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1.2.10 2015-03-06

- Update docs to note that GeoIP configuration directives cannot be placed
  in .htaccess files.
- Fix small memleak (Boris Zentner)
- A segfault when using multi-threaded workers was fixed. (Fix from thinker0.
  GitHub #16.)
- Several instances of manual memory management were switched to use the
  use Apache's memory pool. (Fix from thinker0. GitHub #16.)

1.2.9 2014-03-20

- Added a new directive, GeoIPScanProxyHeaderField, to specify a custom
  header which contains the client's IP address (Sascha Kuehndel)
- Added the ability to forward the result fields to a backend server/proxy
  via request header (Sascha Kuehndel)

1.2.9 2013-01-08

- Add GeoIPUseFirstNonPrivateXForwardedForIP option (Boris Zentner)
- Support Apache 2.4 (Boris Zentner)
    - Use GeoIP_id_by_addr_v6 instead of GeoIP_country_id_by_addr_v6 (Boris Zentner)
    - Include util_script.h to silence warning about ap_add_common_vars (Boris Zentner)

1.2.7 2011-08-23

    - Add support for GEOIP_NETSPEED_REV1 (Boris Zentner)
    - Experimental support for GEOIP_COUNTRY_EDITION_V6 (Boris Zentner)
    - Add GEOIP_DOMAIN_EDITION support (Boris Zentner)

1.2.6 2008-09-11

- GEOIP_METRO_CODE replace the depreciated GEOIP_DMA_CODE (Boris Zentner)

1.2.5 2008-08-13

! Fix GEOIP_REGION and GEOIP_COUNTRY_CODE when used with the GeoIPRegion
  database. Both are only set if a region or country was found. Previously
  a empty string was assigned to both (Boris Zentner)
- Add GEOIP_REGION_NAME for City and Region databases (Boris Zentner)

1.2.4 2008-06-10

! mod_geoip2 has sets GEOIP_COUNTRY_CODE to -- for unknown countries when
  used with the country database. But for any other database (City for
  example) GEOIP_COUNTRY_CODE is unset for unknown countries. This is
  fixed now. Same for GEOIP_CONTINENT_CODE and GEOIP_COUNTRY_NAME. (Boris
- Add GEOIP_ADDR. That's the address used to compute the geoip
  information. Exported as env, notes or both as usual (Jason Caldwell)
- Try to run always before mod_setenvif and mod_rewrite. (Boris Zentner)

1.2.3 2008-04-26

- Skip files that we can not open for some reason (permission/typo). Check
  and skip empty slots in geoip_header_parser (Boris Zentner)
- Slight performance increase - don't make per_dir ap_get_module_config
  call where we return DECLINED because cfg->GeoIPEnabled is true (Guenter
- NetWare/Win32 compilation fixes, since can't declare vars in middle of
  code (Guenter Knauf)

1.2.2 2008-03-18

- Fix race condition for IO based caches like Standard. MMapCache and
  MemoryCache are not affected. (Boris Zentner)

1.2.1 2007-12-17

! Notice - all directives are _only_ valid in server context except
  GeoIPEnabled. Check you configuration with apachectl configtest (Boris
- Added MMapCache option (Boris Zentner)
- Change GeoIPEnabled from a serverwide option to a
  server/directory/location keyword. (Boris Zentner)
- Fix a small memleak per child. Allocated in geoip_child_init free in
  geoip_cleanup (Boris Zentner)
- GeoIP databases get used serverwide now. Not per child. See the
  README. (Boris Zentner)
- Update README with more examples (Boris Zentner)
- Added support for UTF8 output for GeoIP City databases (Boris Zentner)

1.2.0 2007-08-30

- Fix segfault issue if GeoIP.dat file cannot be opened (Vladimir
- Added support for GEOIP_CONTINENT_CODE for GeoIP Country and City (Frank
- Added GeoIPScanProxyHeaders directive to handle X-Forwarded-For headers
  (Frank Mather)
- Updated documentation to specify that GeoIPFlags need to be passed
  as second parameter to GeoIPDBFile, instead of using the GeoIPFlags directive

1.1.8 2006-04-28

- Updated README file with GeoIPFlags docs and performance tips
- Added apr_strings.h include (Dann Frazier, Fixes Debian #357387)
- Added support for IndexCache

1.1.7 2005-08-01

- Copied docs in mod_geoip1.3 in README on how to redirect and block by country
- Fixed Garbage characters appearing in GeoIP Postal Code field, this
      bug was introduced in 1.1.3

1.1.6 2005-05-17

- Fixed empty fields for GeoIP Region fields, this bug
  was introduced in 1.1.3

1.1.5 2005-04-19

- Removed dependence on DNS resolver for GeoIP Region and Netspeed databases

1.1.4 2004-12-23

- Fixed Garbage characters appearing in GeoIP City/Region field, this
  bug was introduced in 1.1.3

1.1.3 2004-12-09

- Added support for GeoIPOutput
- Changed command setup to AP_INIT_TAKE12 from AP_INIT_TAKE1 GeoIPDBFile (merv)
- Memory Leak fix when using GeoIP Region database
- Memory Leak fix when using GeoIP City database (Shane Nelson)

1.1.2 2004-08-12

- Added support for GeoIP Netspeed Edition (Frank Mather)
- Added support for GeoIP City setting GEOIP_DMA_CODE, GEOIP_AREA_CODE, GEOIP_LATITUDE,

1.1.1 2004-07-12

- Added more documentation for using from PHP
- Fixed compile errors and warnings

1.1.0 2004-04-19

- Added support for GeoIP Region, City, ISP and Organization (Frank Mather)

1.0.6 2002-08-30

- Added GeoIP_delete upon cleanup (Corris Randall)

1.0.5 2002-08-29

- Initial Release (Corris Randall)