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Version 1.99, March 23, 2018
 * fixed unsafe use of strings; now requires OCaml >= 4.03
 o removed many warnings
 o added translation of \rq
 o fixed scanning of macro arguments (with long BibTeX fields)
 o fixed translation of \@ (to print a space)

Version 1.98, July 4, 2014
 o fixed escaping of character & in URLs
 o fixed translation of -- and --- (contributed by Gabriel Scherer)
 o more macros: \dj \DJ (contributed by Domenico Bianculli)
 o \textsuperscript
 o temporary files are now created in the current directory
   to avoid bibtex error "Not writing to ... (openout_any = p)."
 o fixed a bug with non-ascii characters in php-output

Version 1.97, February 6, 2012
 o fixed compilation (no more -cclib -lstr)
 o fixed translation of \u{a}, removed incorrect translations of \u{n}
   and \u{N} (contributed by Domenico Bianculli)
 o bib2bib conditions: support for \u (contributed by Domenico Bianculli)
 o configure: option --disable-doc to avoid compiling the PDF documentation
 o configure: pdflatex is searched for; if not found, documentation is disabled

Version 1.96, September 29, 2010
 o PDF documentation (manual.pdf) is compiled by default
 o option -debug now prints the exact BibTeX commmand which is run
 o new option --note-html similar to --note but assuming a bibtex
   field already in HTML format
 o various little changes in the Makefile requested by the Debian maintainer

Version 1.95, March 23, 2010
 o bib2bib: option "--php-output" to produce output as a PHP 2D array
 o bib2bib: options "--remove" and "--rename", to remove or rename fields
 o new headers with proper copyright
 o bib2bib: option "--no-comment", to prevent generation of extra
 o fixed support for DOI links: when field "doi" is already an URL, the
   DOI prefix is not prepended
 o tags "bibtexnumber" and "bibtexitem" are now inserted to ease the
   customization using CSS

Version 1.94, 07/05/09
 o support for arXiv preprints links: a field "eprint = {xxx}" will be
   recognized, if any, and a link to will be displayed;
   option -noeprint turns it off and option -eprintf-prefix <url> sets a
   different prefix for the urls (contributed by Ari Stern)

Version 1.93, 12/12/08
 o bib2bib: giving '$date' as argument of option -s allows to sort from
   oldest to newest entry
 o bib2bib: field names in conditions may contain digits and '-' (useful for
   custom fields)

Version 1.92, 08/07/08
 o Windows installer (using NSIS
 o new bib2bib option --expand-xrefs to perform crossrefs expansion
 o option -m (reading macros from a file):
   - fixed macro definition with \def
   - macros with arguments are now supported
 o added accents conversion for tilda, and fixed accents conversion
   for \"i, \"\i and such (patch by Samuel Colin)
 o fixed bib2bib command line options to accept --warn-error and
   --quiet (as described in the manual)

Version 1.91, 20/02/2008
 o fixed bug in bib2bib and bibtex2html when quotes (") are used in fields
 o fixed bug with -nobibsource and -multiple (bib links on the separate pages)

Version 1.90, 01/02/2008
 o bib2bib: = and <> are now case insensitive; use == and != instead
   to perform case sensitive comparison
 o correctly support $x$$y$ where the central $$ is not passing into
   display math mode
 o more cases for accent macros \' \~ \. \u \v (patch by John Kewley)

Version 1.89, 08/01/2008
 o entry types and field names now typeset in lowercase in f_bib.html
 o new option -unicode to use Unicode entities for some macros
   (such as &#9711; for \bigcirc, etc.)
 o new option -html-entities to use HTML entities for some macros
   such as \le, \approx, etc. (patch by Steven G. Johnson)
 o new option -header to insert a header (similar to -footer)
  (patch by Steven G. Johnson)

Version 1.88, 20/11/2007
 o new option -revkeys to number entries in reverse order
   (patch by Walter Guttmann)
 o fixed bug with '\ ' (backslash space) introduced in version 1.82
   (shows up with -s gerplain)
 o \c{C}, \"y, \"Y  (patch by John Kewley)
 o \k (using unicode entities, patch by John Kewley)

Version 1.87, 16/07/2007
 o \hat
 o \mathfrak (supported but no font change, as for \mathcal ad \mathbb)
 o \~a, \~A, \~o, and \~O
 o -- translated to &ndash; and --- to &mdash;

Version 1.86, 21/03/2007
 o more accents macros: \oe \OE \~ \v \' \r

Version 1.85, 2/11/2006
 o fixed HTML output in f_bib.html: <pre> no more enclosed in <p>;
   bibtex fields now typeset in lowercase; added links back to f.html
 o macros \textin (<sub>), \textsu (<sup>), \textsi (<i>),
   and macros \textln, \textos, \textdf, \textsw without translation
 o fixed bug in --quiet under Windows
 o option -t now sets the title of f_bib.html too (and of entries
   files when used with -multiple)

Version 1.84, 19/10/2006
 o improved support for MRNUMBER of AMS styles: only first word used
   in URL link

Version 1.83, 13/09/2006
 o support for DOI links: a field "DOI = {xxx}" will be recognized, if any,
   and a link to will be displayed;
   option -no-doi turns it off and option -doi-prefix <url> sets a
   different prefix for the DOI urls
 o macro \H (Hungarian umlauts)
 o new option -linebreak to insert a linebreak between an entry and its links
 o new option -use-table to enforce the use of a table (to be used
   _after_ -no-keys if needed)

Version 1.82, 07/06/2006
 o `` and '' translated to &ldquo; and &rdquo;
 o aesthetic changes:
   - no more line break between the entry and the links;
   - more space between an abstract and the next entry
 o improving date parsing: month field such as "2~" # dec is now parsed
 o fixed bug: a space after a macro is now discarded

Version 1.81, 12/05/2006
 o new option --print-keys to display the sorted keys (and exit)
 o improved date sorting to handle months such as mar # "\slash " # apr
 o no table anymore with -nokeys (only HTML paragraphs)

Version 1.80, 15/3/2006
 o remove leading ./ in front of relative URLs (was introduced a long
   time ago to circumvent an Internet Explorer bug; see below)
 o no more escaping of the character & in URLs

Version 1.79, 22/2/2006
 o fixed bug with ISO-latin characters in bib2bib conditions
 o fixed bug with implicit abbrevs (jan, feb, etc.)

Version 1.78, 16/12/2005
Version 1.77, 18/11/2005
 o fixed bug with unbalanced brackets in bib2bib/bibtex2html output

Version 1.76, 22/9/2005
 o translation of \'c
 o replaced ISO latin 1 characters with their entity codes
 o support for Czech characters (both contributed by Danny Chrastina)

Version 1.75, 2/2/2005
 o updated manual (the manual was not reflecting the change of f-bib
   into f_bib in version 1.74; see below)

Version 1.74, 22/10/2004
 o bib2bib: special characters \n \r \t and \ddd in regular expressions
 o fix minor bug: when looking for cross-references, comparison of
   keys is now case-insensitive
 o footer and bibtex entries now enclosed in HTML paragraphs (<p>...</p>)
 o in case of syntax error, the key of the entry where the error
    occurred is shown
 o new option -no-links to disable weblinks
 o fix bug in bib2bib: preamble now enclosed with a single pair of braces
 o bibtex entries now in f_bib.html (instead of f-bib.html)

Version 1.72, 3/9/2004
 o --help now prints on standard output and exits successfully
 o fixed bug with very long keys (when bibtex inserts % to cut lines)
 o arguments to macros read from a file (option -m) are discarded

Version 1.71, 24/8/2004
 o improved date sorting algorithm to handle days (e.g. month = "June 29")
 o bib2bib: crossrefs are expanded before conditions are checked
 o bib2bib: '_' allowed in field identifiers
 o added option -w (--warn-error) to stop immediately when a warning
   is issued.

Version 1.70, 30/6/2004
 o fixed bug with crossrefs not translated from LaTeX to HTML
 o macros for Greek letters now translated to HTML entities

Version 1.69, 6/4/2004
 o macros \bysame, \MR and \MRhref for AMS* stylew
 o modified -bib.html output to circumvent a Konqueror bug

Version 1.68, 16/03/2004
 o fixed bug with parentheses-enclosed entries
 o macros \relax, \hskip

Version 1.66, 18/02/2004
 o characters ( and ) in keys
 o New FAQ: pb with quotes under MS Windows

Version 1.65, 3/10/2003
 o better handling of accented letters, in particular LaTeX commands
   for accents are taken into account in regular expressions.
 o fixed bug: keywords were duplicated with -single
 o web links automatically inserted for -f and -nf fields in the .bib file
 o new option -use-keys to use the original keys from the .bib file
 o new option -single to put everything into a single page
 o HTML links inserted in the BibTeX entries page

Version 1.61, 15/7/2003
 o quoted & in URLS (&amp;)
 o macro \href
 o bib2bib does not stop anymore when no matching citation is
   found, and in such a case an empty file is generated.

Version 1.60, 19/6/2003
 o new bib2bib option -s to sort the bibliography (and -r to reverse the sort)
 o macros \cal, \small

Version 1.59, 16/6/2003
 o LaTeX '~' translated into &nbsp;
 o field "postscript" treated as "ps"
 o fixed links when -o used with a full path
 o fixed behavior with -nf abstract ...
 o macro \$

Version 1.57, 9/4/2003
 o option --note f to declare field f as an annotation (and then displayed
   like an "abstract" field)

Version 1.56 12/11/2002
 o bib2bib: fixed bug in conditions lexer
 o fixed parser error in @preamble
 o ./configure updated

Version 1.54 10/7/2002
 o option --no-header to suppress bibtex2html command in the HTML output
 o HTML output: tags in lowercase, quoted attributes, <br> -> <br />
 o fixed bug in (man pages installation)

Version 1.53 18/6/2002
 o keywords displayed if a field "keywords" is present; option --no-keywords
 o aux2bib now handles multiple citations (\citation{foo,bar,gee})
   (patch by Jose Ramon Alvarez Sanchez)

Version 1.52 15/01/2002
 o fixed bug in evaluation of <> operator in bib2bib conditions
 o fixed bugs in URLs display
 o new tool aux2bib by Ralf Treinen
 o removed <font size> when option -css is used
 o added macro \frac
 o added .txt and .html as recognized file extensions

Version 1.51 15/10/2001
 o fixed bug in links to not compressed documents; nicer names for links
 o fixed bug in --quiet
 o option -dl to format entries with <DL> instead of <TABLE>
 o spaces quoted in HTML comment giving the bibtex2html command
 o macro \path (treated like \verb)

Version 1.5 10/10/2001
 o less invasive links (to BibTeX entries and files)
 o option -css to specify a style sheet
 o macro \textcolor now translated (patch by François Pottier)
 o option -bg to set background color (patch by François Pottier)
 o fixed HTML errors (unclosed tags)

Version 1.46 21/2/2001
 o code documented with ocamlweb (but still poor comments)
 o fixed bug for links' names
 o fixed a minor HTML error (inversion of <blockquote> and <font>)

Version 1.45 31/1/2001
 o option -nf to specify how to display the link (patch by François Pottier)

Version 1.44 11/1/2001
 o bibtex2html: href bugfix for generation in output dir (Jan Nieuwenhuizen)
 o macros \lor and \land (translation of raw ASCII)
 o brackets { } are now ignored when comparing or matching strings in
   bib2bib conditions

Version 1.41 30/6/2000
 o configured by GNU autoconf
 o option -labelname to use the label name when inserting a link
 o fixed bug in option -t when bibtex file read on standard input
 o relative URL not prefixed with ./ when email addresses
 o macro \par translated to <p> not <br>
 o added symbols '&', '|', '!' and '?' resp. for synonyms of 'and',
   'or', 'not' and 'exists'
 o replaced notations '$' and '#' resp. by '$key' and '$type' in
   bib2bib conditions
 o all macros \xxfamily, \xxseries and \xxshape
 o fixed bug in translating unbalanced quotes to HTML
 o bib2bib: predicate "exists" added in conditions to check existence
   of a field
 o bib2bib: new semantics for non-existent fields in conditions
 o bib2bib: added # in conditions to refer to the entry type
 o bib2bib: strings may now be written between single quotes
 o macros \mathsf, \mathtt, \mathnormal, \TeX, \LaTeXe
 o option -q, --quiet: do not write anything to stderr except errors

Version 1.4, 19/6/2000
 o fixed 2 bugs in bib2bib: it is now allowed to have the same key for
   an abbrev and for a regular entry. An abbrev that refer itself to
   other abbrevs is now correctly handled.
 o fixed bug: abbreviations were not correctly expansed in the -bib file
 o relative URL now prefixed by ./ (otherwise Internet Explorer can't resolve
   them correctly)
 o arguments to option -f are now turned into uppercase
 o added options -fsuffix / -lsuffix to specify different suffixes for
   HTML files and links (-suffix s is equivalent to -fsuffix s -lsuffix s)
 o fixed bug: entries were sorted in reverse order when no order specified
 o remove nested tags <a> (incorrect HTML)
 o closed tags <td> with </td>
 o added macro \html (raw HTML)
 o fixed bug with both -nodoc and -multiple

Version 1.3, 2/6/2000
 o sorting according to dates: bibtex2html no more fails on incorrect
   dates but issues a warning; if no date is present, the date of the
   crossref is used, if any.
 o macros: \LaTeX, \v, \tm, \sl
 o character / in keys
 o option --hevea-url to translate macro \url as HeVeA's instead of LaTeX's
 o bib2bib now takes care of repeated entries (See the manual)
 o \textsf now translated as \textbf (i.e. to bold face)
 o production of valid HTML (Thanks to John Kewley)

Version 1.2, 1999/02/10
 o manual.tex does not require hevea.sty anymore
 o fixed wrong link to bibtex entries in the page with abstracts
 o implementation: use of the ocaml module Buffer
 o fixed bug: authorize & in keys
 o bib2bib conditions now take LaTeX accents into account. For example
   \'e, \'{e} and é are all considered identical. Some accents still
   have to be considered. A new module Latex_accents has been added
   for that purpose.
 o much more LaTeX macros translated
 o macro \u (a romanian accent) recognized (but \u{s} simply outputs s)
 o option --raw-url to print URL instead of files's types.

Version 1.1, 1999/11/05
 o bibtex2html version is written at the end of the document and inside the
   HTML source
 o options --output and --nobibsource for bibtex2html
 o bibtex2html now reads on standard input if no input file is given,
   and writes on standard output (if no output file is specified).
 o new option of bib2bib: --expand expands the abbreviations
 o macro \neq -> <>
 o Readbib now outputs messages on standard error, not standard output
 o in bib2bib conditions, $ means the key of an entry
 o changed behaviour of bib2bib, in order to be used as a filter :
   . if no input files, input is taken from standard input
   . if no -ob option, output is done on standard output
   . if no -oc option, no citation file created at all
 o bib2bib now supports options --version and --warranty
 o macro \% -> %
 o macro \ss -> &szlig;
 o authorize + in keys

Version 1.0, 1999/07/15
 o option --footer
 o condition are now arbitrary boolean expressions over comparaisons
   and matchings
 o macro \mathcal
 o bib2bib is able to parse conditions of the form field:regexp (but
   only one condition at a time)
 o the bib output :
    . is in the same order as the original one
    . option -noexpand produces an bib output still containing @STRINGs
      (but notice that crossrefs are never expanded)
 o the default bibtex command is "bibtex -min-crossrefs=1000" in order
    to avoid citation to the crossrefs. (This behaviour is obtained
    only when using a -citefile where the crossrefs are not included.)
 o macros with nested braces now recognized correctly
 o macros \textrm and \textsl
 o option -citefile to read keys to cite from a file
 o macros \sim, \symbol; macros for accents without argument (\~{}, \'{}, etc.)

Version 0.95, 1999/06/02
 o german macros when using a german BibTeX style
 o comma suppressed after last field in BibTeX entries file
 o macro \textit
 o comma after "BibTeX entry" suppressed when not needed

Version 0.91, 1999/04/19
 o bug fix in links to BibTeX entries in the page with abstracts
 o code optimization

Version 0.9, 1999/02/12
  o option -both to make both versions with and without abstracts
  o suffix .zip added for compressed files

Version 0.8, 1999/02/08
  o option -multiple (one file per entry)
  o bug fixed in syntax error line report
  o translation for macros \DH, \th
  o file types prefixed by "Compressed" when it is the case
  o file suffixes PDF and RTF recognized
  o abstracts printed in a smaller font (<font size=-1>)

Version 0.72, 1999/01/21
  o option -warranty to get the warranty conditions
  o translation of various LaTeX accents

Version 0.71, 1999/01/11
  o translation for macros \o, \O, \ae, \AE, \aa, \AA

Version 0.7, 1998/11/18
  o on-line documentation
  o option -f, --field
  o long names for all options
  o more math macros, better handling of {sub,sup}scripts
  o option -noabstract
  o option -nofooter

Version 0.61, 1998/10/19
  o option -nokeys

Version 0.6, 1998/02/17
  o spaces in URL are removed
  o compilation in native code

Version 0.4, 1998/01/28
  o multiple bibliographies
  o read macros in a file

Version 0.3, 1997/11/06
  o option -c to specify a command
  o quick sort of entries
  o macro \url is translated into a HTML link

Version 0.2, 1997/10/24
  o new presentation with only 2 files (F.html and F-bib.html)

Version 0.1, 1997/07/17
  o first public release

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