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* eliminate lib/lazyprops.[ch] (convert all objects which use it to
  Standard Properties beforehand).

* clean up all objects from their baggage; bring them as much as
  possible to par with modern, Standard Properties-using objects (this
  should result in much less code and much more consistency).
  -- Still missing four UML objects entirely, and possibly some parts of
     other objects. 

* When creating an object and moving the mouse to resize it. Warp the
  pointer to the handle that is being moved.
* Run purify on Dia. I don't have purify, anyone who has it is welcome
  to try!
* Make [E]PS export handle transparency.  PS level 3 has transparency, need
  to have the export dialog ask (and check if there's an image that needs

* Tab order in properties dialogs. (How do you specify this in gtk?)

* If you hold down shift while moving the handle of an 'Element',
  scale while keeping same proportions.
* Is there a better way to calculate font-properties? Rendering 100 pixel high
  fonts is very slow.
* Accelerators for buttons in the toolbar.

* resizable groups.

* render_object: better distance_from that can be specified by the
  object programmer.
* Vector image object (for maps and stuff). CGM? SVG?

* Add pre-selectable stereotypes to all UML objects with stereotypes.

* Add keyboard shortcuts in the "UML - Class" properties dialog.

* In "UML - Class" properties dialog. Scroll to the end of the
  properties list when new properties are added. Same thing with

* Add some kind of 'plug-in api' so that libraries like uml can add new
  functions to the menus (like: load UMX or export SQL ). This is the
  reason that DiagramData was broken out of Diagram and moved to
  [ this has partly been done with the export filters interface.  More
    to come with adding menu items and such -- James. ]

* Implement guides.  Probably swipe the guide implementation from

Interesting Stuff from the real Visio:
This part contains some stuff that exist in the Windows program
Visio. These are not on my "TODO" list for stuff to be implemented
right now, but they are nice to have around in case someone wants to
work with Dia and needs ideas for new cool stuff.

* Move connection points
* Fill patterns
* line patterns
* shadow color
* object corner types
* Editing of groups in a separate window
* Perspecitve point
* Lockable handles
* Rotate stuff, to complex to be implemented in this version.