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Server's core contains the JNDI provider, interceptors,
schema, and database subsystems. The core is the heart
of the server without protocols enabled.
- A linked in memory AVL tree implementation with Cursor.
- Contains classes that store interfaces with various
constants in ApacheDS.
Cursor interfaces used by the server core.
Server side LDAP entry classes.
Integration testing framework for Apache Directory Server.
Contains a JNDI provider implementation which wraps the
core so existing applications based on JNDI can use the
server embedded transparently. Remote and local run-time
operations will appear and feel exactly the same with a
performance boost when local. All operations via this
JNDI provider bypass the LDAP stack to perform operations
directly on the ApacheDS core.
A collection of tools as plugins to manage various tasks
associated with the directory server.
Shared classes between the core plugin and the core to
prevent cyclic dependencies since the core uses the core
A linked in memory splay tree implementation with Cursor.
Core unit tests.

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