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The "foomatic" directory contains files which can enable user
friendly printing if the printing system used in your
distribution is based on foomatic.

The installation is not automatic yet, please have a look at
the "foomatic_scripts" directory for some example of how to
install on your distribution.
Please contact the mailing
list if you want to ask for help, report success/failure
or suggest improvements. 

WARNING: check the correctness of the path and backup
         files we are going to ovewrwrite!
Please cd to the "foomatic_scripts" directory before running
the commands.

After copying the files, try using the printer
configurator of your system and see if the epsonepl
printers are now available.

If the printers are not available, try restarting your
printing system (e.g. "/etc/init.d/lpd restart" or
"/etc/init.d/cups restart" or something equivalent).