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Package Bbolt implements a low-level key/value store in pure Go. It supports
fully serializable transactions, ACID semantics, and lock-free MVCC with
multiple readers and a single writer. Bolt can be used for projects that want a
simple data store without the need to add large dependencies such as Postgres or

Bolt is a single-level, zero-copy, B+tree data store. This means that Bolt is
optimized for fast read access and does not require recovery in the event of a
system crash. Transactions which have not finished committing will simply be
rolled back in the event of a crash.

The design of Bolt is based on Howard Chu's LMDB database project.

This package provides symbolic links that alias the following Go import paths to

Aliasing Go import paths via symbolic links or http redirects is fragile. If
your Go code depends on this package, you should patch it to import directly

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