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Vimode is a Vim-mode plugin for Geany written by a guy who does not use Vim.

Despite the limited Vim knowledge of the author, the plugin tries to be a
reasonably complete Vim mode implementation featuring:

* normal mode, insert/replace mode, visual mode, line visual mode
* repeated commands (e.g. 10dd - delete 10 lines)
* "motion" commands (e.g. d10l - delete 10 characters to the right)
* "text object" commands (e.g. di( - delete inner contents of parentheses)
* visual mode commands (e.g. ~ to swap case of the selected text)
* basic ex mode commands like :s, including range specifications (e.g.
:5,8s/foo/bar/g - replace foo with bar on lines 5 through 8)
* most basic navigation, selection and text manipulation commands
- see the end of this file for the full list
* command repetition using "." and repeated insert

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