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CompatibleOne is an open source project which provides a model, CORDS
(CompatibleOne Resource Description Schema), and a platform, ACCORDS (Advanced
Capabilities for CompatibleOne Resource Distribution Services), for the
description and federation of different clouds comprising resources provisioned
by heterogeneous cloud service providers. CompatibleOne's flexible service
architecture makes it independent from any Cloud Service Provider (from
OpenStack to OpenNebula, from Azure to Vcloud) and can address all types of
cloud services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, XaaS, BpaaS, …) and any type of cloud service
deployment (public, private, community and hybrid). The goals of CompatibleOne
are to:
- Provide entrepreneurs and organisations unimpeded access to cloud
- Provide innovative platform of services, that go beyond the standard services
provided by existing cloud providers
- Remove the constraints of vendor lock-in
- Provide a platform that the community can evolve rapidly and adapt according
to their needs

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