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A Linux Printer Driver for Lexmark X74 All In One

The driver also works with:
o Lexmark X75

The driver also should work with:
o Compaq - IJ670 Series, Inkjet Printer
o Lexmark - Inkjet 4104, Inkjet Printer, Lexmark X76, Lexmark Z13,
Lexmark Z14, Lexmark Z23-Z33, Lexmark Z24-Z34, Lexmark Z25-Z35
o Samsung - MJC-940_2200_530, MJC-950_2130_530

This package contains CUPS drivers (PPD) for the following printers:

o Compaq IJ670
o Compaq Inkjet Printer
o Lexmark All In One
o Lexmark Inkjet Printer
o Lexmark X74
o Lexmark X75
o Lexmark X76
o Lexmark Z13
o Lexmark Z14
o Lexmark Z23
o Lexmark Z24
o Lexmark Z25
o Lexmark Z33
o Lexmark Z34
o Lexmark Z35
o Samsung MJC-2130
o Samsung MJC-2200
o Samsung MJC-530
o Samsung MJC-940
o Samsung MJC-950
o Lexmark All In One

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