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Change log for Euclide

Euclide 0.6.6 (2012-04-14, rev. 262)

New features
- added parralel by point, and buffer by point
- added PolygonEdge2D construction
- added DomainToPolygon2D construction

- fixed position of mouse tooltip when view is scrolled
- fixed a bug for adding a sheet to a doc
- addded possibility to snap polygon edge
- update display when size of sheet is changed
- updated main frame icon
- updated menu and toolbar

- fixed bug in read/write of constants
- fixed computation of buffers from boundary curves
- switched to javaGeom 0.10.2

Euclide 0.6.5 (2011-12-04, rev. 250)

New features
- added difference and exclusive OR of two polygons
- added inverted ray construction
- added ellipse by 2 focus and 1 point
- can now compute area and signed area for any polygon

- added a toolbar with icons for most common actions
- added support for menu accelerators (only few are activated at the moment)
- added display of document zoom in figure title

Bug fixes
- fixed display of opened documents
- many bug fixes due to the new javaGeom library

- switched to javaGeom-0.10.0
- created a EuclideFrame class for managing the different windows

Euclide 0.6.4 (2011-09.21, rev 232)

New features
- add hyperlink in "About" Dialog
- add "Vertical Line" and "Horizontal Line" tools

- added a new "Version" class for versioning
- fix dependency bug in manifest

Euclide 0.6.3 (2011-09-12, rev 227)

New features
- new constructions:
    + union and intersection of polygons
    + complement of a domain
    + rectangle by two corners
- added support for left-right triangle grids

- temporarily remove management of length units until they are better managed

Bug fixes
- fix bug in saving layers tag
- update sheet name when modified
- cleanup style edition panel
- cleanup constants and measures management
- fix construction update order
- switched to javaGeom-0.9.0

Euclide 0.6.2 (2010-05-13, rev. 210)

New features
- new shapes: regular polygon by center, vertex or apothem, and vertex number
- new tools to apply recursively a transform to a shape, and to apply several
- added display of dependence tree of constructions
- better style support
	+ can now specify marker size and line width either as pixel (default) or as
		user unit
	+ can use marker with arbitrary big sizes
- added list of open files in Files menu, giving possibility to switch between
	open documents	
Bug fixes
- Fix bugs in Ellipse by 2 foci and vertex of polygon by index
- save and read line visibility style

- lot of code rewriting for DGF files reading/writing
- rewrote management of styles
- rewrite management of application colors
- enhanced marker style
- switched to javaGeom 0.8.1
- better support of tags
- splitted EuclideDoc class into EuclideDoc and DynamicObjectsManager classes

Euclide 0.6.1 (2010-02-13, rev. 190)

New features
- added support for unary and binary operators on measures
- added "visible" flag to line styles (feature request #2867463)
- it is now possible to specify line join style and end cap style
- added supporting line and circles of arcs and linear shapes
- added GeodesicPointsOnCurve2D

- most dialogs now display in the center of the main frame
- updated icons, added icons for menus
- main frame does not display on screen corner anymore
- it is now possible to snap to a point in a point set

Bug fixes
- fixed intersection of circle arcs (feature request #2867472)
- fixed snap of polygons (bug #2867457), and PointOnBoundary2D.
- grid information is now correctly saved and read
- fixed bug in PolygonVertex2D

- simplified draw style management
- draw style are now saved only if they differ from doc style
- move DGF reader and writer to io/dgf package
- save euclide version in dgf files

Euclide 0.6.0 (2009-09-10, rev. 166)

New features
- added macros management:
	+ create simple macro from several shape as input, and a single shape as
	+ run a macro by specifying inputs and macro name
- added TangentVectorCurvePosition2D, PolygonCentroid, Curve from Curve set
- added buffer of circulinear shapes
- added extraction of curve from a set of curve by its index

Bug fixes
- fixed computation of parallel curves
- fixed bug in poly smooth curve from N curves

- added new icons in menu
- added support for line styles
- updated sheet layers panel
- fixed bug in closing main frame (do not close if there are still open docs)
- style dialogs are now centered
- fixed moving of some movable points (bi-points, point dependent on other
- update saving doc
- better suport of document events
- switched to javaGeom 0.8.0

Euclide 0.5.3 (2009-08-04, rev. 153)

New features:
- new constructions
    + closed polyline by N points
    + conversions from point set to polygon, polyline, or closed polyline
    + rotation by center and angle
    + curve locus
    + shape name label
- can export and import sets of points to/from CSV files
- added a tool for printing shape info
- It is now possible to move a shape that depends only on free points

- added icon management, with some icons for menu
- enhanced zoom management

- coordinates of free points are rounded to avoid display of irrelevant digits

- separate classe EuclideGui and EuclideMainFrame
- free points are now implemented as a FreePoint2D class
- introduced 'dot-per-user unit', for relation between user unit and pixels to

Bug fixes:
- fixed bug in tangent computation of polylines
- fixed bug orthogonal circle
- correct save of StringLabel2D
- panel of measure list refers to correct doc.

Euclide 0.5.2 (2009-04-24, rev. 134)

New features:
- new constructions:
	+ added Convex hull of a point set and an array of points
	+ added Parallel Curve
	+ added conic by 5 points
	+ added singular points of a curve
	+ foci of a conic
	+ length of a curve (approximated)
	+ isBounded and isEmpty predicates
- tangents, curvature and osculating circle can now be constructed on curve sets
- added StringLabel
- impleted clear locus action

- added support for Tooltip in menu
- fixed display bugs

- switched to javaGeom 0.7.1

Euclide 0.5.1 (2008/12/22, rev. 117)

New features:
- new constructions:
	+ boundary set from several boundaries
	+ boundary of a domain
	+ polygon vertices
- added grid management
- added scaling transforms (by measure, or by 2 points)
- added measure of winding angle 
- added management of Counting measures, and some measures:
	+ number of vertices of a polygon
	+ size of a point set

- new possibilities for picking points:
	+ intersections of 2 lines
	+ intersections of 2 circles
	+ intersection of a line and a circle
	+ intersection of a line and a curve, given by index
	+ polygon single vertex, polygon vertices, polyline vertices	
- free point tool can now add point on objects and intersections
- added preview of shapes created with several points
- check if files are saved when exiting
- better support of multi document

Bug fixes:
- better control on names of layers
- fixed bug in moving free points
- fixed bug in circle arc from center and 2 points
- fixed bug in point on circle arcs
- fixed clipping of polygons
- fixed clipping of labels
- fixed snapping of selection

- uses the javaGeom 0.6.2 library
- code cleanup: replace 'Element' by 'Shape'.
- put resource files into /src directory, updated labels and instructions

Euclide 0.5.0 (2008/04/24, rev. 105)

New features:
- display is now based on user coordinate, not on page coordinate (better for
	geometric drawings)
- added management of drawing styles (different styes for marker, line, and
- added preview of newly created shapes, and of created points
- added possibility to change current layer of selected shapes
- added creation of new shapes:
	+ convert curve to domain
	+ point on domain boundary
	+ BiPoint
	+ Tangent line for smooth curve
Bug fixes:
- Fixed bug in loading and saving shapes based on multiple shapes (like
	polygons or polylines)
- Removed shapes with too much bugs
- Enhanced control on measure units
- fixed bug in Point On Curve, Perpendicular Line
- fixed bug in saving and reading of several shapes:
	+ Intersection Line and Circle
	+ Point On Curve
	+ Point Relative to Point

- Tools and Actions are now loaded by a special class, not loaded from config
	file (this should make app start faster, especially for applets)
- separate EuclideSheetView and EuclideSheetDisplay (which can be used
- introduced EuclideObject, base of all elements manipulated by the user
	(shapes, vectors, transforms and predicates). Each EuclideObject contains a
	tag, making its identification easier
- EuclideGui now manages a list of panels and dialogs, identified by a key.
	Each dialog or panel is now created only once.
- New shapes are now created by the EuclideGui class

Euclide 0.4.0 (2008/04/05, rev. 83)

New features:
- added manipulation of vectors:
	- create vector from 2 points
	- add two vectors, multiply a vector by a measure
	- dot product and cross product of vectors
	- create translation from a vector
- added new constructions using result of predicates:
	- Tangent 2 circles (replaces the 4 previous equivalent tools)
	- Circle arc (replaces circle are direct and circle arc indirect)
	- Bisector of 2 lines (replaces the 2 previous equivalent tools)
- added new constructions:
	- Straight Line from point and angle
	- measure of point power (with respect to a circle)
- added a dialog to setup sheet name and dimension
- added About dialog
- added possibility to choose unit of angle measures
Bug fixes:
- Added more tools and actions labels and instructions
- fixed saving and reading (all elements are now correctly written and loaded,
	not only the ones needed to display shapes, and names are saved)
- fixed display of PointLocus2D
- fixed constants were not defined to true

- changed DynamicObject2D to abstract class, which simplifies implementation
- added the generic action class 'addDynamicObjectAction', allowing action
	labels and instructions to be stored in property files.
- renamed EuclideFrame to EuclideGui, and created class GuiBuilder
- Uses javaGeom 0.6.0 (new package organisation)

Euclide 0.3.2 (2008/01/20, rev. 66)

New features:
- Added composition of affine transforms
- Layers can be deleted, and order changed
- New documents can be created
- Shapes can now be deleted, with all objects depending on them
- Added a text over mouse cursor to help identify current selected shape

Bug Fixes:
- fix bug: point relative to another point could not be moved
- Fix bug in intersection line/circle
- Fix bug: save dialog appeared like open dialog
- Fix bug in saving some shapes (intersection line/circle, tangents 2 circles)

- Separate config files for menu and labels
- Improve implementation of dependencies
- Event-Listener architecture for appli
- Uses javaGeom 0.5.2

Euclide 0.3.1 (2007/11/28, rev. 46)

- Add new figures: Osculating circle, Parabolas, Hyperbola 3 Points
- Introduce predicates, wich return a boolean result
- Add possibility to change position of shapes on layers
- Display some information on the document
- Add possibility to save in the same file as last save
- Reorganize menu
- Code rewriting: more support of generics, Event-Listener architecture for data
- Uses javaGeom 0.5.0

Euclide 0.3.0 (2007/05/20, rev. 36)

- Add support for writing and loading dynamic geometric files in Euclide 'DGF' Format.
- change implementation of Dynamic shape, to be more general. This allows for example
	to transform any type of shape.
- Add dynamic shapes: reverse curve, curve as polyline, osculating circle, and
	sub curve delimited by 2 points
- Update measure labels
- Add support for several drawing options (in saved files): line and fill
	color and transparency, line cap and join styles, marker type...
- Better support of clipping shapes

Euclide 0.2.1 (2007/04/22, rev. 21)

- Add measure of positive and signed area of a polygon
- Add Square and Equilateral triangle from 2 points
- Add Bounding box of a curve
- Update display process to have better support for domains
- Change Menubar layout
- Update labels and instructions for labels and instructions