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fgjs -- a small program for creating a basic FlightGear joystick 
fgjs requires plib to be installed on your system.  If you've 
successfully installed and built FlightGear then you should be
all set

Build instructions
At this point, fgjs has only been built and tested under Linux, 
so the makefile is a simple one. cd into the directory in which
the fgjs source resides and type 'make' and, if you are lucky,
all will go well.  You can e-mail me ( any
changes needed to make it work on other systems.  It's quite 
possible that this program will become part of the regular 
FlightGear package so 

Set up your joystick and make sure it works with js_demo from the 
FlightGear distribution.  Upon executing fgjs, it will prompt you
to move the control you wish to use for elevator, ailerons, etc.
Note that when being prompted for an analog control, you can skip
the current one by pressing any button and vice-versa when being
prompted for a button.  You may want to do this if for, as an
example, rudder if you have only one joystick or your joystick
doesn't have as many analog axes as FlightGear supports.

Once you've run with this configuration, you may wish to tune
the dead-band a bit (see fgfsrc.js) as the default, 0.02, may 
be too narrow for your particular hardware/taste.

And last, but not least, this thing needs a GUI!!!!  Hopefully,
the joystick handling code and interface code are separate 
enough that using that a GUI version could be built using this
source as a starting point.