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Frobby is a software system and project for computations with monomial
ideals. Frobby is free software and it is intended as a vehicle for
research on monomial ideals, as well as a useful practical tool for
investigating monomial ideals.

The current functionality includes Hilbert series, maximal standard
monomials, combinatorial optimization on monomial ideals, primary
decomposition, irreducible decomposition, Alexander dual, associated
primes, minimization and intersection of monomial ideals as well as
the computation of Frobenius problems (using 4ti2) with very large
numbers. Frobby is also able to translate between formats that can be used
with several different computer systems, such as Macaulay 2, Monos, 4ti2,
CoCoA4 and Singular. Thus Frobby can be used with any of those systems.

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