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Noteworthy changes in version 2.0.11 (2009-03-03)

 * Fixed a problem in SCDAEMON which caused unexpected card resets.

 * SCDAEMON is now aware of the Geldkarte.

 * The SCDAEMON option --allow-admin is now used by default.

 * GPGCONF now restarts SCdaemon if necessary.

 * The default cipher algorithm in GPGSM is now again 3DES.  This is
   due to interoperability problems with Outlook 2003 which still
   can't cope with AES.

Noteworthy changes in version 2.0.10 (2009-01-12)

 * [gpg] New keyserver helper gpg2keys_kdns as generic DNS CERT
   lookup.  Run with --help for a short description.  Requires the
   ADNS library.

 * [gpg] New mechanisms "local" and "nodefault" for --auto-key-locate.
   Fixed a few problems with this option.

 * [gpg] New command --locate-keys.

 * [gpg] New options --with-sig-list and --with-sig-check.

 * [gpg] The option "-sat" is no longer an alias for --clearsign.

 * [gpg] The option --fixed-list-mode is now implicitly used and obsolete.

 * [gpg] New control statement %ask-passphrase for the unattended key

 * [gpg] The algorithm to compute the SIG_ID status has been changed.

 * [gpgsm] Now uses AES by default.

 * [gpgsm] Made --output option work with --export-secret-key-p12.

 * [gpg-agent] Terminate process if the own listening socket is not
   anymore served by ourself.

 * [scdaemon] Made it more robust on W32.

 * [gpg-connect-agent] Accept commands given as command line arguments.

 * [w32] Initialized the socket subsystem for all keyserver helpers.

 * [w32] The sysconf directory has been moved from a subdirectory of
   the installation directory to %CSIDL_COMMON_APPDATA%/GNU/etc/gnupg.

 * [w32] The gnupg2.nls directory is not anymore used.  The standard
   locale directory is now used.  

 * [w32] Fixed a race condition between gpg and gpgsm in the use of
   temporary file names.

 * The gpg-preset-passphrase mechanism works again.  An arbitrary
   string may now be used for a custom cache ID.

 * Admin PINs are cached again (bug in 2.0.9).

 * Support for version 2 OpenPGP cards.

 * Libgcrypt 1.4 is now required.

Noteworthy changes in version 2.0.9 (2008-03-26)

 * Gpgsm always tries to locate missing certificates from a running
   Dirmngr's cache.

 * Tweaks for Windows.

 * The Admin PIN for OpenPGP cards may now be entered with the pinpad.

 * Improved certificate chain construction.

 * Extended the PKITS framework.

 * Fixed a bug in the ambigious name detection.

 * Fixed possible memory corruption while importing OpenPGP keys (bug
   introduced with 2.0.8). [CVE-2008-1530]

 * Minor bug fixes.

Noteworthy changes in version 2.0.8 (2007-12-20)

 * Enhanced gpg-connect-agent with a small scripting language.

 * New option --list-config for gpgconf.

 * Fixed a crash in gpgconf.

 * Gpg-agent now supports the passphrase quality bar of the latest

 * The envvars XAUTHORITY and PINENTRY_USER_DATA are now passed to the

 * Fixed the auto creation of the key stub for smartcards.  

 * Fixed a rare bug in decryption using the OpenPGP card.

 * Creating DSA2 keys is now possible.

 * New option --extra-digest-algo for gpgsm to allow verification of
   broken signatures.

 * Allow encryption with legacy Elgamal sign+encrypt keys with option

 * Windows is now a supported platform.

 * Made sure that under Windows the file permissions of the socket are
   taken into account.  This required a change of our socket emulation
   code and changed the IPC protocol under Windows.

Noteworthy changes in version 2.0.7 (2007-09-10)

 * Fixed encryption problem if duplicate certificates are in the

 * Made it work on Windows Vista.  Note that the entire Windows port
   is still considered Beta.

 * Add new options min-passphrase-nonalpha, check-passphrase-pattern,
   enforce-passphrase-constraints and max-passphrase-days to

 * Add command --check-components to gpgconf.  Gpgconf now uses the
   installed versions of the programs and does not anymore search via
   PATH for them.

Noteworthy changes in version 2.0.6 (2007-08-16)

 * GPGSM does now grok --default-key.

 * GPGCONF is now aware of --default-key and --encrypt-to. 

 * GPGSM does again correctly print the serial number as well the the
   various keyids.  This was broken since 2.0.4.

 * New option --validation-model and support for the chain-model.

 * Improved Windows support.

Noteworthy changes in version 2.0.5 (2007-07-05)

 * Switched license to GPLv3.

 * Basic support for Windows.  Run "./ --build-w32" to build
   it.  As usual the mingw cross compiling toolchain is required.

 * Fixed bug when using the --p12-charset without --armor.

 * The command --gen-key may now be used instead of the script.

 * Changed key generation to reveal less information about the
   machine.  Bug fixes for gpg2's card key generation.

Noteworthy changes in version 2.0.4 (2007-05-09)

 * The server mode key listing commands are now also working for
   systems without the funopen/fopencookie API.

 * PKCS#12 import now tries several encodings in case the passphrase
   was not utf-8 encoded.  New option --p12-charset for gpgsm.

 * Improved the libgcrypt logging support in all modules.

Noteworthy changes in version 2.0.3 (2007-03-08)

 * By default, do not allow processing multiple plaintexts in a single
   stream.  Many programs that called GnuPG were assuming that GnuPG
   did not permit this, and were thus not using the plaintext boundary
   status tags that GnuPG provides.  This change makes GnuPG reject
   such messages by default which makes those programs safe again.
   --allow-multiple-messages returns to the old behavior. [CVE-2007-1263].

 * New --verify-option show-primary-uid-only. 

 * gpgconf may now reads a global configuration file to select which
   options are changeable by a frontend.  The new applygnupgdefaults
   tool may be used by an admin to set default options for all users.

 * The PIN pad of the Cherry XX44 keyboard is now supported.  The
   DINSIG and the NKS applications are now also aware of PIN pads.

Noteworthy changes in version 2.0.2 (2007-01-31)

 * Fixed a serious and exploitable bug in processing encrypted
   packages. [CVE-2006-6235].

 * Added --passphrase-repeat to set the number of times GPG will
   prompt for a new passphrase to be repeated.  This is useful to help
   memorize a new passphrase.  The default is 1 repetition.

 * Using a PIN pad does now also work for the signing key.

 * A warning is displayed by gpg-agent if a new passphrase is too
   short.  New option --min-passphrase-len defaults to 8.

 * The status code BEGIN_SIGNING now shows the used hash algorithms.

Noteworthy changes in version 2.0.1 (2006-11-28)

 * Experimental support for the PIN pads of the SPR 532 and the Kaan
   Advanced card readers.  Add "disable-keypad" scdaemon.conf if you
   don't want it.  Does currently only work for the OpenPGP card and
   its authentication and decrypt keys.

 * Fixed build problems on some some platforms and crashes on amd64.

 * Fixed a buffer overflow in gpg2. [bug#728,CVE-2006-6169]

Noteworthy changes in version 2.0.0 (2006-11-11)

 * First stable version of a GnuPG integrating OpenPGP and S/MIME.

Noteworthy changes in version 1.9.95 (2006-11-06)

 * Minor bug fixes.

Noteworthy changes in version 1.9.94 (2006-10-24)

 * Keys for gpgsm may now be specified using a keygrip.  A keygrip is
   indicated by a prefixing it with an ampersand.

 * gpgconf now supports switching the CMS cipher algo (e.g. to AES).

 * New command --gpgconf-test for all major tools. This may be used to
   check whether the configuration file is sane.

Noteworthy changes in version 1.9.93 (2006-10-18)

 * In --with-validation mode gpgsm will now also ask whether a root
   certificate should be trusted.

 * Link to Pth only if really necessary.

 * Fixed a pubring corruption bug in gpg2 occurring when importing
   signatures or keys with insane lengths.

 * Fixed v3 keyID calculation bug in gpg2.

 * More tweaks for certificates without extensions.

Noteworthy changes in version 1.9.92 (2006-10-11)

 * Bug fixes.

Noteworthy changes in version 1.9.91 (2006-10-04)

 * New "relax" flag for trustlist.txt to allow root CA certificates
   without BasicContraints.

 * [gpg2] Removed the -k PGP 2 compatibility hack.  -k is now an
   alias for --list-keys.

 * [gpg2] Print a warning if "-sat" is used instead of "--clearsign".

Noteworthy changes in version 1.9.90 (2006-09-25)

 * Made readline work for gpg.

 * Cleanups und minor bug fixes.

 * Included translations from gnupg 1.4.5.

Noteworthy changes in version 1.9.23 (2006-09-18)

 * Regular man pages for most tools are now build directly from the
   Texinfo source.

 * The gpg code from 1.4.5 has been fully merged into this release.
   The configure option --enable-gpg is still required to build this
   gpg part.  For production use of OpenPGP the gpg version 1.4.5 is
   still recommended.  Note, that gpg will be installed under the name
   gpg2 to allow coexisting with an 1.4.x gpg.

 * API change in gpg-agent's pkdecrypt command.  Thus an older gpgsm
   may not be used with the current gpg-agent.

 * The scdaemon will now call a script on reader status changes.

 * gpgsm now allows file descriptor passing for "INPUT", "OUTPUT" and

 * The gpgsm server may now output a key listing to the output file
   handle. This needs to be enabled using "OPTION list-to-output=1".

 * The --output option of gpgsm has now an effect on list-keys.

 * New gpgsm commands --dump-chain and list-chain.

 * gpg-connect-agent has new options to utilize descriptor passing.

 * A global trustlist may now be used.  See doc/examples/trustlist.txt.

 * When creating a new pubring.kbx keybox common certificates are

Noteworthy changes in version 1.9.22 (2006-07-27)

 * Enhanced pkcs#12 support to allow import from simple keyBags.

 * Exporting to pkcs#12 now create bag attributes so that Mozilla is
   able to import the files.

 * Fixed uploading of certain keys to the smart card.

Noteworthy changes in version 1.9.21 (2006-06-20)

 * New command APDU for scdaemon to allow using it for general card
   access.  Might be used through gpg-connect-agent by using the SCD
   prefix command.

 * Support for the CardMan 4040 PCMCIA reader (Linux 2.6.15 required).

 * Scdaemon does not anymore reset cards at the end of a connection. 

 * Kludge to allow use of Bundesnetzagentur issued X.509 certificates.

 * Added --hash=xxx option to scdaemon's PKSIGN command.

 * Pkcs#12 files are now created with a MAC.  This is for better

 * Collected bug fixes and minor other changes.

Noteworthy changes in version 1.9.20 (2005-12-20)

 * Importing pkcs#12 files created be recent versions of Mozilla works

 * Basic support for qualified signatures.

 * New debug tool gpgparsemail. 

Noteworthy changes in version 1.9.19 (2005-09-12)

 * The Belgian eID card is now supported for signatures and ssh.
   Other pkcs#15 cards should work as well.

 * Fixed bug in --export-secret-key-p12 so that certificates are again

Noteworthy changes in version 1.9.18 (2005-08-01)

 * [gpgsm] Now allows for more than one email address as well as URIs
   and dnsNames in certificate request generation.  A keygrip may be
   given to create a request from an existing key.

 * A couple of minor bug fixes.

Noteworthy changes in version 1.9.17 (2005-06-20)

 * gpg-connect-agent has now features to handle Assuan INQUIRE

 * Internal changes for OpenPGP cards. New Assuan command WRITEKEY.

 * GNU Pth is now a hard requirement.

 * [scdaemon] Support for OpenSC has been removed.  Instead a new and
   straightforward pkcs#15 modules has been written.  As of now it
   does allows only signing using TCOS cards but we are going to
   enhance it to match all the old capabilities.

 * [gpg-agent] New option --write-env-file and Assuan command

 * [gpg-agent] New option --default-cache-ttl-ssh to set the TTL for
   SSH passphrase caching independent from the other passphrases.

Noteworthy changes in version 1.9.16 (2005-04-21)

 * gpg-agent does now support the ssh-agent protocol and thus allows
   to use the pinentry as well as the OpenPGP smartcard with ssh.

 * New tool gpg-connect-agent as a general client for the gpg-agent.

 * New tool symcryptrun as a wrapper for certain encryption tools.

 * The gpg tool is not anymore build by default because those gpg
   versions available in the gnupg 1.4 series are far more matured.

Noteworthy changes in version 1.9.15 (2005-01-13)

 * Fixed passphrase caching bug.

 * Better support for CCID readers; the reader from Cherry RS 6700 USB
   does now work.

Noteworthy changes in version 1.9.14 (2004-12-22)

 * [gpg-agent] New option --use-standard-socket to allow the use of a
   fixed socket.  gpgsm falls back to this socket if GPG_AGENT_INFO
   has not been set.

 * Ported to MS Windows with some functional limitations.

 * New tool gpg-preset-passphrase.

Noteworthy changes in version 1.9.13 (2004-12-03)

 * [gpgsm] New option --prefer-system-dirmngr.

 * Minor cleanups and debugging aids.

Noteworthy changes in version 1.9.12 (2004-10-22)

 * [scdaemon] Partly rewrote the PC/SC code.

 * Removed the sc-investigate tool.  It is now in a separate package
   available at .

 * [gpg-agent] Fixed logging problem.

Noteworthy changes in version 1.9.11 (2004-10-01)

 * When using --import along with --with-validation, the imported
   certificates are validated and only imported if they are fully

 * [gpg-agent] New option --max-cache-ttl.

 * [gpg-agent] When used without --daemon or --server, gpg-agent now
   check whether a agent is already running and usable.

 * Fixed some i18n problems.

Noteworthy changes in version 1.9.10 (2004-07-22)

 * Fixed a serious bug in the checking of trusted root certificates.

 * New configure option --enable-agent-pnly allows to build and
   install just the agent.

 * Fixed a problem with the log file handling.

Noteworthy changes in version 1.9.9 (2004-06-08)

 * [gpg-agent] The new option --allow-mark-trusted is now required to
   allow gpg-agent to add a key to the trustlist.txt after user

 * Creating PKCS#10 requests does now honor the key usage.

Noteworthy changes in version 1.9.8 (2004-04-29)

 * [scdaemon] Overhauled the internal CCID driver.

 * [scdaemon] Status files named ~/.gnupg/reader_<n>.status are now
   written when using the internal CCID driver.

 * [gpgsm] New commands --dump-{,secret,external}-keys to show a very
   detailed view of the certificates.

 * The keybox gets now compressed after 3 hours and ephemeral
   stored certificates are deleted after about a day.

 * [gpg] Usability fixes for --card-edit.  Note, that this has already
   been ported back to gnupg-1.3

Noteworthy changes in version 1.9.7 (2004-04-06)

 * Instrumented the modules for gpgconf.

 * Added support for DINSIG card applications.

 * Include the smimeCapabilities attribute with signed messages.

 * Now uses the gettext domain "gnupg2" to avoid conflicts with gnupg
   versions < 1.9.

Noteworthy changes in version 1.9.6 (2004-03-06)

 * Code cleanups and bug fixes.

Noteworthy changes in version 1.9.5 (2004-02-21)

 * gpg-protect-tool gets now installed into libexec as it ought to be.
   Cleaned up the build system to better comply with the coding

 * [gpgsm] The --import command is now able to autodetect pkcs#12
   files and import secret and private keys from this file format.
   A new command --export-secret-key-p12 is provided to allow
   exporting of secret keys in PKCS\#12 format.

 * [gpgsm] The pinentry will now present a description of the key for
   whom the passphrase is requested.

 * [gpgsm] New option --with-validation to check the validity of key
   while listing it.

 * New option --debug-level={none,basic,advanced,expert,guru} to map
   the debug flags to sensitive levels on a per program base.

Noteworthy changes in version 1.9.4 (2004-01-30)

 * Added support for the Telesec NKS 2.0 card application.

 * Added simple tool addgnupghome to create .gnupg directories from

 * Various minor bug fixes and cleanups; mainly gpgsm and gpg-agent

Noteworthy changes in version 1.9.3 (2003-12-23)

 * New gpgsm options --{enable,disable}-ocsp to validate keys using
   OCSP. This option requires a not yet released DirMngr version.
   Default is disabled.

 * The --log-file option may now be used to print logs to a socket.
   Prefix the socket name with "socket://" to enable this.  This does
   not work on all systems and falls back to stderr if there is a
   problem with the socket.

 * The options --encrypt-to and --no-encrypt-to now work the same in
   gpgsm as in gpg.  Note, they are also used in server mode.

 * Duplicated recipients are now silently removed in gpgsm.

Noteworthy changes in version 1.9.2 (2003-11-17)

 * On card key generation is no longer done using the --gen-key
   command but from the menu provided by the new --card-edit command.

 * PINs are now properly cached and there are only 2 PINs visible.
   The 3rd PIN (CHV2) is internally syncronized with the regular PIN.

 * All kind of other internal stuff.

Noteworthy changes in version 1.9.1 (2003-09-06)

 * Support for OpenSC is back. scdaemon supports a --disable-opensc to
   disable OpenSC use at runtime, so that PC/SC or ct-API can still be
   used directly.

 * Rudimentary support for the SCR335 smartcard reader using an
   internal driver.  Requires current libusb from CVS.

 * Bug fixes.

Noteworthy changes in version 1.9.0 (2003-08-05)

      ====== PLEASE SEE README-alpha =======

 * gpg has been renamed to gpg2 and gpgv to gpgv2.  This is a
   temporary change to allow co-existing with stable gpg versions.

 * ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf-1.9.0 is fist tried as config file before the
   usual gpg.conf.

 * Removed the -k, -kv and -kvv commands.  -k is now an alias to
   --list-keys.  New command -K as alias for --list-secret-keys.

 * Removed --run-as-shm-coprocess feature.

 * gpg does now also use libgcrypt, libgpg-error is required.

 * New gpgsm commands --call-dirmngr and --call-protect-tool.

 * Changing a passphrase is now possible using "gpgsm --passwd"

 * The content-type attribute is now recognized and created.

 * The agent does now reread certain options on receiving a HUP.

 * The pinentry is now forked for each request so that clients with
   different environments are supported.  When running in daemon mode
   and --keep-display is not used the DISPLAY variable is ignored.

 * Merged stuff from the newpg branch and started this new
   development branch.

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