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*** Ecasound - Known Bugs/Features                                  ***

Reporting bugs

Please send your bug reports to the ecasound-list mailing list (see
README or for list contact information).

If the bug (or feature request) cannot be solved immediately (or
getting a response takes longer than you care to wait for), feel free
to add the item to the tracker (see below). It is
also a good idea to send a note to the list that you have added
a new item as the tracker is not monitored by
all developers.

To get the best results, see for example Simon Tatham's excellent 
article on 'How to Report Bugs Effectively' (if you are in a hurry, 
skip to the summary at the end of the article :)):

Ecasound bug tracker at

Ecasound has used the bug tracker since Jan/2006:

This tracker is used to monitor longstanding bugs and 
feature/improvement items. It replaces the old Ecasound Development
Item practise (items marked with 'edi-x' tags) that was used
between 2002-08.

Known Bugs and Features (not in other issue trackers)

In addition to the below items, some known missing features have been
listed in the 'TODO' file (in same directory as this file).

- commas in filenames given as arguments to '-i' and '-o' options need
  to be either escaped with backslashes (-i foo\\,bar.wav) or quoted
  with doublequotes (-i "foo,bar.wav")
- certain combinations of glibc and linux-2.6 kernels cause the 'cs-edit' 
  EIAM command to fail (ecasound exits back to shell after the command); 
  as a workaround, set the LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.2.5 environment variable
  before running ecasound; see
  for background information on LD_ASSUME_KERNEL
- ecasound cannot parse ogg and flac headers so correct audio
  format parameters must be set manually with ecasound's '-f' option
- pitch shifter (-ei) doesn't work with all real-time audio object
  types (for instance JACK)
- ecasound crashes if /dev/midi points to an invalid rawmidi device
- MIDI-ops like '-km' cannot be used in presets
- controller sources and big buffersizes
	- distortion results for example if sine-oscillators
  	  are used with big buffersize (-b:X) settings