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Samba-server provides a SMB server which can be used to provide
network services to SMB (sometimes called "Lan Manager")
clients. Samba uses NetBIOS over TCP/IP (NetBT) protocols
and does NOT need NetBEUI (Microsoft Raw NetBIOS frame)

Samba-3.0 features working NT Domain Control capability and
includes the SWAT (Samba Web Administration Tool) that
allows samba's smb.conf file to be remotely managed using your
favourite web browser. For the time being this is being
enabled on TCP port 901 via xinetd. SWAT is now included in
it's own subpackage, samba-swat.

Please refer to the WHATSNEW.txt document for fixup information.
This binary release includes encrypted password support.

Please read the smb.conf file and ENCRYPTION.txt in the
docs directory for implementation details.

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