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This tool allows to configure parental control without adult content.
It can block access to web sites. This version consist DNS-protect from
Russian company Yandex:
Many users want to protect themselves and their children from adult
sites. Yandex's family search algorithms can detect erotica and porn.
When opening a porn site on a computer or in a network with Yandex.DNS
in "Family" mode, the user will see only a closure.
Protection from dangerous sites is present also.
Some websites on the Internet contain malware that is capable of
infecting your computer with a virus. Sometimes viruses can be located
even on a checked site. Other pages are created by hackers and steal
passwords and personal information or take money from telephone accounts.
When attempting to open a site in "Family" modes, Yandex.DNS will block
the download of any information from it and warn the user. Yandex uses
its own anti-virus software that checks sites for malware. Yandex.DNS
uses its own anti-virus software operating on Yandex algorithms, as well
as signature technology by Sophos.
You must enable drakguard and squid services.

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