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The Enthought Tool Suite includes a set of packages that can be used
during the development of a software project, for understanding,
debugging, testing, and inspecting code. These packages are
distributed together as the ETSDevTools project. Some of these
packages have documentation.

* enthought.developer: A collection of utilities, designed to ease
the development and debugging of Traits-based programs. They can be
used as plug-ins to your Envisage application while you are developing
it, and then removed when you are ready to release it.
* enthought.endo: A Traits-aware tool for processing API
documentation of Python code. It extracts not only docstrings, but
also plain comments that immediately precede variable assignments
(both module-scope variables and class attributes).
* enthought.guitest: A collection of utilities for unit testing user
interfaces (translation of the Perl X11::GUITest and Win32::GuiTest
* enthought.testing: Scripts related to running unit tests, based on
testoob, and also allowing running test suites in separate processes
and aggregating the results.
* enthought.debug: A collection of debugging tools, not to be
included in production code. NOTE: These tools are functional, but
are not being developed or supported. They have been mainly superceded
by the tools in the Enthought Developer Tool Suite.

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