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Feature Overview

* Music Collection:
You have a huge music library and want to locate tracks quickly? Let amaroK's
powerful Collection take care of that! It's a database powered music store,
which keeps track of your complete music library, allowing you to find any
title in a matter of seconds.

* Intuitive User Interface:
You will be amazed to see how easy amaroK is to use! Simply drag-and-drop files
into the playlist. No hassle with complicated buttons or tangled menus.
Listening to music has never been easier!

* Streaming Radio:
Web streams take radio to the next level: Listen to thousands of great radio
stations on the internet, for free! amaroK provides excellent streaming
support, with advanced features, such as displaying titles of the currently
playing songs.

* Context Browser:
This tool provides useful information on the music you are currently listening
to, and can make listening suggestions, based on your personal music taste. An
innovate and unique feature.

* Visualizations:
amaroK is compatible with XMMS visualization plugins. Allows you to use the
great number of stunning visualizations available on the net. 3d visualizations
with OpenGL are a great way to enhance your music experience.

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