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Media Resource Control Protocol (MRCP) allows to control media processing
resources over the network using distributed client/server architecture.

Media processing resources include:
- Speech Synthesizer (TTS)
- Speech Recognizer (ASR)
- Speaker Verifier (SV)
- Speech Recorder (SR)

MRCP is not a stand alone protocol and it relies on various VoIP protocols
such as:
- SIP (MRCPv2), RTSP (MRCPv1) session management
- SDP offer/answer model
- RTP media streaming

UniMRCP is an open source cross-platform MRCP implementation, which provides
everything required for MRCP client and server side deployment.
UniMRCP encapsulates SIP/MRCPv2, RTSP, SDP and RTP stacks inside and provides
MRCP version independent user level interface for the integration.

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