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	* Now preserves PhotoShop Image Resource Blocks in TIFF images.


    * Added Brazilian Portuguese translation, thanks to Banto Palmarino

    * It's no longer possible to select a DeviceLink before it's finished generating.
      (Previously you could select it, but it wouldn't actually be used!)

    * Now renders icons showing the input and output colorspaces of DeviceLinks

    * Added global activity bar showing when there are jobs queued or pending - 
      cycles through the job names.

    * Windows build now correctly embeds profiles when exporting.  (Embedded profile
      handling made much neater in general.)

    * SearchPaths for colour profiles are now scanned recursively.

    * Devicelinks now have the chosen description embedded within them.

    * Can now export a generated Devicelink for use in other programs.

    * Can now handle greyscale images that have a grey profile embedded.

    * Can now export 8-bit dithered JPEGs and TIFFs.

    * Now finds and caches colour profiles immediately after startup, to speed up
      appearance of dialogs the first time they're used.

	* Updated Spanish translation, with thanks to Guillermo Espertino.

    * Added partial Japanese translation, with thanks to Yoshinori Yamakawa.


    * Fixed bug with collink command line arguments for black generation.


    * Added Spanish translation, thanks to Guillermo Espertino.
    * Added a list to the preset editor which allows them to be recalled and deleted.

    * Added device link generation capability (using Argyll's collink utility), and an editor to manage them.

    * Added menus - including Select All / None, and menu items to bring up the preset and device link editors.

    * Added About dialog.

    * Many fixes to filename handling on Win32 - should now be able to handle unicode characters in filenames.

    * Translation should now work on Win32.

    * Updated French translation, thanks to Cedric Gémy.

    * Updated Russian translation, thanks to Alexandre Prokoudine.


    * Can now remove an image from the list.  Fixed bug which prevented last image from being removed.

    * Now has a "transition width" parameter which attempts to hide the sharp transitions
      that can appear in Hold Black and Hold Grey modes, by interpolating between normal
      and adjusted values for near black/grey colours.

    * Fixed bug which prevented Overprint mode from doing anything.

    * Improved job cancelling when colorants are changed.


    * French translation added - thanks to Cedric Gémy.

    * Profile selector now allows "None" as a choice for output profile.

    * Now has a "naive" non-colour-managed RGB -> CMYK conversion, accessed by setting
      the output profile to "None".

    * Added (currently non-functional) "External Utilities" tab to the preferences dialog.

    * Now remembers the last settings in the Save Dialog during a session.  They are also saved
      along with preferences.


	* Now handles greyscale images

    * Partial support for 16-bit (5-bits per channel) BMP files

    * Now creates parent directories for XDG_CONFIG_HOME if needed.
	  (Solves issue with preferences not being saved.)

	* Save button in Prefs dialog now works

	* Now saves the window geometry along with global preferences.

    * Cropped the spinner graphic a little, so it will (hopefully) not cause the tab to resize any more.

    * ConversionPresets now have both RGB and CMYK fallback profiles.  (Simplifies the use of DeviceLinks)

    * Now has an option to ignore embedded profiles and use the fallback instead.

    * Now supports loading and saving of CMYK JPEGs.

    * Resolution of input file is now preserved.  (Including hack to force this for CMYK JPEGs.)

    * Now displays the channel percentages under the cursor, overlaid on the "blobs" that make up
      the colorant toggle, and to the right of that, a total area coverage readout.

    * Fixed case of locale "domain" to match the package name.


	* Initial Release