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1. About Grig

Grig is a graphical user interface for the Ham Radio Control Libraries. It is
intended to be simple and generic, presenting the user to the same interface
regardless of which radio he or she uses.

2. Installing Grig from Source

Due to the extensive number of changes in version 0.4, you are strongly
encouraged to remove any pre 0.4 release of grig before installing this one.

Assuming that you have obtained and unpacked a source distribution, you can
install grig by typing the following (in the top level source directory):

autoreconf -i
make install (as root)

If you get any error messages during 'configure', you are likely to be missing
some of the required libraries. These are:

gtk+-2.0      at least version 2.12.0
gthread-2.0   at least version 2.14.0
hamlib        at least version 1.2.8

Please note, that you also need the so-called development packages which
contain the necessary header files.

If you are already familiar with this kind of installation process, you may
want to fine tune the build and install. You can do this by specifying various
command line argument to the 'configure' script. See 'configure --help' for

If you obtained the grig sources from the CVS repository, you have to run the
'' script instead of the 'configure' sript. Any command line argument
you would like to pass to 'configure' can be passed to '' as well.

Once you have installed grig you can get a brief overview of its usage by
reading the manual page. A brief overview of the comamnd line options is also
printed when typing 'grig --help'

3. Getting Support

If you encounter any problems using grig you are welcome to ask for support on
the mailing list or user forums. You can find them on the Groundstation project
page at SourceForge: