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Pretty-printers for libstdc++

Follow the instructions at the following URL, and your std::strings
will print like strings, etc.:

How to make a std::string:

(From #gdb)
<jankratochvil> SamB:
<jankratochvil> (gdb) p $a=(std::allocator<char>*)malloc(sizeof(std::allocator<char>))
<jankratochvil> (gdb) p $a->allocator()
<jankratochvil> (gdb) p $s=(std::string*)malloc(sizeof(std::string))
<jankratochvil> (gdb) p $s->basic_string("foo",*$a)
<jankratochvil> (gdb) p *$s
<jankratochvil> $20 = "foo"
<jankratochvil> std::string is mostly the only tricky class as it is just an alias name for basic_string....

Again, with just the input:

p $a=(std::allocator<char>*)malloc(sizeof(std::allocator<char>))
p $a->allocator()
p $s=(std::string*)malloc(sizeof(std::string))
p $s->basic_string("foo",*$a)
p *$s