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# Changes in HTMLDOC v1.9.3

- Fixed formatting bugs with aligned images (Issue #322, Issue #324)
- Fixed support for three digit "#RGB" color values (Issue #323)
- Fixed character set support for markdown metadata.
- Updated libpng to v1.6.34 (Issue #326)
- The makefiles did not use the CPPFLAGS value (Issue #328)

# Changes in HTMLDOC v1.9.2

- Added Markdown table support.
- Fixed parsing of TBODY, TFOOT, and THEAD elements in HTML files.

# Changes in HTMLDOC v1.9.1

- Fixed monospace font size issue (Issue #309)
- Added support for reproducible builds (Issue #310)
- Added limited support for the HTML 4.0 SPAN element (Issue #311)
- Added (extremely limited) UTF-8 support for input files (Issue #314)
- Fixed buffer underflow for (invalid) short HTML comments (Issue #316)
- Now indent PRE text, by popular request.
- EPUB output now makes sure that `<element property>` is written as
  `<element property="property">`.
- Now support both NAME and ID for table-of-contents targets.

# Changes in HTMLDOC v1.9

- Added support for repeating a single header row for tables that span multiple
  pages (Issue #16)
- Added support for embedding the current filename/URL in the header or footer
  (Issue #50)
- Added EPUB support (Issue #301)
- Added Markdown support (Issue #302)
- Fixed a regression in header/footer image scaling (Issue #303)
- Documentation updates (Issue #305)
- Compiler fixes (Issue #304, Issue #306)
- Fixed a bug when running HTMLDOC as a macOS application.
- Updated the bundled libpng to v1.6.29.

# Changes in HTMLDOC v1.8.30

- Updated documentation to reflect new project page on Github.
- Dropped old CDE and IRIX desktop integration files.
- Cleaned up the GUI and adopted new default text editors for Linux and macOS.
- PAGE BREAK comments at the end of a file in web page mode would lose the
  first page (Issue #251)
- Fixed the scaling of header/footer images to limit them to the height of the
  header or footer (Issue #273)
- Fixed an issue with the top-level makefile not exiting with an error as
  needed (Issue #282)
- Fixed a URL referencing bug when the same hostname but a different port was
  used (Issue #290)
- Fixed build issue on macOS (Issue #291)
- Fixed handling of indexed+alpha PNG images (Issue #295)

# Changes in HTMLDOC v1.8.29

- Updated local PNG library to version 1.6.20.
- Updated local JPEG library to version 9b.
- Dropped support for OpenSSL.
- Added configure script support for libjpeg-turbo.
- Updated HTTP code to latest CUPS/ippsample sources.
- Duplex PDF output incorrectly forced an even number of pages
- The table of contents showed the wrong page numbers after headings containing
  the "_HD_OMIT_TOC" attribute.
- Fixed reported build issues
- The configure script's --enable-local* options did not work.

# Changes in HTMLDOC v1.8.28

- Updated local zlib to version 1.2.8.
- Updated local PNG library to version 1.6.8.
- Updated local JPEG library to version 9.
- Updated default PDF version to 1.4.
- SECURITY: Fixed three buffer overflow issues when reading AFM files and
  parsing page sizes.
- Fixed incompatibility with Fortify's version of strcpy, which does not work
  properly with variable-length arrays
- Fixed compilation against PNG library 1.5 or later
- Fixed documentation errors
- Marked Zapf-Dingbats as a standard font
- Fixed GPL license text in GUI
- Fixed a table formatting problem when a column has multiple colspan values
- Fixed parsing of HTML comments
- Fixed potential out-of-bounds read in table-of-contents rendering code
- Fixed handling of image URLs with ampersands in them
- Fixed top/bottom margins for logo and header/footer images
- Fixed image alignment bug
- Fixed X11 build problem

# Changes in HTMLDOC v1.8.27

- Fixed a crash bug that appeared when more than 10 blank pages were present in
  a document
- Color changes were not reflected in PRE text
- Remote URLs did not always work on older operating systems
- Image filenames using % escapes were not decoded properly.
- Rows using BGCOLOR that spanned across multiple pages did not render properly
- Rows no longer start on a new page due to a cell with both HEIGHT and ROWSPAN
- CMYK JPEG images caused HTMLDOC to crash
- Table cell width calculations didn't always account for the proper minimum
- Images were not copied when generating indexed HTML output to a directory
- Changing the bottom margin resulted in text that was formatted below the
  bottom margin.
- The Monospace-Oblique font was not embedded properly in PDF files.

# Changes in HTMLDOC v1.8.26

- Outline and keyword strings in PDF files are now stored as Unicode
- The Flate compression code could get in an infinite loop if it ran out of
- Book files saved from the GUI did not handle filenames with spaces
- Fixed and re-enabled the ASCII85Device filter support in PostScript Level 2/3
- Character entities in the first word of a file were not rendered properly
- Fixed-size table columns were incorrectly resized when a table width was also
  specified and there was extra space to distribute
- Text could "walk" up or down when in-line images were used
- Row backgrounds incorrectly replaced cell backgrounds when the first cell in a
  row used ROWSPAN
- HTMLDOC did not correctly parse FONT FACE attributes
- Images in Level 2/3 PostScript output did not work on some printers
- The GUI did not use the first page header

# Changes in HTMLDOC v1.8.25

- Added "--overflow" and "--no-overflow" command-line options to show or hide
  the content-too-large errors; the default is "--no-overflow".
- Added "--header1" command-line option and "HEADER1" page comments to set the
  page header for the first page of each chapter.
- Added "timing" and "remotebytes" debug data generation.
- Added DejaVu font collection to better support Cyrillic and Greek text; the
  new fonts are available under the generic names "monospace", "sans", and
- Added "--referer" command-line option and corresponding CGI-mode support to
  pass Referer: information in HTTP requests
- On Windows, HTMLDOC now logs CGI mode errors to a file called "htmldoc.log" in
  the Windows temporary directory.
- HTMLDOC no longer uses Base-85 encoding for image data when producing Level 2
  and 3 PostScript output. It appears that many printers and PostScript
  interpreters cannot properly decode this data when the original image data is
  not a multiple of 8 bits.
- HTMLDOC now renders STRONG elements in boldface instead of bold-italic to
  match the W3C recommendations.
- HTMLDOC now automatically inserts a TR element before a TD or TH element as
  needed to improve web site compatibility; this also triggers a HTML error in
  --strict mode.
- "$HFIMAGEn" didn't work in a header/footer string.
- HTMLDOC could crash when rendering a table.
- Book files were not used in CGI mode
- Cookies were not sent in HTTP requests
- Table cells were not aligned properly when the ROWSPAN attribute was set to 1
- HTMLDOC crashed when rendering unresolved hyperlinks in aligned images
- Documented the HTMLDOC_NOCGI environment variable
- HTMLDOC sometimes crashed when rendering tables with background colors
- HTMLDOC would crash when writing encrypted strings longer than 1024 bytes
- HTMLDOC didn't set the data directory when running in CGI mode on Windows.
- HTMLDOC could crash when loading the Symbol.afm file
- HTMLDOC did not always honor HEIGHT attributes in table rows.
- Tables with a mix of colspan and rowspan sometimes caused cells to be moved
  vertically outside the cell.