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Konqueror is KDE's Webbrowser and swiss-army-knife for any kind of
file-management and file previewing.

* Webbrowsing using KHTML or KDEWebEngine as rendering engines
* File management using most of Dolphin's features (including version-control,
service menus and the basic UI)
* File management on ftp and sftp servers
* Full featured FTP-client (you can split views to display local and remote
folders and previews in the same window)
* Embedded applications to preview and edit files (e.g. Okular and KOffice for
documents, Gwenview for pictures, KTextEditor for text-files)
* Different kinds of plugins: Service-menus, KParts (embedded applications),
* KIO (accessing files using special protocols like http or ftp) and
* KPart-plugins (like AdBlocker...)

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