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# Document  $Id: TODO,v 1.13 2007/01/28 22:59:15 dleidert Exp $
# Summary   Things to do before we can do the next release.


* Before 0.2.0 release

  + Fix INSTALL.

* Later branches

  + Add stylesheet templates to build the related extension for GNOME and KDE
    magic files.
    byte     = byte
    string   = string
    host16   = short
    host32   = long
    big16    = beshort
    big32    = belong
    little16 = leshort
    little32 = lelong
    support for date, bedate and ledate necessary?
    see /etc/gnome-vfs-mime-magic (GNOME), /usr/share/mimelnk/magic (KDE),
    /usr/share/file/magic.mime (file(1), magic(5),

  + Fix gnome-mime-data support: see

  + How to handle _category field in .keys? Do we need more fields?

  + Test for XFCE4.2 support.

* General

  + Add language support for different languages

  + Add more MIME-types to our database.
  + Add more "magic" to our database and solve conflicts for:
    - chemical/x-cerius
    - chemical/x-chemdraw
    - chemical/x-daylight-smiles
    - chemical/x-genbank (maybe solved)
    - chemical/x-mif
  + Look further for these mime types (not yet included, in alphabetical
    x-ct               *.ct
    x-msi-molfile      *.msm
    x-mdl-isis         *.skc
    x-mopac-esp        *.esp, *.ESP
    x-questel-f1       *.f1d
    x-questel-f1-query *.f1q
    x-smd              *.smd
    x-synopsys-accord  *.acc
    from /usr/share/doc/gdis/gdis_manual.txt.gz
    fdf the free data format, suitable for the SIESTA package (.fdf)
    marvin output (.mvnout, .mvout)
    gdis morphology file (.gmf)
    gulp input (.gin), restart (.res), and ouput (.got) (gulp also used by viewmol!)
    xtl (.xtl) (gulp added but not activated)
    'ACC', "chemical/x-synopsys-accord" Accord ActiveX Chemistry Control
    Questel DARC-F1

    viewmol also uses: x-turbomole*
    See also
  + Add Icons (especially for contributors - I'm not an artist)
    - hicolor theme should cover all MIME types
    - current SVGs are only basic (not really "chemical")
    - a MIME type chemical/<type> can still get a special icon, which have to
      be named: gnome-mime-chemical-<type>.png.
    - ROX-filer can't handle generic MIME media type icons (like nautilus does)
    - possible move the KDE qc icon from viewmol to this package?

# UTF-8