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2016-01-17  Phil Pemberton  <>

	* Removed Debian packaging files from main source tarball. These are now
	  on the debian_package branch in case they're needed in future.

	* Merge in changes (Foomatic data fixes) from Ubuntu/Debian Printing Teams

	* Merge in "ESC i A" (enable cutter) patch

	* Tagged as V1.4

2009-02-04  Arne John Glenstrup  <panic@arnesthinkpad>

	* rastertoptch.c:
	  - Added limits.h include file for MAX_INT etc.
	  - Explicitly discard return value of fwrite

2006-09-08  Arne John Glenstrup  <>

	* opt/:
	  - Added PT-2300 to the list of printers

2006-05-01  Arne John Glenstrup  <>

	  - Added a check for cups/cups.h and cups/raster.h

2006-03-09  Arne John Glenstrup  <>

	* rastertoptch.c:
	  - Added ConcatPages option to print several pages as 1 page
	    This requires a major restructuring, so all pixel data is
	    now internally stored in RLE format.

2006-03-01  Arne John Glenstrup  <>

	* rastertoptch.c:
	  - Added option to dis/enable "ESC i z ...", fixing PT-* problem
	  - Fixed rounding bug so that emitted lines is exactly the number
	    stated in the preamble

2006-02-12  Arne John Glenstrup  <>

	* rastertoptch.c:
	  - Made AdvanceMedia work correctly

2006-02-09  Arne John Glenstrup  <>

	* rastertoptch.c: 
	  - Fixed bug causing error for continuous tape
	  - Fixed bug in emitting empty lines for RLE

2006-02-03  Arne John Glenstrup  <>

	* Installation: Moved rastertoptch to /usr/bin

	* rastertoptch.c:
	  - Removed bug that would surface when non-null margins
	  - Improved horizontal line placement and out-of-bound checks


Copyright (c) 2006  Arne John Glenstrup <>

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