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The yaml package enables Go programs to comfortably encode and decode YAML
values. It was developed within Canonical as part of the juju project, and is
based on a pure Go port of the well-known libyaml C library to parse and
generate YAML data quickly and reliably.

The yaml package supports most of YAML 1.2, but preserves some behavior from 1.1
for backwards compatibility.

Specifically, as of v3 of the yaml package:

– YAML 1.1 bools (yes/no, on/off) are supported as long as they are being
decoded into a typed bool value. Otherwise they behave as a string. Booleans
in YAML 1.2 are true/false only.
– Octals encode and decode as 0777 per YAML 1.1, rather than 0o777 as specified
in YAML 1.2, because most parsers still use the old format. Octals in the
0o777 format are supported though, so new files work.
– Does not support base-60 floats. These are gone from YAML 1.2, and were
actually never supported by this package as it's clearly a poor choice.

and offers backwards compatibility with YAML 1.1 in some cases. 1.2, including
support for anchors, tags, map merging, etc. Multi-document unmarshalling is not
yet implemented, and base-60 floats from YAML 1.1 are purposefully not supported
since they're a poor design and are gone in YAML 1.2.

This package provides symbolic links that alias the following Go import paths to

Aliasing Go import paths via symbolic links or http redirects is fragile. If
your Go code depends on this package, you should patch it to import directly

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