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Lightweight media scanner meant to be used in not-so-powerful devices,
like embedded systems or old machines.

Provides an optimized way to recursively scan directories, handling
the parser in a child process, avoiding breaks of the main process
when parsers break (quite common with such bad libs and tags). One can
opt to use the single process version, but be aware that if something
bad happens during parsing, your application will suffer.

Parsers are plugins in the form of shared objects, so it's easy to
add new without having to recompiling the scanner.

The scanner will use SQLite3 to store file-mtime association, avoiding
parsing files that are already up-to-date. This SQLite connection and
the file id within the master table 'files' are handled to plugins for
relationship with other tables.

Applications should then access the SQLite3 database to get all the
informations about scanned media. See tables and fields description at (end of the page). You can
use any SQLite3 access library, for instance you have SQLObject,
SQLAlchemy and Storm for python, Sequel for Ruby and possible others.

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