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This section is a collection of quirks and ...

@GROUP C++ dependency checker is greedy @END

The C++ dependency checker in bam is very simple and can in exotic cases
cause problems. The parser only checks for include lines and ignores all
ifdefs. This will cause that more files then nessesary will be compiled
when a header changes but is seldom a problem.

@GROUP Bad job command: Not returning error correctly @END

If a job command doesn't return an error code when it failed, bam will consider
it a success and move on as usual. This can become even worse if the command touches
the output file and fails without returning a proper error code. In this case,
bam will never know that it has to rebuild that target again.

This problem can be solved by wrapping the bad commandline in some script
that parses the output of it, detects errors and returns a correct error code.

@GROUP Bad job command: Not updating output timestamp @END

If a job command is successful but doesn't touch and update the time stamp
on the output file, bam will try to build that again every time you run it.

This problem can be solved by telling bam that it needs to touch the output
file after a successful to update the timestamp.

function MyTool(input, output)
 	AddJob(output, "running mytool", "mytool " .. input .. " " .. output)