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$Id: TRANSLATE 4737 2008-04-03 09:58:28Z wk $

Note for translators

Some strings in GnuPG are for matching user input against.  These
strings can accept multiple values that mean essentially the same

For example, the string "yes" in English is "sí" in Spanish.  However,
some users will type "si" (without the accent).  To accomodate both
users, you can translate the string "yes" as "sí|si".  You can have
any number of alternate matches seperated by the | character like

The strings that can be handled in this way are of the form "yes|yes",
(or "no|no", etc.) There should also be a comment in the .po file
directing you to this file.

Help files

GnuPG provides a little help feature (entering a ? on a prompt).  This
help used to be translated the usual way with gettext but it turned
out that this is too inflexible and does for example not allow to
correct little mistakes in the English text.  For some newer features
we require editable help files anyway and thus the existing help
strings have neen moved to plain text files names "help.LL.txt".  We
distribute these files and allow overriding them by files of that name
in /etc/gnupg.  The syntax of these files is documented in
doc/help.txt.  This is also the original we use to describe new
possible online help keys.  The source files are located in doc/ and
need to be in encoded in UTF-8.  Strings which require a translation
are disabled like this
   This string is not translated.

After translation you should remove the the hash mark so that the
entry looks like.
   This string has been translated.

The percent sign is not a special character and if there is something
to watch out there will be a remark.

Sending new or updated translations

Please note that we do not use the TP Robot but require that
translations are to be send by mail to  We
also strongly advise to get subscribed to and request
assistance if it is not clear on how to translate certain strings.  A
wrongly translated string may lead to a security problem.

A copyright disclaimer to the FSF is required by all translators.