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This package contains several sample image files that may be imported into
Engauge Digitizer (

These files are listed below, with comments:

* corners.png - Graph that lots of corners that would be painful
to digitize manually
* gridlines.gif - Graph with gridlines that are easily removed by Engauge
* gridlines_log.gif - Another graph with gridlines that are easily
removed by Engauge
* gridlines_log.src - Creates gridlines_log.gif in gnuplot using 'load'
command (not an image!)
* inverse.jpg - Image of y/x function
* inverse.png - Same as inverse.jpg but in png format
* linlog.jpg - Graph with linear/logarithmic coordinates
* linlog.png - Same as linlog.jpg but in png format
* loglin.png - Graph with logarithmic/linear coordinates
* loglog.png - Graph with logarithmic/logarithmic coordinates
* normdist.jpg - Graph of normal distribution
* normdist.png - Same as normdist.jpg but in png format
* pointmatch.jpg - Graph with fuzzy points for playing with Point Match
feature of Engauge
* pointplot.bmp - Graph with points that are easily captured by Point Match
feature of Engauge, if the Discretize settings are set to "Intensity 90
to 99" for the triangles, and "Intensity 10 to 50" for the diamonds
* polarcircles.jpg - Polar plot for experimenting. No coordinates are
displayed, so not very useful
* polarplot.jpg - Polar plot with cardioid pattern
* polarplot.png - Same as polarplot.jpg but in png format
* testcase.jpg - Simple graph that serves as an excellent starting point
for the new user
* testcase.png - Same as testcase.jpg but in png format
* testcoords.jpg - Advanced graph used by developers to check the affine
transformations in Engauge
* testcoords.sxd - Open Office document used to create testcoords.jpg
(not an image!)
* usgs.png - Fictional map loosely based on U.S. Geological Survey
topographic maps

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