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GRIG 0.8.1:
- Maintenance update
- French l10n

GRIG 0.8.0:

- Frequency entry via keypad (thanks to Alessandro Zummo).
- Arrow LEFT/RIGHT will change the frequency with the smallest step. This can
  be used for tuning using external devices like the Powermate.
* Support for VFO->MEM and MEM->VFO function.
- Support on/off rig functions.
- Added an extra gigahertz digit in lcd display
- Added antenna control
- French l10n
- Fixed crash that occurs when mouse is clicked between MHz and kHz digits.
  Reported as Ubuntu bug 517816.
- Requires Gtk+ 2.12 and Hamlib 1.2.8+

GRIG 0.7.2:

- Fixed bug that caused wrong handling of RF gain, IF shift, MIC gain,
  and compressor controls (bug #1613622).
- Give volume level control higher priority to avoid jumpy behaviour
  (bug #1616926).

GRIG 0.7.1:

- A bug that caused installation to fail has been fixed (#1523367).

GRIG 0.7.0:

- Added receiver and transmitter level controls.
- Fixed bug that caused installation errors when using autoconf 2.59e.
- Pixmaps are now installed to /usr/local/share/pixmaps/grig instead of
  /usr/local/share/grig/pixmaps by default (related to the above bug).

GRIG 0.6.0:

- Save and restore RIG state.
- RF power meter scale is now functional with ranges of 5, 10, 50, 100
  and 500 watts. There is currently a bug, which causes the meter needle
  to jump up when switching between RX/TX.
- Fixed bug, which caused the frequency reading to flicker between the
  current value and a previously set value (bug #1388342). Same bug was
  found for the PTT and POWER controls, too.
- Fixed bug, which gave the error message "Can not find VFO list for this
  rig! Bug in backend?" if the rig did not have any of the rig_set_vfo or
  rig_get_vfo functions (bug #1440876).
- Better error messages when a command fails to execute.
- Fixed bug, which blocked the debug handler to properly filter messages
  coming from grig (hamlib messages were filtered correctly).

GRIG 0.5.0:

- Requires Gtk+ 2.6 and Hamlib 1.2.5
- Added VFO and SPLIT controls.
- Special rig functions: LOCK, ...
- Use own debug handler for both hamlib and grig messages
  and format debug messages so that become easier to analyse.
- New debug message window, which can be used to analyse
  previously saved debug messages.
- Modified shutdown procedure to wait until daemon actually
  finishes instead of using a fixed length timeout.
- Disable POWER and PTT buttons by default (can be enabled
  via the command line).
- Optimisation of the daemon process allowing faster reaction
  when PTT is toggled.
- The mode selector combo only shows modes, which are supported
  by the rig.
- Fixed erroneous detection of set/get level availability
  (bug #1266068).
- Fixed incorrect handling of empty ATT, PREAMP and tuning
  step lists in the Radio Info window (bug #1266071).
- Fixed a bug, which caused grig to display WIDE instead of
  NORMAL passband when the rig has no wide passband.
- Optimised S-meter dynamics.
- Better detection of frequency ranges and resolutions.
- Corrected various mistakes in the manual page.
- Various minor improvements to the user interface.
- Several minor changes to support wintendo builds.

GRIG 0.4.3:

- Changed usleep to g_usleep to make code more portable.

GRIG 0.4.2:

- Added command line option to specify a delay between the
  execution of each command. This has been introduced as an
  attempt to avoid buffer overflow in some radios caused by
  to fast polling.
- Added command line option to disable threads and use a
  regular timeout based daemon process instead (problem
  reported on FreeBSD).
- Fixed a bug which caused the frequency display to flicker.
- Fixed a bug which caused the README, NEWS, AUTHORS, COPYING
  and ChangeLog files not to be installed.
- Only poll the selected meter setting when in TX mode.

GRIG 0.4.1:

- Fixed a bug which caused the pixmaps to be omitted from
  the source package.

GRIG 0.4.0:

- Ported to Gtk2; requires Gtk+ 2.4 or greater. Removed
  Gnome and GConf dependencies.
- Requires Hamlib 1.2.0 or greater.
- Added continuous readback from radio.
- Read signal strength, tx-power, swr and alc when available.
- Removed rotator support (will be in a separate program).
- Radio configuration is set via the command line and the
  first time wizard has been completely removed.
- Added RIT control.
- Removed level sliders, will be re-added in the next version.

GRIG 0.3.0 (never relesed, available from CVS):

- Rotator support with the possibility for AZ, EL or AZ/EL
- New rig controls: PTT.
- Possibility to configure the serial speed (backends can
  override it though?).
- Active readback from rig and rotator.
- Fixed bug which caused the number of radios to be reset to
  1, if the user re-ran the first time druid (#750024).

GRIG 0.2.2:

- Fixed bug which selected the wrong debug level in the
  menubar (Bug #609332).
- Fixed bug which caused incorrect handling of unavailable
  level settings (#621762).

GRIG 0.2.1:

- Finished configuration modules.
- Added wheelmouse support.
- Fixed bug which prevented correct initialization of
  Mode, Filter and AGC selectors.
- Fixed bug which caused wrong initialization of the
  level sliders.
- Added temporary command line option to enable frequency

GRIG 0.2.0:

- Support for Hamlib 1.1.3 (rotator).
- Preferences dialog to edit radios and rotators.
- New user druid to guide first-time users through
  initial setup.
- Radio controls have been embedded into a Gtk+ widget and
  can be reused by other Gtk+/Gnome applications.
- Command line options to override some default settings.

GRIG 0.1.0:

- Initial release.
- Power button.
- Mode, filter and AGC selector.
- Frequency display (change frequency by clicking on a digit).
- Level settings for AF, RF, NR, Squelch and APF (receiver).