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Starting from 3.25.4, we provide release notes through the
AppData file. As such, app stores (like GNOME Software)
can show release notes to users.

Human-readable textual output (similar to this file)
can easily be generated with the following command:

$ appstream-util appdata-to-news data/org.gnome.Contacts.appdata.xml


Major changes in 3.22.1:
* Translation updates

Major changes in 3.20.0:
* Translation updates

Major changes in 3.19.90:
* Translation updates
* Fixed minor bugs

Major changes in 3.18.1:
* Translation updates
* Avoid crash in search provider
* Remove unused libnotify dependency

Major changes in 3.18.0:
* Translation updates
* Avoid dialogs from the search provider
* Fix desktop file category
* Support searching by phone number

Major changes in 3.16.1:
* Updated translations

Major changes in 3.15.90:
* Finished Contacts - Maps integration

Major changes in 3.15.4:
* Added maps view for postal address

Major changes in 3.14.1:
* Remove unneeded logs in SearchProvider

Major changes in 3.14.0:
* Adapt to shell new search provider API

Major changes in 3.13.92:
* Fixed change address book bug

Major changes in 3.13.90:
* Added inline contact creation
* Updated Avatar dialog UI
* Improved Adwaita dark variant support

Major changes in 3.13.3:
* Reworked setup view
* Reworked modes toggling (edit-mode, selection-mode)
* Fixed birthday field bug
* Fixed link field bug
* Updated dialogs UI

Major changes in 3.12.0:
* Translation updates

Major changes in 3.11.92:
* Translation updates

Major changes in 3.11.91 are:
* Improved Linked Accounts dialog

Major changes in 3.11.90 are:
* Updated About dialog info
* Fixed email types in New Contact dialog
* Removed deprecated gtk+ calls
* Fixed minor bugs

Major changes in 3.10.1 are:
* Removed presence widget from ContactPane

Major changes in 3.10 are:
* Fixed shell-search-provider

Major changes in 3.9.92 are:
* Added appdata description for Contacts
* Fixed look in RTL languages

Major changes in 3.9.91 are:
* Ported to Gtk.Revealer
* Ported to Gtk.MenuButton
* Refined avatar size and name aligment

Major changes in 3.9.90 are:
* Reworked UI to use custom titlebars
* Reworked select account dialog
* Fixed background colors all over
* Fixed "Select a Contact" view
* Updated to folks 0.9.5
* Migrated Contacts.Window to use Gtk+ templates
* Show all contacts everytime now

Major changes in 3.9.5 are:
* Updated AddressBook dialog
* Updated Setup window
* Fixed in-app delete notification bug

Major changes in 3.8.3 are:
* Fixed in-app notification display
* Make labels in ContactsPane ellipsize properly
* Synced webcam related cheese code

Major changes in 3.8.2 are:
* Updated translations
* Fixed "new" button height
* Fix webcam dialog shows blank camera
* Fix searching when string is empty

Major changes in 3.8.1 are:
* Updated translations
* Fixed font color in contacts list
* Make changing birthdate work

Major changes in 3.8.0 are:
* Updated translations

Major changes in 3.7.91 are:
* Updated translations
* Animate toolbar transition in selection mode

Major changes in 3.7.90 are:
* Added selection to contacts list
* Showing a contacts subset (main contacts vs all)

Major changes in 3.7.3 are:
* Use libgd
* New contact pane design
* Fix build with new telepathy-glib

Major changes in 3.6.2 are:
* Updated translations
* Keyboard shortcuts for new and help
* Add keywords to desktop file for better searching

Major changes in 3.6.1 are:
* Updated translations

Major changes in 3.6.0 are:
* Added help menu item

Major changes in 3.5.92 are:
* Use the new gstreamer 1.0 based libcheese
* Always show search entry
* Updated translations

Major changes in 3.5.91 are:
* Port the webcam support to libcheese
* Updated translations

Major changes in 3.5.90 are:
* Updated translations
* EggListBox converted from vala to C
* Fix icon for birthdays
* Minor notification themeing fixes

Major changes in are:
* Rebuilding due to 3.5.4 being built with a broken libtool
* Bump libfolks dependency to 0.7.3

Major changes in 3.5.4 are:
* Use new libfolks API for Google address book system groups

Major changes in 3.5.3 are:
* Ship a search provider for the shell

Major changes in 3.5.2 are:
* Use the new evolution-data-server APIs for addressbook configuration

Major changes in 3.5.1 are:
* Make new avatars with webcam
* Fetch more contact info from telepathy
* Reimplement sidebar without using GtkTreeView

Major changes in 3.4.0 are:
* Updated translations

Major changes in 3.3.92 are:
* Updated translations

Major changes in 3.3.91 are:
* Updated translations
* Update the call support to work with latest Telepathy/Empathy
* Allow linking non-primary contacts to each other and not only to primary ones
* Fix crash in linking
* Show unknown online status as offline

Major changes in 3.3.90 are:
* New app icon
* Support cropping of new avatars
* Minor ui tweaks
* Exit edit mode whe clicking outside edit widget
* Add "Add to My contacts" button
* Create google contacts in the "My contacts" group

Major changes in 3.3.4 are:
* Moved custom CSS to Adwaita
* Make clicking on edit rows work again
* Remove initial letter column in lists
* New look for link dialog
* Hide search by default
* Show google contacts that are not "My contacts" as as non-primary contacts
* Make notifications animate in/out
* Fix up minor UI details to better match new mockups
* Better initial window size
* Add inline link suggestions
* Support undo for link/unlink
* Delete works for more contacts
* New first run dialog

Major changes in 3.3.3 are:
* Add application menu
* Support changing the address book
* Only show primary contacts in the main list except when searching
* Add toolbar in the new gnome 3 style

Major changes in 3.3.2 are:
* Polish details in the UI
* Work with latest vala master

Major changes in 3.3.1 are:
* New design for the content pane
* Undo and in-app notifications

Major changes in 3.2.2 are:
* Fixed crashes
* Fixed display name for Google contact sources
* Add Unity to OnlyShowIn
* Fix up spacing in contact pane

Major changes in 3.2.1 are:
* Translation updates

Major changes in are:
* Fix label for local contacts
* Fix video calls

Major changes in 3.2.0 are:
* First stable release, yay!
* New and updated translations
* Fix spacing due to GtkGrid API changes
* Add quit and search keyboard shortcuts
* Close error dialogs on response
* Show birthdays with correct timezone

Major changes in are:
* Make GOA addressbooks default it there is no default
* Make creating contacts on google work

Major changes in are:
* Fix build issue

Major changes in 0.1.5 are:
* Support linking and unlinking
* Support linking suggestions
* Don't require running evolution to pick up eds addressbooks

Major changes in are:
* Fix crash

Major changes in 0.1.4 are:
* Unique application instance support
* Support browsing for avatar file
* Support deleting (some) contacts
* Support linking contacts
* Support for new fields:
  * nickname
  * birthday (readonly)
  * company/title/etc (readonly)
* Lots of small UI tweaks

Major changes in 0.1.3 are:
* Fix build due to libm missing
* Lots of UI polish
* Working contact editing

Major changes in 0.1.2 are:
* Update to libfolks 0.6.0
* Allow showing a contact from the commandline

Major changes in 0.1.1 are:
* Lots more work on the UI
* Initial work on editing

Initial Version 0.1.0:
* First cut at implementing the design mockups