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$Id: CHANGES,v 1.56 2001/03/19 06:53:47 dugsong Exp $

- Add support for ICMP frag-needed to tcpnice.

- New sshow program:

- Add support for HTTP absolute URIs to webmitm and urlsnarf.

- Add support for non-transparent proxying to webmitm, as requested
  by Juergen Schmidt <>.

- Fix TDS decode for MSSQL 7.x, from Paul van Maaren

- Kludge around stupid Redhat Linux 6, 7 build env inconsistencies.

- Fix dumb endianness bug in dnsspoof.

v2.3 Sun Dec 17 11:35:38 EST 2000

- Add VRRP parsing to dsniff, from Eric Jackson <>.

- Require pcap filter argument for tcpkill, tcpnice.

- Add Microsoft PPTP MS-CHAP (v1, v2) parsing to dsniff, based on
  anger.c by Aleph One <>.

- Fix pcAnywhere 7, 9.x parsing in dsniff.

- Add -t trigger[,...] flag to dsniff, to specify individual triggers
  on the command line.

- Convert most everything to use new buf interface.

- New programs: dnsspoof, msgsnarf, sshmitm, webmitm.

- Fix inverted regex matching in *snarf programs.

- Consistent arpspoof, macof, tcpnice, tcpkill output.

- Rename arpredirect to arpspoof (maintain consistent *sniff, *snarf,
  *spoof, *spy nomenclature).

- Consistent pcap filter argument to dsniff, *snarf programs.

- Add trigger for Checkpoint Firewall-1 Session Authentication Agent
  (261/tcp), as suggested by Joe Segreti <>.

- Add SMTP parsing to dsniff, as requested by Denis Ducamp

- Add rexec and RPC ypserv parsing to dsniff, as requested by 
  Oliver Friedrichs <>.

- Add HTTP proxy auth parsing back to dsniff, it got lost in the
  shuffle. Reported by Denis Ducamp <>.

- Add NNTPv2 and other AUTHINFO extensions to dsniff.

v2.2 Wed Jun 14 00:58:37 EDT 2000

- Rewrite HTTP decoding in dsniff, adding support for QUERY_STRING and
  x-www-form-urlencoded parsing (various CGI authentication schemes).
- Alpha support (libnids and libnet still need to be fixed).

- Fix arp discovery in arpredirect on Linux.

- Add -m flag to enable automatic protocol detection in dsniff,
  based on the classic file(1) command by Ian Darwin.

- Add TDS (Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server) parsing to dsniff.

- Clean up RPC decodes, TCP half-duplex reassembly in dsniff.

- New filesnarf program.

- Add regular expression matching to mailsnarf.

- Add POP support to mailsnarf.

v2.1 Thu May 18 16:18:35 EDT 2000

- Add -c flag to specify half-duplex TCP stream reassembly in dsniff
  (better support for sniffing off switched ports using arpredirect).

- Fix > 24 char Meeting Maker passwd parsing in dsniff.

- Fix OSPF parsing in dsniff (don't truncate first two chars),
  as reported by Felix Contreras <>.

- Fix webspy URL ignoring, as reported by Interrupt <>.

v2.0 Tue May 16 13:11:22 EDT 2000

- Major dsniff rewrite, since ppl are actually reading this code. :-)

- Add configurable decode triggers to dsniff.

- Add dsniff debugging functions, split out decode routines.

- Add yppasswd parsing to dsniff.

- Rewrite dsniff RPC framework, portmap and NFS mountd decodes.

- Make dsniff savefile format portable.

- Remove findgw - to be subsumed by dsquat package.

- Add PostgreSQL parsing to dsniff.

- Add Meeting Maker parsing to dsniff.

- Add poppass parsing to dsniff.

- Add RIP, OSPF parsing to dsniff.

- Fix RSET handling in mailsnarf (from Martin Fredriksson <>).

v1.8 Sun Apr  9 23:59:46 EDT 2000

- Add SOCKS parsing to dsniff.

- Add pcAnywhere parsing to dsniff.

- Fix SMB parsing in dsniff.

- Add IRC parsing to dsniff.

- Add NAI Sniffer parsing to dsniff (from Anonymous).

v1.7 Mon Mar 27 16:19:32 EST 2000

- Add -s flag to specify snaplen to dsniff.

- Support systems without <libgen.h> or dirname().

- Add Microsoft SMB parsing to dsniff.

- Add Citrix ICA parsing to dsniff.

- Add LDAP parsing to dsniff.

- Fix Berkeley mbox format again (\n, not \r\n).

- Fix null URI dereference in urlsnarf.

- Add Oracle SQL*Net (v2, Net8) parsing to dsniff.

- Catch data left on connection close in mailsnarf, urlsnarf, webspy.

v1.6 Sun Mar 12 16:25:09 EST 2000

- Support non-glibc Linux systems missing ether_ntoa().

- Unique HTTP auth info by URI dirname in dsniff.

- Add Napster parsing to dsniff.

- Don't rely on /etc/services for dsniff.

- Add AIM, ICQ (v2, v5) parsing to dsniff.

- Add CVS pserver parsing to dsniff.

- Skip IMAP command tag in dsniff.

v1.5 Tue Feb 15 23:22:25 EST 2000

- Fix HTTP proxy support in urlsnarf (from <>).

- Fix HTTP proxy support in dsniff (from <>).

- Proper manpages for all programs.

- Strip binary nulls in telnet input, in dsniff (doh!).

v1.4 Thu Jan 27 12:08:41 EST 2000

- Add verbose flag (-v) to tcpkill, tcpnice.

- Add NNTP parsing to dsniff (from Felix von Leitner <>).

- Fix mailsniff mbox formatting of ^From in message body.

- Add HTTP proxy support in dsniff, urlsnarf, webspy.

- Fix getopt() usage to be POSIX compliant (s/EOF/-1/).

- New tcpnice program.

v1.3 Fri Jan 21 02:47:37 EST 2000

- Ported to Solaris (along with libnids :-)

- Add Berkeley db(3) output file format to dsniff, as well as
  restricting logging to unique auth info.

- New tcpkill program.

- New lame dsniff(8) manpage.

- Add DNS lookups (and -n flag to disable) in dsniff, urlsnarf.

- Add HTTP Basic Authentication, Referer, User-Agent logging to urlsnarf.

- Improve RPC message parsing in dsniff.

- Improve SMTP parsing in mailsnarf.

- Improve HTTP 1.x parsing in dsniff, urlsnarf, webspy.

- Fix IMAP, Rlogin, Telnet option parsing in dsniff (broke them in 1.2).

- Add X11 MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE parsing to dsniff.

- Don't forget to decode POP SASL username in dsniff (doh!).

v1.2 Sat Jan  8 22:36:42 EST 2000

- Ported to FreeBSD (but not tested!).

- Add GNU autoconf support.

- Add NFS mount parsing / RPC framework to dsniff.

- Add -i flag to specify interface to use with dsniff, mailsnarf,
  urlsnarf, and webspy.

v1.1 Tue Dec 21 10:31:42 EST 1999 (re-released)

- Make macof loop repeatedly if missing -n argument.

- Remove dependencies on unreleased version of libnids.

- Make arpredirect restore original ARP mapping on exit.

- Ported to Linux & Solaris (but not tested!).

v1.0 Fri Dec 17 02:42:42 EST 1999

- First public release.