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Known Users

This is a list of some of the known users of botan. If you'd like to
be added to the list, email the development list.

Open Source Software

* `SoftHSM <>`_ an open sourced
  software PKCS #11 implementation, which is used as part of the
  `OpenDNSSEC <>`_ project.

* `Qt Creator <>`_, an
  IDE for building Qt applications.

* `NetSieben's <>`_
  SSH library provides SSHv2 client connections for C++
  applications, using botan for the crypto. (GPL or commercial)

* `InSiTo <>`_ is a library
  for ePassports based on botan which was commissioned by the German
  Federal Office for Information Security.

* `QCA <>`_, the Qt Cryptographic
  Architecture (part of KDE4) uses parts of botan as an `embedded
  crypto provider

* `TCHead <>`_ is a utility for analyzing
  TrueCrypt volume headers.

* `Octopod <>`_ is a
  file sharing system.

* `Silverlock <>`_
  is a GPL password management tool for Windows, OS X, and Linux.</p>

* `Monotone <>`_, a free distributed
  version control system, uses botan for RSA authentication,
  content hashing, and message authentication.

* `Publimark <>`_
  is a tool for hiding messages in an audio file.

* `KeySafe <>`_,
  a password application for GNOME

* `SuSE <>`_ uses botan as part
  of a test suite for the GCC optimizer.

* `Openbench <>`_,
  an open source benchmark suite, uses botan as a component.

* `VNCcrack <>`_
  is a password cracker for the VNC authentication/response protocol.

Commercial Software

* `Hulu Desktop <>`_ uses botan
  on Windows `(ref)

* `Hitman Pro <>`_ is a malware
  scanner for Windows.

* `Flying Lab Software <>`_, a Seattle based
  game developer, uses botan as a part of their user authentication

* `CryptoTE <>`_ is a text editor
  with integrated strong cryptography.

* `TextEgg <>`_ is an encrypted document editor.

* `Seagate <>`_
  uses botan for the drive encryption in the Maxtor OneTouch III Mini
  Edition hard drive.

* `Aegeus Technology Ltd <>`_ used
  botan in a research implementation of SPKI.

* `E.V.E. Paradox <>`_, a
  suite of games for Windows.

Research Projects

* `A Unified Approach to Intra-Domain Security
  describes a system by researches from Oak Ridge National Lab and
  Indiana University that uses botan to secure ARP and DHCP.

* `CLL: A Cryptographic Link Layer for Local Area Networks
  <>`_ describes
  a network encryption system using botan. (One of the coauthors, Yves
  Jerschow, also contributed a number of optimizations to the

* The system described in `Enabling Intrusion Detection in IPsec
  Protected IPv6 Networks Through Secret-key Sharing

* `An experimental tamper detection system
  designed by researchers from the University of Delaware and the US
  Army Research Laboratory.

* A prototype implementation of a telephony signal security system,
  described in `Prototyping and evaluation of TCAPsec
  by Kang Chung and Mathilda Gustafsson.