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Original authors of amd were the Berkeley team and especially Jan-Simon
Pendry.  Since then many people have contributed patches.

This file lists the ones who contributed major code changes, in no
particular order, and I thank them all.  This is of course not to diminish
the smaller contributes of the many others.  Thank you all.

* Erez Zadok <ezk AT>

The most significant changes were made by Erez Zadok in terms of bug fixes,
ports, and new features added.  Erez Zadok is the current maintainer of
am-utils, as of January 1997.

* Ion Badulescu <ion AT>

Co-maintainer of am-utils since late 1999: Linux and Solaris autofs support,
Linux NFSv3 support, major code reorganization, etc...

* Randall S. Winchester <rsw AT>

May 7, 1997: contributed a special version of upl102 that included NFS V.3
support.  Some of the code was contributed by Christos Zoulas
<christos AT>.  I (Erez) ported these changes to am-utils.

September 12, 1997: lots of small prototype cleanups and fixes to numerous

January 27, 1998: support pid files in the amd.conf file.  Provide base name
for hesiod zone files.  Always use /etc/amd.conf if exists.

August 8, 1998: add detection support for NFS V.3 for NetBSD 1.3F.

February 1, 1998: fixes for NetBSD to better detect its features.

September 4, 1999: assorted fixes for NetBSD 1.4+.

* Hannes Reinecke <hare AT MathI.UNI-Heidelberg.DE>

Back in 1995, contributed code for linux.  A new parser for file system
specific options that only exist under linux.

* Leif Johansson <leifj AT>

June 22, 1997: minor patch to ensure that systems without an RE library work.

June 23, 1997: mount options should be properly comma limited.

July 10, 1997: info_ldap.c and prototype changes to all map _init and _mtime
functions.  Contributed scripts/

August 4, 1997: info_ldap.c fixes and adding two new amd.conf ldap
variables: ldap_cache_seconds and ldap_cache_maxmem.

* Andreas Stolcke <stolcke AT>

June 22, 1997: patches to ensure that proto= and vers= options work
properly in mount tables and can be overridden.  Later on, more code
contribued to optimize the best combination of proto/vers.

July 4, 1997: patches to get NFS V.3 working under irix5.

September 9, 1997: initialize all fields of mntent_t structures to 0.

October 2, 1997: don't log an RPC timeout as an error but only as an info

December 19, 1997: detected an FMR (Free Memory Read) in amd/mntfs.c,

* Danny Braniss <danny AT>

July, 6 1997: contributed patches to hesiod on bsdi3.

* Tom Schmidt <tschmidt AT>

July 10, 1997: Recommdation to include libgdbm if libc has no dbm_open.
Patches for netgrp(host) command.  Mods to aux/config.guess to recognize

January 19, 1998: print correct -l option depending if system supports
syslog and/or syslog facilities.

January 29, 1998: fix for loopback on SunOS 3.X which defines

May 30, 2000: correct logging types for addopts/mergeopts messages.

* Daniel S. Riley  <dsr AT>

July 11, 1997: fixes to DU-4.0 to support string POSIX.1 signals, and struct
sockaddr with sa_len field.

July 13, 1997: Move amd.conf parsing to before switch_option() on log/debug
options.  Minor type wrt "ro" option in libamu/mount_fs.c.  Added more
fillers of mnttab options, for acdirmax, acdirmin, acregmax, acregmin, noac,
grpid, nosuid, and actimo.

August 15, 1998: fix memory leak in processing of /defaults, and avoid
accessing uninitialized memory in osf1.

* Roman Hodek <Roman.Hodek AT>

July 23, 1997: Got lots of patches from the Debian Linux folks, who fixed
several generic bugs, and one serious one for Linux.  The latter involved
using connected sockets for NFS mounts on kernels 1.3.10 and older.  Roman's
work is baed on amd-upl102, and work from Ian Murdock <imurdock AT>
and Dominik Kubla <dominik AT>.

* Rainer Orth <ro AT TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

August 6, 1997: assorted fixes to support hesiod-1.3, solaris 2.4 (which I
already fixed but did not release yet), and support for $LDFLAGS at
configure/compile time.

February 24, 1998: lots of patches for ultrix 4.3 port.

February 28, 1998: lots of documentation fixes!

January 8, 1999: texi fixes, and more Ultrix 4.3 fixes, among others.

January 11, 1999: hesiod_isup function.  Fix format errors in dlog/plog.
Remove obsolete or unnecessary files/macros.  Don't report disabled file
systems.  More misc fixes.

February 3, 1998: don't start autofs listener unless autofs maps were in

December 10, 1999: assorted fixed and lots of fixes to support in-kernel
mount tables in Solaris 8.

February 9, 2000: new debug options hrtime (hi-res timer) and xdrtrace.  bug

* Jason Thorpe <thorpej AT>

August 25, 1997: make amd work when talking to NIS+ servers in NIS
compatibility mode.  Fix originally came from Matthieu Herrb
<matthieu AT>.

* Chris Metcalf <metcalf AT>

August 29, 1997: patch to make amd use FQHN for NFS/RPC authentication,
useful esp. for cross-domain NFS mounts.
September 2, 1997: if plock() succeeded, don't display errno string.

* Enami Tsugutomo <enami AT>

September 4, 1997: don't ping remote servers with NFS V.3 always, but V.2,
regardless of client's NFS version. (conf/transp/transp_sockets.c)

* Dan Riley <dsr AT>

September 19, 1997: make sure that amd works with more secure portmappers
that do not allow forwarding of RPC messages to other services.

* Wolfgang Rupprecht <wolfgang AT>

August 10, 1997: netbsd and other bsd systems have a mask flag for
pcfs_args (msdos mount).

* Christos Zoulas <christos AT>

September 25, 1997: fix to initialize uid/gid fields of pcfs_args_t on

October 10, 1997: compile time cleanups of printf()s in hlfsd code.  If nfs
server is down or does not support a portmapper call, then mark it down as
version 2, and try again later.

November 29, 2002: compile fixes for NetBSD, a couple of bug fixes (one
already fixed by maintainers)

April 12, 2003: support new "unmount" option, useful to timeout removable
local media mounts.

October 12, 2004: patch to support two new amd.conf options, domain_strip
and auto_attrcache.  Patch to cleanup NFS attribute-cache flag computation.
Patch to fix an inconsistency in timeouts in the RPC code between socket and
TLI implementations.  Patch to print version string (amd -v) after all
options had been initialized, so we can print domain, host, and hostd.
Linux patch to use umount2(2) if umount(2) fails.

* Bill Paul <wpaul AT>

November 5, 1997: NFS v.3 support for AIX 4.2.1, which does *not* include
headers for this.  Bill had to guess at the right structures, field names,
sizes, alignment, etc.

January 15, 1999: small ldap bug fixes.

* Stefan Vogel <vogel AT>

November 14, 1997: typo in the subscription instructions to amd-dev.

* Guntram Wolski <gwolsk AT>

November 15, 1997: pointed out mismatching documentation for the -o option.

* Michael Hucka <hucka AT>

January 11, 1997: pointed out reversed definition of NFS mount options vers
and proto.

* Albert Chin <china AT>

January 12, 1998: minor bug in output of amd -H.

June 23, 2005: assortment of small compile bugs on aix4, and solaris 5/6/7.

* Thomas Richter <richter AT>

January 13, 1998: use case insensitive comparisons for variables that need
it (such as all hostname related ones, and more).

July 20, 1998: don't leak memory in the private version of yp_all (when
vendor yp_all is bad).

* Fred Korz <korz AT>

January 30, 1998: minor typo fixed to tftp example in am-utils.texi.

* Donald Buczek <buczek AT MPIMG-Berlin-Dahlem.MPG.DE>

March 6, 1998: correctly inherit existing NFS V.3 mounts upon restart.

March 17, 1998: compare log file name and syslog string with correct length.

March 20, 1998: do not close stdout in case it gets reused elsewhere and to
allow startup script to redirect it.  Set a temporary secure umask(0022)
before writing log file and restore it afterwards.

* Matthew Crosby <mcrosby AT>

April 20, 1998: allow arbitrary number of interfaces in wire listing.

* David O'Brien <obrien AT>

September 4, 1998: bug fix to avoid overrunning hostname buffer, and minor
amd.conf man page typo correction.

September 22, 1999: use more secure vsnprintf in real_plog().

* Danny Rathjens <dkr AT>

October 29, 1998: swap arguments to kill(2) in amd.c.

* Mike Mitchell <mcm AT>

November 3, 1998: amd/nfs_subr.c (nfsproc_lookup_2_svc): try to avoid a race
condition between unmounting and re-mounting an entry, by increasing the ttl
of a looked up entry before unmounting it.

* Douglas K. Rand" <rand AT>

December 3, 1998: case insensitive host name match for nfsl.

* David Wolfskill <dhw AT>
January 28, 1999: don't turn on/off noconn option if it was already in that

* Jeffrey C Honig <jch AT BSDI.COM>
March 14, 1999: clean up more autogenerated files upon "make distclean".

March 15, 1999: avoid overly verbose NIS warning even on systems that don't
run NIS.  On BSD systems, wire.c uses getifaddrs(), sysctl(), IRS routines,
and more fixes.  Numerous IP packet security fixes.

March 16, 1999: documentation typos. new cdfs options. ufs structure
detection for bsdi4.

September 17, 1999: fixes to expn.

* Paul Balyoz <pbalyoz AT>
March 26, 1999: ensure lostaltmail displays Y2K compliant dates.

* Jon Peatfield <J.S.Peatfield AT>
March 30, 1999: turn off incomplete NFS V.3 support in HPUX 10.20.

September 22, 1999: safe reloading of maps without first clearing old
copies, and using cached copies if map failed to reload.

* Peter Breitenlohner <peb AT>
July 24, 1999: patch for linux 2.2.x to work with older libc5 systems, and
nis_isup mis-logic fixes.
December 13, 2001: report typos in scripts/amd.conf.5.

* Dale Talcott <aeh AT>
July 26, 1999: added NFS3 support for AIX mounting.

* Christophe Kalt <Christophe-Kalt AT>
July 14, 1999: add netgrpd() syntax function which uses FQHN.

* Andrew J. Korty <ajk AT>
September 5, 1999: pawd works for type:=nfsl.

* Nick Williams <njw AT>
September 1, 1999: bug fix for incorrect symlinks when two locations are
requested simultaneously.

November 1, 1999: fixes to sync maps even if they are set to mapcache:=sync.

January 19, 2000: fix (and reduce the incidence of) stale file handles when
doing rapid mounts and umounts in succession.

June 5, 2000: better handling of potential race-conditions during rapid
u/mounts.  Correctly update d_drops stats for amq -s.

* Johann Pfefferl < AT>
November 16, 1999: fix to ldap code so repeated calls to string2he don't
corrupt the string passed.

* Amitha Perera <perera AT>
December 9, 1999: detect all wire() interfaces correctly.

* Steven Danz <sdanz AT>
January 25, 2000: allow browsable auto maps.

* Wolfram Klaus	<klaus AT>.
November 21, 2000: recognize proplist mnttab flag.

* Thomas Klausner <tk AT>
November 21, 2000: lots of NetBSD fixes (many of which are generic).

April 18, 2003: patch to reference am-utils info pages in man page.

November 28, 2004: small fixes to typos in amd.conf(5) man page.

* Olaf Kirch <okir AT>
February 1, 2001: important Linux NFS error number mapping fixed

* Ahmon Dancy <dancy AT>
February 9, 2001: Apple Rhapsody/Darwin/OS X port

* Sebastien Bahloul <sebastien.bahloul AT>
July 3, 2001: LDAP fixes and updates to support new APIs

March 27, 2002: LDAP bug and port to HPUX-11.

* Philippe Troin <phil AT>
July 12, 2001: Proper handling of GNU getopt, support for optionally
disabling LDAP/Hesiod, fixes for the dev/nodev option on Linux.  Texi
documentation fix.

November 28, 2001: Bug fix.  Support "nolock" as an NFS option, not a
generic mount option.

July 17, 2003: pref:=null core dump fix.  libgdbm portability.  tcpd/librap
support.  And a few other things for the 6.0 branch.

* Trond Myklebust <trond.myklebust AT>
January 10, 2002: Proper initialization of the timeo parameter on Linux, TCP
_must_ have a timeout 2 orders of magnitude larger than UDP

* George Ross <gdmr AT>
April 29, 2002: Rework of old code, support for wildcards in LDAP queries,
and an FD leak fix.  Amd -A support.

October 21, 2002: ldap_unbind fix for SIGPIPE, and support for LDAPv3
protocol version parameter (with Tim Colles <timc AT>).

* Matthias Scheler <tron AT>
June 14, 2002: patch to use "xlatecookie" NFS mount option.

* Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino <itojun AT>.
June 11, 2002: minor fixes to support NetBSD 1.6A.

* Sean Fagan <sef AT>
March 14, 2003: detect and use the MNT2_GEN_OPT_AUTOMNTFS mount flag
on OS X / Darwin.

* Hendrik Scholz <hscholz AT>
June 9, 2003: mk-amd-map should open temp db file using O_EXCL.

* Mark Davies <mark AT>
July 14, 2003: define "xlatecookie" mnttab option if not defined (for
NetBSD).  Support null hesiod entries if they start with a ".".

* Eric S. Raymond <esr AT>
December 9, 2003: fix unbalanced [] typo in fsinfo man page.

* Martin Blapp <mb AT>
July 6, 2004: recognize fields in pcfs_args_t in FreeBSD 5.

* Dan Nelson <dnelson AT>
August 2, 2004: pawd to recognize "host" type mounts.

* Hauke Fath <hauke AT Espresso.Rhein-Neckar.DE>
August 3, 2004: pawd to recognize "linkx" type mounts.

* Michael van Elst <M.van.Elst AT>
September 1, 2004: bug fix to avoid race condition in calls to mntctl on

* Jonathan Chen <jon+amd AT>
October 22, 2004: patch/fix to move mlock/mlockall/plock code after the
June 29, 2005: core dump going off end of exported_ap[] array.
September 29, 2005: patch/fix for pawd not to go into an infinite loop.
October 25, 2005: patch/fix for pawd to repeatedly resolve path.

* David Rage <rage AT>
January 17, 2005: prevent Amd from logging 'Read-only filesystem' errors
when the mount point has an ancestor (i.e. '/') that is mounted read-only.

* Kevin Layer <layer AT>
January 28, 2005: basic instructions how to setup Amd on Mac OS-X.

* Dan Ottavio <dottavio AT>
March 2, 2005: new global amd.conf option debug_mtab_file, to set the debug
mtab file when using debug_options=mtab.  Default has changed from "./mtab"
to "/tmp/mtab" to avoid security problem.  Bug fixed to ensure that Amd
terminates properly even mtab file doesn't exist.

* Erik Kline <ekline at ekline dot com>
January 3, 2005: implementation of executable maps for Amd.

* Jim Zajkowski <jim.zajkowski AT>
March 14, 2005: small patch to amd2ldif.

* Adam Morley <adam at gmi dot com>
January 27, 2005: synchronize what amd2ldif does vs. what the ldap.schema

* Graeme Wilford <G.Wilford AT>
July 4, 2005: buffer overflow in pawd.