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Consider the following order to implement this todo:

 1. create eet to persist data (used by lib/manager, preferences, resume...)
   - versioned
   - provide defaults
 2. Save/Resume state between runs (simple data);
   - window geometry
   - volume
   - repeat and shuffle states
 3. Create preferences infrastructure:
   - new elm_layout style (in Elementary) for preferences
   - choose media backend (xine, gstreamer)
 4. Create library manager preferences:
   - add/remove directories (or at least choose folder)
   - rescan, stop-scan. with progress feedback
   - option to choose rescan schedule
   - remove command line scan
 5. Refactor some features into plugins
   - define ecore_events and plugin interface
   - coverart-lastfm
   - cover art local fs lookup
 6. Modular plugins (elm_module)
   - selection saved in eet
   - gui to select enabled plugins
 7. Save/Resume between runs (list, nowplaying and navigation)

Library (from "Preferences")
 * manager:
  - allows add directories; - DONE
  - allows remove directories;
  - maybe limit to one single folder to simplify GUI?
  - or settle with $XDG_MUSIC_DIR and no need for GUI?
 * rescan: allows rescan media immediately
 * stop-scan: while scanning, allows cancel the process
 * provide progress feedback;
 * put all this stuff into the UI (currently scan just works from the cmd line);
 * while scan remember to stop any access to database to avoid locks;
 * option to choose rescan schedule: always, every day/week/month, never
 * remove command line scan?


Must cover the following cases:

 * [EASY] Listeners: It should be done in a way to allow things like to be informed of favorite musics, chats, twitter,
   facebook, osd-notify, MPRIS dbus interface. Basically post
   meaningful ecore_events to main loop.

 * [HARD] Providers: It should be done to provide new lists or items
   to lists. Needs thinking if the plugin should provide the full
   widget (ie: genlist) or just the contents. How to cope with
   filtering. How to do navigation.

 * [MEDIUM] Settings: similar to providers, but auguments simpler
   configurations. Likely should provide the full widget, unless we
   create a configuration UI standard. Examples: Cover lookup from
   filesystem, or

 * [MEDIUM] Playback Gadgets: random Evas_Object that will react to
   music playback, things like showing wikipedia for band, lyrics,
   etc. They can use Listeners case to udpate themselves, but needs
   thinking how to show them on the screen. Maybe another tab/area on
   the now playing screen?

Work to cover the above cases:

 * create ecore_events to notify listeners plugins.
  - database contents changed;
 * query plugins for available settings:
  - give a context path with settings area. like "/", "/library/", "/$plugin/"
  - allow plugins to specify priority (list positioning)?
  - allow plugins to specify relative positioning (above/below "$plugin")
 * query plugins for available major providers (root list entries):
  - similar to settings, may require priority/relative positioning
 * query plugins for available minor providers (item providers):
  - needs requirements... postponed
 * query plugins for available playback gadgets:
  - needs requirements... postponed

 * Save/Resume state between runs (start from the same place as last time);
  - window geometry
  - volume
  - current playing
  - repeat and shuffle states
  - navigation (full, or at least current list)
 * Preferences:
  - choose media backend (xine, gstreamer)
  - choose to resume media playback on restart
  - list/enable/disable plugins

Media List
 * filter limits the current section and thus creates a dynamic playlist

 * plugin: search covers locally. For every music in the database
   without associated cover, walk the music directory and look for
   jpeg (Currently done from inside enjoy/list, must be moved)
 * playlist support (use lms to scan for playlists, etc)
 * on-the-go playlist (dynamic playlist). Hold items to add to
   playlist, be a virtual-folder or a single song.
 * plugin: search covers at
 * plugin: search covers at
 * plugin: internet radio (
 * plugin: inform now playing music to webservices
 * plugin: fetch lyrics from webservices (maybe use webkit)
 * plugin: fetch track/artist/album info from webservices (wikipedia?
   uses webkit)
 * plugin: support for e_notify (libnotify)
 * evas: read cover from id3? requires id3 image loader in evas
 * plugin: audio bookmarks