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CMYKTool - a colour conversion utility
Copyright (c) 2009 by Alastair M. Robinson

CMYKTool is a new utility intended to build on the functionality of my old
CMYK separation plugin for the GIMP.  The key features I needed and couldn't
find elsewhere in a convenient single package are as follows:

    * Convert images between ICC profiles.

    * Support RGB and CMYK images as both input and output.

    * When converting from RGB to CMYK, preserve pure black, preserve
      pure grey, or attempt to underfill black to give a fake "overprint" effect.

    * Images and their individual channels can be inspected

    * As well as "inspect" mode, a soft proof mode to show how an image would
      look when printed n screen of how an image would look when printed.

    * Easy comparison of multiple images.  This means it must be possible to flip
      between them with minimal screen redrawing, and zoom-and-pan settings must
      be synchronized between multiple images.

    * Save JPEG, TIFF (8- and 16-bit) with or without embedded profiles.

In the fullness of time I also intend to add the functionality of ImgTarget to
CMYKTool (or merge the two projects) since the side-by-side comparison of images
produced with different settings would be particularly useful when experimenting
with devicelinks.