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README file for the program Euclide


Euclide is a dynamic geometry software. User places free geometrical shapes, like
points, lines or circles. Other geometrical shapes can be constructed from existing ones, 
e.g. intersection points of curves, center of circle, projected points... When parent
shapes are moved, children shapes are updated accordingly.

Some measures can be made on the shapes (distance between a point and a shape, radius of
a circle, angles of lines...), and can be used to create other shapes (line with the same
angle as another line...).

Transforms are supported: rotations, translations, symetries... as well as predicates, 
which return a boolean result (Is a point on a curve, are 3 points colinear...). 
and can build shapes dependent on them. 

The aim of Euclide is to be a bridge between true geometrical drawing, and more 
classical vectorial drawing program. The sofware is still largely in development, 
and many features are not yet implemented.

Homepage of the project:

Run the program

To run Euclide, type the following:
 java -jar Euclide.jar
In case of problem, the complete command should also work:
 java -cp Euclide.jar;./lib/javaGeom-0.9.0.jar;./lib/log4j-1.2.15.jar;./log Euclide
(update version number when needed)