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Apacehgrep is a perl program (that does not require any non-standard perl
modules) to help webmasters (or anyone, really) go through their logs
and try to pullout various bits of information. Built in the spirit of
unix tools, it's designed to be used standalone or as part of a pipeline
of tools to pore over common (or combined) logs and print out entire
lines, specified fields or a simple count of matching lines. You specify
what fields you want and what regular expression you want applied to
that field.

It supports gzipped and bzipped log files.

To our knowledge there's nothing really out there that does this. Up
till now it's been a series of adhoc commandline perl, cut and sorts.

             Felix Sheng 

CONTACT: apachegrep (at)

Copyright (c) 2005 Scott Klein and Felix Sheng