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a. Avestan is a font for the Avestan language

Avestan was an Iranian language in which the earliest Zoroastrian hymns were orally transmitted since 1500 BCE. Due to lingusitic change, fluency in Avestan as spoken a thousand years earlier was deteorating, and hence the need to write the language became increasingly apparent. By the 3rd century CE an alphabet was created to write down the ancient Avestan language.

b. The Avestan script became part of the Unicode standard on Oct 2009, as part of Unicode 5.2.0.

c. This font, Ahuramazda, is the first free and open-source Avestan font, available under the OpenFontLicense

d. To add the Avestan keyboard
please cf. my web site
left Frame "DEVANAGARI"/"Avestan font"
or cf.
May 27th, 2010   	   #33
and take
avestan.txt from the ZIP archive ¬ď