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## Statements

To execute a query, you  create a [Statement] instance and pass it to [Session#execute()][execute] or
[Session#executeAsync][executeAsync]. The driver provides various implementations:

* [SimpleStatement](simple/): a simple implementation built directly from a
  character string. Typically used for queries that are executed only
  once or a few times.
* [BoundStatement](prepared/): obtained by binding values to a prepared
  statement. Typically used for queries that are executed
  often, with different values.
* [BuiltStatement](built/): a statement built with the [QueryBuilder] DSL. It
  can be executed directly like a simple statement, or prepared.
* [BatchStatement](batch/): a statement that groups multiple statements to be
  executed as a batch.

### Customizing execution

Before executing a statement, you might want to customize certain
aspects of its execution. `Statement` provides a number of methods for
this, for example:

Statement s = new SimpleStatement("select release_version from system.local");

If you use custom policies ([RetryPolicy], [LoadBalancingPolicy],
[SpeculativeExecutionPolicy]...), you might also want to have custom
properties that influence statement execution. To achieve this, you can
wrap your statements in a custom [StatementWrapper] implementation.