likewise for userid, groupid.

	* hlfsd/nfs_prot_svc.c (nfs_program_2): Cast args to int to match

	* hlfsd/homedir.c (homedir): Cast uid, child to long, adapt

	* amd/info_hesiod.c (hesiod_search): Cast m, pval, tp to unsigned
	long, adapt format.

	* amd/ops_nfs.c (find_nfs_fhandle_cache): Cast fh_wchan to
	unsigned long, adapt format.
	(got_nfs_fh): Likewise.
	(prime_nfs_fhandle_cache): Cast fh_nfs_version to int to match
	(call_mountd): Likewise, mnt_version also.
	(mount_nfs_fh): Likewise.

	* amd/ops_autofs.c (autofs_program_1): Cast args to int to match
	(autofs_unmount_1_svc): Cast ur->devid, ur_rdevid, ur->next to
	unsigned long, adapt formats.
	(autofs_bgmount): Cast opt_fs to unsigned to, adapt format.
	(autofs_bgmount): Use long format to match arg.
	(autofs_lookuppn): Removed superfluous arg.

	* amd/srvr_nfs.c (start_ping): Cast nfs_version to int to match
	(got_portmap): Likewise for port.
	(recompute_portmap): Likewise for fs->fs_version, mnt_version.
	(find_nfs_srvr): Likewise for nfs_version.

	* amd/sched.c (sched_task): Cast wchan to unsigned long, adapt

	* amd/nfs_start.c (checkup): Cast ptr difference to long, next_mem
	to unsigned long, adapt format.
	Cast tvv.tv_sec to int to match format.

	* amd/nfs_prot_svc.c (nfs_program_2): Cast args to int to match

	* amd/map.c (root_fh): Cast pid to long, adapt format.
	(timeout_mp): Cast time_t to long, adapt format.

	* amd/clock.c (reschedule_timeouts): Use long format, cast time_t

	* amd/amfs_host.c (fetch_fhandle): Cast nfs_version to int to
	match format.
	(amfs_host_fmount): Likewise.
	(amfs_host_umounted): Likewise.  Removed superfluous arg.

	* amd/amfs_auto.c (amfs_auto_bgmount): Cast pointer to unsigned
	long, adapt format.
	(amfs_auto_bgmount): Use long format, cast time_t arg.
	(amfs_auto_lookuppn): Removed superfluous arg.

	* amd/amd.c (main): Cast geteuid() result to long, adapt format.

	* conf/transp/transp_sockets.c (get_nfs_version): Cast nfs_version
	to int to match format.

	* include/am_utils.h: Declare plog, dplog as printf-like.

	* conf/mount/mount_irix6.c (mount_irix): Print type as char *.

Mon Jan 11 13:46:44 1999  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* amd/info_hesiod.c (hesiod_isup): New function.
	* amd/mapc.c (maptypes): Add it.

1999-01-10  Erez Zadok  <>

	* released snapshot am-utils-6.0.1s1

1999-01-09  Erez Zadok  <>

	* ALL: bump copyright year to 1999.

Fri Jan  8 15:24:15 1999  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* aux/macros/check_mtype_type.m4: Ultrix uses an int mount type,

	* aux/macros/check_mtype_printf_type.m4: Adapt corresponding
	printf type.

Fri Jan  8 15:24:15 1999  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* aux/acconfig.h: Removed HAVE_AM_FS_AUTOFS, unused.

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_irix6.h: Likewise.

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_sunos5_6.h: Likewise.

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_sunos5_7.h: Likewise.

	* (EXTRA_DIST_DIRS): Removed, not needed by current

Thu Jan  7 02:55:18 1999  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* aux/ (AM_PROG_YACC): Replaced by AC_PROG_YACC, not
	in current automake.

Thu Jan  7 02:55:18 1999  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* doc/am-utils.texi: Added some missing inter-punctation after
	@xref, or use @pxref/@ref as appropriate.  Spotted by makeinfo
	from texinfo 3.12b.

1999-01-07  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/texinfo.tex: updated off of latest GNU mirror.

1999-01-04  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi (Supported Platforms): update platforms that
	support NFS v.3.  Nicer postscript printing on double-sided pages.

	* amd/info_hesiod.c: add extern definition for hesiod_init()

1999-01-01  Erez Zadok  <>

	*** Released am-utils-6.0					***

1998-12-28  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_sunos5_7.h: support ldap in solaris 2.7.

1998-12-27  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_bsdi3.h: don't use reserved ports on
	bsdi4 for NFS V3/nfs mounts.

1998-12-26  Erez Zadok  <>

	* using latest libtool (1.2e + patches), now supporting shared
	libraries on many more systems.  Also using latest autoconf and
	automake (unreleased GNU CVS'd versions.)

	* minor new ports: hppa2.0w-hp-hpux11.00,
	i386-unknown-netbsd1.3.3, mips-sgi-irix6.5.

	* fsinfo/fsinfo.h (yywrap): define it for systems (osf4) that
	have /usr/bin/flex but not libfl.

1998-12-24  Erez Zadok  <>

	* lots of code cleanup, to make sure does not use
	undefined symbols.  Some system's shared libraries cannot handle

1998-12-23  Erez Zadok  <>

	* include/am_defs.h: only defined seteuid extern if function also
	exists and is not superceded by setresuid (hpux).

	* amd/ops_autofs.c (autofs_bgmount, autofs_lookuppn): put explicit
	braces to avoid confusion with nested if-then-else clauses.

	* aux/config.{sub,status}, aux/{,ltconfig,mkinstalldirs:
	updated from latest versions.

1998-12-22  Erez Zadok  <>

	* minor new port: i386-pc-bsdi4.0

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_bsdi3.h: add missing hesiod header
	definitions for bsdi4.

	* {amd,fsinfo}/ force path to .y/.l files, because
	some make programs (bsdi4) do not support VPATH correctly.

1998-12-16  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/mount/mount_aix.c: minor code cleanup

	* aux/ check for extern definition to xdr_groups.

1998-12-15  Erez Zadok  <>

	* minor new port: powerpc-ibm-aix4.3.1.0

	* aux/macros/*.m4: updates for aix 4.3

1998-12-14  Erez Zadok  <>

	* minor new port: i386-unknown-openbsd2.4

	* aux/ don't check for xfs on openbsd because
	openbsd-2.4 introduces a new file system named xfs, but different
	than Irix's XFS.  Sigh.

	* minor new port: i386-unknown-freebsd2.2.8

1998-12-03  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/amfs_nfsl.c (amfs_nfsl_ffserver): use case insensitive host
	name match.  Bug fix from Douglas K. Rand" <>.

1998-11-20  Erez Zadok  <>

	* scripts/ wait4amd2die runs in the stop action, to
	avoid race conditions when shutting down systems running amd.

	* add a dist-hook to change modes of the directories
	in the tar file so they are not world writable.

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_freebsd3.h: turned on NFSv3 support,
	since it is now finally defined in the header files and
	(hopefully) stable.

	* amd/srvr_nfs.c (find_nfs_srvr): allow overriding if nfsv2 option
	is specified in mount options.  freebsd patches from David

	* amq/amq.c (main), fixmount/fixmount.c (main), hlfsd/hlfsd.c
	(main), fsinfo/fsinfo.c (fsi_get_args), hlfsd/hlfsd.c (main),
	amd/get_args.c (get_args): posix: use -1 to check for return from
	getopt() (not EOF), as per posix.

	* amd/amq_subr.c (xdr_amq_mount_tree_node): patches from "David
	O'Brien" <>, from the FreeBSD source tree.  Use
	real variable whose pointer is on the stack for decoding a long

1998-11-11  Erez Zadok  <>

	* scripts/ctl-{amd,hlfsd}.in: include comments useful for redhat's
	chkconfig utility.

1998-11-10  Erez Zadok  <>

	* released snapshot am-utils-6.0b2s3

	* conf/transp/transp_sockets.c (create_nfs_service): remove C++
	style comments.

1998-11-04  Erez Zadok  <>

	* released snapshot am-utils-6.0b2s2

	* created CVS package

	* amd/nfs_subr.c (nfsproc_lookup_2_svc): try to avoid a race
	condition between unmounting and re-mounting an entry, by
	increasing the ttl of a looked up entry before unmounting it.
	Patch from Mike Mitchell <>.

	* All files: spell comments and strings.

1998-11-03  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/ look for yp_all in libnsl only if yp_all not
	already found elsewhere (in libc or other default libraries).
	This is so RedHat 5.1 systems could find yp functions in libnsl,
	but also so AIX 4.2.1 will NOT include libnsl, because the latter
	has broken nis functionality that also exists and works ok in libc.

1998-10-29  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/amd.c (main): bug fix: swapped arguments to kill(2).  Fix
	from Danny Rathjens <>.

1998-10-28  Erez Zadok  <>

	* released snapshot am-utils-6.0b2s1

1998-10-27  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/macros/*.m4: support bsdi4 as bsdi3.

	* aux/macros/os_ldflags.m4: enable detection of LDAP on solaris
	2.7 (libraries located in /usr/lib/fn).  This is off until Sun
	includes LDAP header information.

1998-10-20  Erez Zadok  <>

	*** Released am-utils-6.0b1					***

1998-10-18  Erez Zadok  <>

	* mk-amd-map/mk-amd-map.c (main): use perror not strerror.
	(main): set return type to int if no ndbm maps.

	* include/am_defs.h: avoid conflicts with <sys/mount.h> in 2.1

1998-10-18  Erez Zadok  <>

	* A.i386-unknown-netbsd1.3.2/amu_nfs_prot.h: trim down and cleanup
	for netbsd 1.3.2.

1998-10-17  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/ check for yp_all in libnsl, b/c redhat 5.1
	systems put NIS functions there.

	* mk-amd-map/mk-amd-map.c: patch from "David O'Brien"
	<> merged in.  Use POSIX -1 return code from
	getopt(), not EOF.  Use .db extentions for systems that use it,
	instead of .{pag,dir}.

1998-10-15  Erez Zadok  <>

	* wire-test/wire-test.c, hlfsd/hlfsd.c, fixmount/fixmount.c,
	amd/amd.c (main): avoid overrunning hostname buffer.  Bug fix from
	"David O'Brien" <>.

	* scripts/amd.conf.5: minor typo reported by "David O'Brien"
	<> in .TH section of man page.

	* amd/info_nis.c (am_yp_all): don't leak key-val entries.  Patch
	from Thomas Richter <>.

1998-10-12  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi (Program Filesystem): minor typo fixed as per
	Andreas Stolcke <>.

	* minor new ports: sparc64-unknown-linux-gnu, i386-pc-solaris2.7,
	and sparc-sun-solaris2.7.

	* conf/mount/mount_freebsd3.c (mount_freebsd3): freebsd 3.0 is now
	a 4.4lite kernel, and somethings were removed, such as

	* amd/ops_autofs.c (autofs_lookuppn): don't leak memory while
	processing /defaults.  Free temporary opts.  Patch from (Daniel S. Riley)

	* amd/amfs_auto.c (amfs_auto_lookuppn): don't leak memory while
	processing /defaults.  Free temporary opts.  Patch from (Daniel S. Riley)

	* conf/mtab/mtab_osf.c (read_mtab): patch from (Daniel S. Riley) not to access
	 uninitialized memory on Digital Unix.

1998-10-09  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/macros/{check_mtype_type,check_mtype_printf_type}.m4: most
	systems now use "char *" as their mount type.

1998-10-08  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/conf.c (gopt_map_type, ropt_map_type): check if map type

	* amd/mapc.c (mapc_type_exists): function to test if a map of
	certain type exists.

1998-10-08  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/macros/{mount_headers,try_compile_anyfs,try_compile_nfs}.m4,
	include/am_defs.h: Avoid a conflict in definitions of ntohl/htonl
	in RH-5.1 sparc64 between <netinet/in.h> and
	<linux/byteorder/generic.h> (2.1 kernels).

1998-09-28  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/macros/func_bad_yp_all.m4 (ac_cv_func_yp_all_clean): RedHat
	5.1 systems with glibc glibc-2.0.7-19 or below leak a UDP socket
	from yp_all().

1998-09-25  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/mount/mount_linux.c (parse_opts): check for pcfs support
	only if autoconfigured.

1998-09-18  Erez Zadok  <>

	* (EXTRA_DIST): distribute README.yk2 file.

	* README.y2k: explain y2k compliance status of am-utils.

1998-09-16  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/amfs_host.c (fetch_fhandle, amfs_host_fmount,
	amfs_host_umounted): clnt_sperrno() may return a const.

Sat Aug  8 23:28:32 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/ check for <nfs/nfsmount.h>, as per Christos
	Zoulas. Turned on checking for mount options: async, synchronous,
	deadthresh, leasterm, nqnfs, and readahead.

	* amd/info_nis.c: patch from (Christos Zoulas)
	to include prototype definition for nis_isup().

Sun Jul 19 18:50:10 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* hlfsd/stubs.c (getcreds): force sscanf arg to u_long.

Tue Jul 14 20:34:25 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* released snapshot am-utils-6.0a17s1

Wed Jul  8 21:49:15 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/macros/host_macros.m4: all x86 hosts should have $arch be
	i386, not i[456]86.

Tue Jul  7 18:55:09 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/macros/{mount_headers,try_compile_anyfs,try_compile_nfs}.m4,
	include/am_defs.h: include <linux/posix_types.h> before
	<linux/fs.h> because on redhat 5.1, there is a bug (misuse) of
	headers in <socketbits.h> (it defines _LINUX_TYPES_H instead of

	* aux/ check for <linux/posix_types.h> because it is
	need for RedHat 5.1.

Wed Jun 17 00:05:33 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* scripts/ (EXTRA_DIST): have fixrmtab generated from
	.in as well, so it doesn't get removed by make clean.

Tue Jun 16 22:00:15 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/macros/{check_fs_mntent.m4, check_mnttab_type.m4,
	check_mount_type.m4}: redhat 5.1 puts some modules in

Wed May 13 16:33:57 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/ops_autofs.c (mount_autofs): cast pid to long.

Tue Apr 28 15:12:36 1998  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_irix6.h,
	conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_sunos5_6.h: Undef MNTTAB_TYPE_AUTOFS too to
	avoid amd/am_ops.c (show_fstypes) from erroneously claiming

Fri Apr 24 23:02:11 1998  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* libamu/xutil.c (get_syslog_facility): Don't use LOG_DAEMON
	unconditionally, may be missing on Ultrix V4.3.

Thu Apr 23 20:24:33 1998  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_sunos5_4.h (MNTTYPE_CACHEFS): Define,
	missing from <sys/mntent.h>.

	* conf/mtab/mtab_ultrix.c: Need separate inclusion of <sys/fs_types.h>
	without KERNEL defined here.

	* aux/macros/mount_headers.m4: Need to include <ufs/ufs_mount.h>,
	<cdfs/cdfs_mount.h>, <cdfs/cdfsmount.h> so autoconfiguration of
	ufs_args_t, cdfs_args_t fields and cdfs mount options can succeed.

	* amd/ops_ufs.c (mount_ufs): Removed obsolete comment.

	* ChangeLog: Fixed confusing linebreaks from ChangeLog imports.
	Removed purely local (and obsolete) entry.

Thu Apr 23 00:22:17 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	*** Released am-utils-6.0a16					***

Wed Apr 22 01:20:39 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/macros/check_mount_style.m4: define freebsd3 mount style.

	* aux/macros/check_mount_trap.m4: new mount trap for freebsd3.

	* aux/macros/check_mtype_printf_type.m4,
	aux/macros/check_mtype_type.m4 (ac_cv_mtype_type,): freebsd3 (as
	of snapshot 3.0-980311-SNAP) uses char * types for mount(2), not
	integers, but I'll keep them as integers and do the mapping in

	* minor new port to i386-pc-bsdi3.1.

	* minor new port to i386-unknown-netbsd1.3.1.

	* amd/opts.c: new option addopts:=ARG, which smartly merges ARG
	options with whatever the /default ones for a key are.  This
	allows adding or overriding /default options individual keys.

	* amd/am_ops.c (ops_match): strdup/malloc string assigned to
	opt_opts because it'll get free()'d upon next use.
	(merge_opts): new function to merge two sets of options.
	(ops_match): if addopts option exist, append and merge it to the
	current default options.

Tue Apr 21 12:54:59 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* wire-test/wire-test.c (main): use dynamically allocated returned
	string with list of interfaces.

	* amd/get_args.c (get_version_string): allocate enough space for
	header version string and a list of network interfaces of any

	* libamu/wire.c (print_wires): return dynamically allocated string
	containing list of networks.  Must be dynamic because some sites
	had potentially dozens of network interfaces.  Patch from Matthew
	Crosby <> slightly modified.

Mon Apr 20 00:37:20 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_irix5.h: underfine MNTTYPE_XFS because
	irix 5.3 does not have full header definitions for it.

	* fsinfo/fsi_lex.l (yywrap): define yywrap if needed, and
	undefined it when not needed (similar to amd/conf_tok.l)

	* hlfsd/hlfsd.h (ROOTID, SLINKID, INVALID): reduced maximum size
	of these to unsigned short (because uid_t on some linux systems is

	* released snapshot am-utils-6.0a16s10

	* doc/am-utils.texi (opts Option): documented resvport mount

Sun Apr 19 18:17:03 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi (-D-Option): document behavior of -D info and
	especially what it does to hesiod (turn on RES_DEBUG).

	* scripts/amd.conf.5: document info debugging option.

	* libamu/xutil.c (dbg_opt): parse info debugging option.

	* include/am_utils.h (D_INFO): define new trace option.

	* (EXTRA_DIST): include list of official mirrors in

	* libamu/wire.c (SIZE): in the simple case, just compute
	sizeof(struct ifreq).

Sun Apr 19 16:30:35 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/amd.c (daemon_mode): set a temporary secure umask(0022)
	before writing log file and restore it afterwards.  Patch from
	Donald Buczek <buczek@MPIMG-Berlin-Dahlem.MPG.DE>.

	* amd/get_args.c (get_args):

	* doc/am-utils.texi (-F Option), amd/amd.8: mention that amd.conf
	file specified by -F is always processed last.

	* amd/amd.c (daemon_mode): do not fclose(stdout) so that the fd
	won't be reused.  Allows startup script to redirect stdout.  Patch
	from Donald Buczek <buczek@MPIMG-Berlin-Dahlem.MPG.DE>.

	* libamu/xutil.c (switch_to_logfile): compare logfile name and
	syslog string with correct length.  Patch from Donald Buczek

	* amd/restart.c (restart): correctly inherit existing NFS V.3
	mounts upon restart.  Patch from Donald Buczek

Sat Apr 18 19:01:19 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* using libtool 1.2 and automake 1.3 (with my patches).

	* aux/macros/opt_am_cflags.m4, */ rename AM_CFLAGS to
	AMU_CFLAGS to avoid conflicts with automake-1.3.

Sun Apr  5 23:09:08 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* converted to using libtool-1.2.

Tue Mar 10 16:52:09 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* fsinfo/fsi_analyze.c (fixup_required_mount_info): replaced silly
	for loop (ITER) which used to run only to initialize the variable
	dd once and then break; with a simple assignment.

	* hlfsd/hlfsd.h: cleanup so it compiles with Solaris
	/opt/SUNWspro/bin/cc, and use gid_t not int.

	* amd/mapc.c (mapc_sync): don't dereference pointer (so it
	compiles with Solaris /opt/SUNWspro/bin/cc)

Sun Mar  8 15:54:22 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/config.{guess,sub}: used from gcc-2.8.1.

Sat Mar  7 15:33:27 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* released snapshot am-utils-6.0a16s9

	* INSTALL, doc/am-utils.texi (Supported Platforms): updated names
	based on new output of new config.guess.

	* aux/config.{sub,guess}: used newer versions from gcc-2.8.0.

	* amd/amd.8,doc/am-utils.texi: document correct usage of default
	/etc/amd.conf file.

	* fixmount/fixmount.c (inetresport,privsock): use some more
	portable code from amq/amq.c.

	* amd/get_args.c (get_args): use default /etc/amd.conf file only
	if no arguments had been passed to amd.

	* fixmount/fixmount.c (clnt_create_timeout): use tli/socket code
	ala amq/amq.c so that fixmount will work on both types of systems.

	* amq/amq.c (main): do no close tcp socket before running udp try,
	because we're not sure if it was opened at all.

	* mips-dec-ultrix* port merged in and cleaned up.

	* aux/ up minor shared library revision number, since
	it has changed enough.

	* hlfsd/hlfsd.c (main): don't check for overlay mount option here,
	as it is now done in compute_nfs_args().  Remove ultrix specific
	code also because it was moved to compute_nfs_args().

	* conf/mount/mount_svr4.c: removed DEBUG_MOUNT_SVR4 code, now that
	we have more generic code in print_nfs_args().

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (print_nfs_args): print maxlen of
	nfs_args.addr, and also syncaddr (which is mostly NULL).  Print
	struct knetconfig from nfs_args->knconf.

	* aux/macros/mount_headers.m4 (define): do not check for ufs/cdfs
	headers here, but in try_compile_anyfs.m4.

	* aux/macros/type_ufs_args.m4: move test for struct ufs_specific
	(for ultrix) here from its own macro.

	* aux/macros/type_cdfs_args.m4: move test for struct iso_specific
	(for ultrix) here from its own macro.

	* amd/ops_nfs.c (mount_nfs_fh): no need to run code again checking
	for overlay mount option.  Remove code which checks for overlay
	option, as it is now done in compute_nfs_args().

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (compute_mount_flags): move here code which
	checks for overlay mount option which was in amd/amfs_toplvl.c:

Wed Feb  7 15:35:51 1998  Rainer Orth  <ro@xayide.TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* The following are Rainer's ChangeLog entries for his ultrix
	port, added manually. -Erez.

	* merged Ultrix port with am-utils 6.0 a16s5: amd/ops_afs.c
	(mount_toplvl) -> amd/amfs_toplvl.c (mount_amfs_toplvl)

	* include/am_defs.h: include cdfs specific mount headers
	avoid duplication definition of gt_names[] in <sys/fs_types.h> (Ultrix)

	* include/am_compat.h: define several mount options corresponding
	to mount flags: pgthresh, hard (nfs), defperm, nodefperm,
	noversion, rrip (cdfs), nocache, quota, sync (generic) removed
	duplicate MNTTAB_OPT_RO definition

	* aux/macros/try_compile_anyfs.m4: include Ultrix specific
	ufs/cdfs mount headers

	* aux/macros/mount_headers.m4: include several Ultrix/Digital UNIX
	specific mount headers

	* aux/macros/check_{fs_mntent, mount_type}.m4: check for GT_*
	mount types in mount headers (Ultrix)

	* aux/ Ultrix/Digital UNIX specific checks: new
	headers, mount structures and fields, filesystem and mount types,
	mount flags

	* aux/acconfig.h: placeholders for new mount options: quota
	(generic), ro (nfs), defperm, nodefperm, noversion, rrip (cdfs)
	cdfs, nfs, ufs mount structure fields new ufs, cdfs mount

	* amd/ops_ufs.c (mount_ufs): Ultrix stores generic mount flags in
	ufs_args.ufs_flags and has ufs specific pgthresh option

	* amd/ops_cdfs.c (mount_cdfs): handle Ultrix/Digital UNIX specific
	CDFS mount flags and options

	* amd/ops_afs.c (mount_toplvl), amd/ops_nfs.c (mount_nfs_fh),
	hlfsd/hlfsd.c (main): store generic mount flags in
	nfs_args.gfs_flags, handle separate NFS ro flag

	* aux/macros/{check_mnt2_cdfs_opt, struct_iso_specific,
	struct_ufs_specific}.m4: new files; check for Ultrix specific
	mount structures

	* conf/trap/trap_ultrix.h: arg 3 to mount(2) is rwflag

	* aux/macros/type_auth_create_gidlist.m4 (ultrix*):
	AUTH_CREATE_GIDLIST_TYPE is int (not short == gid_t) from a
	comment in <rpc/auth.h>

	* include/am_defs.h: #define KERNEL to avoid definition of
	gt_names[] conf/mtab/mtab_ultrix.c: #include <sys/fs_types> before
	<config.h> to force single definition here

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (compute_nfs_args): Ultrix support for
	nfs_args.gfs_flags moved to callers store mount options in

	* include/am_defs.h: fix _am_mntent mnt_{type, opts} field

	* aux/macros/mount_headers.m4, aux/macros/try_compile_nfs.m4:
	include <rpc/rpc.h> before AMU_NFS_PROTOCOL_HEADER for svc_req
	definition in prototypes

	* aux/macros/mount_headers.m4: include <sys/errno.h> before
	AMU_NFS_PROTOCOL_HEADER: <nfs/nfs.h> needs it for NFSERR_*

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_ultrix.h: new file

	* aux/macros/check_nfs_prot_headers.m4: use nfs_prot_ultrix.h

	* aux/macros/mount_headers.m4, aux/macros/try_compile_nfs.m4,
	aux/macros/try_compile_rpc.m4, include/am_defs.h: avoid multiple
	inclusion of <rpc/xdr.h>

Sat Mar  7 13:56:05 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/ save state of config.cache and confdefs.h
	(as dbgcf.h) at various points of the configure.

	* aux/macros/save_state.m4: new macro to save state of configure,
	esp. useful in long ones.  Saves confdefs.h and write $ac_cv_*
	cache variables that are known so far.

	* released snapshot am-utils-6.0a16s8

1998-03-06  Erez Zadok  <>

	* fsinfo/fsi_lex.l,amd/conf_tok.l: define ECHO after undefining
	it, but only for flex.

Fri Mar  6 17:23:17 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* hlfsd/homedir.c (plt_print): change pathname of hlfsd dump file
	to /usr/tmp/hlfsd.dump.XXXXXX, and use a safe method (if possible)
	to write the dump file.

	* doc/am-utils.texi,amd/opts.c: rename all references to nomadic
	functions to boolean functions, which is what they really are.

	* aux/ don't look for strcasecmp in libucb at all,
	but rather complete it from libamu/strcasecmp.c as needed.

Fri Mar  6 03:29:20 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_osf4.h: avoid conflicts with Irix's EFS.

	* libamu/wire.c (getwire): fix for loopback on SunOS 3.X
	which defines IFF_ROUTE instead of IFF_LOOPBACK.  Patch from Tom
	Schmidt <>.

	* released snapshot am-utils-6.0a16s7

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_hpux11.h: a first working port of amd to

Thu Mar  5 21:59:03 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* converted all sources to use mntent field names, and map mnttab
	field names to mntent's.

	* include/am_defs.h (mnt_special): map struct mnttab field names
	to struct mntent field names.

	* aux/macros/check_mount_trap.m4: hpux11's mount trap style is
	identical to svr4/solaris2.

	* aux/macros/check_mount_style.m4: hpux11's mount style is
	identical to svr4/solaris2.

	* aux/macros/check_network_transport_type.m4: hpux11 is a TLI

	* aux/macros/check_nfs_sa_dref.m4: hpux11's NFS host address
	dereferencing style is same as svr4.

	* aux/macros/check_nfs_fh_dref.m4: hpux11's NFS file fh
	dereferencing style is same as svr4.

	* conf/transp/transp_tli.c (create_nfs_service): if failed to
	getnetconfigent() of ticlts, then try udp (hpux11).

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_hpux11.h: added correct definitions for
	struct nfs_args, nfs_fh, and NFSMNT_* flags, taken from solaris
	2.5.1 (HP used them).

	* amd/rpc_fwd.c (fwd_init): don't use O_NDELAY for t_open()
	because hpux11 doesn't like it. if t_open failed, print error
	based on t_errlist, not sys_errlist.

Wed Mar  4 22:01:55 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi: lots of documentation fixes from Rainer Orth

Sat Feb 28 22:16:35 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* fsinfo/fsi_lex.l: undefine ECHO again, so it doesn't get used

	* include/am_defs.h: defined the extern for ualarm() if it isn't
	found, regardless if the function isn't found in standard
	libraries, because otherwise libamu will include it.

1998-02-28  Erez Zadok (per Ron Snyder)  <>

	* initial port to hpux-11 completed.  Compiles cleanly, but
	probably does not work, because of missing NFS V.2/3 headers.

	* amd/conf_tok.l: cast yytext to char* when passed to strlen and
	strdup, for hpux-11's ansi-cc compiler.

	* include/am_utils.h: renamed all xfree() to XFREE() to avoid
	conflict with hpux-11's system headers.  Also move (voidp) cast
	from sources to inside the macro itself.

Sat Feb 28 13:44:21 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* released snapshot am-utils-6.0a16s6

	* amd/info_nis.c (nis_isup): new function to test if NIS is up
	without hanging amd.  Used to ensure that amd does not clear the
	maps when the expiration period arrived, if the service is down.
	Otherwise it would be left with empty maps.  It is better to stay
	with possibly old information than none at all.

	* amd/mapc.c (mapc_sync): check to see if map service is up.

Tue Feb 24 02:19:42 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/macros/check_lib2.m4 (AC_CHECK_LIB2): fix macro so it
	includes auxiliary library only if needed.

1998-02-22  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/conf_tok.l: undefine ECHO again, so it doesn't get used

Sun Feb 22 01:41:08 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_osf2.h: port to alpha-dec-osf2.1

	* conf/mtab/mtab_osf.c (mnt_dup): not all OSF have NFS3.

Sat Feb 21 19:45:48 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi (Network Host Filesystem): correct example for
	type:=host map.

	* aux/macros/os_cflags.m4: only osf4 should compile with

	* aux/macros/check_nfs_prot_headers.m4: distinguish between OSF2
	and OSF4.

	* BUGS: include a new file listing known bugs.

Sat Feb 21 03:50:48 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_linux.h: turn DES off on all linux

	* aux/macros/type_recvfrom_fromlen.m4: linux alpha should use
	size_t for recvfrom fromlen arg.

Sat Feb 21 03:33:59 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* scripts/ turn -D fork so primary process never

Sat Feb 21 02:45:51 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* include/am_defs.h: don't include <sys/stat.h> and
	<linux/stat.h>, just remaining definitions in <statbuf.h>

Thu Jan 29 00:44:28 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* released snapshot am-utils-6.0a16s5

	* conf/mount/mount_irix6.c (mount_irix): pass {u,e,x}fs_args to

	* check for <sys/fs/xfs_clnt.h> and include it when needed.

	* conf/mount/{mount_irix5.c,mount_irix6.c} (mount_irix): recognize
	efs and xfs separately from "ufs".

	* amd/{ops_xfs.c,ops_efs.c}: new support for irix xfs/efs.

	* aux/ look for irix efs and xfs file systems.

	* scripts/amd.conf.5: new unmount_on_exit option documented.

	* doc/am-utils.texi (unmount_on_exit): new option documented.

	* amd/conf.c (gopt_unmount_on_exit): new function to handle new
	amd.conf option.

	* amd/map.c (umount_exported): if global amd.conf flag
	unmount_on_exit is on, then try to unmount all mounted (or
	restartable) file systems.

	* amd/amd.c: if print_pid option is on, then normally print it to
	stdout.  If also pid_file is specified, then print the process ID
	into that file.

	* amd/get_args.c (get_args): print correct -l option depending if
	system supports syslog and/or syslog facilities.  Patch from
	Tom Schmidt <>.

	* doc/am-utils.texi (opts Option): updates for documentation for
	new cdfs options defperm, nodefperm, noversion, rrip.

	* amd/ops_cdfs.c (mount_cdfs): support cdfs options defperm,
	nodefperm, noversion, rrip.

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_osf.h: need to look at <cdfs/cdfsmount.h>
	on osf.

	* aux/macros/{expand_cpp_hex.m4, expand_cpp_int.m4,
	expand_cpp_string.m4}: use #error to make failed compilations
	fail faster, rather than have the program fail during a run.

	* include/am_compat.h: added a few new cdfs options: rrip,
	noversion, defperm, and nodefperm (used in OSF).

Wed Jan 28 20:24:09 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* released snapshot am-utils-6.0a16s4

	* doc/am-utils.texi (Global Parameters): update manual for new
	amd.conf global variable hesiod_base.

	* scripts/amd.conf.5: update man page for new amd.conf global
	variable hesiod_base.

	* amd/get_args.c (get_args): use /etc/amd.conf file if exists by
	default, else try command line options.  Patch from Randall
	S. Winchester <>.

Wed Jan 28 12:20:56 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/info_hesiod.c (hesiod_search), amd/conf.c
	(gopt_hesiod_base), amd/amd.h, amd/amd.c (init_global_options):
	included patch from Randall S. Winchester <>, to
	support a hesiod base name in the amd.conf file.

	* doc/am-utils.texi (pid_file Parameter): document new global
	amd.conf parameter.

	* scripts/amd.conf.5: document new global option pid_file.

	* amd/amd.c (daemon_mode): if cannot open pid_file, continue to
	run, but print error message.

	* amd/conf.c (gopt_pid_file), amd/amd.h, amd/amd.c (daemon_mode,
	init_global_options): Included patch from Randall S. Winchester
	<>, to support pid files in the amd.conf file.

	* amd/get_args.c (get_args): correct usage info on amd -t.

	* amd/*.c: massive file name and symbol name changes.  All amd
	file systems files and symbols are prefix with amfs_*.  Now using
	real name of file system: amfs_auto instead of afs, amfs_inherit
	instead of ifs, amfs_linkx instead of sfsx, etc.  This will enable
	clear distinction between amd file system and generic ones like
	nfs/ufs/pcfs/hsfs.  Also, now we can implement true afs (Andrew
	f/s) and DFS (Distributed f/s).

	* amd/amfs_union.c: unionfs for amd is always defined, no need to
	#ifdef it.

Mon Jan 26 16:51:38 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (compute_nfs_args): set 'noconn' NFS option on
	or off, based on the particular quirks of the OS in question.

	* aux/macros/check_nfs_socket_connection.m4: new macro to set the
	correct wait of handling un/connected NFS sockets.

	* scripts/ use rlogin instead of rsh.

	* amd/am_ops.c (ops_showfstypes): when showing F/S types in amd
	-v, always show "nfs3" for NFS V.3.

1998-01-25  Erez Zadok  <>

	* lots of small fixes for solaris 2.6, since gcc 2.8.0 -Wall gets
	more picky than did.

1998-01-24  Erez Zadok  <>

	* include/am_utils.h (dlog): amuDebug macros reduced to shorter

Fri Jan 23 18:38:30 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* released snapshot am-utils-6.0a16s3

	* include/am_defs.h: on Solaris 2.6, <sys/varargs.h> is included
	in <sys/fs/autofs.h> but since stdargs.h is used, and varargs.h
	must not, fake a definition for varargs.

Fri Jan 16 10:16:40 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* README: show how to configure in additional support such as
	hesiod using various --enable-* flags.

Wed Jan 14 15:13:02 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/ look for strcasecmp(), and replace it if not

	* amd/ops_nfsl.c (nfsl_match): host names should be compared using
	case insensitive.

	* amd/opts.c: for each map variable, define if the comparison
	needs to be done case insensitive.

	* include/am_utils.h (STRCEQ): a new macro to use strcasecmp().
	Patch from Thomas Richter <>

1998-01-14  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/ look for "isofs" as a possible mount type for
	cdfs (RedHat Linux).

Wed Jan 14 02:07:05 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/mount/mount_linux.c (parse_opts): don't look for cdfs mount
	type if not defined.

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_linux.h: don't define __FD_* macros if
	already defined.

	* aux/ look for ext2fs before ufs, b/c some linux
	have both.

Mon Jan 12 15:43:20 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* (snapshot): allow me to install snapshots into the
	ftp directory.

	* scripts/ don't turn on -D mem by default.

	* amd/get_args.c (get_args): minor bug in output of amd -H.

Mon Jan 12 03:05:06 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	*** Released am-utils-6.0a15					***

Sun Jan 11 15:06:34 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/conf.c (*_browsable_dirs): allow specifying
	browsable_dirs=full, which will print *all* entries (other than
	/default), including  those with '*' and '/' characters.

	* amd/info_file.c (MAX_LINE_LEN): up maximum readdir chain length
	to 1500.

	* doc/am-utils.texi: fixed reversed documentation for NFS mount
	options vers and proto.

	* doc/ (install-html): separate target just for
	installing html files.  Another new target "alldocs" is just for
	installing all files needed for the am-utils home page.

	* scripts/amd.conf-sample: updated example for log_file.

	* scripts/amd.conf.5: updated for new way to declare new syslog
	facility in the log_file option.

	* amd/amd.8: updated for new way to declare new syslog facility in
	the -l option.

	* libamu/xutil.c (get_syslog_facility): allow users to specify the
	syslog facility as an appended string to the log device.  Ex. amd
	-l syslog:local7 will use LOG_LOCAL7, while the older -l syslog
	will use the default LOG_DAEMON facility.

	* amd/get_args.c (get_args): updated new syntax for amd -l

Thu Jan  8 04:05:10 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/macros/host_macros.m4: don't confuse sun3 (sparc) with sun3

	* libamu/wire.c (print_wires): bug fix.  Nullify output buffer
	before appending to it, on systems with two or more network

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_sunos5_3.h: add missing definition for
	the mntent for cachefs.

	* include/am_defs.h: external definition for strstr() should use
	const for both arguments.

	* aux/ add extern definitions for getwd() if missing.

	* include/am_defs.h: define the extern for strdup() even if the
	function does not exist, for it will be filled in by

	* amq/pawd.c (cluster_server): don't use getccent() if the extern
	for it isn't there.  On hpux 10.20, the function is in libc, but
	<cluster.h> and struct cct_entry do not exist.

	* aux/ check for an extern for getccent() b/c some
	hpux systems don't have it (hpux 10.20).

Wed Jan  7 00:09:19 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi (Amq -T option): manual documentation updates
	for new amq options -T/-U.

	* amq/amq.8: updated man page for new amq options -T/-U.

	* amq/amq.c: two new switches to amq. -U will contact amd using
	UDP only.  -T will use TCP only.  Normally amq will try TCP and
	if that failed, will try UDP.

	* doc/am-utils.texi (pawd): manual documentation for pawd.

	* amq/pawd.1: new man page for pawd.

Tue Jan  6 04:21:59 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amq/pawd.c: a new program, Print Automounter Working Directory,
	to print the proper pathname of the cwd or any other pathname,
	adjusted for automounter paths, while avoiding mount points.

	* aux/macros/localconfig.m4: trivial support for am-utils
	maintainers to adjust some of the configuration of am-utils after
	it has been auto-configured by putting whatever definitions you
	wish in a file called localconfig.h, located in the top build
	directory (the same one where config.h is created for you).

	* doc/am-utils.texi (Caching Filesystem): updated documents for
	cachefs file system.

	* amd/ops_cachefs.c: initial cachefs support, for solaris.
	type:=cachefs, requires cachedir:=/cache/dir/name to be defined
	and initialized with cfsadmin -c.  $rfs is backdir to be cached
	from, and $fs is the local mount point of the cachefs.

	* conf/mount/mount_svr4.c (mount_svr4): support mounting of
	cachefs file systems.

	* amd/ops_cdfs.c: cdfs should be named 'cdfs', not whatever the
	mnttab type is.

Mon Jan  5 23:22:49 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/opts.c: added support for new variable $cachedir.

	* include/am_utils.h: added opt_cachedir field to struct am_opts.

Sat Jan  3 01:43:57 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/ops_nfsl.c (nfsl_ffserver, nfsl_match): also check if the
	local hostname does not match $rhost, and if so, also assume

Fri Jan  2 01:00:40 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* updated all source files to add 1998 as a copyright year.

	* amd/ops_nfsl.c: new amd meta file system "type:=nfsl".  Behaves
	like type:=linkx if the pathname denoted by $fs exists, and like
	type:=nfs if it does not.  A convenient shortcut for the most
	popular amd map entry.

	* amd/amd.c (main): amd should chdir to / before starting, to
	avoid hanging on other NFS server if started elsewhere.

	* amd/ops_TEMPLATE.c: added an empty template file for developers
	who wish to write new amd pseudo file systems.

Thu Jan  1 00:27:28 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* hlfsd/homedir.c (plt_init): make function exported, to save on
	the unnecessary init_homedir() function which was removed.
	(table_add): don't use xmalloc() when you can use strdup()

Thu Jan  1 00:15:58 1998  Erez Zadok  <>

	* hlfsd/homedir.c (hlfsd_endpwent): Don't actually run this
	because we will be making more passwd calls afterwards.  On
	Solaris 2.5.1, making getpwent() calls after calling endpwent()
	results in a memory leak! (and no, even Purify didn't detect

Tue Dec 23 18:23:47 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* hlfsd/hlfsd.c (main): Bug fix.  Don't try to free() an
	automatically allocated address.

	* amd/ops_afs.c (mount_toplvl): Bug fix.  Don't try to free() an
	automatically allocated address.

	* ALL SOURCES: change every direct call to free() to xfree(), so
	it can be mapped to the right debugging function as needed.

	* include/am_utils.h: new free() policy.  If debugging memory,
	call dxfree(), which will print the file name and line number
	where the free occurred and the pointer address.  if only regular
	debugging, then free() and reset  the pointer to NULL so it cannot
	be used afterwards inadvertently.  If not DEBUG at all, then just
	run free().  Three different #define macros set the right mapping.

	* libamu/xutil.c (dxfree): renamed function to dxfree(), so it can
	be called only when debugging the memory.

Tue Dec 23 04:24:28 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* wire-test/wire-test.c (main): use xmalloc() not malloc().

	* conf/transp/transp_tli.c (get_knetconfig): use xzalloc() not

	* conf/mtab/mtab_mach3.c (convert): use xzalloc() not calloc().

	* conf/mount/mount_linux.c (parse_opts): use xmalloc() not

	* amd/info_ldap.c: use xmalloc() not malloc().

	* libamu/xutil.c (xzalloc): new function to allocate memory and
	zero its bytes.

	* amq/amq.c: amq does not need its own definition of xfree().

	* aux/macros/opt_debug.m4: if used --enable-debug=mem, then also
	look for function malloc_verify() in libmapmalloc.a, and function
	mallinfo() in libmalloc.

	* libamu/xutil.c (checkup_mem): do not use mallinfo field
	uordbytes, because it does not always exist.  Rather, compute it
	from other fields..

	* include/am_utils.h: add external definition to xfree() function
	used when debugging memory references.

Mon Dec 22 03:01:30 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/ops_afs.c (afs_readdir_browsable): reduce the number of
	bytes heuristically computed to be returned to the kernel.
	Otherwise browsable_dirs fails on OpenBSD 2.2.

	* amd/mntfs.c (uninit_mntfs): bug fix.  Moved freeing of
	mf_private field to AFTER it gets used.

Sat Dec 20 00:51:21 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/ops_host.c (host_umounted): don't use clnt_spcreateerror()
	on systems that don't support it.

	* include/am_defs.h: add missing extern definition for free().

	* aux/ check for external definition for free().

	* libamu/ add to comment a mention of strstr as an
	optional function.

	* libamu/xutil.c (switch_to_logfile): use openlog() options only
	if they exist.

	* conf/transp/transp_sockets.c (get_nfs_version): don't use
	clnt_spcreateerror if it does not exist.

	* aux/ check for missing functions clnt_create and
	clnt_spcreateerror.  Check for missing strstr, and complete
	its code.  Check for missing external definition for strstr.

	* aux/macros/host_macros.m4: normalize sun3* names.

	* updates for new sunos3 files distributed.

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_sunos3.h: new file.

	* conf/fh_dref/fh_dref_sunos3.h: new file.

	* aux/macros/check_nfs_prot_headers.m4: added sunos3 case.

	* aux/macros/check_nfs_fh_dref.m4: added sunos3 case.

	* doc/am-utils.texi (wire Selector Variable): updated manual for
	adjusted variables wire, network, and netnumber, all using the
	in_network() function.

Fri Dec 19 04:37:36 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/opts.c: allow options to be processed by executing arbitrary
	functions.  Converted wire, network, and netnumber all to use the
	nomadic function in_network.  So from now on they perform a match
	against all networks, not just primary.

	* initial port to alpha-unknown-linux-gnu, probably works, but
	untested yet.

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_linux.h: add special definitions for
	__FD_* macros which for som strange reason do not get included
	from <selectbits.h> on redhat alpha linux.  Also turn off usage of
	<rpc/des_auth.h> because it is incomplete on the same systems.

	* hlfsd/homedir.c (table_add): cast uid field to int, for

	* include/am_defs.h: more coflicts with redhat alpha linux

	* aux/macros/{mount_headers,try_compile_anyfs,try_compile_nfs}.m4:
	There's a conflict of definitions on redhat alpha linux between
	<netinet/in.h> and <linux/fs.h> which must be avoided.

	* aux/ check for <socketbits.h>, which is in use on
	redhat alpha linux.

	* doc/am-utils.texi (Selectors): added documentation to describe
	the new "!" (negated) nomadic functions.

	* amd/opts.c (f_in_network): print debugging info that is correct,
	rather than saying that any ARG is on a local network.
	(eval_opts): added support for negating nomadic functions, by
	prepending "!" to their name.  Example, !exists(/foo/bar).

Thu Dec 18 20:57:19 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* include/am_compat.h: ensure that all NFS3 systems have the mount
	table entries (and amd opts switches) "proto" and "vers".

	* hlfsd/homedir.c (table_add): added some debugging info to try
	and track down a serious memory leak in hlfsd.

1997-12-18  Erez Zadok  <>

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (compute_nfs_args): OpenBSD 2.2 requires that
	you do NOT set the noconn option, and use connected sockets
	always.  So I'm now forced not to set it at all, and have the user
	specify it as "conn" or "noconn" in their /default entry.  Argh...
	Finally, it looks as if OpenBSD 2.2's NFS 3 implementation may be
	buggy (TCP hangs with "short receive" kernel errors).  I'd better
	wait until they get it working in their version of the automounter
	first.  So I'm putting the "noconn" option back.

Thu Dec 18 02:39:39 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (compute_nfs_args): use maxgrps option and set
	nfs_args field maxgrouplist accordingly.

	* include/am_compat.h (MNTTAB_OPT_MAXGROUPS): complete definition
	for mount table entry for maxgroups based on NFS mount option

	* aux/ put back testing for NFS mount option
	"maxgrps".  Added test for mount table entry "maxgroups".

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (compute_nfs_args): perform more careful tests
	on nfs_proto, because it could be NULL.

	* doc/am-utils.texi (Selectors): added example of in_network()

	* aux/macros/check_hide_mount_type.m4: all hpux versions,
	including 9.x, should use "ignore" as the mount type to hide from

Wed Dec 17 13:09:21 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* include/am_utils.h (NSTREQ): use new macro instead of strncmp()
	every where in the sources.

Wed Dec 17 01:15:01 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (print_nfs_args): if -D trace is on, will
	print as much info that is given in struct nfs_args as possible.
	useful for detecting internal flags and options, as well as the
	file handle used.

	* scripts/ look for amd.conf file in ${prefix}/etc
	after /etc and before /etc/local.

Tue Dec 16 18:51:36 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/, libamu/ added support for linking
	with specific versions of libamu.  Upped shared library version of
	libamu to 1 (

	* include/am_defs.h: added external definition for mkstemp() as

	* minor new port to i386-unknown-netbsd1.3 (BETA version of

	* aux/config.guess: don't leave a trailing '.' on the system name
	for NetBSD-1.3_BETA and similarly for OpenBSD.

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_netbsd1_3.h: new header for the slight
	differences in ypall calling conventions.

	* mk-amd-map/mk-amd-map.c (main): use mkstemp() whenever possible
	in preference over mktemp(), b/c it is more secure.

	* aux/ check for mkstemp(), a more secure version of

Mon Dec 15 02:32:14 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/ops_nfs.c (mount_nfs_fh): Systems that include the mount
	table "vers" option generally do not set the mnttab entry to
	"nfs3", but to "nfs" and then they set "vers=3".  Setting it to
	"nfs3" works, but it may break some things like "df -t nfs" and
	the "quota" program (esp. on Solaris and Irix).  So on those
	systems, set it to "nfs".

Sat Dec 13 01:36:27 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi (Distrib): updates for new ports, location of
	am-utils' home page, and URL cross references (now supported by my
	version of texi2html).

	* aux/macros/check_mtype_type.m4: also use string type for file
	system mount types under nextstep for mount(2).

	* aux/macros/check_mtype_printf_type.m4}: nextstep can handle both
	integer and string types for file system mount types in mount(2),
	but it is better to use string types.

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_nextstep.h: set emum nfsstat's NFS_OK to
	0, not 1!  Otherwise, all NFS calls (esp. mount) return errno 1
	(EPERM) instead of 0 (OK).  Fixes m68k-next-nextstep3 which now

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_bsdi2.h: set emum nfsstat's NFS_OK to 0,
	not 1!  Otherwise, all NFS calls (esp. mount) return errno 1
	(EPERM) instead of 0 (OK).

	* libamu/xdr_func.c (xdr_*): add debugging calls that are optioned
	by -D trace (protocol trace).

1997-12-11  Erez Zadok  <>

	* A.m68k-next-nextstep3/amu_nfs_prot.h: define missing S_ISDIR
	macro based on existence on others, and include <sys/stat.h>.

Thu Dec 11 14:14:38 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/macros/try_compile_nfs.m4 (AC_TRY_COMPILE): turn off
	inclusion of <nfs/nfs_mount.h> which only affects nextstep3, on
	which this header is broken (it tries to include non-existing

Wed Dec 10 16:09:07 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (mnt_flags): support either nfs or generic
	mount option for grpid.

	* aux/ turn back on NFS mount option grpid.

Sat Dec  6 04:36:05 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/ (install-ps): added target to install postscript
	file in the am-utils' home page, as well as a few other useful
	files for the new am-utils Web page.

Mon Nov 17 05:22:56 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	*** Released am-utils-6.0a14					***

Sun Nov 16 21:56:16 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi (Supported Platforms): updated table of new

Sat Nov 15 06:36:27 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (compute_automounter_nfs_args): pass mnttab
	options so that they can be printed in logs as needed.

	* doc/am-utils.texi (osver Parameter): updated for the correct
	usage of the -o/-O options.

	* scripts/amd.conf.5: corrected info for -o/-O options.

	* amd/amd.8: updated man page for new -O op_sys_name option, and
	corrected the usage of the -o op_sys_ver option

	* amd/get_args.c (get_args): added new amd option -O to override
	OS name.
	(get_args): updated usage string.  Removed old -m option.  Added
	-o and -O options.

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_irix5.h: add definition to FHSIZE in case
	it is not there.  Reportedly, irix 5.2 does not define it.

	* scripts/ removed references to unused $hack

	* aux/macros/check_nfs_prot_headers.m4: Patch from Chris Metcalf
	<> to correctly set the nfs_prot headers
	for solaris2.5.

	* doc/am-utils.texi (Distrib): typo in the subscription
	instructions to amd-dev.  Patch from Stefan Vogel

1997-11-15  Erez Zadok  <>

	* NFS3 works on powerpc-ibm-aix4.2.1.0.

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (compute_nfs_args): set fh3 variable to
	static.  Some compilers (gcc from egcs  on aix 4.2.1) corrupt the
	stack of an automatic variable when pointer to it is passed around
	several times.

Fri Nov 14 20:09:28 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* libamu/xutil.c (real_plog): syslog like behavior for normal
	logging.  Will not print repeated strings, only a count "last
	message repeated N times", but will always print something if
	message is repeated more than 100 times.

	* scripts/ look for lostaltmail.conf files also in
	/etc/global, /etc/os, and /etc/local (in that order).

Mon Nov 10 03:03:17 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/mount/mount_aix.c (mount_aix3): add support for NFS V.3

	* aux/macros/struct_nfs_args.m4 (AC_TRY_COMPILE_NFS): test for
	aix42_nfs_args, specially set in conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_aix4_2.h

	* conf/sa_dref/sa_dref_*.h: from now on, the "dst" argument to the
	NFS_SA_DREF macro is a pointer to the structure that used to be
	passed to it before.  So now I have to dereference the pointer
	before accessing its values.

	* hlfsd/hlfsd.c (main): use the new and cleaner
	compute_nfs_args() and compute_automounter_nfs_args() functions.

	* amd/ops_nfs.c (mount_nfs_fh): use the new and cleaner
	compute_nfs_args() and compute_automounter_nfs_args() functions.

	* amd/ops_afs.c (mount_toplvl): MAJOR CODE REVISION.  Use the new
	and cleaner compute_nfs_args() and compute_automounter_nfs_args()

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (compute_nfs_args): major code cleanup that
	relates for struct nfs_args.  A new function sets the numerous
	possible flags and fields of nfs_args_t in an orderly fashion.
	Code cleaned up, organized, and moved from amd/hlfsd into
	libamu.  This saves on overall size of code.
	(compute_automounter_nfs_args): A variant of compute_nfs_args()
	which sets special options/flags that need to be used when NFS
	mounting an automounter's mount point.  Used by hlfsd and amd.

	* amq/amq.c (get_secure_amd_client): don't print any more
	"get_secure_amd_client: using TCP, port 12345".  It's more
	annoying than useful a message, even when assumed to be compiled
	under DEBUG only.

Thu Oct 30 14:33:38 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/macros/check_mnttab_type.m4: MAJOR BUG fixed for non-nfs
	mount table entries.  The code used to define the /etc/mnttab name
	for file systems based on physical media (disk, cdrom, floppy) to
	the generic name, rather than the OS specific name.  For example
	autoconf searches for all these types of mount table entries for a
	floppy based file system: vfat pcfs pc msdos msdosfs fat.  But if
	it found any, it hard-coded the mnttab name to "pcfs" rather than
	the actual name found!  Same for ufs, cdfs, pcfs, tmpfs, lofs,
	nullfs, unionfs, and umapfs.

	* aux/ also test for xfs (for newer Irix) when
	looking for mount type names, numbers, etc of a disk-based ufs.

Sun Oct 26 19:32:57 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amq/amq.c (main): use pmap_ping() to test if remote host is up.
	This works better on bsdi2 and bsdi3, because their portmapper
	does not appear to like forwarding operations (it is generaly

Sat Oct 25 04:55:56 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	*** Released am-utils-6.0a13					***

Fri Oct 24 05:04:37 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_ncr2.h: added missing definition for
	struct datum typedef.

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_netbsd.h: corrected typedef for
	ypall_callback_fxn_t for netbsd.

	* aux/macros/type_auth_create_gidlist.m4: hpux10.10 uses int for
	the 5th arg to authunix_create(), while before and after they used

	* conf/transp/transp_tli.c (amu_clnt_create_best_vers): don't use
	clnt_create_timed() on older Solaris 2.3 systems that did not have

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_bsdi2.h: <msdosfs/msdosfsmount.h> is for
	kernel only on bsdi2, so do not include it.

Fri Oct 24 00:29:42 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* hlfsd/stubs.c (nfsproc_readlink_2_svc): avoid logging repeated
	messages about resolution of mailboxes based on uid/gid.

	* scripts/ check for alternate password file in
	${prefix}/etc/passwd and use it in hlfsd's startup.

Thu Oct 23 22:48:50 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* hlfsd/homedir.c (hlfsd_getpwent): added support for -P
	passwdfile option.  If hlfsd is started with -P passwdfile, then
	the passwdfile is read and parsed just as a standard unix
	passwd(4) file.  Only the username, uid, and homedir fields are
	read and checked.  All the rest are ignored.  No NIS/netgroup

	* hlfsd/hlfsd.c (main): check if hlfsd is run as root after
	parsing command line options, so that usage() can be printed when
	-h is invoked.

Wed Oct 22 00:16:39 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/nfs_start.c (mount_automounter): if autofs service listener
	fails to initialize it is OK if using a test amd.

	* amd/opts.c (f_in_network): new nomadic function in_network(arg),
	which returns TRUE if 'arg' is any one of this host's networks.

	* libamu/wire.c (getwire): rewritten parts of function, to store
	all networks names and numbers in the order of the interface (not
	in reverse).

Mon Oct 20 01:59:25 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/ don't add ops_ufs.o on AIX twice.  My code
	would have worked had it not been due to AIX's buggy /bin/sh.

	* doc/ (EXTRA_DIST): include am-utils.dvi and in the distribution sources.
	(html): generate html documentation for

Sun Oct 19 12:35:49 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_netbsd.h: override the definition of
	ypall_callback_fxn_t.  The NetBSD team compiles all sources with
	gcc -Wall -Wmissing-prototypes -Wstrict-prototypes.

	* amd/info_nis.c: allow for override of ypall_callback_fxn_t
	function typedef.

	* libamu/xutil.c (amu_release_controlling_tty): new function to
	release the controlling tty in a clean and sane manner.  No longer
	using setpgid() b/c it may not work.  Uses setsid(),
	and ioctl() (in order).  This new function is used in amd/amd.c
	and hlfsd/hlfsd.c.  Also avoid setpgrp(), because it works on some
	systems, but on others it is the same as setpgid().

Sat Oct 18 23:42:40 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/acconfig.h: check for nfs mount option 'fsname'.  Code for
	it was in amd/ops_afs.c, amd/ops_nfs.c, and hlfsd/hlfsd.c, but
	never used, because the configure test for fsname flag wasn't
	used.  This fixed a bug in HPUX 10, where syncer and manual mounts
	left blank lines in /etc/mnttab.

	* aux/ check for nfs mount option 'fsname'.

Fri Oct 17 13:30:27 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/ops_afs.c (mount_toplvl): turn on 'ignore' option in nfs
	mount flags of toplvl mounts.  Important esp. for HPUX 10.  Now
	hpux-10 will mount amd's mounts points as 'ignore' (by df).

	* aux/ check for NFS mount option 'ignore', useful in
	HPUX 10.

Thu Oct 16 03:28:33 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/macros/check_hide_mount_type.m4: hpux 10 should use "ignore"
	mount type and not NFS, for the amd mount points.

	* conf/transp/transp_tli.c (amu_clnt_create_best_vers): don't log
	an RPC timeout as an error, but just an info message.  From
	Andreas Stolcke <>

	* If the NFS server is down or does not support the portmapper
	call (such as certain Novell NFS servers) we mark it as version 2
	and we let the nfs code deal with the case that is down.  If when
	the server comes back up, it can support NFS V.3 and/or TCP, it
	will use those.  From (Christos Zoulas).

	* hlfsd/homedir.c (plt_print): various compile time cleanups to
	printfs that take a long, but pass an int to print.  From (Christos Zoulas).

	* aux/macros/func_bad_yp_all.m4 (ac_cv_func_yp_all_clean,): new
	macro to determine if the OS has a bad yp_all(), based on the host
	OS name.  So far only irix (all versions) have a bad yp_all, so
	they will use am_yp_all() instead (which is slower as it
	enumerates manually all of the map's entries).

Thu Oct 16 03:14:37 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/info_nis.c (am_yp_all): code for a replacement yp_all that
	avoids using a file-descriptor leaking yp_all() on some systems
	like irix.

Wed Oct 15 21:52:35 1997  Erez Zadok  <ezk>

	* fsinfo/fsinfo.h: avoid redefining yywrap incorrectly on DU-4.x
	systems using /usr/bin/flex.

	* amd/conf_tok.l (yywrap): avoid redefining yywrap for systems
	that have a modified GNU flex which does define yywrap (DU-4.x).

Fri Sep 26 14:25:29 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/checkmount/checkmount_bsd44.c: include prototype.

Fri Sep 26 01:26:24 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	*** Released am-utils-6.0a12					***

Fri Sep 26 00:13:48 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_irix6.h: completely turn off all autofs
	code in irix6 until it can be tested correctly

	* conf/transp/transp_tli.c (amu_clnt_create_best_vers): time out
	on clnt_create for 3 seconds, rather than wait for the much longer

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_aix4_2.h: port to powerpc-ibm-aix4.2.1.0.
	Includes NFS3, untested.

Thu Sep 25 11:03:11 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/ops_pcfs.c (mount_pcfs): fill in uid/gid fields of
	pcfs_args_t if they exist.

	* amd/ops_cdfs.c (mount_cdfs): fill in ssector field of
	cdfs_args_t if it exists.

	* new minor ports hppa1.1-hp-hpux10.10, hppa1.1-hp-hpux9.05,
	hppa1.1-hp-hpux9.07, m68k-hp-hpux9.00, and sparc-sun-sunos4.1.4.

Wed Sep 24 00:48:05 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi (wire-test): updated documentation for the new

	* wire-test/wire-test.8: updated man page for new option.

	* wire-test/wire-test.c (main): added a test for various
	combinations of NFS proto/vers to a remote/local host.

	* aux/macros/try_compile_anyfs.m4 (AC_TRY_COMPILE): include
	<isofs/cd9660/cd9660_mount.h> and <msdosfs/msdosfsmount.h> so that
	freebsd will correctly set mount options for pcfs and cdfs.

	* amd/ops_pcfs.c (mount_pcfs): set mask field of pcfs_args to
	0777 (if field exists).

	* aux/macros/try_compile_anyfs.m4 (AC_TRY_COMPILE): include
	<msdosfs/msdosfsmount.h> if available.

	* minor new port: rs6000-ibm-aix4.1.4.0.

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (mount_fs): fixed bug that caused HPUX not to
	write the "time" field in /etc/mnttab.

	* conf/mtab/mtab_file.c (mnt_dup): fixed typo in macro names for
	detecting mnt_time field of mntent_t.

	* libamu/mtab.c (mnt_free): fixed typo in macro names for
	detecting mnt_time field of mntent_t.

Tue Sep 23 15:30:03 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/mtab/mtab_file.c (lock): Use flock() in preference over
	fcntl() to lock the mtab file.

Mon Sep 22 23:04:58 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/transp/transp_sockets.c (get_nfs_version): define
	the try_again goto label only for NFS3.
	(pmap_ping): assume timeout failure of clnt_stat.

	* libamu/xdr_func.c (xdr_groupnode, xdr_exportnode): cast to
	"groups *".

Mon Sep 22 20:34:33 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/transp/transp_sockets.c (pmap_ping): patch from Dan Riley
	<> to make sure that amd works with more
	secure portmappers that do not allow forwarding of RPC messages to
	other services.

	* */ all source files should also depend on the new
	include/am_xdr_func.h header.

	* include/am_xdr_func.h: new file as part of the code cleanup from
	Christos Zoulas <>.

	* Lots of fixes from Christos Zoulas <> that
	involved missing prototypes, cleaned up ones, and removal of
	unused variables.

	* libamu/xdr_func.c (xdr_mountres3): some code cleanup.  A switch
	statement with only one case is unclean.

Mon Sep 22 17:26:38 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/ops_<FOO>fs.c (mount_<FOO>fs): initialize mntent_t fields to
	0 so that all fields are initialized to zero at first.  This way
	SunOS 4.x and other systems don't get /etc/mtab entries with
	random integers for the fsck/freq fields. Patch from Andreas
	Stolcke <>.

Mon Sep 22 00:34:19 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_sunos4.h: include <nfs/nfs_clnt.h> so
	that the important definition for HOSTNAMESZ will be found.

	* amd/ops_afs.c (mount_toplvl): limit hostname size to HOSTNAMESZ
	(inside the nfs_args structure) if the system uses that macro.
	Otherwise systems like SunOS refuse to NFS mount long pathnames
	and result in ENAMETOOLONG errno's.

Wed Sep 17 04:56:11 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* doc/am-utils.texi (Supported Platforms): specify new support for
	solaris 2.6, and hlfsd running on 2.5.1 too.

Wed Sep 17 03:55:02 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/mount/mount_svr4.c (mount_svr4): don't attemt an autofs
	mount if it is not supported or was turned off.

Wed Sep 17 03:19:36 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_sunos4.h: fixed so that it will nfs mount
	again.  Apparently at some previous release SunOS 4 supported was
	broken and all nfs mounts resulted in ESTALE.

Wed Sep 17 00:26:25 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_sunos5_6.h: nfs protocol headers for
	solaris 2.6.

	* aux/macros/check_nfs_prot_headers.m4: added solaris 2.6 nfs
	protocol header selection.

Sat Sep 13 14:31:51 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/transp/transp_tli.c (amu_clnt_create_best_vers): avoid
	infinite loop.

Sun Sep  7 18:23:23 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	*** Released am-utils-6.0a11					***

Fri Sep  5 11:55:10 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/amd.c (main): if plock() succeeded, don't try to display
	errno message.   Patch from Chris Metcalf

Thu Sep  4 19:17:58 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* hlfsd/homedir.c (table_add): make sure duplicate passwd entries
	are ignored.   Only the first entry should ever be used, because
	that's how lookup in passwd database works.

	* conf/transp/transp_sockets.c (get_nfs_version): when determining
	if a remote host is up or down, use NFS v.2.  Fix suggested by
	Enami Tsugutomo <>.

	* conf/transp/transp_tli.c (amu_clnt_create_best_vers): new
	function to get the best possible NFS version, but also timeout
	faster than normal defaults, so remote hosts which are down can be
	detected in a reasonable time.
	(get_nfs_version): use the new "best" function.

Tue Sep  2 00:41:00 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	*** Released am-utils-6.0a10					***

Mon Sep  1 15:39:51 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/transp/transp_tli.c (get_nfs_version): don't use
	clnt_tp_create_timed() on systems that don'e have it (Solaris 2.4
	and earlier).

	* aux/ test for existence of clnt_tp_create_timed(),
	since Solaris 2.4 (and possibly earlier) do not have it.

Mon Sep  1 15:23:18 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/ops_autofs.c (autofs_unmount_1_svc): only display rdevid
	field if it exists (solaris 2.4's autofs does not have it).

Mon Sep  1 14:45:09 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/macros/type_auth_create_gidlist.m4: a new test to determine
	the correct type to the 5th argument of authunix_create().

Mon Sep  1 03:44:32 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* libamu/xdr_func.c (xdr_umntrequest): add test for autofs
	structure umntrequest, if it has the field rdevid.  Seems Solaris
	2.4 and earlier didn't have it.

Mon Sep  1 01:10:53 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* hlfsd/hlfsd.c (hlfsd_init): moved initialization upwards, so it
	can be done before primary process forks.
	(main): bug fix: wait a bit to give child a chance to initialize.
	Without this, hlfsd got into a busy infinite loop while, never
	completing the mount.

	* amd/info_nis.c: patch from Jason Thorpe <>
	to make amd works when talking to NIS+ servers in NIS
	compatibility mode.

Mon Sep  1 00:46:56 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/mapc.c (MAX_CHAIN): increased maximum chain size to 1024.

Sun Aug 31 20:20:40 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/conf.c (gopt_fully_qualified_hosts): a new function to
	process another new global variable.

	* amd/ops_nfs.c (make_nfs_auth): if a new global variable
	fully_qualified_hosts is on, use FQHN in RPC/NFS authentications.
	Patch from Chris Metcalf <>.

	* amd/conf.c (process_last_regular_map): If the amd.conf file only
	has a [global] section (pretty useless IMHO), do not try to
	process a map that does not exist.

	* scripts/amd.conf.5: fixed typos (repeated 'as' word).


	* amd/conf.c (reset_cf_map): Bug fix.  Reset 'tag' field of cfm
	structure, so it does not carry over from map entry to another.

Sat Aug 30 18:39:21 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/amd.c (main): fixed the meaning of the plock option.  A bug
	caused it to be reversed.

Sat Aug 30 15:13:18 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* hlfsd/stubs.c: don't initialize some statics here.  They are
	better initialized in hlfsd_init_filehandles().

Fri Aug 22 14:47:16 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/conf.c (gopt_show_statfs_entries): new function and a global
	amd.conf key show_statfs_entries.  Defaults to 'no'.  If 'yes',
	then all maps flagged as browsable will also show a count of the
	number of entries (keys) in that map.

	* amd/nfs_subr.c (count_map_entries): new function to count number
	of entries in a map.  Now used if browsable is turned on in a map,
	to return a count of available keys in a given map.

	* hlfsd/stubs.c (eq_fh): use correct memcmp().  BUG fixed! hlfsd
	confused the file handles for ".", "..", and the symlink, causing

	* aux/macros/func_bad_memcmp.m4: new test, based on autoconf 2.12,
	but also defines HAVE_BAD_MEMCMP, so I avoid linkage conflicts
	with bad memcmp() in libc's (nextstep3).

Thu Aug 21 17:38:41 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/ check if autofs_args_t has a field named
	addr.  Solaris has it for specifying the address of the daemon,
	but Irix does not.  So how does irix tell the kernel the daemon's
	address?  I suspect that it is hardcoded to "localhost" using a
	"private well-known port" (#define AUTOFS_PORT 2048).

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_linux.h: added missing autofs

	* README.autofs: new file listing autofs support notes

	* very preliminary autofs code working.  Call it pre-alpha

Sun Aug 17 02:25:09 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/conf.c (ropt_mount_type, gopt_mount_type): don't accept
	"autofs" if system does not support it.

	* amd/amd.c (main): log am-utils version string (same as amd -v)
	at start of run.

	* conf/transp/transp_sockets.c (get_nfs_version): in order to tell
	if a remote host is available, try to contact its portmapper and
	timeout if no answer is received in 3 seconds.

Thu Aug 14 16:12:04 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/macros/check_extern.m4 (pattern): use a simpler pattern for
	match for external function definitions.  The function could span
	multiple lines, so only match the opening parenthesis, not the
	closing one too.

	* aux/macros/os_cpp-flags.m4 (ac_cv_os_cppflags,): do NOT turn on
	posix mode for nextstep3.  It is broken.

	* amd/amd.c (init_global_options): run uname() only if
	<sys/utsname.h> and uname(2) exist.

	* amd/rpc_fwd.c (fwd_packet): if remote host is down, the
	forwarding socket is null, so declare this an error.

	* include/am_utils.h (AM_ERRNO_HOST_DOWN): find best errno to set
	for when a remote host is down.  Try, in order, "host down", "host
	unreachable", "invalid argument".

	* amd/ops_nfs.c (discard_fh): don't dereference a null pointer
	(happens when remote host is down, and fp->fh_fs is NULL).
	(prime_nfs_fhandle_cache): ditto, and set fs flags to !FSF_VALID
	and FSF_DOWN.

	* amd/sched.c: nobody uses "union wait" any more, or so it
	appears, so clean up that code.

	* conf/transp/transp_tli.c (get_nfs_version): if remote host is
	down, time it out faster than default (3 seconds).
	(get_mount_client): free netconfig entry when done with it.

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_nextstep.h: initial (and somewhat ugly)
	port to nextstep3 (m68k-next-nextstep3).

	* fsinfo/ (LDADD): needs to link with libamu in case
	system does not have strdup().

	* include/am_defs.h: complete external definition for getlogin()
	if needed.

	* conf/transp/transp_tli.c (get_nfs_version): no need to keep
	static versout variable.

	* amd/rpc_fwd.c (fwd_packet): if fwdto packet is null, remote
	server is probably down.  Don't use sendto() in that case.

	* buildall (default): run gmake if found, before trying plain
	make.  GNU make is always preferable.

Tue Aug 12 21:23:58 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/macros/host_macros.m4: cleanup of os_version and os
	overrides.  Solaris 2.5.1 for example will come up as solaris2 and
	2.5.1, rather than sunos5 and 5.5.1.  Both can be overridden in
	the amd.conf file.

Fri Aug  8 14:37:30 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	*** Released am-utils-6.0a9					***

Thu Aug  7 00:52:14 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_ncr2.h: new file, for NCR2
	(i486-ncr-sysv4.3.03) headers.  Needed to complete missing stuff
	from <ndbm.h> and <sys/resource.h>.

	* scripts/amd.conf.5: new map page.

	* amd/info_hesiod.c: define extern for hesiod_resolve, since bsdi3
	does not.

	* amd/amd.8: updated man page.

	* amd/get_args.c (get_args): removed defunct -h option to amd.

	* amq/amq.8: updated man page.

	* amd/info_nisplus.c (nisplus_search): prototype fixes so Sun
	SparcCompiler CC won't complain.

	* amd/info_hesiod.c (hesiod_search): small fixes to compile with
	hesiod-1.3, as per Rainer Orth <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>.

	* aux/macros/opt_ldflags.m4: new option added to configure
	--enable-ldflags, to specify -L option for configuring/compiling.
	The older one --enable-libs is now to be used only for -l options.

	* amd/ops_nfs.c (mount_nfs_fh): bug fixed.  Should initialize
	nc_protoname from nfs_proto if available for all TLI systems, not
	just those that have NFS V3.

	* amd/info_ldap.c: ldap patches from Leif Johansson
	<>, adding two new amd.conf ldap variables:
	ldap_cache_seconds and ldap_cache_maxmem.

	* hlfsd/hlfsd.c (main): bug fixed. port number must be wrapped in

Sun Aug  3 17:20:05 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/nfs_start.c (mount_automounter): register amd with the rpc
	program number that may have been overridden by amd.conf.

	* libamu/xutil.c (set_amd_program_number, get_amd_program_number):
	allow storing and retrieving alternate amd program numbers.

	* amd/conf.c (gopt_portmap_program): new function to parse
	amd.conf entry portmap_program=1234.

	* amq/amq.c (main): allow specifying an alternate rpc program
	number for amd via -P prognum.

	* new amq RPC to get the process id of the running amd.  This is
	used in ctl-amd to quickly find the pid of the amd that is to be

	* expanded shared libraries support.  Using GNU libtool-1.0,
	am-utils now builds shared libraries on many platforms that have
	support for it and proper compilers/linkers.  See "INSTALL" file
	for compatibility chart.

Thu Jul 31 13:07:23 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* fsinfo/fsi_lex.l: removed code that was in support of very old
	versions of flex.  No longer needed.

Tue Jul 29 12:00:13 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/amd.c (init_global_options): find the kernel architecture
	from uname() if possible.

Mon Jul 28 03:53:59 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* new working port: i386-unknown-openbsd2.1

Fri Jul 25 03:16:31 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* working port: sparc-sun-solaris2.4.  Had to fix fhandle_t from
	structure to actual char[], because the structure was passed to
	xdr_fhandle as data and not a pointer.  Surprisingly, gcc
	-fpcc-struct-return did not help.

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_sunos5_4.h: special nfs protocol
	definitions for solaris 2.4 have to be different from 2.3, and
	different from 2.5.

	* libamu/xdr_fhstatus.c (xdr_fhstatus): minor code cleanup.

Thu Jul 24 16:22:39 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/mount/mount_svr4.c (mount_svr4): use STREQ to compare mount
	types, not ==.  Fix from Christos Zoulas <>.

	* mk-amd-map/mk-amd-map.8: man page taken from bsd44.

Thu Jul 24 00:01:55 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/mount/mount_linux.c: made the nfs error mapping code into a
	small function.

Wed Jul 23 16:11:49 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_linux.h (NFS_ERROR_MAPPING): special
	error mappings from errno numbers to NFS errors.  From Debian

	* scripts/ (fs): new script (taken from Debian Linux
	folks) to auto-unmount floppy/cd devices before ejecting them.

	* fsinfo/wr_exportfs.c (write_exportfs): from Debian folks, pass
	'5' as second arg to show_area_being_processed.  I'm not sure why.

	* fsinfo/wr_atab.c (write_atab): from Debian folks, pass '5' as
	second arg to show_area_being_processed.  I'm not sure why.

	* conf/mount/mount_linux.c (parse_opts): as per Debian Linux,
	ensure that you have a buffer in *xopts to strcat onto.
	(mount_linux): fixed from Debian folks to ensure that NFS mount
	sockets are connected only for kernels prior to 1.3.10 (avoids
	hangs for multi-homed hosts).

	* amd/mapc.c (make_entry_chain): from Debian folks: don't skip
	over amd map keys that have a prefix, and include the prefix in
	the returned readdir().

	* amd/info_passwd.c (passwd_init, passwd_search): format
	enhancements from the Debian Linux folks.  They added
	- var0:=pw-prefix:=anydir
	- var1:=pw-rhost:=dom3.dom2.dom1
	- var2:=pw-user:=user
	- var3:=pw-home:=/anydir/dom1/dom2/dom3/user

	* new ports: sparc-sun-solaris2.4 and sparc-sun-sunos4.1.1.

	* amd/ops_afs.c (afs_retry): patches from Debian Linux.  If
	afs_mount timed out, then explicitly forbid further retries after
	the timeout.  (afs_bgmount): bug fix from Debian Linux.  Timeout
	values (17 and 5) were mistakenly swapped.

Wed Jul 23 15:53:25 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_sunos5_3.h: turn off non-existent NFS V.3
	support for Solaris 2.4 (the header files incorrectly define parts
	of the NFS V.3 protocol, but the kernel does not support it).

Wed Jul 23 00:07:12 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/info_hesiod.c: minor cleanup to use hes_init and hesiod_init
	for determining if using old or new hesiod libraries,

	* amd/ops_nfs.c (mount_nfs_fh): If "noconn" option exists in NFS
	V.3 then use non-connected sockets (both TCP and UDP).  Otherwise
	they cause hangs of mounts from multi-homed hosts when the return
	route is not the same as the outgoing route (esp. on NetBSD
	1.2.1).  If "conn" option was supplied, then don't turn on the
	"noconn" mount option.  Otherwise default to "noconn" mount

	* aux/ better check for systems that need libgdbm and

Tue Jul 22 04:02:05 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* hlfsd/hlfsd.c (main), amd/ops_afs.c (mount_toplvl): ensure that
	mounts are hidden from df(1) on systems that keep mount tables in
	kernel, such as osf1.

Tue Jul 22 02:26:55 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	*** Released am-utils-6.0a8					***

Mon Jul 21 21:33:19 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* hlfsd/hlfsd.c (main): bug fixed: forgot to set sin_family to
	AF_INET when hlfsd mounts itself, thus getting an errno "protocol
	family not supported".

Mon Jul 21 20:46:59 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* verified that amd on NetBSD 1.2.1 (i386) works, but the OS
	itself is flaky.

	* verified that amd AIX 3 works w/ the new readdir() code.

Mon Jul 21 18:59:30 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/mapc.c (maptypes): changed the default map caching type for
	nis and ndbm maps to "MAPC_ALL", so that all possible entries will
	be available to amd for browsable_dirs=yes.

Mon Jul 21 18:04:16 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/ops_afs.c (afs_readdir, afs_readdir_browsable): split
	afs_readdir into a browsable version and a non-browsable one.
	Fixed bugs that resulted in an infinite nfs_readdir loop on the
	localhost for some operating systems.

Sat Jul 19 19:38:38 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/ops_afs.c (afs_readdir): fixed up the browsable code to
	comply with nfs_readdir specs.  It was returning all entries at
	once, even if there was not enough space in the RPC packet.  Now,
	it sends a reasonably sized chunk, and sets static state to resume
	it for the next continuation RPC of readdir.

	* amd/conf.c (set_conf_kv): fixed bug that resulted in the first
	regular map not getting all of the [global] options defaulted from.

Fri Jul 18 00:45:12 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amq/amq.c (main): fixed so that portmapper "ping" will only fail
	upon an RPC timeout

	* scripts/ctl-{amd,hlfsd}.in (killproc): better method to find the
	amd/hlfsd process to kill.

	* amd/ops_afs.c (mount_toplvl), hlfsd/hlfsd.c (main): code to
	determine how to avoid df from seeing amd's toplvl mounts.  Moved
	from libamu/mount_fs.c and include/am_utils.h.  Ensure that hlfsd
	is hidden from df.
	(mount_toplvl): fixed df types for irix.

Thu Jul 17 21:59:45 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amq/amq.c (main): fixed bug that caused the 5 second timeout for
	TLI amq using udp to be ignored.
	(main): if amq cannot contact remote host's portmapper within 5
	seconds, timeout and fail faster than the default longer timeout
	(this is for non-TLI systems).

Thu Jul 17 17:08:13 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amq/amq.c (get_secure_amd_client): if amq cannot contact
	remote host's portmapper within 5 seconds, timeout and fail faster
	than the default TLI timeout of over 4 minutes.

	* amd/am_ops.c (ops_showfstypes): added styles for new bsd44
	file systems nullfs, unionfs, and umapfs.
	(ops_show1): cleanup code and and reuse this function.
	(vops): empty placeholders for nullfs, unionfs, and umapfs.

	* amd/ops_{nullfs, unionfs, umapfs}.c: 3 new empty templates for
	bsd44 style file systems.

	* fsinfo/fsinfo.8: man page for fsinfo rewritten from bsd44

	* amd/conf_tok.l, fsinof/fsi_lex.c: undefine ECHO to avoid
	conflict with systems that define it in <sys/ioctl.h> and also
	define a conflicting one via lex.  Newer versions of f/lex are ok.

Wed Jul 16 00:17:45 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/ops_nfs.c (mount_nfs_fh): fill in nfs_args' fields
	acdirmin/max and acregmin/max only if they exist.

	* aux/ test for nfs_args fields acdirmin and

Tue Jul 15 17:24:09 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/ commented out checking for MNT2_GEN_OPT_* for
	"nondev" and commented back in checking for "nodev".  This was a

	* include/am_compat.h: more compatibility options: define "ro"
	mnttab option all the time.  Define "overlay" as needed.  Added
	more fillers of mnttab options (as per Daniel S. Riley
	<>), for acdirmax, acdirmin, acregmax,
	acregmin, noac, grpid, nosuid, and actimo.

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (mnt_flags): fixed a typo in "ro" option as
	per (Daniel S. Riley).  Then cleaned up
	the same code for other options in struct opt_tab.

Mon Jul 14 22:36:37 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/get_args.c (get_args): moved amd.conf file parsing to before
	the switching the default log/debug options.  Suggested by (Daniel S. Riley).

	* aux/update_build_version: new script to record the build version
	of amd, along with the rest of the info thet comes up with amd -v.

Sun Jul 13 00:30:24 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/macros/os_cflags.m4: new macro, to add additional
	compilation options (also used during configuration), based on the
	OS and the compiler.  Used for solaris-2.6, osf, and irix6.

Fri Jul 11 10:15:11 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/conf_tok.l, conf_parse.y: allow values of keys to include
	white spaces, if they are double-quoted (key="some value")

	* amd/info_hesiod.c (hesiod_search): cleanup and minor bug fixes
	of hesiod from Danny Braniss <>.

Fri Jul 11 02:16:06 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	*** Released am-utils-6.0a7					***

Thu Jul 10 12:19:25 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* include/am_defs.h: fill in extern definition of innetgr() in
	case system headers don't.

	* aux/macros/path_prog_lex.m4 aux/ using macros that
	will show the full pathname to yacc/bison and f/lex.  Some systems
	have older or bad versions of those and this way the user will
	know for sure what is being invoked.

	* tasks: file populated with todo items.

	* scripts/ Script to convert amd maps to plain text
	LDAP object files.  Contributed by Leif Johansson

	* aux/config.guess: added recognition for sun3's running 4.2bsd,
	from Tom Schmidt <>.  Fixed one small typo.

	* amd/conf.c: several variables that were local to a map, were
	also added to [global], where they apply to all maps.  Each map
	can then individually override those defaults.  Flags
	affected: browsable_dirs and mount_type.  Options affected:
	map_type, map_options, and search_path.

	* amd/amd.h: eliminated several global flags each of which took an
	int, in favor of one global flags variable used as a bit field.

	* amd/amd.c (init_global_options): moved all global variables into
	a single struct amu_global_options, so it is easier to add new
	ones and/or identify existing ones.

	* amd/get_args.c (get_args): removed unused amd -m option.

	* amd/conf.c (gopt_cluster): added new amd.conf option for cluster
	name, same as amd -C.

	* amd/info_ldap.c: LDAP info map functions from Leif Johansson

	* amd/conf.c (gopt_ldap_base, gopt_ldap_hostports): put in global
	amd.conf options for ldap_base and ldap_hostports.

	* amd/opts.c (f_netgrp): new amd map function netgrp(ARG) to test
	if the current host is in the ARG host netgroup.

	* aux/ some systems replaced dbm in libc with GNU's
	libgdbm, so check for libgdbm, but only if dbm_open is not in
	libc already.  This was a recommendation from Tom Schmidt

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_sunos5_3.h: port to sparc-sun-solaris2.3

Wed Jul  9 18:14:59 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* port to sparc-unknown-netbsd1.2E done, not tested.  Includes NFS

Tue Jul  8 17:35:07 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* port to i386-unknown-freebsd3.0 done and working.  Includes NFS

	* aux/macros/check_nfs_fh_dref.m4: freebsd3 should use
	file handle dereferencing style similar to freebsd22.

	* include/am_defs.h: need to include <net/if_var.h> before
	<netinet/if_ether.h> on freebsd3.

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_freebsd3.h: new protocol header additions
	for freeBSD 3.0.

Tue Jul  8 16:53:41 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/info_nis.c (nis_reload): cast nis' callback function so
	picky compilers won't complain.

	* libamu/xdr_mountres3.c (xdr_mountres3): make sure this function
	gets compiled only if the system has NFS V3 and does not have

Tue Jul  8 12:42:03 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* COPYING: put in some legal stuff in this file.

Mon Jul  7 19:10:44 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* NFS V3 now works under Irix5, thanks to patches from
	Andreas Stolcke <>.

	* conf/mount/mount_irix5.c: sparate mount_irix.c into an irix5
	version and an irix6 version, since irix5's NFS V3 code is broken
	and hacky.

	* amd/info_hesiod.c (hs_zone_transfer): minor fixes to buffer
	sizes for some hesiod queries.  Patch from Danny Braniss

Mon Jul  7 19:04:14 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/ops_nfs.c (mount_nfs_fh): fixed NFS V.3 support for bsdi3.

Sun Jul  6 14:22:24 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/{,acconfig.h}: added checks for struct
	nfs_args's fields proto and sotype (bsdi3).

	* amd/ops_nfs.c (mount_nfs_fh): added nfsv3 option to
	nfs_args.flags for bsdi3.  Set field proto to 0.  Set sotype field

	* aux/macros/check_mount_style.m4: add case for bsdi3.

	* amd/info_hesiod.c: got hesiod support for bsdi3.

Sun Jul  6 11:14:47 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/ look for hesiod on libc (bsdi3)

	* amd/get_args.c (get_args): reformat usage so it fits in 80

	* scripts/ changed directory name for optional tftpboot
	map to /tftpboot/.amd.

Sat Jul  5 17:46:45 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	*** Released am-utils-6.0a6					***

Sat Jul  5 03:17:09 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* scripts/ include -T tag for tftpboot.

	* new port: mips-sgi-irix5.3.  Compiled with gcc, but NFS V3 code
	is broken and needs work on the specific nfs_args that irix5 uses
	for V3 mounts.

Sat Jul  5 01:44:25 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/get_args.c (get_args): new options amd -T tag.  A map with
	tag=foo matching the -T tag will be processed.  All untagged maps
	get processed all the time.

Fri Jul  4 16:19:26 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/ need to check for strcasecmp in libucb (ncr2)

	* aux/macros/check_os_libs.m4: a new macro to set the usage of
	libnsl and libsocket based on the OS.

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (mnt_flags): used MNTTAB_OPT_GRPID if it is
	defined (problem on osf4).

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_irix5.h: new file for irix5 headers.

	* include/am_defs.h, aux/macros/try_compile_nfs.m4,
	aux/macros/mount_headers.m4: do include <sys/proc.h> because it
	failes on irix5.  Rather, put in the individual
	conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_*.h headers.

	* amd/conf.c: AIX3 doesn't like strdup() being passed a constant
	char*, so cast all strdup()'s args to a non-const char*.

	* amd/mapc.c (root_newmap): don't try to strdup only a "const
	char *".

Fri Jul  4 15:47:10 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_sunos4.h: added rpc/rpc.h and

Thu Jul  3 17:49:00 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* made sure am-utils compiles, links, and runs properly on Irix
	6.2 using "cc -32 -Wl,-woff,"

	* aux/macros/check_lib2.m4: a bug fix version to autoconf 2.12
	AC_CHECK_LIB.  If OTHER-LIBRARIES are defined and used, then add
	them to $LIBS.

	* aux/ some cleanup of which libraries are needed.
	Espectially ensure that libnsl is included only on Solaris, where
	so far it is the only system on which it is absolutely necessary.
	Also no longer need to include libc explicitly.

	* amd/amd.c,wire-test/wire-test.c (main): convert IP address to
	network-long order before printing it.

	* wire-test/wire-test.c (main): also check and report on the IP
	address of the local host, since some systems have bad versions of
	get_myaddress, or ones that conflict with other versions in
	multiple libraries (SunOS 4 and Irix especially).

Wed Jul  2 18:19:02 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* scripts/ don't use full pathname so killproc() works
	better.  Also run bsd44 and irix style ps programs.

	* aux/macros/check_lib_funcs.m4: bug fixed: used to define usage
	of library no matter if it was found or not.

Wed Jul  2 02:11:48 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/macros/check_mnt2_gen_opt.m4: turned back on the checking
	for M_* macros, but ensure that <sys/stream.h> is not included at
	all so it won't conflict with other M_* macros.

Tue Jul  1 21:16:51 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/mount/mount_irix.c (mount_irix): first arg to mount(2) on
	irix should be "spec" (host:/path), not the dir of the mnt point.

	* amd/ops_afs.c (afs_lookuppn): bug in enable_default_selectors
	fixed.  If on, it essentially ignored the setting in a
	selector-controlled /defaults if there were 2 or more entries in it.

Tue Jul  1 12:23:38 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* scripts/ctl-{amd,hlfsd}.in (killproc): if failed to find process
	using BSD style ps, then try SVR4 style ps.

	* include/am_utils.h (amuDebug): renamed Debug macro to amuDebug
	etc., to avoid conflicts with similar named macros in <ldap.h>.

	* aux/, amd/info_ldap.c, etc.: put in all the autoconf
	support needed for LDAP.  Now the code has to be written mostly in

	* Included additional patches from Andreas Stolcke
	<> to support using the best possible
	combination of NFS version (2,3) and protocol (udp,tcp) for any
	given host, since it appears that some Irix versions have NFS V3,
	but do not support TCP.

	* scripts/ updated amd control script to look for and
	use amd.conf file.

Tue Jul  1 00:28:23 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/mapc.c (mapc_create): now, each map in the amd.conf can be
	initialized off of a different type, or default to cycling through
	all maps until one of them matches.

Mon Jun 30 20:49:13 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/ops_afs.c (afs_readdir): per-map browsing (readdir) done.
	if browsable_dirs=yes is set in the map section in amd.conf, that
	map will return all entries back to a readdir(2).

Sun Jun 29 16:22:11 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* rudimentary amd.conf file support included.  You may even
	override things like os=sos5, to get "backwards" compatibility with

Sat Jun 28 13:35:02 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/conf.c: new file to process amd.conf file.

	* amd/get_args.c (get_args): new options -H to print help.

	* moved enable_default_selectors to be amd.conf controlled, and
	not compiler controlled.

	* amd/get_args.c (get_args): new options -F <conf-file> to parse an
	amd configuration file.

Wed Jun 25 23:15:42 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* converted all files that used strcmp() == 0 or != 0  to using
	the STREQ() macro.

Mon Jun 23 22:31:14 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/macros/check_lib_funcs.m4: new M4 macro that can be used to
	search for any number of functions in any given library.

Mon Jun 23 01:04:23 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/mapc.c: Included patch from Leif Johansson
	<> to ensure that systems without an RE
	library can compile.

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (mount_fs): Included patch from Andreas
	Stolcke <>, to ensure that mount options on
	table are properly delimited by a comma.

	* amd/ops_nfs.c (mount_nfs_fh): Included patch from Andreas
	Stolcke <>, to allow users to override the
	proto= and vers= mount options.

Sun Jun 22 01:00:11 1997  Eric Dana  (

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_svr4.h: port completed to
	i486-ncr-sysv4.3.03.  Assorted source cleanups done.

	* include/am_defs.h, aux/macros/mount_headers.m4: don't include
	mnttab.h if sys/mnttab.h was already included, because on ncr2,
	they contain conflicting entries for struct mnttab.

Sat Jun 21 23:52:15 1997  Eric Dana  (

	* aux/macros/check_nfs_prot_headers.m4: added support for ncr2.

Fri Jun 20 06:14:17 1997  Erez Zadok  <ezk>

	* amd/*.c: lots of 64-bit "ugly" ports like casts to long ints.

	* aux/macros/struct_nfs_fh.m4: check for "struct nfssvcfh" because
	on DU-4.0 it is better than the next one to be picked (nfsv2fh_t).

Wed Jun 18 18:59:49 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/macros/struct_nfs_fh.m4 (AC_TRY_COMPILE_NFS): check for
	nfsv2fh_t before fhandle_t becasue on bsdi2.1 the former is

Tue Jun 10 17:06:58 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/rpc_fwd.c (fwd_packet): TLI bug fix. if fwdto socket is
	NULL, set the maxlen and len fields in netbuf to zero.

Wed May 28 22:52:28 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* scripts/ (name): replace all matching patterns on

Sun May 25 19:33:41 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	*** Released am-utils-6.0a5					***

Sun May 25 13:37:24 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/amq_subr.c (amqproc_getvers_1_svc): amq's RPC service
	procedure now returns the full string that amd -v returns.

	* amd/get_args.c (get_version_string): new function to return
	complete version/info string so it could be used more flexibly.

	* amd/am_ops.c (ops_showamfstypes, ops_showfstypes): put the list
	of Fs types into a string buffer, rather than a FILE*.

	* amd/mapc.c (mapc_showtypes): put the list of map types into a
	string buffer, rather than a FILE*.

Sun May 25 01:25:36 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/get_args.c (get_args): amd -v also prints user who built
	amd, hostname built on, and date of configuration.

Sat May 24 13:40:50 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* scripts/lostaltmail.conf-sample: sample lostaltmail
	configuration file.

	* scripts/ new script lostaltmail used to redeliver
	"lost" mail that hlfsd redirected to a temp location because the
	primary home file system of the user was full.

	* scripts/ new script amd2sun. Used to convert Sub
	automount maps to amd maps.

	* scripts/ new script ctl-hlfsd.  Used to start,
	stop, or restart hlfsd.

	* scripts/expn.1: man page for expn command.

	* scripts/ new script ctl-amd.  Used to start, stop, or
	restart amd.

	* scripts/ new script expn.  Actually taken from David
	Muir Sharnoff <>.  Used by hlfsd's mail re-delivery

	* scripts/ new script wait4amd added.  Waits for amd
	to come up on a host, and then runs a command (rsh $hostname by

	* scripts/ new directory now holds all shell/perl
	scripts that belong to am-utils.

	* conf/mount/mount_linux.c (parse_opts): new parser for
	linux-specific mounts.  Handles fs-type specific mount-options
	correctly.  Currently implemented: msdos, iso9660.

	* amd/ops_pcfs.c (pcfs_ops): don't timeout pcfs mounts by default
	(fix for linux).

	* amd/ops_cdfs.c (cdfs_ops): don't timeout cdfs mounts by default
	(fix for linux).

	* amd/mapc.c (make_entry_chain): fixed bug that resulted in amd
	core dumps upon "ls" of a mount point; an invalid pointer was
	being returned and dereferenced.

	* port to Linux sparc working!

	* hlfsd/homedir.c (hlfsd_diskspace): close file descriptor if
	failed to write test file, or else the fd will leak.

Sun May 18 00:42:41 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/info_hesiod.c (hs_strip_our_domain): use strcasecmp()
	instead of strcmp().

	* Port to Digital Unix 4.0 (OSF) done.

	* hlfsd/hlfsd.c: renamed dirname to dir_name to avoid conflicts
	with dirname() function in <string.h> on OSF systems.

	* fsinfo/fsi_util.c (set_ether_if): take out extern definition of
	inet_addr().  It should come from <arpa/inet.h> instead.

	* conf/mtab/mtab_osf.c: fixed macros and added NFS V3 specs.

	* include/am_utils.h: renamed FIRST/LAST to AM_FIRST/AM_LAST to
	avoid conflicts with DU 4.0 system header.

Thu May 15 22:49:12 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (mount_fs): pass along NFS version so I can
	determine if to include additional options in the mount table file
	entry (such as proto=tcp, and vers=3).

Thu May 15 00:42:12 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* libamu/mount_fs.c (mount_fs): include NFS version number in the
	mount table options, as well as proto={tcp,udp}.

Wed May 14 14:30:19 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* NFS V3 code ported to most other systems, so it compiles for V2
	and V3 NFS systems.

	* NFS VERSION 3 support, first pass.  Working for Solaris and
	using TCP.

Sun May 11 01:14:29 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amq/amq.c: many newline characters were missing from various
	stderr printfs.

Sat May 10 13:09:06 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_sunos5.h: protocol defintions for
	Solaris, which include NFS V3 support.

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_default.h: default NFS protocol headers.

	* conf/transp/transp_{tli,sockets}.c (get_mount_client): use NFS
	protocol version while getting a mount client.

	* amd/ops_nfs.c (mount_nfs_fh): set the mount types, mnttab types,
	file handle size, and proper file handle based on the correct NFS
	version number.

	* conf/mount/mount_svr4.c (mount_svr4): support NFS3 mounts under
	Solaris and other SVR4 systems.

	* amd/ops_nfs.c: store NFS file handle version and version
	specific handle in struct fh_cache.
	(got_nfs_fh): pick the correct RPC reply based on the NFS version
	of the server.
	(prime_nfs_fhandle_cache): figure out the right NFS file handle
	for a node, but now include NFS protocol version information.
	(call_mountd): set the correct version for the mount protocol,
	based on the NFS protocol version.
	(nfs_init): use the NFS protocol generic structure

	* include/am_utils.h: new structure am_nfs_handle_t to contain all
	possible versions of NFS file handles.

	* amd/srvr_nfs.c (start_ping): ping program performs NFS version
	specific pings.
	(recompute_portmap): figure out the correct portmap version mount.
	(nfs_keepalive): call start_ping() with the correct NFS version.
	(find_nfs_srvr): if mount option "vers=" is given, use it.  Get
	the NFS server version and verify that it is up.

	* conf/transp/transp_{tli,sockets}.c (get_nfs_version): a new
	function to find the best NFS version for a particular host.

	* libamu/amu.h: determine what is the highest version of NFS we
	should try.

	* include/am_utils.h (NFS_VERSION3): added definition for NFS V3
	protocol number.
	Added field fs_version to struct fserver, so we can now store the
	server protocol version.

Fri May  9 01:09:45 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/macros/check_field.m4 (AC_MOUNT_HEADERS): map '.' (dot) into
	underscores too, so I can test for sub-fields.

	* libamu/wire.c: use test that checks for sub-fields of struct

Sat May  6 10:20:17 2000  Erez Zadok  <>

	* port to BSD/OS 3.0 completed!  Many xdr_ functions were broken
	into smaller files.  M4 macros fixed to test for existence of
	file systems using getvfsbyname().

	* amd/sched.c (sigchld): signal handler must waitpid() for all
	possible children.

	* hlfsd/homedir.c: signal handler must waitpid() for all possible

	* aux/macros/check_restartable_signals.m4: new macro to determine
	if need to reinstall signal handlers per OS is better than trying
	to figure these out based on system macros.

Fri May  5 19:23:28 2000  Erez Zadok  <>

	* amd/ops_nfs.c (mount_nfs_fh): set nfs_args_t version number.

	* amd/ops_afs.c (mount_toplvl): set nfs_args_t version number.

	* amd/ops_nfs.c (mount_nfs_fh): process nfs mount option resvport
	(must be supplied for bsdi 3.0)

	* libamu/wire.c: use HAVE_FIELD_STRUCT_IFREQ_IFR_ADDR (and
	associated new macro) for determining the right way to compute the
	size of the interface structure.

Fri Apr 11 15:56:13 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/ need to include libc before libnsl if
	get_myaddress() is available because on irix libnsl has a buggy

	* include/am_defs.h: make sure REINSTATE_SIGNAL_HANDLER is defined
	on Irix 6 (an SVR4 variant)

Thu Mar 27 02:28:40 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	*** Released am-utils-6.0a4					***

Wed Mar 26 21:15:36 1997  Erez "HWank1" Zadok  <>

	* amd/amq_subr.c (ok_security): turned off insecure code unless
	user explicitly runs configure --enable-amq-mount.

	* hlfsd/hlfsd.c (main): use new protoypes dor create_nfs_service().

	* amd/nfs_start.c (mount_automounter): use code that separately
	creates the NFS and the amq service.  Register tcp and udp
	services for amd.

	* conf/transp/transp_*.c (create_amq_service): new function to
	separately create the amq service for amd.  Simplified prototypes
	for create_nfs_service().

Wed Mar 19 20:40:56 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	*** Released am-utils-6.0a3					***

Wed Mar 19 17:49:18 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* new port: rs6000-ibm-aix3.2.5 and rs6000-ibm-aix4.1.5.0.  Lots
	of small changes to support these two.

Wed Mar 19 14:33:30 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* conf/umount/umount_default.c (umount_fs): bug: unlock_mntlist()
	should run if MOUNT_TABLE_ON_FILE, not otherwise.

Mon Mar 17 22:02:43 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* hlfsd/hlfsd.c (main): fill in fhsize field if exists

	* amd/ops_{nfs,afs}.c (mount_toplvl): fill in fhsize field if
	exists (freebsd-2.2).

Sat Mar 15 19:37:48 1997  Erez "HWank1" Zadok  <>

	* new port: i386-unknown-freebsd2.2.  FreeBSD 2.2 and higher
	changed the filehandle type in struct nfs_args from nfsv2fh_t to

Sat Mar 14 10:11:03 1997  Erez "HWank1" Zadok  <>

	* SHARED LIBRARIES: too many changes to list individually.  Now,
	libamu can be built as a shared library, and other programs link
	with it.

Tue Mar 11 22:24:09 1997  Erez "HWank1" Zadok  <>

	* aux/macros/opt_shared.m4: new macro for setting options for
	building shared am-utils libraries.

Sun Mar  9 19:17:46 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* fixmount/fixrmtab: cleaned up the script.

	* fixmount/ (EXTRA_DIST): adde $(sbin_SCRIPTS) so that
	fixrmtab gets distributed too.

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_bsdi2.h: added support for MOUNTPROC_DUMP.
	Added extern for xdr_mountlist().

	* aux/ trimmed down many tests for MNT2_GEN_OPT,
	MNT2_NFS_OPT, and MNTTAB_OPT that were not referenced anywhere in
	the sources.

Sat Mar  8 00:23:58 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* fixmount/hlfsd ported to bsd44, hpux, and linux systems.

	* aux/macros/check_fixmount_style.m4: add check for bsd44 systems.

	* conf/fixmount/fixmount_default.c: use lockf() if flock() is

	* include/am_defs.h: include <string.h> even if don't have
	STDC_HEADERS defined (sunos4).
	(seteuid): define seteuid() to be setresuid() for systems that
	have but not the other (hpux).

	* aux/macros/check_extern.m4: test should include <strings.h>.

Tue Mar  4 17:16:52 1997  Erez "HWank1" Zadok  <>

	* lib/xutil.c (debug_option): moved from amd/getargs.c to this
	more proper file.

	* include/am_utils.h: put in structure for debug options, for all
	progams to use.

	* amd/get_args.c: moved structure for debug options out.

Sun Mar  2 00:13:07 1997  Erez "HWank1" Zadok  <>

	* ported fixmount.

	* lib/ualarm.c: replacement function for systems that don't have a

	* ported fsinfo.

Sun Mar  1 10:23:34 1997  Erez "HWank1" Zadok  <>

	* ported mk-amd-map.

	* buildall: added -K option to buildall, to run mkconf.

Fri Feb 28 01:10:25 1997  Erez "HWank1" Zadok  <>

	*** Released am-utils-6.0a2					***

Thu Feb 27 13:58:59 1997  Erez "HWank1" Zadok  <>

	* all *.[hcyl] files: add copyright line.

	* aux/macros/check_mount_type.m4: test for mount type for
	linux-like systems, by checking for loadable or statically linked
	kernel filesystem modules.

	* aux/macros/check_mnttab_type.m4: test for mount table entry
	for linux-like systems, by checking for loadable or statically
	linked kernel filesystem modules.

	* aux/ pcfs filesystems can use vfat type (linux)

	* aux/macros/check_fs_mntent.m4: test for filesystem existence for
	linux-like systems, by checking for loadable or statically linked
	kernel filesystem modules.

	* conf/trap/trap_hpux.h: ugly hack added because of stupide HPUX
	9.0 header files.  This should be removed when HPUX 9.0 is deemed

	* aux/acconfig.h: set an undefined variable for having an extern
	to clnt_sperrno().

	* include/am_defs.h: define extern for clnt_sperrno() if needed.

	* aux/ test for extern clnt_sperrno().

	* aux/macros/check_nfs_fh_dref.m4: HPUX's NFS fhandle dref is
	similar to irix.

	* aux/macros/check_mount_style.m4: use mount helper on HPUX.

	* aux/macros/check_mtype_type.m4: hpux's mount type is a char*,
	not integer (but may be mapped to one later).

	* conf/mount/mount_hpux.c (mount_hpux): HPUX has confusing header
	files.  They have mount(2) and vfsmount(2) which don't take same
	arguments, and they have string mount types MNTTYPE_* as well as
	integer types MOUNT_*.  So I need this new mount function to map
	from string types to integer types for the vfsmount() function.

	* conf/trap/trap_hpux.h (MOUNT_TRAP): instead of calling
	vfsmount(), call mount_hpux().

Thu Feb 27 03:34:14 1997  Erez "HWank1" Zadok  <>

	* lib/mount_fs.c (mnt_flags): make sure SYNC option is on only if
	both MNTTAB_OPT_SYNC and MNT2_GEN_OPT_SYNC are defined.

Thu Feb 27 00:26:00 1997  Erez "HWank1" Zadok  <>

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_hpux.h: NFS protocol definitions for

	* include/am_defs.h: no need to include rpc/auth.h or rpc/clnt.h.

	* aux/ no need to test for rpc/auth.h and rpc/clnt.h.

	* buildall: added ability to configure using other shells than
	/bin/sh, on those systems where /bin/sh is buggy or limited

	* aux/macros/struct_nfs_fh.m4: reinstated the macro but have it
	defined am_nfs_fh, and also test for plain typedef "nfs_fh".

	* aux/acconfig.h: #undef am_nfs_fh, which is being defined by a
	reinstated macro.

	* aux/ check for <nfs/export.h>

	* include/am_defs.h: include <nfs/export.h> (HPUX) if exists.

	* aux/macros/try_compile_nfs.m4: include <nfs/export.h> (HPUX) if

	* aux/macros/mount_headers.m4 (define): removed some non-working
	(on HPUX) code that attempts to recreate the fhandle_t rather than
	load it up from system headers.  Also added some NFS protocol
	header inclusion.  include <nfs/export.h> (HPUX) if exists.

Wed Feb 26 00:32:35 1997  Erez "HWank1" Zadok  <>

	* aux/macros/mount_headers.m4 (define): Use M4 changequote to
	ensure [] brackets are correctly used.

	* aux/macros/expand_cpp_{string,hex,int}.m4: encapsulate
	multi-line M4 inclusions in [].

Tue Feb 25 22:19:44 1997  Erez "HWank1" Zadok  <>

	* conf/mtab/mtab_bsd.c (mnt_dup): use statfs field f_fstypename if
	it exists.

	config.h macro for field f_fstypename of struct statfs.

	* aux/ testing for field f_fstypename field of struct
	statfs (NetBSD).

	* aux/acconfig.h: moved all of the "static" definitions out to a
	fixed file called include/am_defs.h.  Added to all */
	files a dependency on am_defs.h.  Created am_defs.h of course, and
	then added #include <amd_defs.h> to all of the source and header
	files that required it.

Mon Feb 24 01:27:02 1997  Erez Zadok  <>

	* aux/acconfig.h: two more externals for xdr functions that may be
	implemented by libamu.

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_bsdi2.h: added missing RPC and XDR

Sun Feb 23 15:25:26 1997  Erez "HWank1" Zadok  <>

	* buildall (default): added -D option for turning on even stricker
	developer options.

	* */ make sure @AMU_NFS_PROT_HEADERS@ is used to
	determine dependencies on optional NFS protocol headers.

	* aux/acconfig.h: define and use HAVE_NFS_PROT_HEADERS as needed.

	* aux/macros/check_nfs_prot_header.m4: new test to determine what
	NFS protocol headers to use.

	* conf/nfs_prot/nfs_prot_{irix6,sunos4,bsdi2}.h: new headers to
	complete missing system headers for NFS protocol definitions.

Sun Feb 16 15:58:42 1997  Erez "HWank1" Zadok  <>

	* amd/ops_nfs.c (mount_nfs_fh): encapsulated some more code in
	#ifdef's as needed.

	* amd/ops_afs.c (mount_toplvl): make sure TIMEO/RETRANS code is
	suitable #ifdef'ed.

	* include/am_compat.h: a couple more mnttab options
	(timeo/retrans) setting just in case.

	* amd/autil.c (host_normalize): make sure hostent->h_name is
	passed a non-const char *.

	* conf/mount/mount_linux.c (mount_linux): cleaned up a block of code.

	* {lib,amq,amd}/*.c (many functions): cast xdr_entry to

	* lib/nfs_prot_svc.c (nfs_program_2): cast xdr_entry to

	* lib/nfs_prot_xdr.c (xdr_entry): cast xdr_entry to

	* lib/wire.c (getwire): Make sure safe assignment from const to
	none is done.

Sat Feb 15 19:38:51 1997  Erez "HWank1" Zadok  <>

	* aux/macros/expand_cpp_int.m4: new macro for expanding integers.

	* aux/ added linux/fs.h support in configure and
	several M4 macros.

	* conf/mount/mount_linux.c (mount_linux): use macro instead of
	"ugly" fixed hex number for mount() arguments.

Sat Feb 15 02:09:47 1997  Erez "HWank1" Zadok  <>

	* amd/info_hesiod.c: removed macro HAVE_HS_ZONE_TRANSFER and
	turned all of its code always on.  That code always seems to
	compile, as long as you have hesiod and libresolv.

	* amd/mapc.c: removed macro HAVE_HS_ZONE_TRANSFER and turned all
	of its code always on.

	* aux/ removed superfluous test for hs_zone_transfer
	function (will never find it because it is an amd-internal

	* amd/mapc.c (maptypes): must used correct new name for am-utils'
	hesiod initialization function: hesiod_am_init.

	* amd/info_hesiod.c (hesiod_am_init): renamed hesiod_init to
	hesiod_am_init so as not to conflict with libhesiod's
	hesiod_init() function.

	* aux/ added test and explicit inclusion of
	libresolv.a for later resolution of library references with

	* aux/macros/opt_cppflags.m4: new file.  configure/compile C
	preprocessor flags.

	* aux/macros/opt_libs.m4: new file.  configure/compile library

	* (EXTRA_DIST_AUX): include two new macros
	opt_cppflags.m4 and opt_libs.m4.

	* aux/ test for libhesiod needs to additional
	libresolv to link completely.  Additional configuration time
	options added for setting initial CPPFLAGS and LIBS.

Tue Feb 10 02:15:40 1997  Erez "HWank1" Zadok  <>

	*** Released am-utils-6.0a1					***

Thu Feb  6 02:55:19 1997  Erez "HWank1" Zadok  <>

	* amd/info_ndbm.c (ndbm_search,ndbm_init): fixed the code so that
	it works on freebsd, where they map dbm_pagfno a non-existing
	macro on purpose, to force you to port the code to Berkeley DB.

Fri Jan 31 01:35:09 1997  Erez "HWank1" Zadok  <>

	* amd/ops_afs.c (mount_toplvl): added a sleep(1) right before the
	actual mount_toplvl, to avoid some possible race conditions.

Thu Jan 30 02:31:49 1997  Erez "HWank1" Zadok  <>

	* amd/rpc_fwd.c: removed all TLI (HAVE_T_OPEN) code.

Wed Jan 29 18:25:07 1997  Erez "HWank1" Zadok  <>

	* lib/wire.c (getwire): removed HAVE_T_OPEN (TLI code)

	* amd/amd.c (main): fix local address using htonl(). Free up
	buffers allocated by netdir_*() functions.

Wed Jan 22 23:53:24 1997  Erez "HWank1" Zadok  <>

	* amd/ new script that will convert old-style amd
	maps to new one.

Tue Jan 21 01:18:16 1997  Erez "HWank1" Zadok  <>

	* FIRST AMD IN AM-UTILS FINALLY WORKS (mounts itself as toplvl,
	and replies back to simple nfs/link type mount queries).

	* conf/mtab/mtab_svr4.c: reorganized the code in this file to be
	easier to read, and fixed a few bugs with un/setting the lock file

Wed Jan  8 15:27:49 1997  Erez "HWank1" Zadok  <>

	* amd/sched.c: removed HAS_SVR3_SIGNALS code to handle older
	signals in Svr3 systems.  Only stellix ever used this.

	* amd/rpc_fwd.c (fwd_reply): removed all code that was triggered
	by DYNAMIC_BUFFERS, since it was not in use.

Tue Jan  7 00:45:59 1997  Erez "HWank1" Zadok  <>

	* amd/opts.c (eval_opts): removed AMD_COMPAT code.  Amd no longer
	takes '=' sign as old selector.  Fix your maps.
	(deslashify): removed APOLLO code that treated two '//' as one.

Sun Jan  5 01:25:09 1997  Erez "HWank1" Zadok  <>

	* amd/ops_nfsx.c (nfsx_init): removed HARD_NFSX_ERRORS, code which
	was not used.  It made any submount error fail the whole group.

	* amd/ops_nfs.c (make_nfs_auth): removed code dependent on
	(mount_nfs_fh): removed macro for NFS_ARGS_NEEDS_PATH, assuming it
	is never on.  So code that was triggered by #ifndef
	NFS_ARGS_NEEDS_PATH (osf1, aix3, and bsd44 variants) may have to
	be fixed later.
	Removed all ULTRIX_HACK code.  Ultrix is DEAD!
	removed all PRESET_AC code, which was only on for Linux to preset
	the attribute cache values (otherwise they default to zero).
	(nfs_umounted): revobed KICK_KERNEL code (IRIX systems).  Will
	have to fixed up later.
	(mount_nfs_fh): removed code that was never included, which
	attempted to set the port on which amd's nfs mounts on.  This
	isn't supported by the ping algorithm yet.  In any case, it is all
	done in nfs_init().

	* amd/srvr_nfs.c (find_nfs_srvr), amd/ops_nfs.c (mount_nfs_fh):
	removed HAS_TCP_NFS code.  The whole use of NFS V.3 with TCP or
	specially hacked NFS V.2 that uses TCP (BSD 4.4 variants) will
	have to be addressed later.

	* amd/nfs_subr.c (nfsproc_getattr_2): removed all code dependent

	* amd/mapc.c (mapc_meta_search): removed code that depended on
	HAS_DEPOT.  It is known buggy code.  The whole DEPOT support needs
	to be rethought.
	(mapc_add_kv): ported code to use standard regular expression
	(regexp) library.

	* amd/{map.c,ops_sfs.c,ops_ufs.c}: removed all code dependent on
	FLUSH_KERNEL_NAME_CACHE and the macro itself.

Sat Jan  4 15:46:58 1997  Erez "HWank1" Zadok  <>

	* amd/map.c (exported_ap_alloc): removed all code triggered by
	SHRINK_EXPORTED_AP and the macro itself.

	* amd/info_nis.c: removed HAS_NIS_RELOAD macro, and left the code
	in all the time.  Assuming that there is always NIS realod
	(yp_all_fixed): removed code for BROKEN_YP_ALL.  If your yp_all()
	function is broken such that it does not release filedescriptors
	it created, then you are hosed.  Get a fix for yp_all from your
	vendor or switch operating systems.

Tue Dec 31 15:34:36 1996  Erez "HWank1" Zadok  <>

	* amd/info_hesiod.c: renamed macro HAS_HESIOD_RELOAD to

Mon Dec 30 17:33:23 1996  Erez "HWank1" Zadok  <>

	* amd/{nfs,host}_ops.cremoved INFORM_MOUNTD macro, so its code is
	always included.  We should always try to inform the remove mount
	daemon of mounts we performed.  If we want an option for this, it
	should be a run-time option.

	* amd/host_ops.c: removed all that optionally did not make the
	directory mount points for amd.

	* HOST_EXEC code removed from everywhere.  There is no indication
	that it was used anywhere.  If it needs to be used, then a
	run-time switch should control it.

Thu Dec 26 00:06:52 1996  Erez "HWank1" Zadok  <>

	* amd/*_ops.c: removed all references to mntent_t's fields
	mnt_freq and mnt_passno, since they are no longe rused (and never
	have been).

	* amd/am_ops.c: removed function sunos4_match, which was off
	anyway.  This was one of the places where an '=' sign was allowed
	as an assignment operator (which is now ':=').

	* amd/afs_ops.c (afs_bgmount): removed SUNOS4_COMPAT code which
	was off anyway.  This was one of the places where an '=' sign was
	allowed as an assignment operator (which is now ':=').

Tue Dec 24 01:53:52 1996  Erez "HWank1" Zadok  <>

	* amq/amq.c: ported to am-utils.  Working.

	* conf/mount/mount_svr4.c (mount_svr4): changed mount type on svr4
	to be string, as it should be (rather than a string mapped to int
	and back mapped to string).

Sun Dec 22 13:26:05 1996  Erez "HWank1" Zadok  <>

	* lib/mount_fs.c (mount_fs): removed MNTINFO_PREF code.

	* lib/umount_fs.c: split this into three files: default, osf, and
	bsd44, that are in conf/umount/umount_*.c.

Thu Dec 19 17:33:46 1996  Erez "HWank1" Zadok  <>

	* aux/, aux/aclocal.m4, aux/acconfig.h: added new
	macro to automatically figure out if an external definition for
	sys_errlist[] exists.

	* lib/xutil.c (xfree): removed "#undef free" because it's not
	needed there.  Any system that redefines free() needs help.

	* conf/mtab/mtab_file.c (REWRITE_MTAB_IN_PLACE): removed code that
	was dependent on REWRITE_MTAB_IN_PLACE.  It does not appear to be
	in active use anywhere.  If added later, it should be a run-time
	configuration option.

	* conf/mtab/mtab_mach3.c: removed code that was #ifdef'ed not to
	be MOUNT_TABLE_ON_FILE, since mach2 always stores its mount tables
	in a file in /etc.

	* lib/util.c (str3cat): removed _AIX code.  AIX should have a
	working realloc, or else find a cleaner solution to this.
	(mkdirs): removed SUNOS4_WORKAROUND code.  This was to do a sync()
	after immediately making directories so that fsck will be able to
	fix the filesystem in the event of an immediate crash.  This was
	because a bug in UFS which is fixed by now.

	* lib/hutil.c (domain_strip): removed PARTIAL_DOMAINS triggered
	code.  Does not appear to be on and used anywhere.
	(dofork): removed MACH3 code, b/c mach3 NFS bugs are fixed by now.

	* lib/resvport.c: split the binding of reserved ports code to a
	separate file.  A #define (HAVE_T_OPEN) separates the TLI (SVR4)
	from the BSD code.

Thu Dec 19 02:08:35 1996  Erez "HWank1" Zadok  <>

	* lib/ (amu_LIBADD): includs @LIBOBJS@ now, auto-filled
	in by automake and configure, for optional sources that need to be
	built as part of libamu.a.

	* aux/aclocal.m4: Make sure AC_CHECK_MOUNT_STYLE adds mountutil.o

	* lib/memcmp.c (memcmp): new file added to replace a possible bad
	implementation of memcmp.

Wed Dec 18 22:20:23 1996  Erez "HWank1" Zadok  <>

	* converted the sources to use memset/memmove/memcmp instead of

	* ran all sources through gnu Indent w/ options specified in

Wed Dec 11 22:19:29 1996  Erez "HWank1" Zadok  <>

	* At this point the initial generation of config.h via autoconf and
	some preliminary makefiles via automake is done.  I will not begin
	modifying sources, so it's a good time to document from here.

Wed Dec 10 22:19:29 1996  Erez "HWank1" Zadok  <>

	*** Initial ChangeLog Entry					***