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Test mail messages in this directory contain a complete header section.
When testing amavisd, they must not be encapsulated
in another mail wrapper or otherwise modified.

Instead, feed them directly to sendmail (or its lookalike):

$ sendmail -i <sample-virus-simple.txt
$ sendmail -i <sample-virus-nested.txt
$ sendmail -i <sample-nonspam.txt
$ sendmail -i <sample-spam-GTUBE-junk.txt
$ sendmail -i <sample-spam-GTUBE-nojunk.txt
$ sendmail -i <sample-spam.txt   # old sample
$ sendmail -i <sample-42-mail-bomb.txt
$ sendmail -i <sample-badh.txt

To avoid difficulty of downloading this package through firewalls which
check contents for viruses, these sample files are now no longer included
as a plain text, but are contained in a bit-complemented tar.gz archive.

Here is how to extract original files from the file sample.tar.gz.compl:

  perl -pe 's/./chr(ord($&)^255)/sge' <sample.tar.gz.compl | zcat | tar xvf -